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  • Ohio Author Ranking for Period: 1800-1809
    AuthorIndex CountOfAuthorIndex1
    Almanacs. 9
    Ohio. Laws, statutes, etc. 9
    Ohio. General Assembly. Senate. 8
    Ohio. General Assembly. House of Representatives. 6
    Ohio. Constitution. 5
    Northwest Territory, U. S. General Assembly. House of Representatives. 4
    Northwest Territory, U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. 3
    Freemasons. Ohio. Grand Lodge. 2
    Halcyon Church of Christ in Columbia. 2
    Northwest Territory, U. S. General Assembly. Legislative Council. 2
    Shakers. Springfield Presbytery. 1
    Worthington, Thomas. 1
    Baptists. Ohio. Miami Association. 1
    Baptists. Ohio. Muskingum Association. 1
    Baptists. Ohio. Scioto Association. 1
    Cincinnati. Ordinances. 1
    Stubbs, Robert. 1
    Glover, Elias. 1
    Grigg, Jacob. 1
    Smith, Stephen C. 1
    Halcyon Church of Christ in Columbus. 1
    Henderson, Thomas. 1
    Northwest Territory, U. S. Constitutional Convention. 1
    McNemar, Richard. 1
    Ruggles, Benjamin. 1
    Sargent, Abel M. 1
    Trumbull County, Ohio. Landowners. 1
    Vattier, Charles. 1
    Youngs, Benjamin S. 1
    United States. President (Jefferson, Thomas). 1
    Ohio. General Assembly. Senate. Court of Impeachment. 1
    Ohio. Land Office. 1
    United States. Laws, statutes, etc. 1
    Robbins, Samuel P. 1
    Robbins, Thomas. 1
    Kitchell, Joseph. 1


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