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A. A. Selover
A. and D. B. M'Cully
A. and E. Taylor
A. and S. Turner
A. and W. Marsh
A. Anthony
A. B. Hall and Co.
A. B. Robinson
A. Bagdole
A. Burgoin
A. C. Beardsley
A. D. and S. A. Coombs
A. D. Bigelow
A. D. Bigelow, M.D.
A. D. Cutter
A. Everett
A. F. Foot
A. Fuller and Co.
A. G. Lawrence
A. G. Searls
A. Garrett
A. H. Alexander and Co.
A. H. Barney
A. Halle
A. Howe
A. J. Gardner
A. J. Gordon
A. J. Holt
A. J. Piper
A. Jayne's Peakin Teas
A. Loomis and Co.
A. Lowentrit
A. M. C. Smith
A. M. Perry and Co.
A. Miles
A. Noderer
A. P. De Long
A. P. Leland
A. P. Turner
A. Penfield
A. Powel and Co.
A. Powel Tavern
A. Quinn and Co.
A. R. Lehman
A. R. Slocum
A. Rostaing
A. S. Barnum and Co.
A. S. Cramer
A. S. Gardner
A. S. Gardner and Co.
A. S. Sanford
A. Schwab
A. Seymour
A. Seymour and Co.
A. Seywert
A. Smith
A. Smith Jr.
A. Snider
A. Tuch
A. W. Blann
A. W. Fuller
A. W. Hurlburt
A. W. Hurlbut
A. W. Miller
A. Whipple
A.S. Gardner
Aaron Barker
Aaron Lowentritt
Aaron Merchant
Aaron P. Leland
Aarons, William
Abbe, Daniel
Abbee, Perley
Abbey and Porter
Abbey and Shacford
Abbey, Dr.
Abbey, Helen M.
Abbey, Henry
Abbey, Luther
Abbey, P.
Abbey, Perley
Abbey, Peter, Capt.
Abbey, S. A.
Abbey, Seth A.
Abbey, Seth A., Col.
Abbey, William
Abbey's Row
Abbot, Charles T.
Abbot, Franklin B.
Abbot, L. S.
Abbot, Mary
Abbot, Squier
Abbott, Adaline A.
Abbott, Eben
Abbott, Farnham
Abbott, Francis
Abbott, George C.
Abbott, Henry G.
Abbott, Horatio N.
Abbott, Isaac C.
Abbott, J. S.
Abbott, James
Abbott, John
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot
Abbott, Norman
Abbott, Norman
Abbott, Norman, A.B.,1844; A.M.,1848
Abbott, Richard A.
Abbott, Sally
Abbott, Susan M.
Abbott, Thomas
Abbott, William
Abbott, William H.
Abby, Jane C.
Abby, Mary A.
Abdill, Isaac F.
Abel Shawk
Abel, Benjamin F.
Abel, Benjamin F.
Abel, Benjamin F., A.B.
Abel, Benjamin F., A.B.,1840; A.M.,1844
Abel, Edward
Abel, Henry
Abel, Orlando
Abel, William Wirt
Abell, Henry
Abell, Joseph
Abels, Azor
Abels, Orlando
Abercrombie, Elizabeth
Abernethy, Dr.
Abijah Wheeler
Abilene D. Cutter
Abner Bagg
Abner L. Frazer
Abner Wilcox
Abney, William W.
Aborn, Orrin
Abraham Barkdoll
Abraham Wheeler
Abrahams, James S.
Abrahams, John
Abrahams, William
Abrams, Israel
Abrams, W. H.
Acars, George J.
Acer, John
Acer, Mary J.
Acer, Veraines
Acer, Veraines C.
Acers, J., Dr.
Acherman, John
Acheson, Thomas
Achey, Jacob
Achey, Maria
Achey, Maria
Achey, Mary, Mrs.
Achison, Elizabeth
Achison, Robert
Achley, Obadiah
Ackelman, Henry
Ackerfelt, Frederick
Ackerman, John
Ackerman, Thomas
Ackley and Hewitt
Ackley, B.
Ackley, Dr.
Ackley, Freeman
Ackley, H. A., Dr.
Ackley, H. A., Dr.
Ackley, H. A., M.D.
Ackley, H. A., M.D., Prof.
Ackley, Horace A., Dr.
Ackley, Horace A., M.D.
Ackley, Horace A., M.D.
Ackley, Horace A., Prof.
Ackley, Horatius A., M.D.
Ackley, J. L.
Ackley, James L.
Ackley, James L.
Ackley, James L., M.D.
Ackley, John
Ackley, Lucy Ann
Ackley, Prof.
Ackley, Samuel
Ackley, Scoby
Ackly, John A.
Ackroyd, John
Acres, James
Adae, C. F.
Adair, A. S.
Adair, J. J.
Adair, James
Adair, Samuel L.
Adair, Samuel L. (Lyle)
Adair, Samuel Lyle ("L.")
Adair, Samuel Lyle ("L.")
Adair, Samuel Lyle ("L."), A.B.
Adair, Samuel Lyle ("L."), A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841
Adair, W. A.
Adair, William
Adam Haas
Adam Snider
Adam Snyder
Adams Haas
Adams Just
Adams, A.
Adams, A. A.
Adams, A., Dr.
Adams, Albert
Adams, Alexander
Adams, Alexander A.
Adams, Amos Barber ("B.")
Adams, Amos Barber ("B.")
Adams, Amos Barber ("B."), A.B.
Adams, Amos Barber ("B."), A.B.,1840; Seminary,1843
Adams, Andrew
Adams, Asa
Adams, Asa
Adams, B. E.W., Dr.
Adams, B. F.
Adams, B. F.
Adams, Bela B.
Adams, Benjamin F.
Adams, C.
Adams, C. A., M.D., Honorary
Adams, C. L.
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles J.
Adams, Charles, A.B.
Adams, Charles, A.B.,1837; Seminary,1840
Adams, Cornelia
Adams, David
Adams, Demas
Adams, Dennis
Adams, Dennis P.
Adams, Dr.
Adams, E.
Adams, E. F.
Adams, E. P.
Adams, E. U.
Adams, Eber
Adams, Edward
Adams, Electa Euphrasia
Adams, Eli
Adams, Eli P.
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elmer
Adams, Ernerstine
Adams, Ernestine
Adams, Ezra C.
Adams, Ezra C., M.D.
Adams, Fanny E.
Adams, Francis
Adams, G. H.
Adams, George
Adams, George Athearn ("A.")
Adams, George Athearn ("A.")
Adams, George Athearn ("A."), A.B.,1847; A.M.,1851; Andover Seminary,1851
Adams, George H.
Adams, George S.
Adams, George Washington
Adams, Grant H.
Adams, H. O.
Adams, Hannah
Adams, Helen
Adams, Henry
Adams, Henry
Adams, Henry J.
Adams, Henry Olmsted
Adams, Horace
Adams, Horace F., Mr.
Adams, Irene
Adams, J. R., Dr.
Adams, Jabez
Adams, James
Adams, Jay
Adams, Jesse
Adams, Jesse M.
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John M.
Adams, John N.
Adams, John Q.
Adams, John Q.
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Joseph H.
Adams, Joseph H.
Adams, Julia A.
Adams, Lucien Rollin ("R.")
Adams, Lucy M.
Adams, Luther C.
Adams, M.
Adams, M. G.
Adams, Marcia (Maria)
Adams, Margaretta Graves Jackson
Adams, Martha A.
Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Mary Ann ("A.")
Adams, Mary Ann (Mrs. Charles Conkling), Literature,1839
Adams, Mary Ann, Miss
Adams, Mary L.P.
Adams, N.
Adams, Nicholas
Adams, Nichols
Adams, O. B.
Adams, Orvil
Adams, Orvil (Francis)
Adams, Orville
Adams, P. B.
Adams, Philip Doddridge ("D.")
Adams, Phillip Doddridge ("D.")
Adams, Rebecca
Adams, Robert
Adams, Robert D.
Adams, Robert E.
Adams, Robert E.?
Adams, Rudolphus
Adams, S. E.
Adams, S. W.
Adams, S. W., Mrs.
Adams, S. W., Rev.
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Samuel E.
Adams, Sarah Jane
Adams, Sardius Lovel
Adams, Seth, Esq.
Adams, Seymour W., Rev.
Adams, Submit
Adams, T. D.
Adams, T. I.
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Thomas D.
Adams, Thomas Jennifer
Adams, Thomas P.
Adams, Thomas, Elder
Adams, W. K.
Adams, W. V.
Adams, Whittlesey
Adams, William
Adams, William K.
Adamson, Isaac
Adamson, John
Adamson, Thomas J.
Adamy, P. H.
Addelman, Benjamin W.
Addelman, William S.
Addington, Absalom M.
Addis, Daniel
Addis, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Addis, John
Addison Tracey
Addison, H. M.
Addison, Henrietta M., Mrs.
Addison, Thomas
Addison, William
Addlesberger, John
Adenton, Simon
Adkins, E., Mr.
Adkins, Erastus
Adkins, J. H.
Adkins, Thomas
Adolph Seywert
Adosa, Mr.
Advent Church
Advertiser (Daily) Office
Aerl, Isaac
Aetna Insurance Co.
Aetna Iron and Steel Works
Aetna Iron and Steel Works
Affleck, Thomas
African Church
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Agan, Patrick
Agar, George
Agar, John
Agard, Aurelius H.
Agard, Dr.
Agen, Thomas
Agenbroad, J. P.
Ager, F.
Ager, Francis
Agerman, John
Agner, James
Agnew, A. B.
Agnew, David B.
Agniel, Camille
Ahart, Jacob
Aibimger, Sampson
Aichison, James
Aiken, Charles G.
Aiken, J. C.
Aiken, S. C., Rev.
Aiken, S. C., Rev. Dr.
Aiken, Samuel C.
Aiken, Samuel C., D.D., Rev.
Aiken, Samuel C., Rev.
Aiken, Samuel C., S.T.D., Rev.
Aiken, Samuel Clark
Aiken, Silas
Aikin, C.
Aikin, Charles G.
Aikin, James
Aikin, James C.
Aikin, Robert
Aikin, S. C., D.D.
Aikin, S. C., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel
Aikin, Samuel ("Seth") C.
Aikin, Samuel C.
Aikin, Samuel C., D.D.
Aikin, Samuel C., D.D., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel C., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel C., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel C., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel C., S.T.D., Rev.
Aikin, Samuel Clark, Rev.
Aikin, Samuel Clark, S.T.D.
Aikins, Mr.
Aikins, Samuel
Ailman, John
Aimars, Harmon
Ainsley, Richard
Ainsworth, Lucia T.
Air, Robert
Airey, Joseph
Aitchison, James
Aitken, William, Jr.
Akers, George J.
Akers, Jonathan
Akers, Jonathan F.
Akin, James
Akin, John
Akins, John W.
Akins, Julia
Alanson Russell Boarding House
Alardt, Adolph
Albach, James R.
Albany and Oswego Lines
Albea, Jonathan
Albee, Jotham
Albers, John G.
Albert G. Lawrence
Albert Heller
Albert Keller
Albert Kelley
Albert, Benjamin F.
Albert, Daniel
Albert, David
Albert, Maria
Albertson, Joseph
Albertus, Magnus
Albin, Peter
Albright, Isaac.
Albright, Matthias
Alco, Catherine, Mrs.
Alcock, Sally M.
Alcock, William.
Alcocke, John W.
Alcoke, James
Alcoke, William
Alcorn, James P.
Alcott and Horton
Alcott, Leveret
Alden, C. W.
Alden, Charles L.
Alden, David
Alden, Emma Frances ("F.")
Alden, Emma Frances ("F.") (Mrs. Abel R. Proctor)
Alden, H. W.
Alden, James
Alden, Oliver
Alden, Samuel
Alden, William
Alderdice, Thomas H.
Alderman, Brackett and Co.
Alderman, L. C.
Alderson, Harrison
Aldin, Howard
Aldis, Mrs.
Aldrich and Abbott
Aldrich, Betsy
Aldrich, David C.
Aldrich, Emma C.
Aldrich, Emma E.
Aldrich, Jesse
Aldrich, Matilda
Aldrich, Otis
Aldrich, Otis
Aldridge, Jesse B.
Aldwin, P.
Aleshire, Peter, Elder
Alexander Adams Merchant
Alexander and Co.
Alexander and Pollock
Alexander and Rogers
Alexander and Rogers
Alexander Cramer
Alexander Doyle
Alexander Miller
Alexander N. Walter
Alexander N. White
Alexander S. Cramer
Alexander S. Hay
Alexander Sacket
Alexander Sackett
Alexander Schwab
Alexander Seymour
Alexander Seymour and Co.
Alexander Tuch
Alexander Walters
Alexander, A. H.
Alexander, Alicia
Alexander, Alicia S.
Alexander, Allen H.
Alexander, David B.
Alexander, De Zavalia
Alexander, Dr.
Alexander, James
Alexander, James D.
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, John C.
Alexander, John, Dr.
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, Louisa (Lydia), Literature,1856
Alexander, Mary Ann
Alexander, Mary Ann
Alexander, Thomas
Alexander, William
Alfas, Peter
Alford, Amasa
Alford, B. W.
Alford, Bartholomew
Alford, Benjamin W.
Alford, Dr.
Alford, M. W.
Alford, M. W., M.D.
Alford, Martha A. (Mrs. Alexander B. Penniman)
Alford, Martha S.
Alford, Melanethon W., M.D.
Alford, Nancy
Alfred Cozzens
Alfred Dunham
Alfred S. Sanford
Alfred the Great
Alfred, B. W.
Alfred, Marshall
Alfred, Martha A.
Algeo, Ann Jane, Mrs.
Algeo, Anne Jane, Mrs.
Algeo, Mary
Alger, Lucinda
Alger, O.
Alger, Oliver
Alger, William
Algier, Michael
Alkire, Adam
Allaben, Dr.
Allan ("Allen"), William Thomas ("T.")
Allan, William Thomas ("T.")
Allan, William Thomas ("T.")
Allan, William Thomas ("T."), Seminary, 1836
Allardt ("Alardt"), Adolph
Allardt, A., Rev.
Allardt, Adolph
Allardt, Adolph, Jr.
Allardt, Adolph, Rev.
Allardt, Adolphe
Allardt, Adolphus
Allardt, Adolphus, M.D.
Allardt, Charles H., Rev.
Allardt, W. R.
Allbride, Matthias
Allen and Co.
Allen and Son
Allen and Stetson
Allen, A.
Allen, A. L.
Allen, A. T.
Allen, A. W.
Allen, Aaron
Allen, Abigail F.
Allen, Abigail Harlow ("H.")
Allen, Abigail Harlow ("H.") (Mrs. Oramel Hosford), A.B.,1846; A.M.,1857
Allen, Abner L.
Allen, Abraham A.
Allen, Alanson G.
Allen, Albert, Dr.
Allen, Almira
Allen, Amelia
Allen, Ann S.
Allen, Anna
Allen, Archibald H.
Allen, Augusta M.
Allen, C.
Allen, C. C.
Allen, Catharine C.B.
Allen, Charles P.
Allen, Christopher
Allen, D. B.
Allen, D. Howe, A.M.
Allen, D. Howe, Prof.
Allen, Dr.
Allen, Dr.
Allen, Dudleius, M.D.
Allen, Dudley
Allen, Dudley
Allen, Dudley, Dr.
Allen, Dudley, M.D.
Allen, Edward K.
Allen, Edwin
Allen, Eliza C.
Allen, Eliza W.
Allen, Eliza W. (Mrs. A.M. Richardson)
Allen, Eliza, Miss
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Elizabeth A.
Allen, Elizabeth A.C.
Allen, Elizabeth C.
Allen, Elizabeth M.
Allen, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Allen, Elmira, Miss
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Ethan, Jr.
Allen, Ethan, Jr., A.B.
Allen, Ethan, Rev.
Allen, G. G., J.W.
Allen, G. W.
Allen, G. W.
Allen, George
Allen, George
Allen, George N.
Allen, George N. (Nelson)
Allen, George Nelson
Allen, George Nelson ("N.")
Allen, George Nelson ("N.")
Allen, George Nelson ("N."), A.B.
Allen, George Nelson ("N."), A.B.
Allen, George Nelson ("N."), A.B.,1838; A.M.,1848
Allen, George Nelson ("N."), A.M.
Allen, George Nelson ("N."), Prof.
Allen, George W.
Allen, Hamilton E.
Allen, Hannah M.
Allen, Henry
Allen, Hiram
Allen, Hortentia
Allen, Howard S.
Allen, I. J.
Allen, Isaac I., M.D.
Allen, Isaac J.
Allen, Isaac J., M.D., Counsellor at Law
Allen, Isaac J., M.D., Counsellor at Law
Allen, Isaac J., M.D., Counselor at Law
Allen, J. G.
Allen, J. W.
Allen, J. W.
Allen, J. W., Esq.
Allen, J. W., Esq., Hon.
Allen, J. W., Hon.
Allen, J., Mrs.
Allen, Jacob
Allen, James
Allen, James M.
Allen, James.
Allen, Jedidiah
Allen, Jennette N.
Allen, Joan
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, John Adams ("A.")
Allen, John Adams ("A.")
Allen, John Adams ("A."), A.B.
Allen, John Adams ("A."), A.B.,1842; Seminary,1845; A.M.,1845
Allen, John J.
Allen, John M.
Allen, John W.
Allen, John W.
Allen, John W., Hon.
Allen, John W., Hon.
Allen, Jonathan, A.B.,1852; A.M.,1855; Ph.D.
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Josiah
Allen, Judge, Judge
Allen, Justus J.
Allen, Lloyd
Allen, M.
Allen, M.
Allen, Marean
Allen, Margaretta A.
Allen, Marston
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Mary C.
Allen, Mary H.
Allen, Mary Helen
Allen, Mary R.
Allen, Mary R.
Allen, Michael
Allen, Moreau
Allen, Mr.
Allen, N.
Allen, N. E.
Allen, Nathan
Allen, Nehemiah, Hon.
Allen, Nemiah, Hon.
Allen, P.
Allen, Pennington
Allen, Perry
Allen, Peter
Allen, Peter, Dr.
Allen, Peter, M.D.
Allen, Rebecca J.
Allen, Rebecca J.
Allen, Reuben
Allen, Ruthette D.
Allen, S. B.
Allen, S. P.
Allen, Sally
Allen, Samuel M.
Allen, Smith
Allen, Solomon
Allen, Susan Deane ("D.")
Allen, Susan Deane ("D.")
Allen, Susan Deane ("D.") (Mrs. William Wheeler Wright), Literature,1843
Allen, Thomas H.
Allen, Thomas S.
Allen, William
Allen, William
Allen, William
Allen, William F.
Allen, William H.
Allen, William S.
Allers, Simon
Alliano, Jacopi, pseud.
Alliare, Andrew B.
Alling, Caroline A.
Alling, Charles P.
Alling, Eliza A.
Alling, Eliza J.
Alling, P.
Allinger, S.
Allinger, Sampson
Allis, Winthrop
Allison Turner
Allison, Burgess.
Allison, Dr.
Allison, J. S., Capt.
Allison, James
Allison, James L.
Allison, Martha H.
Allison, Solomon S.
Allison, Thomas F.P.
Allison, W.
Allison, William B.
Allison, William R.
Allmann, Joseph
Alloway, John
Alloway, Mary
Allpress, K.
Allpress, Kidman
Allpress, T.
Allpress, Thomas
Allspiker, George
Allwill, Phillip
Allyn, Clarissa (Mrs. Martin Gill)
Allyn, Eveline (Mrs. Miles W. Sexton)
Allyn, John
Allyn, Mark
Allyn, Mary Ann (Mrs. Homer Allyn)
Allyn, T. H.
Alms, Henry
Almy, Philip
Alonzo Holt
Alonzo S. Gardner
Alphonse F. Bourgoin
Alpin, John
Alsbacker, M.
Alsbecker, Moses
Alsop, John
Alston, Elizabeth
Alston, Mary
Alston, Washington
Alsworth, Samuel C.
Alt, Adam T.
Alter and Wilson
Alter, Dr.
Alter, William
Althar, G. W., Dr.
Althen and Co.
Althen, M.
Altman, John
Altman, William
Altna, Van, Dr.
Alton, Clemmens
Alum Creek Quarter
Alverson, Lewis M.
Alves, James, Jr.
Alvord, Catharine
Alvord, Catharine P.
Alvord, David
Alvord, David, M.D.
Alvord, John Watson ("W.")
Alvord, John Watson ("W.")
Alvord, John Watson ("W."), Seminary,1836
Alvord, L. Ann
Alvord, Louisa W.
Alwell, Philip
Amalaw, Joseph
Ambos, P.
Ambrose, G. Hill
American Advertiser
American Citizen
American Hotel
American House
American Live Stock Insurance Co.
Ames, Benjamin
Ames, Charles
Ames, Charles E.
Ames, Daniel
Ames, Daniel D.
Ames, Daniel D.
Ames, Daniel S.
Ames, E. G.
Ames, Edward R.
Ames, Elvira
Ames, F. W.
Ames, Fisher.
Ames, G. W.
Ames, George A.
Ames, Henry P.
Ames, James
Ames, John
Ames, Jonathan
Ames, Jonathan S.
Ames, Lyman
Ames, Nathan
Amick, John
Amidon, Sarah
Amlin, Harriet A.
Amlin, J. D.
Amlin, Louisa M.
Amlin, Louisa M.
Amman, Phillip
Ammen, D.
Ammon, Daniel
Ammon, Philip
Ammonds, Phebe
Amos Coe
Amos, Jonathan
Amos, Walter
Amsbury, Aldura
Amsbury, Mariam
Amsbury, William A.
Amsbury, William Allen
Amsden, Benjamin M., A.B. (Williams),1846; Seminary1849; A.M.1849
Amsden, Benjamin Monroe
Amsden, Thomas G.
Amy, Ellen S.
Amy, Ellen S., Miss
Amy, Jane C.
Amy, John
Amy, John W.
Amy, Leonora
Anard, George
Anders, Mary L.
Anderson and Riley
Anderson and Stanton
Anderson, A. B.
Anderson, A. C.
Anderson, A. R.
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Ann Eliza
Anderson, Bartholomew
Anderson, C., Mrs.
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Charles L.
Anderson, D.
Anderson, David S.
Anderson, Dr.
Anderson, E.
Anderson, E. W.
Anderson, Edmund, Mrs.
Anderson, Eli
Anderson, Enos
Anderson, George
Anderson, George G.
Anderson, H. P., Dr.
Anderson, Harrison
Anderson, Henry C., ins.
Anderson, Homer
Anderson, Hugh P.
Anderson, Hugh Pease, M.D.
Anderson, Ira
Anderson, J., Mrs.
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, John G.
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, L. Dewitt
Anderson, Lewis
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary C.
Anderson, Mary L.
Anderson, Nelson
Anderson, P.
Anderson, Patrick
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, R. C.
Anderson, Robert T.
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, V. D.
Anderson, W. C.
Anderson, William
Anderson, William B.
Anderson, William C.
Anderson, William C.
Anderson, William H.
Anderson, William, ins.
Andler, Charles
Andre, Charles
Andress, Charles
Andress, Harvey D.
Andrew J. Farrar
Andrew White
Andrew, Abraham A., Jr.
Andrew, J. O. O.
Andrew, Jacob, Rev.
Andrew, Jane
Andrew, Maria J.
Andrew, William
Andrews and Foote
Andrews and Shays
Andrews and Sykes
Andrews, Abigail R.
Andrews, Abner L.
Andrews, Amasa B.
Andrews, Amasa B., Jr.
Andrews, B.
Andrews, B.
Andrews, Benjamin
Andrews, C.
Andrews, Christopher
Andrews, Clark
Andrews, Claudius
Andrews, Claudius B.
Andrews, Claudius B., Rev.
Andrews, Claudius Buchanan
Andrews, Claudius Buchanan
Andrews, Cortez W.
Andrews, D.
Andrews, D., Rev.
Andrews, David
Andrews, Dudley
Andrews, E. P.
Andrews, E. W.
Andrews, E., Esq.
Andrews, Ebenezer, Esq.
Andrews, Ebenezer, Esq.
Andrews, Edward
Andrews, Edward W.
Andrews, Edward W. (Delia A. Fenn)
Andrews, Edwin B.
Andrews, Eliphalet F.
Andrews, Eliphalet Frazer
Andrews, Elizabeth B.
Andrews, Foot and Hoyt
Andrews, George H.
Andrews, Hugh
Andrews, I. W.
Andrews, I. Ward
Andrews, J.
Andrews, J. S.
Andrews, J. W.
Andrews, J. W., Esq.
Andrews, J. W., Esq.
Andrews, James T.
Andrews, Jane
Andrews, John
Andrews, John
Andrews, John S.
Andrews, John T.
Andrews, John W.
Andrews, John W., Esq.
Andrews, John, Dr.
Andrews, John, Dr.
Andrews, John, M.D.
Andrews, John, M.D.
Andrews, Lawrence J.
Andrews, Lorin
Andrews, Lorlin, M.A., Rev.
Andrews, Lucy A.
Andrews, Luther M.
Andrews, Lyman Parsons
Andrews, Martin
Andrews, Martin, A.B.
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Mary E.
Andrews, Mary L.
Andrews, Nathaniel
Andrews, Orsamus L.
Andrews, P. B.
Andrews, P. B.
Andrews, P. W.
Andrews, Phebe Rosa
Andrews, Philip B.
Andrews, Rupert
Andrews, S. J.
Andrews, S. J.
Andrews, S. J., Hon.
Andrews, Samuel C.
Andrews, Sherlock J.
Andrews, Sherlock J.
Andrews, Sherlock J., Hon.
Andrews, W., A.M., Rev.
Andrews, William
Andrews, William P.
Andros, Thomas
Andrus, Catharine
Andrus, Gustavus
Andrus, Sarah
Angel, Betsey E.
Angel, M., Mrs.
Angell, B. E., Miss
Angell, Betsey E.
Anger, Charles D.
Anger, George W.
Anger, John
Angus, D.
Angus, S.
Angus, Samuel
Anistaki, John
Ankeny, Peter D.
Ankeny, Peter Dewalt
Ankey, John
Anmock, John
Ann Maria Crane
Annan, James T.
Annesley, William
Annhauser, P.
Annin, James E.
Ansel Roberts
Anselin, H.
Anshe Cheset Society
Anson Smith
Anson, Mr.
Antes, Michael
Antes, Peter
Anthony, A.
Anthony, Ambrose
Anthony, Anna J.
Anthony, C.
Anthony, C.
Anthony, Charles
Anthony, Charles
Anthony, Charles, Brother
Anthony, Charles, Esq.
Anthony, H. M.
Anthony, Jesse
Anthony, John
Anthony, John G.
Anthony, Joseph
Anthony, Joseph E.
Anthony, Susan M.
Anti-Slavery Bugle
Antone, N.
Antonie, Thomas
Antony, Rev.
Antony, Rev. Father
Antrim, James P.
Antrim, Joseph
Antrim, Sarah
Apey, Peter
Aple, Theodore
Aplin, John
Apollo Hall
Appel, Henry
Appel, Peter
Appelton, C. W.
Applebee, Thomas
Appleby and Voorhees
Appleby, Calvin W.
Appleby, Gillman
Appleby, Mr.
Appleby, Richard
Applegate, Frederick C.
Applegate, John
Arantrue, Jane W.
Arantrue, Margaret
Arbuckle, Margaret
Arcade Buildings
Archdeacon, Jane
Archdeacon, Nicholas
Archdeacon, Richard
Archer, Elizabeth
Arentrue, Jane W.
Arentrue, Margaret L.
Arey, Charles
Arey, Charles
Arey, Charles, Rev.
Arey, Oliver
Argus Office
Arick, Mary W.
Aristotle, pseud.
Arkwright Cotton Mill
Armaur, John
Armbruster, John G.
Armington, Sylvester
Armitage, James
Armor, Dr.
Armor, John
Armour, John
Armstrong, Aaron
Armstrong, Alexander
Armstrong, Alexander, Jr.
Armstrong, Angeline
Armstrong, Ann E.
Armstrong, Archibald
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Cheney
Armstrong, Dr.
Armstrong, Eliza
Armstrong, Eliza J.
Armstrong, Eliza J.
Armstrong, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Elizabeth A.
Armstrong, Elizabeth S.
Armstrong, Elizabeth, Miss
Armstrong, Francis G.
Armstrong, Francis Gilson, M.D.
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, Harcy
Armstrong, J. D.
Armstrong, J. S.
Armstrong, J. S.
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James M.
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John D.
Armstrong, John E.
Armstrong, John G.
Armstrong, John M
Armstrong, Lauretta J.
Armstrong, Marieta
Armstrong, Martha
Armstrong, Martha
Armstrong, Mary
Armstrong, Mary J.
Armstrong, Mary J., Miss
Armstrong, Mary Jane
Armstrong, R.
Armstrong, Reed
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Sarah A.
Armstrong, Sarah Anna
Armstrong, Sarah H.
Armstrong, Sarah M.
Armstrong, T. F.
Armstrong, T. H.
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas H.
Armstrong, Thomas W.
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, William R.
Armstrong, William, Esq.
Arnall, Jacob
Arnett, Jesse
Arnett, W. W.
Arnett, W. W., Rev.
Arnold, Bazaleel
Arnold, Benedict
Arnold, Benjamin F.
Arnold, Eliza C.
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Franklin L.
Arnold, Franklin L. ("F")
Arnold, G.
Arnold, Hiram
Arnold, Jacob
Arnold, James S.
Arnold, Jane I.
Arnold, Mary E.
Arnold, Oscar
Arnold, S. H.
Arnold, William
Arnold, William W.
Arnold, William Wright, M.D.
Arnot, Andrew
Arnot, David
Arnot, Jacob
Arnot, John
Arnott, Elizabeth J.
Arnott, Isabella
Arnstin, Jacob
Arny, Mary Ann
Arny, W. F. M.
Arons, Abraham
Arons, William
Arras, Sephia Bigloo
Arrison, A.
Arrison, John, Jr.
Arrison, John, Sr.
Arrons, Sarah, Miss
Arstingstall, Barnard
Arstingstall, George
Arstingstall, Thomas
Arter, Dr.
Arter, Jason R.
Arthur Hemingway
Arthur Quinn
Arthur, John T.
Arthur, T. S. S.
Arthur, Wiliam
Arthur, William
Arthurs, David
Arthurs, Edward
Arthurs, John
Arthurs, Margaret
Arthurs, Nicholas
Arthurs, Samuel
Arthurs, William
Ary, Oliva, Miss
Asa B. Brown
Asa R. Slocom
Asbery, Thomas
Asch, Mr.
Ase, Elijah
Ash, Robert
Ashbaugh, John
Ashbery, Elizabeth
Ashbrook, Eli.
Ashbury, John
Ashby, John G.
Ashcraft, Mary E.
Ashcroft, Benjamin
Ashcroft, Richard
Ashcroft, William
Asher Lehman
Asheraft, Mary E.
Asheraft, Nancy L.
Ashley, Andrus F.
Ashley, Baxter
Ashley, George
Ashley, Jane
Ashley, Maria H.
Ashley, Mr.
Ashley, Mr.
Ashley, Samuel ("S.") Sanford
Ashley, Samuel ("S.") Sanford ("S.")
Ashley, Samuel Sanford ("S.")
Ashley, Samuel Sanford ("S.")
Ashley, Samuel Sanford ("S."), Seminary,1849; A.M.,Honorary,1865
Ashley, Stephen
Ashley, Ward Handy
Ashley, Z. H.
Ashlin, Charles A.S.
Ashman, Dr.
Ashmun, Charles C.
Ashmun, Dr.
Ashmun, G. P., Dr.
Ashton, Edwin
Ashwell, James
Ashwell, James H.
Ashwell, James, Jr.
Ashworth, Charles S.
Askew, Parker
Associate Presbyterian Church
Associated Reformed Church
Aston, James
Aston, Thomas
Aston, William
Atcheson, Matthew
Atcheson, Sarah G., Miss
Atchinson, David R., Esq.
Atchinson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Atchinson, H.
Atchinson, Joseph
Atchinson, William, Sr.
Atchison, Isabella D.
Atchison, Isabella D.
Atchison, Robert R.
Aten, Catharine Ann
Aten, Charles M.
Athaway, William
Athearn, Frederick W.
Atheronton, B. M.
Atherton, Adonijah F.
Atherton, Booz M.
Atherton, George R.
Atkins, A. R.H.
Atkins, Arthur R.H.
Atkins, Mark
Atkins, Martha
Atkins, Martha
Atkins, Martha (Mrs. John Todd), A.B.,1843
Atkins, Mary
Atkins, Mary
Atkins, Mary (Mrs. John Lynch), Literature,1845; A.M.,Honorary,1878
Atkins, Mary, Miss
Atkins, Quintus F.
Atkins, William
Atkinson and Jepp
Atkinson and Jipp
Atkinson and Lewis
Atkinson, Angeline (Mrs. Charles G. Finney)
Atkinson, Benjamin
Atkinson, Catharine
Atkinson, Charles
Atkinson, Daniel
Atkinson, Delia A.
Atkinson, Dr.
Atkinson, Eliza A.
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, Hobart Ford ("F.")
Atkinson, Homer C.
Atkinson, Huldah
Atkinson, J.
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James Ford ("J.")
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Joseph H.
Atkinson, Lucy M.
Atkinson, M. J.
Atkinson, Mary
Atkinson, Sarah A.W.
Atkinson, W.
Atkinson, W. H.
Atkinson, W. H., M.D., Dr.
Atkinson, William
Atkinson, William, 2d
Atlantic, Lake and Mississippi Telegraph
Atlantic, Lake and Mississippi Telegraph Company
Atlee, Edwin A.
Atlee, Edwin A., M.D., Rev.
AtLee, Samuel York
AtLee, Samuel York
AtLee, Samuel Yorke
Atna Insurance Co.
Attee and Lofthouse
Attee, William
Attick, John
Atuck, Alexander
Atwater, Caleb
Atwater, Caleb
Atwater, E. E., Rev.
Atwater, George M.
Atwell, Alexander F.
Atwell, Samuel
Atwood, Capt.
Atwood, Elizabeth C.
Atwood, Elizabeth E.
Atwood, John, M.D.
Atwood, Nathaniel
Atwood, Nathaniel, M.D.
Atwood, Oliver
Atwood, Ruth
Aubourn, Isaac
Aucott, Samuel
Auder, John
Auger, George W.
Auger, William
Augusta College
Augustine, Eliza
Aulder, Thomas
Aull, Joseph
Aull, Lavinia
Aull, M. Lavinia
Ault, Dorothy
Ault, Frederick
Ault, Mary J.
Ault, Michael
Aumack, Charles
Aumack, Jacob
Aumack, John
Aumock, A. P.
Aumock, C.
Aumock, William S.
Aumock, William Schuyler
Aumock, William Schuyler
Aumon, F.
Auperly, David
Austin and Silsbee
Austin Brewster
Austin, A.
Austin, Aaron
Austin, Aaron, M.D.
Austin, Alanson B.
Austin, Andrew C.
Austin, B. O.
Austin, Benjamin
Austin, Benjamin
Austin, Caroline E.
Austin, Caroline R.
Austin, Charles E.
Austin, Charles P.
Austin, Charlotte C.
Austin, Charlotte C. (Mrs. Bondinot Seeley)
Austin, David R.
Austin, Dr.
Austin, E. H., Miss
Austin, Edward C.
Austin, Edward T.
Austin, Edwin L.
Austin, Edwin Lyman, M.D.
Austin, Eliphalet
Austin, Eliphalet
Austin, Eliza B.
Austin, Eliza H.
Austin, Eliza H., Miss
Austin, Elizabeth
Austin, Ellen M.
Austin, Finley W.
Austin, G. M.
Austin, George M.
Austin, George M., M.D.
Austin, Homer B.
Austin, Homer B.
Austin, James A.
Austin, John A.
Austin, John P.
Austin, Linus
Austin, Linus, Rev.
Austin, Peter
Austin, Richard
Austin, S., Mrs.
Austin, Sally
Austin, Sarah
Austin, Sarah C.
Austin, Sarah, Mrs.
Austin, Seymour A.
Austin, Sophia E.
Austin, Stafford L.
Austin, Thomas
Austin, Warren
Austin, William
Austin, William G.
Austin, William Samuel
Austin, William W.
Autar, George
Autenhammer, Frederick
Auwerter, John
Avaider, John
Averhack, Mrs.
Averil, Mills
Averill, Andrew
Averill, Phebe
Avery and Sharpless
Avery, Barton F.
Avery, Courtland
Avery, Cyrus
Avery, Edward
Avery, Edward
Avery, Egbert
Avery, Harriet
Avery, Harriet (Mrs. Ralph Porter)
Avery, Henry
Avery, Henry, A.B.,1854; Seminary,1858; A.M.,1882
Avery, J. T., Rev.
Avery, John
Avery, John C.
Avery, John L.
Avery, John, Jr.
Avery, Martha
Avery, Martha (Mrs. Creamer)
Avery, Samuel
Avery, Sarah
Avery, Sarah (Mrs. Edmund Smith)
Avery, Shubab
Avorill, Mills
Avory, W. S.
Avy, Jonas
Awl, Alexander
Awl, William M.
Awl, William Maclay
Axtell, Addison A.
Axtell, Dr.
Axtell, Elizabeth
Axtell, Imri P.
Axtell, James M.
Axtell, L. V.
Axtell, S., Dr.
Axtell, S., M.D., Honorary
Axtell, Samuel Beach
Axtell, Samuel P.
Axtell, Samuel, Dr.
Aydelott, B. P.
Aydelott, B. P., Rev.
Aydelott, Benjamin P., M.D., Rev.
Aydelott, Benjamin Parham
Aydelott, Benjamin, Rev.
Aydelott, Henry W.
Aydelotte, Benjamin P.
Ayer, Frederick
Ayer, Hamilton
Ayer, James
Ayers, E.
Aylard, John
Aylsworth, A. Edwin
Ayres, B. F.
Ayres, Benajah
Ayres, Elizabeth W.
Ayres, Elvira
Ayres, G. M.
Ayres, James
Ayres, Joel
Ayres, John
Ayres, John S.
Ayres, Richard
Ayres, Robert
Ayres, Samuel
Ayres, Sarah H.
Ayres, Sarah Williams
Azariah Everett
Azariah Everett, M.D.
B. and J. Stanton
B. and J. Turnbull
B. and R. Beresford
B. B. Chase
B. B. Hastings
B. B. Jones
B. Barker
B. C. McIlrath
B. Clough
B. Dunn
B. Emanuel
B. F. Dennison
B. F. Pinkham
B. F. Robinson
B. F. Robinson, M.D.
B. F. Smith
B. F. Smith and Co.
B. Giles
B. H. Blackmer
B. Hopkins
B. L. Spangler
B. L. Stone
B. Lied
B. M. Esterle
B. Pierce
B. R. Hutchins
B. R. Hutchinson
B. Raymond
B. Ross and Co.
B. S. Lyman
B. S. Spangler
B. Shubert
B. Stedman
B. Stickland
B. White
Babbinger, Abraham
Babbit, L. W.
Babbitt and Baker
Babbitt, F.
Babbitt, F. C.
Babbitt, Francis C.
Babbitt, Harriet M.
Babbitt, Ira W.
Babbitt, L. W.
Babbitt, Lydia A.
Babbitt, Maria Ball ("B.")
Babbitt, Maria Ball ("B.")
Babbitt, Maria Ball ("B.") (Mrs. Edward Henry Fairchild), Literature,1840
Babbitt, P. D.
Babbitt, Samuel A.
Babcock, A.
Babcock, Abraham
Babcock, Almira S.
Babcock, Comfort E.
Babcock, Daniel H.
Babcock, Daniel Hays
Babcock, Daniel Hays, Rev.
Babcock, David
Babcock, Dr.
Babcock, Elihu
Babcock, H. Gurdon
Babcock, Henry G.
Babcock, Hiramus Allen
Babcock, Hiramus Allen, Rev.
Babcock, I. J.
Babcock, Isaiah
Babcock, Isaiah J.
Babcock, J. Wells
Babcock, James
Babcock, John
Babcock, John J.
Babcock, John W.
Babcock, Lyman
Babcock, Mariett E.
Babcock, N.
Babcock, Nathan
Babcock, Orville
Babcock, S. F.
Babcock, Samuel F.
Babcock, Sarah P.
Babcock, Sarah P. (Mrs. Alonzo Barnard)
Babcock, Smith
Babcock, W.
Babcock, W. D.
Babcock, Westly
Babcock, William W.
Bacamer, G.
Bache, Benjamin F., Dr.
Bache, Benjamin F., M.D.
Bache, Benjamin F., Prof.
Bache, Benjamin Franklin
Bache, William C.
Bachelder, John M., Elder
Bachelder, Joseph H.
Bacheldor, Lois S.
Bachelor, Calvin
Bachelor, J. H.
Bachelor, Joseph H.
Bachenbaugh, William
Backman, William H.
Backner, C.
Backus, A. L.
Backus, Andrew
Backus, E.
Backus, F. I.
Backus, F. T.
Backus, F. T.
Backus, F. T., Hon.
Backus, Franklin T.
Backus, John C.
Backus, N.
Backus, Robert H.
Backus, Temperance, Mrs.
Backus, William W.
Bacon, Almira L.
Bacon, Anna M.
Bacon, Anna Maria
Bacon, C. C.
Bacon, Catharine M., Mrs.
Bacon, David
Bacon, Elijah
Bacon, Francis
Bacon, H., Esq.
Bacon, Henry M., A.B., Williams College
Bacon, Hiram
Bacon, Isaiah
Bacon, John H.
Bacon, Ligarius S.
Bacon, Lydia G. (Mrs. William Goodrich)
Bacon, Mary M.
Bacon, Mary M. (Mrs. Fisher), Literature,1859
Bacon, R. S.
Bacon, Samuel A.
Bacon, Samuel R. (Mary Warner Ladd)
Bacon, Samuel S.
Bacon, Washington A.
Bacon, William
Bacon, William, M.D. (Honorary)
Bader, Charles
Bader, Ephriam
Bader, J. C.
Bader, John C.
Badger and Hubbell
Badger, Dr.
Badger, Henry L.
Badger, Henry Leonard
Badger, Joseph
Badger, Norman
Badger, Norman
Badger, Norman, A.B.
Badger, Norman, A.B., Rev.
Badger, Norman, A.M., Rev.
Badger, Norman, M.A., Rev.
Badger, Norman, Rev.
Badger, P.
Baerstler and Edwards
Baerstler, Dr.
Bager, P.
Bagg and Johnson
Bagg, Abner
Bagg, Dr.
Baggott, Elizabeth
Bagley, Abijah
Bagley, Mary A.
Bagley, Mary Ann
Bagley, William
Bagley, William S.
Bagnall, George
Bagott, John A.
Bagott, Thomas
Bailey and Co.
Bailey, A.
Bailey, Albert
Bailey, Allen L.
Bailey, Andrew M.
Bailey, Ashbel H.
Bailey, Barzillai
Bailey, C.
Bailey, Charles Eliphalet ("E.")
Bailey, David
Bailey, David
Bailey, Dr.
Bailey, E. S.
Bailey, Elijah W.
Bailey, Eliza A.
Bailey, Ellen H.
Bailey, Frances R.
Bailey, Franklin
Bailey, Frederick E.
Bailey, Frederick Ellsworth, M.D.
Bailey, G.
Bailey, Gamaliel, Jr.
Bailey, George B., Dr.
Bailey, George M.
Bailey, George W.
Bailey, Gilbert S.
Bailey, Gurdon S.
Bailey, H. Emma
Bailey, Hannah E.
Bailey, Helen, Miss
Bailey, J. C.
Bailey, J. M.
Bailey, Jacob
Bailey, James
Bailey, James R.
Bailey, Jehiel
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, John M.
Bailey, Joseph
Bailey, Joseph C.
Bailey, L.
Bailey, L. W.
Bailey, Lemuel
Bailey, Lewis W.
Bailey, Lyman
Bailey, Mr.
Bailey, Myron S.
Bailey, Peter
Bailey, R.
Bailey, R. B.
Bailey, Reuben
Bailey, Richard
Bailey, Robert
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Susan U.
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas White
Bailey, W. D.
Bailey, W., Jr.
Bailey, William
Bailey, William D.
Bailhache, J., Hon.
Bailhache, John
Bailhache, John, Esq.
Bailie, Mary A.
Baily, Ezra
Baily, William
Bain, R.
Bainbridge, Edmund
Baine, John
Bair, Ellon
Bair, Thomas
Bair, William
Baird, C., Esq.
Baird, Charles
Baird, D. F.
Baird, Dr.
Baird, Eliza E.
Baird, J. B.
Baird, John
Baird, Marcus A.
Baird, Sarah A.
Baird, T. D., Rev.
Baird, William
Baker and Clark
Baker and Co.
Baker and Kittredge
Baker and Von Phul
Baker, Adam
Baker, Almira A.
Baker, Amanda A.
Baker, Amelia, Miss
Baker, Anne
Baker, Anthony
Baker, Asahel M.
Baker, Bartlet
Baker, Bethia
Baker, Bethiah W.
Baker, C. Amanda
Baker, Cameron D.
Baker, Carlos
Baker, Carlos ("C.") S.
Baker, Carlos S.
Baker, Caroline A.
Baker, Casper
Baker, Charles
Baker, Charles
Baker, Charles H.
Baker, Daniel
Baker, Daniel W.
Baker, Dr.
Baker, E.
Baker, Earnest
Baker, Edward F.
Baker, Elias
Baker, Elizabeth J.
Baker, Emily A.
Baker, Erastus
Baker, F. C.
Baker, Frances
Baker, George
Baker, H.
Baker, Henry
Baker, Hiram
Baker, Homer
Baker, Ira T.
Baker, Isaac H.
Baker, J. K.
Baker, J. W.
Baker, Jacob
Baker, James
Baker, James W.
Baker, James W.
Baker, Jane
Baker, Jeremiah
Baker, John
Baker, John
Baker, John K.
Baker, John R.
Baker, Julia A.
Baker, K. S.
Baker, Lewis
Baker, Lucy
Baker, Lyman
Baker, Margaret, Mrs.
Baker, Maria S.
Baker, Mary
Baker, Mary E.
Baker, Mary J.
Baker, Mary L.
Baker, Mary S.
Baker, Merrell
Baker, Merrill
Baker, Nathan
Baker, Norman
Baker, Orville R.
Baker, Ralph
Baker, Reuben
Baker, Richard
Baker, S. L.
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Samuel L.
Baker, Samuel S.
Baker, Sarah, Mrs.
Baker, Smith
Baker, Sophia
Baker, Susan
Baker, T. H.
Baker, Theodore
Baker, Theodore
Baker, Theodore E.
Baker, Theodore H.
Baker, Theodore, Esq.
Baker, Theresa
Baker, Theresa M.
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Timothy
Baker, Timothy H.
Baker, Timothy H., M.D.
Baker, Timothy, Hon.
Baker, Timothy, Jr.
Baker, W. Y.
Baker, William
Baker, William F.
Baker, William Y.
Baker, William, Esq.
Bakewell, Charles
Bakewell, George
Bakewell, T. W.
Bakewell, Thomas
Bakewell, Thomas W.
Balch, Henry
Baldridge, J. D.
Baldridge, Joseph R.
Baldridge, Rebecca
Baldwin and Spangler
Baldwin, Addison
Baldwin, Albert S.
Baldwin, Almira, Miss
Baldwin, Almon
Baldwin, Augustus, Gen.
Baldwin, Augustus, Hon.
Baldwin, Benson C., Rev.
Baldwin, Benson C., Rev.
Baldwin, Caroline
Baldwin, Catharine A. (Mrs. Abbott)
Baldwin, Cyrus ("C.") Harcourt ("H."), A.B.
Baldwin, Cyrus Harcourt ("H.")
Baldwin, Cyrus Harcourt ("H.")
Baldwin, Cyrus Harcourt ("H."), A.B.
Baldwin, Cyrus Harcourt ("H."), A.B.,1841; Seminary,1844; A.M.,1844
Baldwin, D.
Baldwin, D. C.
Baldwin, David
Baldwin, David
Baldwin, David J.
Baldwin, Dewitt C.
Baldwin, Dr.
Baldwin, Dudley
Baldwin, Dwight H.
Baldwin, Edward
Baldwin, Edward H.
Baldwin, Edward Hineman
Baldwin, Edward, Mrs.
Baldwin, Edwin
Baldwin, Eli
Baldwin, Ellen M.
Baldwin, George B.
Baldwin, George Dorrance
Baldwin, George Dorrance
Baldwin, H. M.
Baldwin, H., Esq.
Baldwin, Harriet Dyantha ("D.")
Baldwin, Harriet Dyantha ("D.")
Baldwin, Harriet Dyantha ("D.") (Mrs. Ruel Cooley), Literature,1847
Baldwin, Harriet N.
Baldwin, Harriet N., Miss
Baldwin, Harveius
Baldwin, Harvey, Esq.
Baldwin, Harvey, Esq.
Baldwin, Hiram M.
Baldwin, Huldah
Baldwin, Isaac
Baldwin, James H.
Baldwin, John
Baldwin, John
Baldwin, John, 2d
Baldwin, John, Hon.
Baldwin, John, Jr.
Baldwin, John, Mr.
Baldwin, Jonas
Baldwin, Jonathan
Baldwin, Lavina W.
Baldwin, Lemuel C.
Baldwin, Lemuel N.
Baldwin, Lucius A.
Baldwin, Lucius Andrews, M.D.
Baldwin, Martin
Baldwin, Mary
Baldwin, Michael
Baldwin, Milton
Baldwin, Miss
Baldwin, Mr.
Baldwin, Mr.
Baldwin, N. C.
Baldwin, Nancy I.
Baldwin, Newton
Baldwin, Norman C.
Baldwin, Nuton
Baldwin, O. P.
Baldwin, Oliver P.
Baldwin, Oscar Owen ("O.")
Baldwin, Oscar Owen ("O."), A.B.,1854, MA.,1857
Baldwin, Pomeroy
Baldwin, Robert
Baldwin, Rosana
Baldwin, Rosanna
Baldwin, Royal
Baldwin, S.
Baldwin, S. A.
Baldwin, S. C.
Baldwin, S. G.
Baldwin, Samuel
Baldwin, Samuel G.
Baldwin, Sarah (Mrs. Louis Sperry)
Baldwin, Seth C.
Baldwin, Seymour W.
Baldwin, Sherman
Baldwin, Stephen A.
Baldwin, Stephen A.
Baldwin, Thomas
Baldwin, W. H., Dr.
Baldwin, William
Baldwin, William W.
Baldwin, William, A.B.
Baldwin, William, Yale College
Balebough, David
Bales, Eleazar
Bales, Elizabeth
Baley, E.
Baley, Wiley
Ball and Lippincott
Ball, Aaron
Ball, Aaron T.
Ball, Alonzo G.
Ball, Amasa
Ball, Archibald ("A.") McCullum
Ball, Archibald ("A.") McCullum
Ball, Archibald ("A.") McCullum, A.B.
Ball, Archibald ("A.") McCullum, A.B.,1844; Seminary,1847
Ball, Blackall W.
Ball, Charles
Ball, Dr.
Ball, Flamen
Ball, George H.
Ball, Henry
Ball, Irene (Mrs. William T. Allen)
Ball, James
Ball, James M.
Ball, James M., M.D.
Ball, John
Ball, John W.
Ball, Mr.
Ball, Mrs.
Ball, Mrs.
Ball, P. W., Mrs.
Ball, Robert
Ball, Samuel S.
Ball, Sarah A.
Ball, William H.
Ball, William J.
Ballantine, Elisha
Ballantine, Elisha
Ballantine, Elisha, A.M., Rev.
Ballantine, Elisha, Prof.
Ballantine, Henry
Ballantine, Henry
Ballard, Adelaide Fitch
Ballard, Edward
Ballard, F. T.
Ballard, James
Ballard, John H.
Ballard, Levi
Ballard, Nathan
Ballard, Otis
Ballard, Thomas
Ballard, Thomas M.
Ballard, William R.
Ballou, Benjamin F.
Ballou, L. P.
Ballou, L. V.
Ballou, Volney
Ballow, John
Ballow, Thomas
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Baltimore, Henry ("H.") L.
Baltimore, Henry L.
Baltzeil, Lewis
Balwin, Eli.
Bamber, Thomas
Bamber, William
Bamford, William
Bamhill, Robert
Banbury, Richard
Bancroft, Caroline
Bancroft, Dr.
Bancroft, George
Bancroft, George Washington ("W.")
Bancroft, George Washington ("W.")
Bancroft, George Washington ("W."), A.B.,1841
Bancroft, Joseph W.
Bancroft, Thomas L.
Bancroft, W. W., Dr.
Bandle, Ann C.
Bane, Edward
Bane, M. M., M.D.
Bane, Moses
Bane, William
Banes, Evan
Banett, T.
Banger, George
Bangle, John
Bangor, George
Bangs, J. S.
Bangs, James S.
Bangs, John
Bangs, William M.
Banjamin, S. F.
Bank of Cleveland
Bank of Steubenville
Bank of the United States
Bank Street Boarding House
Bank, O.
Banks, Alice A.
Banks, Creed T.
Banks, Creed T., M.D.
Banks, Elizabeth
Banks, J.
Banks, J. B.
Banks, James
Banks, Jedediah
Banks, John
Banks, L. A.
Banks, M., Mrs.
Banks, Morgan R.
Banks, Priscilla
Banks, Priscilla S.
Banks, William
Banning, Eliza
Banning, Eliza B.
Banning, H. B.
Banning, Henry B.
Banning, William D.
Bannorris, Richard
Bantham, Nathan S., A.B., Western Reserve College
Banton, Thomas
Banton, William S.
Banvard, Daniel, Jr.
Baptist Book Store
Baptist Church
Baptist Circular Letter Committee
Bar, William W.
Barbarick, T.
Barber, A.
Barber, Abby
Barber, Abby, Literature,1852
Barber, Abner
Barber, Abner ("D. A.")
Barber, Amzi ("A.") D.
Barber, Amzi D.
Barber, Amzi D.
Barber, Amzi D., Seminary,1841; D.D.,1895
Barber, Celia
Barber, David
Barber, David B.
Barber, Dr.
Barber, Dudley C.
Barber, Dwight
Barber, E., Rev.
Barber, Eldad, Rev.
Barber, Eldad, Rev.
Barber, Eliza
Barber, Eliza P.
Barber, Elizabeth G.
Barber, Emily
Barber, George W.
Barber, Gershom Morse
Barber, Henry B.
Barber, J.
Barber, Josiah
Barber, Josiah, Esq.
Barber, Josiah, Hon.
Barber, Leonard
Barber, Levi
Barber, Levi, Hon.
Barber, Lucy R.
Barber, Walter S.
Barber, Walter Sessions
Barber, Walter Sessions
Barber, William B.
Barbour, Goodrich
Barbour, Goodrich H.
Barbour, James
Barbour, Louisa C.
Barclay, David
Barclay, Dr.
Barclay, F.
Barclay, Hetty F.
Barclay, Isaac
Barclay, Isaac, M.D.
Barclay, Julia
Barcos, Solomon
Barcus, Thomas
Barcus, William
Bard, John
Bard, William
Bardal, Isaac
Bardsbar, Solomon
Bardshar ("Bardshier"), Julia A. (Mrs. Wilson)
Bardwell, Agustine
Bardwell, Cornelia (Mrs. J.P. Bardwell)
Bardwell, George A., M.D.
Bardwell, John Nelson ("N.")
Bardwell, John P.
Bardwell, John P., Seminary,1844
Bardwell, Mr.
Bardwell, William E.
Bare, Clemment
Bare, John
Bare, Joseph
Baremuser, Mrs.
Barere, J. M.
Barge, William
Barghardt, H. W.
Bargon, Michael
Baritt, Almon
Barkdoll, Abraham
Barkdull, James D.
Barker, A. H.
Barker, Aaron
Barker, Amanda
Barker, Amanda
Barker, Amanda, Miss
Barker, B.
Barker, Benajah
Barker, C. A.
Barker, Davis R.
Barker, Davis R.
Barker, Davis R., Seminary,1843
Barker, Edwin W.
Barker, Elizabeth M.
Barker, Elizabeth M.
Barker, George R.
Barker, George W.
Barker, H. S.
Barker, Hannah H. (Mrs. I.N. Shepherd)
Barker, Harriet H.
Barker, Helen M.
Barker, Henry S.
Barker, Isaac H.
Barker, John
Barker, Joseph, Esq.
Barker, Joseph, Esq.
Barker, Joseph, Hon.
Barker, Julia P.
Barker, M. Elizabeth
Barker, Malachi P.
Barker, Malvina
Barker, Maria
Barker, Melissa S.
Barker, Mrs.
Barker, Mrs.
Barker, Nicholas
Barker, Peter
Barker, Phillip
Barker, Rufus
Barker, S. B.
Barker, William
Barker, William C.
Barker, William P.
Barkwell, Charles
Barkwell, Francis
Barling Giles
Barlow, Augustus C.
Barlow, Augustus Charles, M.D.
Barlow, H.
Barlow, Hubbard J.
Barlow, John
Barlow, M.D., Mr.
Barman, George
Barmore, David
Barnaby, S. B.
Barnard, Alonzo
Barnard, Caroline A.
Barnard, Charles T.
Barnard, Dr.
Barnard, Macy
Barnard, Moses
Barnard, William
Barnard, Zaccheus
Barnes Morris
Barnes, Abigail H.
Barnes, Abigail W.
Barnes, Anson V.
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, Benjamin, Rev.
Barnes, C. P.
Barnes, Carlos
Barnes, Chansey
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Cornelia
Barnes, Demos S.
Barnes, Dr.
Barnes, E., Mrs.
Barnes, Frederick B.
Barnes, George
Barnes, George W.
Barnes, George W.
Barnes, Georgius W.
Barnes, Hannah I. I.
Barnes, Hannah L. L.
Barnes, Harriet
Barnes, Hiram
Barnes, Horace W.
Barnes, J. B., Dr.
Barnes, J. C., Rev.
Barnes, James
Barnes, James A.
Barnes, John H.
Barnes, Julia
Barnes, Julia A.
Barnes, Julia A. (Mrs. Platt Reynolds)
Barnes, Julia L.
Barnes, Lester
Barnes, Lester
Barnes, Lewis
Barnes, Lory
Barnes, Lory A.
Barnes, Lory A. (Mrs. James N. Cook)
Barnes, Lucy A.
Barnes, Marcus Andrews ("A.")
Barnes, Maria
Barnes, Mary A.
Barnes, Mary A.
Barnes, Mary A. (Mrs. William Dewey), Literature,1845
Barnes, Melancton
Barnes, Morris
Barnes, Mr.
Barnes, Neriah
Barnes, Orville J.
Barnes, Peter
Barnes, Rebecca W.
Barnes, Rebecca W. (Mrs. Howell)
Barnes, Seaman M.
Barnes, Sylvester R., M.D.
Barnes, Thomas J.
Barnes, Tracy
Barnes, William
Barnes, William J.
Barnes, William, M.D.
Barnet, Daniel
Barnet, James
Barnet, M.
Barnet, Martin L.
Barnet, Melancton
Barnett, Henry
Barnett, J.
Barnett, James
Barnett, Joseph
Barnett, Joseph
Barnett, M.
Barnett, Melancthon
Barnett, Melancton
Barnett, Melancton
Barnett, Peter
Barney and Co.
Barney, A. H.
Barney, A. H., Mrs.
Barney, Agnes E.
Barney, Agnes E.
Barney, Ashbel
Barney, Charles
Barney, D. N.
Barney, Danford N.
Barney, E. E.
Barney, E. E., A.M.
Barney, Eleanor D.
Barney, J. A.
Barney, John
Barney, John
Barney, Mary Louisa
Barney, Permelia S.
Barney, Second Lieutenant
Barney, Waring and Co.
Barnhill, A.
Barns, Dr.
Barns, Mrs.
Barnum and Co.
Barnum and Parsons
Barnum, A. S.
Barnum, Catherine
Barnum, E. M.
Barnum, E. S., Esq.
Barnum, Eli S., Esq.
Barnum, George T.
Barnum, Joseph Hotchkiss ("H.")
Barnum, Joseph Hotchkiss ("H."), A.B.,1854; A.M.,1857
Barnum, Mary
Barnum, Rhoda
Barnum, Rhoda (Mrs. James Cowles)
Barnum, S. Louisa
Barnum, Sarah
Barnum, Susan L.
Barnum, W. S.
Barnum, William S.
Baron, James
Barr, Catharine F., Miss
Barr, D. M.
Barr, G. W.
Barr, George
Barr, James
Barr, John
Barr, John
Barr, John G.
Barr, John T.
Barr, John, Esq.
Barr, Joseph W.
Barr, Joseph Welch, Rev.
Barr, Josepheus Welch
Barr, Lodwick and Co.
Barr, Robert S.
Barr, Samuel
Barr, Thomas
Barr, Thomas
Barr, Thomas Hughes
Barr, Thomas Hughes, Rev.
Barr, Thomas, Rev.
Barr, Tobias
Barr, William
Barr, Young and Van Horn
Barrance, John
Barrer, Jacob
Barrere, J. M.
Barrere, Nelson, Esq.
Barret, Matthew
Barret, Mr.
Barrett, A
Barrett, B. F., Rev.
Barrett, Benjamin Fiske
Barrett, D.
Barrett, E., Mrs.
Barrett, H.
Barrett, James
Barrett, John
Barrett, Marthan, Mrs.
Barrett, Mr.
Barrett, Mr.
Barrett, Newton
Barrett, Newton, A.B.
Barrett, Newton, A.B., Yale College
Barrett, Newton, A.B., Yale College
Barrett, Newton, A.B., Yale College
Barrett, Newton, A.M.
Barrett, Newton, Rev.
Barrett, S.
Barrett, Simeon E.
Barrett, Thomas
Barridge, Levi
Barrier, J. M.
Barrier, Nelson
Barring, Earst
Barring, Jane Mrs.
Barris, Andrew M.
Barris, R., Capt.
Barris, Richard
Barritt, A.
Barritt, Almon
Barritt, Rufus E.
Barritt, Sylvester
Barritt, Worlin
Barron, E., Mrs.
Barron, Edmund
Barron, James
Barron, Richard
Barron, Thomas
Barrow, R. J.
Barrow, Richard
Barrow, Richard, Capt.
Barrow, Richard, Jr.
Barrow, Robert
Barrows, A.
Barrows, A., Dr.
Barrows, Allen C.
Barrows, Ashel
Barrows, E. P., Rev.
Barrows, Elijah P.
Barrows, Elijah P., A.M., Rev.
Barrows, Elijah P., Prof.
Barrows, Elijah P., Rev.
Barrows, Elijah Porter, A.M.
Barrows, George W.
Barrows, Harmon
Barrows, John Manning ("M.")
Barrows, Mary Jane
Barrows, Mrs.
Barrows, Nathan
Barrows, Nathan
Barrows, Prof.
Barrows, Sophia Lee
Barry and Whelan
Barry, John
Barry, Nicholas
Barry, Samuel
Barry, Samuel L.
Barry, Samuel S.
Barstow and Co.
Barstow, Achsah
Barstow, H. N.
Barstow, Horatio N.
Barstow, Mrs.
Bartell, Joseph B.
Barter, Edward
Barter, John
Barter, Noah
Barth, Andrew
Barth, N.
Bartholamew, Hiram
Barthold, George
Bartholemew, Eli
Bartholf, Alfred
Bartholf, Jennette E.
Bartholf, Norman
Bartholomew and Strong
Bartholomew, A., Captain
Bartholomew, Augustus
Bartholomew, Eli
Bartholomew, Flavia
Bartholomew, Flavia T.
Bartholomew, Flora H.
Bartholomew, Flora H. (Mrs. Joseph Carpenter)
Bartholomew, George
Bartholomew, Maria
Bartholomew, Olivia (Mrs. Edward P. Clisbee; m: June 24, 1851)
Barthomew, G.
Bartlet and Clark
Bartlet, B. H.
Bartlet, George
Bartlet, J. B.
Bartlet, Joseph
Bartlet, N.
Bartlet, R. W.
Bartlett, A.
Bartlett, Alexander
Bartlett, Alexander, A.B.,1853; A.M., 1856; Seminary,1859
Bartlett, Asher C.
Bartlett, Benjamin H.
Bartlett, C. L.
Bartlett, Caleb
Bartlett, Edward
Bartlett, Edward, M.D.
Bartlett, Elizabeth (Mrs. Brown)
Bartlett, Enoch ("E.") Noyes ("N."), A.B.
Bartlett, Enoch Noyes ("N.")
Bartlett, Enoch Noyes ("N.")
Bartlett, Enoch Noyes ("N."), A.B.
Bartlett, Enoch Noyes ("N."), A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841; A.M.,1852
Bartlett, F., Rev.
Bartlett, Flavia M.
Bartlett, Francis, Rev.
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Henry, Esq.
Bartlett, J.
Bartlett, J. B.
Bartlett, Joseph B.
Bartlett, Lucy A.
Bartlett, Lucy A., Miss
Bartlett, Lyman
Bartlett, Margaret C., Miss
Bartlett, Martha F.
Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, Mason
Bartlett, Montgomery Robert
Bartlett, Moses M.
Bartlett, Mr.
Bartlett, Nathaniel
Bartlett, Nicholas
Bartlett, Peter ("P.") Tower
Bartlett, Peter Tower ("T.")
Bartlett, Prof.
Bartlett, R. W.
Bartlett, Rachel
Bartlett, Rosewell
Bartlett, Roswell
Bartlett, Samuel C., A.M., Rev.
Bartlett, Samuel Colcord
Bartlett, Sarah
Bartlett, W. C.
Bartlett, Ward
Bartlett, William
Bartlett, William H., A.B., Dartmouth College
Bartlett, William H., Dr.
Bartley, Mordecai
Bartley, Mordecai
Bartley, Newport
Bartley, T. M.
Bartley, Thomas
Bartley, Thomas W.
Bartley, Thomas W.
Bartley, Thomas Wells
Barto, Daniel
Barto, Harvey
Bartol, Abner
Bartol, C. A.
Barton, Charles
Barton, Dr.
Barton, George
Barton, Pass
Barton, William Sumner
Bartow, H. N.
Bartram, John
Bartram, Joseph
Bartram, Wheeler
Barwise, Thomas H.
Barwise, William
Basch, Peter
Bascom, Alice A.
Bascom, Ellery
Bascom, Ellery, A.M.
Bascom, Ellery, Rev.
Bascom, Ellory
Bascom, Elvira A.
Bascom, Helen C.
Bascom, Henry B.
Bascom, J., Dr.
Bascom, John, Esq.
Bascom, Rev.
Bascom, Ruth A.
Bascom, Wales
Bascomb, Alice A.
Bascomb, Dr.
Bascomb, Elvira A.
Bascomb, Helen
Bascomb, Reynolds
Bascon, William
Bash, Peter
Baskin, Dr.
Bass, Major
Bassee, Elijah, Sergeant
Basset, A. C.
Bassett and Kendall
Bassett, Abigail
Bassett, Alanson C.
Bassett, Andrew C.
Bassett, Benjamin
Bassett, Benjamin
Bassett, Charles
Bassett, Daniel
Bassett, David B.
Bassett, Dr.
Bassett, E. Barnard ("B.")
Bassett, Edward Barnard ("B.")
Bassett, Edwin
Bassett, Hezekiah
Bassett, Homer F.
Bassett, John
Bassett, John S.
Bassett, Maria P.
Bassett, Mary
Bassett, Minerva E.
Bassett, Stephen H.
Bassitt, John
Bassorette, Charles W.
Bastian, Jacob
Batchelder, J. H.
Batchelder, John
Batchelder, Joseph H.
Batcheldor, John
Batcheldor, Jonathan
Batchelor, Calvin
Batchlor, Alonzo
Batchlor, Joseph
Bateham, M. B.
Bateham, Michael B.
Bateham, Michael B.
Bateman, Amanda Maria
Bateman, Carlos
Bateman, Helen M.
Bateman, M. B.
Bateman, William
Bates, Amelia
Bates, Amelia Eloise ("E.") (Mrs. Alfred Ingalls)
Bates, Anna (Mrs. Dighton Welch)
Bates, Asahel C.
Bates, Benjamin
Bates, C. H.
Bates, Caleb
Bates, David S.
Bates, Dr.
Bates, Elisha
Bates, Eliza
Bates, Eliza A.
Bates, Emily A.
Bates, Erastus N.
Bates, Francis P.
Bates, George
Bates, Henry
Bates, Henry
Bates, Henry M.
Bates, Henry, A.B.
Bates, Henry, A.B.
Bates, Henry, A.B.,1840; Seminary,1843; A.M.,1845
Bates, J. L.
Bates, J. S.
Bates, John
Bates, Jonathan
Bates, Jonathan
Bates, Kimball
Bates, Laura M.
Bates, Lucy Ann, Mrs.
Bates, Luther P., Esq.
Bates, Mr.
Bates, Patrick
Bates, R.
Bates, R. C.
Bates, Robert
Bates, Robert C.
Bates, Stephen D.
Bates, T. G.
Bates, W. S., Dr.
Bates, William
Bates, William S.
Bates, William S.
Bateson, James H.
Bath Street House
Battcher, Ann M., Mrs.
Battel and Chapman
Battel, Philip
Battell, Phillip
Battelle, C. D.
Battersby, Samuel
Batterson, Eli B.
Battey, L. M.H.
Battles, Levi
Battum, William, Esq.
Bauder, C. L.
Bauder, Charles L.
Bauder, L.
Bauder, Levi
Bauder, Michael
Bauder, Michael L.
Baudler, John
Bauer, Jacob
Bauer, Leonard
Baughman, Isaac
Baughman, J. T.
Baulding, Milding
Baule, D.
Baule, Dederick
Baule, Diedrich
Baum and Oliver
Baum, Christian
Baum, George M.
Baum, John W.
Baum, Martin
Baum, William
Bauman, Peter
Bauriff, John
Bausman, Edward
Bausman, J. P., Rev.
Bausman, Phebe
Bauter, John
Baxter Clough
Baxter, Abraham
Baxter, Benjamin D.
Baxter, Isaac A.
Baxter, J. Matson
Baxter, Peter
Baxter, Samuel
Baxter, Thomas
Bayard, James
Bayard, T. M.
Baycon, John H.
Baydole, A.
Baye and Sparks' Warehouse
Bayer, J.
Bayer, S.
Bayle and Sparks
Bayle, Daniel
Bayler, J. E.
Bayles, Andrew H.
Bayless, Augustus J.
Bayless, James P.
Bayless, Sophia B.
Baylor, Charles
Beach and Packard
Beach, Allen J.
Beach, Ann
Beach, Ann P.
Beach, Calvin
Beach, Calvin G.
Beach, Caroline E.
Beach, Clarissa A.
Beach, Dr.
Beach, Eliza A.
Beach, Elizabeth
Beach, Erasmus M.
Beach, Gaylord M.
Beach, H., Dr.
Beach, Henry
Beach, I. B., Dr.
Beach, J. N.
Beach, John
Beach, John B., A.B.
Beach, John Boughton ("B.")
Beach, John Boughton ("B.")
Beach, John Boughton ("B."), A.B.
Beach, John Boughton ("B."), A.B.,1846; A.M.,1850; Meadville Seminary,1861
Beach, Jonathan
Beach, Jonathan M.
Beach, Joshua
Beach, Joshua, M.D.
Beach, Melvina
Beach, Mr.
Beach, Mr.
Beach, Russell
Beach, S. E., Dr.
Beach, Samuel
Beach, Samuel E.
Beach, Samuel Emery, M.D.
Beach, Truman
Beach, William W.
Beach, Wood R.
Beach, Wooster
Beachamp, Mr.
Beadle, Nathaniel
Beadle, Sarah E.
Beadle, William R.
Beadolt, George
Beain, Peter
Beakle, John
Beakmon, John
Beal, Edmund
Beal, George
Beal, Henry
Beal, John
Beal, Mary M.
Beal, William B.
Beale, Charles T.
Beales, Levi
Beall, Clara A.
Beall, Eliza J.
Beall, Susan
Beall, Theodora
Beall, Tudor
Beals, Bowatu
Beals, Levi
Beals, Morill B.
Beals, Morrill B.
Beals, Sarah
Beam, Cemantha
Beam, David
Beam, James A.
Beam, Marshall
Beaman, Justus
Beaman, Mary A., Miss
Beamer, John
Bean, Edmund
Bean, Edward D.
Bean, Franklin J.
Bean, Franklin L.
Bean, John
Bean, M.
Bean, Malinda O.
Beane, Phineas Adams ("A.")
Beane, Phineas Adams ("A."), Seminary,1845
Beans, Charles
Bear, A.
Bear, John
Bear, Michael
Bear, Peter
Bearce, Dr.
Beard, Daniel
Beard, Jeannette, Mrs.
Beard, Jenette, Miss
Beard, M., Mrs.
Beard, Nathaniel C.
Beard, William
Beard, William H.
Beardslee, H. C., Dr.
Beardslee, Julius O.
Beardslee, Julius O.
Beardslee, Julius O., A.B.,1837; A.M., 1848
Beardslee, Julius O., A.M., 1848
Beardslee, Leonard E.
Beardslee, Maria H.
Beardsley, A. C.
Beardsley, Almus
Beardsley, D. H.
Beardsley, David H.
Beardsley, E.
Beardsley, Edgar
Beardsley, Edward
Beardsley, Edward S.
Beardsley, Emeline
Beardsley, Emma
Beardsley, Everett
Beardsley, Irad
Beardsley, Irad L.
Beardsley, J. L.
Beardsley, L. C.
Beardsley, L. E.
Beardsley, Leonard E.
Beardsley, Leonard E.
Beardsley, Leonard E. P.
Beardsley, Lyman
Beardsley, Mary E.
Beardsley, S. R. (of New York)
Beardsley, Sherman
Beare, A.
Beare, O.
Bearer, Jacob
Beares, Azarias
Bearrink, H. J.
Bearss, George R.
Beasley, A., M.D.
Beasley, B.
Beasley, Dr.
Beasley, J. S. S.
Beasley, John, ins.
Beasley, Nathan K.
Beasley, William
Beasly, N.
Beaton, William
Beattie, W. B.
Beattie, W. D.
Beattie, W. D.
Beattie, William D.
Beattie's Classical School
Beatty and Steelman
Beatty, Alexander J.
Beatty, Arthur
Beatty, Charles C., D.D.
Beatty, Charles C., D.D., Rev.
Beatty, Charles C., D.D., Rev. Dr.
Beatty, Charles C., Rev.
Beatty, Col.
Beatty, Emily M.
Beatty, Emily M.
Beatty, George
Beatty, Hetty E., Mrs.
Beatty, Hetty Elizabeth (Davis), Mrs.
Beatty, John
Beatty, Joseph
Beatty, Margaret D.
Beatty, Margaret D.
Beatty, Margaret D., Miss
Beatty, Mary O.
Beatty, Samuel J.
Beaty, Amelia
Beauchamp, William, Rev.
Beaugrand, John, Capt.
Beaumont, George H.
Beaumont, J.
Beaumont, John
Beaumont, Mary
Beaumont, Myron H.
Beaumont, W. H., M.D.
Beaumont, William H.
Beaumont, William Henry, M.D.
Beauston, John
Beaver Creek Church
Beaver, William
Beavon, Gideon
Bebb, William
Bebee, Henry W.
Bebey, Levi
Bebout ("Beabout"), Rebecca
Bebout, John N.
Bebout, John N. ("M.")
Bebout, Rebecca
Bebout, Rebecca (Mrs. James Harvey Holton), Literature,1850
Bechtel, Mary Henry
Beck, Adley
Beck, Elizabeth C.
Beck, George
Beck, Hedevig M.
Beck, Henry
Beck, Jeremiah, Jr.
Beck, L.
Beck, Leonard
Beck, Mary
Beck, Samuel
Beckenbach, William
Becker, Casper
Becker, Charles
Becker, George D.
Becker, George Loomis
Becker, Maria
Becket, Jane
Becket, John
Beckett, William
Beckman, Frederick W.
Beckman, H.
Beckman, Julian V.
Beckon, James
Beckum, James
Beckwith, Angenora
Beckwith, Angenora
Beckwith, Ann Eliza
Beckwith, David H.
Beckwith, Elijah
Beckwith, F. T.
Beckwith, Frederick, Mrs.
Beckwith, Harvey
Beckwith, J., Mrs.
Beckwith, John
Beckwith, L. F.
Beckwith, Loring F.
Beckwith, Marion
Beckwith, Marvin E.
Beckwith, Mary A.
Beckwith, Perry G.
Beckwith, Richard C.
Beckwith, Russell D.
Beckwith, S.
Beckwith, S. R.
Beckwith, Seth
Beckwith, Seth R.
Beckwith, T. S.
Beckwith, Thomas S.
Beckwith, Tryon
Beckwith, W. and S.
Beckwith, W. E.
Beckwith, William
Beckwith, William E.
Bedell, Nathaniel
Bedell, Nathaniel G.
Bedford, Mary J.
Bedford, Thomas
Bedgood, Junius
Bedortha, Luther
Bedortha, Norman
Bedortha, Pamelia P.
Bee, James
Beebe and Barns
Beebe, Artemas
Beebe, B. M., Dr.
Beebe, Calvin
Beebe, Caroline E.
Beebe, Cornelia (Mrs. John Myer), Literature,1853
Beebe, D. Duncan
Beebe, David
Beebe, David Duncan
Beebe, Dr.
Beebe, Duncan David
Beebe, H.
Beebe, Huron
Beebe, Huron
Beebe, John F.
Beebe, Joseph
Beebe, Julia
Beebe, Louisa O.
Beebe, Mary M.
Beebe, Mr.
Beebe, Sarah
Beebe, Sarah J.
Beebe, William
Beebe, William M.
Beebee, Allen and Co.
Beebee, Aurilla, Mrs.
Beebee, Charles F.
Beebee, Cornelia
Beebee, E.
Beebee, George W.
Beebee, George W.
Beebee, Huron
Beebee, Levi
Beebee, Martha
Beebee, R.
Beebout, James L.
Beech, Anna
Beech, Charlotte F.
Beech, Henry
Beech, Thomas
Beecher, Asahel N.
Beecher, Dea.
Beecher, Edward Alfred ("A.")
Beecher, Edward Alfred ("A."), A.B.,1854
Beecher, J. T.
Beecher, L., D.D., Rev.
Beecher, Lyman
Beecher, Mr.
Beecher, P.
Beecher, Philemon
Beecher, Samuel
Beecher, Thomas K.
Beecher, William, Rev.
Beede, John
Beedle, Benjamin
Beedle, Dr.
Beedle, John M.
Beedle, N.
Beekman, David
Beeman, Dr.
Beeny, Alfred
Beer, Amanda L.
Beer, Amanda L. (Mrs. Buel B. Pelton, m: 1859)
Beer, William
Beers, Marietta
Beers, Peter
Beers, R., Mrs.
Beers, Seth P.
Beeson, Dr.
Beeson, Frances M.
Beeson, H. S.
Beeson, H. V.
Beeson, Louisa L.
Beeson, Louisa L.
Beeson, Phebe S.
Beeson, Phebe S.
Beeth, P.
Beggers, D. M.
Begges, Catharine
Begges, David M.
Begges, Elizabeth J.
Beggs, J. P.
Beggs, John
Beggs, Thomas
Beiler, Jacob
Beiser, T.
Belce, Mary
Belch, Thomas
Belden, A., Mrs.
Belden, Clifford
Belden, Clifford, Capt.
Belden, Cyrus
Belden, Dr.
Belden, Harrison
Belden, Joseph
Belden, Silas
Belden, William
Belding, A., Dr.
Belding, William
Belford, Richard
Belknap, Dr.
Belknap, Ira
Belknapp, Maria A.
Bell, Andrew L.
Bell, Caroline E.
Bell, Charles
Bell, Charles W.
Bell, Charles W.
Bell, David
Bell, Dr.
Bell, E., Dr.
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Fountain
Bell, G. W.
Bell, George
Bell, George G.
Bell, George H.
Bell, H. J.
Bell, H. S.
Bell, Hiram
Bell, J., Dr.
Bell, Jacob
Bell, James
Bell, James M.
Bell, James W.
Bell, James W., M.D.
Bell, Jane
Bell, John
Bell, John M.
Bell, John W.
Bell, John, Gen.
Bell, Joseph
Bell, Justus B.
Bell, Margaret
Bell, Martha
Bell, Mary
Bell, Mary E.
Bell, Mary J.
Bell, Moses C.
Bell, Mr.
Bell, Mr.
Bell, Mrs.
Bell, Nancy S.
Bell, Nathaniel
Bell, Orrin E.
Bell, Peter
Bell, Peter W.
Bell, Samuel
Bell, Sarah A.
Bell, Thomas
Bell, W. S.
Bell, William
Bell, William Collins
Bellemy, Abner
Bellnap, Harvey
Bellows, Alexander H.
Bellows, C. J., M.D.
Bellows, Curtis J.
Bellows, Josiah H.
Bellville, Elizabeth
Bellville, Sarah W.
Belnap, J. C.
Belsal, Felix
Beltzhoover, Daniel
Bement, Edmund
Bement, Emily M.
Bement, Samuel
Bemis and Co.
Bemis, E. S. J.
Bemis, E. St. John
Bemiss, D.
Bemiss, Elijah
Bemiss, Hallett P.
Bemus, William P.
Benbridge, Sarah, Mrs.
Benbridge, Thomas T.
Benbridge, William T.
Bender, George A.
Benedict and Hitchcock
Benedict and Hitchcox
Benedict and Hitchocx
Benedict, Aaron L.
Benedict, Amanda
Benedict, Andrew D.
Benedict, Andrew D.
Benedict, Andrew D.
Benedict, Andrew D., A.B.
Benedict, Andrew D., A.B.
Benedict, Andrew D., A.B., Rev.
Benedict, Andrew D., Rev.
Benedict, Charles B.
Benedict, E.
Benedict, E. D.
Benedict, E. G.
Benedict, Emily Sarah
Benedict, G. A.
Benedict, George
Benedict, George A.
Benedict, George A.
Benedict, George A., Esq.
Benedict, George B.
Benedict, Henry
Benedict, I. F., Mrs.
Benedict, L.
Benedict, Laura, Mrs.
Benedict, Levi
Benedict, Martha B.
Benedict, N. P.
Benedict, S. H.
Benedict, Sarah M.
Benedict, Thomas
Benedict, W. C., M.D.
Benham and Finley
Benham, B.
Benham, Joseph S.
Benham, N. S.
Benham, Natham S.
Benham, Nathan S.
Benham, Nathan S., A.B.
Benham, Nathan S., A.B., Western Reserve College
Benham, Nathan Stone
Benham, Nathan Stone, Rev.
Benham, Sarah S.
Benham, Welcome E.
Benhem, Lucius
Benhem, Lucius, M.D.
Bening, Henry
Benit, Z. E. F.
Benjamin Ashcroft
Benjamin Heberd Stage Agent
Benjamin R. Hutchings
Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin Strickland
Benjamin Strickland, M.D.
Benjamin Stuart
Benjamin, A. S.
Benjamin, Ebenezer A.
Benjamin, Edward
Benjamin, George W.
Benjamin, Malvina
Benjamin, N.
Benjamin, S.
Benner, Henry
Benner, John
Bennet, Andrew
Bennet, Andrews
Bennet, C. L.
Bennet, Daniel
Bennet, Edward
Bennet, Francis
Bennet, Garret
Bennet, George
Bennet, Henry
Bennet, James
Bennet, John
Bennet, John, Elder
Bennet, Mary
Bennet, Mr.
Bennet, Mrs.
Bennet, Peter
Bennet, Sarah
Bennet, Sarah, Mrs.
Bennet, Stephen O.
Bennet, Thomas
Bennet, William B.
Bennet's Recess
Bennett and Hodge
Bennett, A. J.
Bennett, A. J.
Bennett, Andrew
Bennett, Bennett
Bennett, Charlotte, Mrs.
Bennett, Dr.
Bennett, Eliza J.
Bennett, Emily
Bennett, George
Bennett, George C.
Bennett, Gideon
Bennett, J. A.
Bennett, J. C., M.D.
Bennett, James
Bennett, John
Bennett, John C.
Bennett, Joseph
Bennett, Josiah H.
Bennett, Louisa
Bennett, M. C.
Bennett, Mary A.
Bennett, Murray J.
Bennett, Nathaniel
Bennett, Philemon C., M.D.
Bennett, Seeley J.
Bennett, Stephen
Bennett, Sylvester A.
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, Tirzah (Mrs. Joseph Kirk)
Bennett, U. P.
Bennett, Warner
Bennett, William
Benney, John
Bennitt, John
Bennitt, John
Bennitt, John, M.D.
Benschooter, J. V.
Benschoter and Bevier
Benschoter, Dr.
Benschoter, Helen
Benschoter, Marian
Benson, Amelia
Benson, Caleb
Benson, David P.
Benson, Edward O.
Benson, George W.
Benson, Henry
Benson, John
Benson, Margaret A.
Benson, Matthew
Benson, Peter
Benson, William
Benston, John
Bent, Jane E.
Bent, Jane E., Miss
Bentham, Nathan S., A.B., Western Reserve C.
Bentham, Nathan S., A.B., Western Reserve College
Bentley, Adamso
Bentley, Adamson
Bentley, Benjamin
Bentley, C. H.
Bentley, Eliza J.
Bentley, George
Bentley, Ira
Bentley, Ira E.
Bentley, Polly M.
Bently, Adamson
Benton and Chapman
Benton, Carlos O.
Benton, Carlos Otis
Benton, E.
Benton, E. R.
Benton, Eliza (Mrs. James C. Tefft)
Benton, Ezra B.
Benton, Ezra R., K.
Benton, H.
Benton, H.
Benton, Horace
Benton, Horace
Benton, J. H.
Benton, L. A.
Benton, Lucius A.
Benton, Martha
Benton, Mary, Mrs.
Benton, Samuel
Benton, William B.
Bentz, Frederick
Bentz, John F.
Bercaw, Charity J.
Bercaw, Elizabeth A.
Bercaw, John F.
Bercaw, Maria M.
Berck, Barnard
Berdan, Peter F.
Beresford, B.
Beresford, R.
Berg, John
Bergaw, George
Berghas, Peter
Berghof, Peter
Bergtol, Isaac
Berhanin, Edward
Berjer, George
Berlin, Mr.
Bernard, David B.
Bernard, James
Berret, Bertha
Berrier, John
Berritsen, John W.
Berry, A.
Berry, A.
Berry, Dr.
Berry, E. G., Dr.
Berry, George
Berry, George W.
Berry, J. A., Dr.
Berry, James
Berry, James J.
Berry, Joseph
Berry, Reese
Berry, Richard
Berry, Sarah J.
Berry, Sarah Jane
Berry, Thomas
Berry, Thomas D.
Berry, William G.
Berryhill, Samuel G.
Berryman, James N.
Bert, Dr.
Bertholette, Dr.
Berthollette, Dr.
Bertram, E. P.
Bertram, W.
Berwick, Andrew
Berwick, Andrew J.
Berwick, Thomas
Besse, Henry
Best, David
Best, Dr.
Best, Thomas E.
Bester, Almanzer
Bestern, S.
Bethel Church
Bethel or Seamen's Friend Church
Bethel or Seamen's Reading Room
Bets, Oliver
Bettis, Harry
Betts, Alfred H., Rev.
Betts, Alfredus H.
Betts, Ann M.
Betts, Edward C.
Betts, Edward Crosby
Betts, Elizabeth F.
Betts, Frederick B.
Betts, Frederick Brown
Betts, H. J.
Betts, H. J., P.M.
Betts, Phebe
Betts, Samuel
Betts, Smith
Betts, X., Rev.
Betts, Xenophen, Rev.
Betts, Xenophon, Rev.
Beuhring, Louisa M.
Beuhring, Louisa M.
Bevan, John
Bevan, John
Bevan, Mary J.
Bevan, Mary Jane
Bevan, Mary Jane
Bevan, Thomas
Bevans, Abigail
Bevans, Abigail M
Bevans, Abigail M.
Bevans, Abigail Melissa
Bevans, Caroline M.
Bevans, Hannah
Bevans, Hannah E.
Bevans, Henry
Bevans, Henry, Mr.
Bevans, Juliett
Bevans, Juliette
Bevans, Juliette E.
Bevans, Julliette
Bevans, Mary E.
Bevans, Theodore J.
Beven, Mary Jane
Beverley, Philander F.
Beverlin and Coy
Beverlin, John
Bevier, Dr.
Bevins, John
Beyer, Augustus
Beymer, Chester F.
Bibb, Evan A.
Bickerstaff, Andrew
Bickerstaff, Samuel
Bickerstaff, Samuel L.
Bickham, Angelina
Bickham, Eliza
Bickham, Emily
Bickman, William
Bicknell, Chester Cady ("C.")
Bicknell, John ("J.") J.
Bicknell, John J.
Bicknell, Lucy Abigail ("A.")
Bicknell, Lucy Abigail ("A.") (Mrs. Charles Oldfield; m. April 22, 1857)
Biddle, James
Biddle, John
Biddle, Richard
Bidingbaugh, Adam
Bidwell, Caleb
Bidwell, Caleb H.
Bidwell, Caleb H., Esq.
Bidwell, Caleb Hotchkiss
Bidwell, Charlotte, Miss
Bidwell, L. A., Miss
Bidwell, Miss
Bidwell, Riverius, Esq.
Bidwell, Samuel
Bidwell, Sarah A.
Bidwell, Wayne
Bierbower, Reed
Bierce, Alexander
Bierce, Alexander, Esq.
Bierdemann, A. B.
Biesley, Joseph
Bigalow, P. H.
Bigelow, A. D., M.D.
Bigelow, A. D., W.M.
Bigelow, Charles
Bigelow, Dr.
Bigelow, Horace G.
Bigelow, Isaac
Bigelow, J.
Bigelow, Jabez Gardner ("G.")
Bigelow, Jabez Gardner ("G."), A.B.,1850 (degree issued 1875)
Bigelow, Jacob
Bigelow, John Milton, M.D.
Bigelow, Louisa C.
Bigelow, Russell
Bigford, Dolly
Bigger, John
Biggers, Samuel
Biggs, Cyrus F. H.
Biggs, Dr.
Biggs, E. Jane
Biggs, Henry
Biggs, Mary H.
Biggs, Thomas J.
Biggs, Thomas J., D.D., Rev.
Bigham, Maria J.
Bigham, Rebecca
Bigham, Rebecca J.
Bight, James
Bigler, John
Biglow, James
Biles, Henry
Biles, Jane
Biles, John
Biles, Joseph F.
Bill, Henrietta Mary
Billey, Frederick
Billiard Saloon
Billing, William
Billings and Mather
Billings, Henry W.
Billings, James, M.D., Honorary
Billings, Martin S.
Billings, Nathaniel Melville
Billings, Olive S.
Billings, Sophia M.
Bills, George B.
Bills, Perley
Bills, Samuel
Bills, Stephen ("S.") W.
Bilty, Ignace
Bilty, Theodore
Binford, Micajah C.
Binger, George
Bingham and Cleveland
Bingham, Allen
Bingham, C., Miss
Bingham, Calista
Bingham, Charles ("C.") M.
Bingham, D., Dr.
Bingham, Daniel G.
Bingham, David
Bingham, David, M.D.
Bingham, E.
Bingham, Edward
Bingham, Elijah
Bingham, F. W.
Bingham, Flavel W.
Bingham, Flavius
Bingham, Henry
Bingham, J. H.
Bingham, J. K.
Bingham, James H.
Bingham, Joel
Bingham, Joel F.
Bingham, John
Bingham, John K.
Bingham, Joseph M.
Bingham, L. G., Rev.
Bingham, Lafayette
Bingham, Laura A.
Bingham, Laura A.
Bingham, Lemuel, Esq.
Bingham, Luther G., Rev.
Bingham, Nathaniel
Bingham, Ruth
Bingham, S. L.
Bingham, Sarah B.
Bingham, Sarah E.
Bingham, Silas L.
Bingham, W.
Bingham, William
Bingham, William G.
Binningen, Martin
Bintliff, James
Bippus, John F.
Biram, Samuel
Birch, George F.
Birch, George W.
Bircham, Abraham
Birchard, M.
Birchard, Mathew, Hon.
Birchard, Matthew, Hon.
Birchard, Matthew, Hon.
Birckhead, W. J.
Bird, Amanda J.
Bird, Benjamin
Bird, Dr.
Bird, Elisha
Bird, Kitura, Mrs.
Bird, Mary A.
Bird, Milton
Bird, Norman
Birds, M., Mrs.
Birdsall, George F.
Birdsall, George Fox, M.D.
Birdsall, James
Birdsey, Cornelia
Birdseye, Ezekiel
Birge, David
Birge, David W.
Birge, David W.
Birge, David Warner, M.D.
Birge, James Gerrish
Birge, Mr.
Birkard, Nicholas
Birkey, Leonidas C.
Birney, James G.
Birney, James Gillespie
Birrer, Jacob
Birty, Theodore
Bisbee, A.
Bisbee, Charles G.
Bisbee, Charles Goodrich ("G."), A.B.,1857; Seminary,1860; M.A.,1860
Bishop and Backus
Bishop and Black
Bishop, Andrew J.
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Clarinda
Bishop, Hiram H.
Bishop, Hiram N.
Bishop, Hiram N., A.B.
Bishop, Hiram N., A.B., Rev.
Bishop, Hiram N., M.A., Rev.
Bishop, Hiram N., Rev.
Bishop, Hiram Nelson, A.B.
Bishop, J. J.
Bishop, J. P.
Bishop, Jacob
Bishop, Jane E.
Bishop, Jane E.
Bishop, Jane E., Miss
Bishop, Jesse P.
Bishop, Jesse P.
Bishop, John
Bishop, Jonathan
Bishop, L. H.
Bishop, L. P.
Bishop, Lucretia P.
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Mr.
Bishop, Myra A.
Bishop, Preston
Bishop, Putnam
Bishop, Robert H.
Bishop, Robert H., D.D.
Bishop, Robert H., Jr.
Bishop, Robert H., Rev.
Bishop, Robert Hamilton
Bishop, Syene F.
Bishop, Terrill
Bishop, Truman
Bishop's Bowling Saloon
Bissel, Benjamin, Hon.
Bissel, Benjamin, Hon.
Bissel, Caroline S.
Bissel, Elizabeth C.
Bissel, Israel M.
Bissel, N.
Bissell, Albert N.
Bissell, Dr.
Bissell, Emily (Lucretia)
Bissell, Henry N.
Bissell, Henry N., A.B.
Bissell, Henry N., A.B.
Bissell, Henry N., A.M.
Bissell, Henry N., A.M.
Bissell, Henry Newton, A.M.
Bissell, Israel M.
Bissell, Leavitt Field
Bissell, Leavitt Field
Bissell, Lemuel
Bissell, Lemuel
Bissell, Lemuel, A.B.
Bissell, Lemuel, A.B.
Bissell, Lucretius
Bissell, Lucretius, Esq.
Bissell, N. H.
Bissell, O. J.
Bissell, O. J., M.D.
Bissell, Ozro J.
Bissell, S. N., Dr.
Bissell, S. R.
Bissell, Sanford Rockwell
Bissell, Sanford Rockwell
Bissell, W.
Bissell, William
Bissitt, H. N.
Bixby, Adaline (Mrs. Charles Smith)
Bixby, Albert
Bixby, Alonzo F.
Bixby, Benjamin J.
Bixby, Nahum
Blachley ("Blachly"), Sarah
Blachley, Sarah
Blachley, Sarah
Blachley, Sarah (Mrs. D.B. Bradley), A.B.,1845
Blachly, Dr.
Blachly, William, Dr.
Black Bear House
Black Hawk
Black, A.
Black, Alexander
Black, Archibald
Black, Benjamin Franklin
Black, Catharine
Black, Christopher
Black, Daniel L.
Black, Dr.
Black, Eleazer
Black, Eliza
Black, G. H.
Black, H. N.B.
Black, Harriet
Black, Jacob
Black, James
Black, James A.
Black, John
Black, John, M.D.
Black, Margaret
Black, Peter
Black, Robert
Black, Samuel
Black, Simon
Black, William
Black, William H.
Blackburn, Alexander G.W.
Blackburn, Alexander G.W.F.
Blackburn, Anne E.
Blackburn, Benjamin
Blackburn, David
Blackburn, Edward
Blackburn, James
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, John L.
Blackburn, John, A.B.
Blackburn, Maria
Blackburn, Rebecca J.
Blackburn, Thomas
Blackburn, William
Blackburn, William
Blackburn, William E.
Blackford, Daniel
Blackford, G. L.
Blackford, Ira
Blackford, Lucy
Blackford, Maria, Mrs.
Blackford, William C.
Blackiston, William
Blackley, Dr.
Blacklock, John
Blackman, George
Blackman, Holder
Blackman, James
Blackman, Mr.
Blackman, Mr.
Blackman, Philetus S.
Blackman, Robert
Blackman, Ruth A.
Blackman, Sarah
Blackman, William
Blackmer and Co.
Blackmer, B. H.
Blackmer, Edward H.
Blackmer, Edward Harmon
Blackmer, Edward Harmon
Blackmer, Mary U.
Blackmer, R. H.
Blackmer, Reuben H.
Blackner, John L.
Blackney, Anna
Blackney, Anna
Blackney, Caroline
Blackney, Mr.
Blackstone, Benjamin D.
Blackstone, Benjamin D., A.B.
Blackstone, Benjamin Doddridge, M.D.
Blackstone, Dr.
Blackstone, John K.
Blackstone, John King, M.D.
Blackstone, W., Dr.
Blackwell, John
Blackwell, Nathan
Blackwell, Smith
Blackwell, T.
Blackwell, Thomas
Blackwell, Thomas
Blackwood, Samuel
Blackwood, Sylvester H.
Blain, John T.
Blain, William I.
Blair, A. O., Dr.
Blair, A. O., M.D.
Blair, Abraham
Blair, Alonzo Obadiah, M.D.
Blair, Annanias
Blair, Dr.
Blair, E., Mrs.
Blair, Edward S.
Blair, Edward S., M.D.
Blair, Gavin
Blair, H.
Blair, H. E.
Blair, Henry
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blair, John H.
Blair, La Fayette
Blair, Maria J.
Blair, Robert L.
Blair, Susan
Blair, Thomas, Sr.
Blake and Clark
Blake, A. H.
Blake, A. H.
Blake, Alfred
Blake, Alfred
Blake, Alfred, B.D., Rev.
Blake, Alfred, Rev.
Blake, Azro H.
Blake, Azro H., M.D.
Blake, Benjamin
Blake, Benjamin F.
Blake, E. C.V.
Blake, Francis A.
Blake, Humphrey
Blake, Jane
Blake, Jane R. (Mrs. Lorin L. Severcool; m: June 7, 1854)
Blake, John Lauris
Blake, Josiah
Blake, Mary
Blake, Mary
Blake, Michael
Blake, Nehemiah
Blake, William
Blakelee, Eliza
Blakelee, Eliza
Blakelee, Eliza (M.) (Mrs. Henry K. Morse; m: Nov. 2, 1881), Literature,1846
Blakeley, Lucevia E.
Blakely, A.
Blakely, Abram
Blakely, Harriet
Blakely, John
Blakemore, George C.
Blaker, T. H.
Blakeslee, C. T.
Blakeslee, Dr.
Blakeslee, Dwight G.
Blakeslee, Flora S.
Blakeslee, Flora S., Miss
Blakeslee, Jason L.
Blakeslee, Owen
Blakeslee, Samuel
Blakeslee, Samuel V.
Blakeslee, Samuel V., A.B.
Blakeslee, Samuel Valentine
Blakeslee, Samuel Valentine, Rev.
Blakeslee, W. N.
Blakesley, George A.
Blakesley, Harper
Blakesley, James M.
Blakesley, M.
Blakeslie, M., M.D.
Blakesly, Julia, Miss
Blakewell, J. W.
Blanchard, Abigail
Blanchard, Davis
Blanchard, Harriet
Blanchard, Harriet
Blanchard, Harriet (Mrs. Nathaniel Gerrish), Literature,1847
Blanchard, John H.
Blanchard, Jonathan
Blanchard, Joshua
Blanchard, Lemuel
Blanchard, Sarah A. (Mrs. Royce)
Blanchard, Stephen
Blanchard, W. W.
Blanchard, William W.
Blanchard, William Walter
Blanchett, William
Blanchett, William F.
Blanchley, Joseph W.
Blanchley, Oliver B.
Blanchly, Lewis S.
Bland, Allen M.
Blandy, Alfred
Blandy, Alfred A.
Blaney, John
Blank, Christian
Blankler, Thomas
Blann, A. W.
Blanton, William
Blatchley, Dr.
Blatchley, J. W.
Blayney, O. S.
Bleack, W.
Bleam, John
Blecher, W.
Blecker, F. H.
Bledsoe, Albert
Bledsoe, Albert
Bledsoe, Albert T.
Bledsoe, Albert T.
Bledsoe, Albert T., A.M.
Bledsoe, Albert T., Rev.
Blend, George
Blend, George W.
Blend, Nelson
Blender, Samuel
Blennerhassett, Harman
Blesmar, William
Blew, Robert H.
Blickensderfer, J.
Blickensderfer, Jacob
Blickensderfer, Jacob
Blickensdorfer, Jacob, Jr.
Blim, John
Blimm, Jacob
Blinksenderfer, James
Blinn, George B.
Blinn, J. H.
Blinn, James
Blinn, James H.
Blinn, Josiah W.
Blish, Benjamin
Blish, Cordelia
Blish, George W.
Blish, James M.
Blish, Lucinda
Bliss, Albert A.
Bliss, Albert Asahel
Bliss, Beza E.
Bliss, Cynthia, Miss
Bliss, Cynthia, Mrs.
Bliss, D. Willard
Bliss, D. Willard, M.D.
Bliss, Dr.
Bliss, Francis C.
Bliss, Harriet E.
Bliss, Hezekiah
Bliss, Horace G.
Bliss, John
Bliss, Josiah W., M.D.
Bliss, Lester L.
Bliss, Mrs.
Bliss, Philemon
Bliss, Pliny
Bliss, S.
Bliss, Stoughton
Bliss, Willard
Bliss, William
Blizzard, Adaline D.
Blizzard, Adeline D.
Blocker, George A.
Blocksom, Caroline
Blocksom, Fisher A.
Blodget, Amanda S.
Blodget, Elizabeth, Miss
Blodget, James
Blodget, John
Blodget, William
Blodgett, H.
Blodgett, H., Rev.
Blodgett, John
Blois, Edmund L.
Blois, George Washington
Blood, Allen
Blood, Ann L.
Blood, D. C., Rev.
Blood, Harvey, M.D.
Blood, Hervy
Blood, Samuel Allen
Bloomer, Frances J.
Bloomer, Joseph
Bloss, James O.
Blossom, H. C.
Blossom, Henry C.
Blossom, Ira H.
Blossom, Laura F.
Blossom, Mr.
Blossom, O. S.
Blosson, Hosea
Blue, R. H.
Blue, Robert
Bluem, Jacob
Blue-River Quarter
Bluim, John
Blunt, Beverly
Blunt, Edmund March
Blunt, Hiram
Blunt, J. G., M.D.
Blunt, James G.
Blymer, Abraham, M.D.
Blymyer, A., Dr.
Blymyer, Abraham
Blymyer, Abraham, M.D.
Blymyer, Dr.
Blythe, James
Boal, George M.
Boal, J. F., M.D.
Boal, James F.
Boal, Robert, Jr.
Boal, Robert, Jr.
Boales, Daniel M.
Boalinder, William
Boals, Robert
Boalt, Charles G.
Boalt, Cornelia E.
Boalt, Frances
Boalt, Frederick
Boalt, John H.
Board of Health
Boardman, Caroline Elizabeth
Boardman, David S.
Boardman, Elijah
Boardman, Elijah
Boardman, George Dana, Jr.
Boardman, George Dana, Rev.
Boardman, H. M.
Boardman, Hannah Maria ("M.")
Boardman, Hannah Maria ("M."), Literature,1849
Boardman, Harriet E.
Boardman, Homer
Boardman, Mary Dennison
Boardman, Mary L.
Boardman, Samuel Harvey
Boardman, Syrus Davis
Boardman, William J.
Boax, John
Boda, Charles
Bodine, John
Bodley, Anthony P.
Bodley, Catharine E.
Bodley, Charles S.T.
Bodley, Ellen P.
Bodley, Euphemia B.
Bodley, George W.J.
Bodley, Judith Ann
Bodley, Thomas
Bodman, H. A.
Boegel, Charles A.
Boehringer, G. F.
Boerstler, G. W.
Boerstler, L. F.
Boeshams, William
Bogardus, Henry
Bogardus, Mrs.
Boggess, John, Judge
Boggs, Robert
Boggs, Sarah A.
Boggs, Sarah Ann
Bohart, Dehlah
Bohlan, John
Bohmer, B. H.
Bohmer, Barthold
Bohmer, Bartholemew H.
Bohn, John
Bohn, Rodolph
Boid, William
Boieker, Dr.
Boies, Hilton W.
Boies, Samuel G
Boilen, Edward
Boise, John K.
Boise, Otis, M.D.
Boise, Spencer
Boland, Charlotte
Bole, John
Boller, William
Bolles, George
Bolles, Henry
Bolles, John
Bolles, Newton
Bollman, Henry
Bollman, Joseph
Bolls, John
Bolls, John
Bolser, Hiram
Bolser, Samuel
Bolt, Mr.
Bolter, Dr.
Bolton and Conger
Bolton and Kelley
Bolton and Kelly
Bolton, A. M.
Bolton, Charles Harrison ("H.")
Bolton, James Clinton
Bolton, Robert
Bolton, T.
Bolton, Thomas
Bolton, Thomas, Esq.
Bolton, Thomas, Esq.
Bolz, John
Boman, Robert
Bombard, William
Bomberger, G. W.
Bonaparte, Napoleon
Bonar, Elizabeth
Bonbright, Mary
Bond and Bishop
Bond and Butler Co.
Bond and Co.
Bond, Avery J.
Bond, Benjamin
Bond, Butler and Co.
Bond, C.
Bond, Charity
Bond, Charles
Bond, Col.
Bond, Dudley E.
Bond, Eber W.
Bond, Edward
Bond, Elial
Bond, Ezra
Bond, Francis
Bond, Henry
Bond, James
Bond, James A.
Bond, James M.
Bond, John
Bond, John H.
Bond, Josiah
Bond, M. P.
Bond, Mary E.
Bond, Merikin
Bond, Merrit P.
Bond, Moses
Bond, N. F.
Bond, Newel
Bond, Newell
Bond, Noah F.
Bond, Ornan
Bond, Patrick
Bond, Samuel William
Bond, T. N.
Bond, Thomas N.
Bond, Thomas W.
Bond, Tubman
Bond, W. K., Esq.
Bond, Warner, M.D.
Bond, Warren
Bond, William ("W.") K., Esq.
Bond, William H.
Bond, William K.
Bond, William K., Esq.
Bond, William Key, Esq.
Bonde and Campbell
Bonde, Dr.
Bone, James
Bone, Martha
Bone, William
Boner, Philander
Bonestall, Morris
Bonfield, Thomas P.
Bonfoy, Benjamin F.
Bonnar, James
Bonnar, James, A.B.
Bonnar, James, Rev.
Bonnel, B. C.
Bonnell, Allison C.
Bonnell, Joseph
Bonnell, Moses
Bonnell, S. M.
Bonner, H., M.D.
Bonner, James R.
Bonner, John
Bonner, Stephen
Bonner, Stephen
Bonney, Edwin
Bonney, Elizabeth
Bonney, John R.
Bonney, John W.
Bonsal, J.
Bonsall, J.
Bonsall, Joseph
Bonsell, Joseph
Bonser, Jacob
Bonte, Peter
Book, Elisha M.
Booker, Rachel A.
Boomer, John
Boomer, L. B.
Boon, Henry
Boon, Sarah
Boone, Daniel
Boos, L.
Booth, Birdsey
Booth, Charlotte
Booth, Charlotte O.
Booth, David, Esq.
Booth, Edwin, A.B.,1862; Seminary,1865; A.M.,1865
Booth, Elizabeth
Booth, Ezra
Booth, Hannah
Booth, James M.
Booth, Jonathan L.
Booth, Levi R.
Booth, Miss
Booth, Orin
Booth, Patrick H.
Booth, Rev. Dr., Rev. Dr.
Booth, Robert
Booth, Samuel
Booth, Sidney
Booth, William
Booth, Zalmon S.
Booth, Zalmon Sanford, M.D.
Boothe and Fosdick
Boothe, William
Boothly, Robert
Boots, Benjamin
Boots, Elizabeth
Boots, Samuel
Bord, John
Borden, Samuel
Borden, Samuel, Col.
Borden, Samuel, Jr.
Bordwell, Daniel Newcomb ("N.") ("W.")
Bordwell, Daniel Newcomb ("N."), A.B.,1852; A.M.,1855; Seminary,1857; D.D. (Hillsdale),1871
Borges, I. F.
Borges, J. F.
Borges, J. L.
Borges, John F.
Borgett, John
Borgley, Michael
Borland, Dr.
Borland, Louden
Borland, William
Born, Charles
Borradale, William
Borrks, Moses
Borroughs, Justus Crane, M.D.
Borrows, Henry
Bortel, Moses W.
Bosler, Joseph
Boss, Adam
Boss, Caroline
Boss, Marian E.
Bossert, Jacob
Bossett, Jacob, M.D.
Bostwick, Alfred
Bostwick, S. R.
Bostwick, Shelburn
Boswell, Thomas
Bosworth, B. H.
Bosworth, Caroline F.
Bosworth, Charlotte
Bosworth, Charlotte H.
Bosworth, Clara H.
Bosworth, D. P.
Bosworth, D. P.
Bosworth, D. P., Mrs.
Bosworth, Elizabeth
Bosworth, Frances M.
Bosworth, H. M.
Bosworth, John Harvey
Bosworth, Marcus, Jr.
Bosworth, Mary A.
Bosworth, Mr.
Bosworth, P.
Bosworth, P. S.
Bosworth, Perry
Bosworth, Philetius
Bosworth, Philetus
Bosworth, Quincy Melancthon ("M.")
Bosworth, Quincy Melancthon ("M."), A.B.,1850; Seminary,1853; A.M.,1853
Bosworth, R. L.
Bosworth, S.
Bosworth, Selina D.
Bosworth, Selina D.
Bosworth, Sophia R.
Bote, Dr.
Bothman, William
Botkin, Alexander
Botkin, Brother
Botsford, Charles
Botsford, H. R.
Botsford, Ozro ("Ozra") Doud ("D.")
Botsford, Ozro Doud ("D.")
Botsford, Ozro Doud ("D.")
Botsford, Ozro Doud ("D."), A.B.
Botsford, Ozro Doud ("D."), A.B.,1839; Seminary,1842
Botton, Charlotte, Mrs.
Botton, William
Boucher, M. G.
Boudinot, Elias
Bougher, James
Bougher, Peter
Boughton, James H.
Boughton, Lucina J.
Boughton, Lucina J.
Boughton, Lucina Jannet ("J.") (Mrs. Albert Bushnell; m. Sept. 12, 1853)
Boughton, Peter
Boughton, Peter
Boulus, Peter
Boulware, Jacob
Bouquet, Henry
Bourgoin, Alphonse F.
Bourgoin, Charles
Bourgoin, Joseph
Bourne, A.
Bourne, James
Bouton, Dr.
Bouton, George W.
Bouyer, Henry
Bowdish, Russell C.
Bowdle, Daniel
Bowen and Shreve
Bowen, A. S.
Bowen, Addison
Bowen, Agelina S.
Bowen, Dr.
Bowen, Eunice (Mrs. Joseph R. Little)
Bowen, George G.
Bowen, H.
Bowen, Henry
Bowen, Henry
Bowen, Isaac
Bowen, Jason M.
Bowen, John J.
Bowen, John J.
Bowen, Leavitt
Bowen, Leverette
Bowen, Lydia A.
Bowen, M., Mrs.
Bowen, Mary A.
Bowen, Mary J.
Bowen, Mary, Mrs.
Bowen, Melinda
Bowen, Nathan S.
Bowen, Nelson P.
Bowen, Prudence
Bowen, Samuel
Bowen, W.
Bowen, William
Bower and Alverson
Bower, David
Bower, Dr.
Bower, George
Bower, H.
Bower, S. W.
Bowers, Mrs.
Bowers, Samuel
Bowers, William H.
Bowes, Michael
Bowes, William Rodolph
Bowes, William Rodolph, A.B.
Bowie, A. T.
Bowland, Margaret A.
Bowland, W. B.
Bowler, N. P.
Bowler, Noadia P.
Bowler, Robert B.
Bowler, Robert T.
Bowles, Charles J.
Bowles, Elizabeth
Bowles, George R.
Bowles, Thomas
Bowling, Charles
Bowling, Jacob
Bowling, William G.
Bowman, Alexander
Bowman, Andrew
Bowman, George
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, J. W.
Bowman, John W.
Bowman, Ruth C.
Bowman, Samuel A.
Bowman, William
Bowman, William L.
Bowring, John
Bowron, Caleb F.
Bowser, Dr.
Bowser, Manuel H.
Bowyer, Eli
Bowyer, Eli, M.D.
Box, Mr.
Boyanton, Mr.
Boyce, Celia, Mrs.
Boyce, Dr.
Boyce, J., Dr.
Boyce, Joseph
Boyce, Joseph H.
Boyce, William
Boyd, Alexander
Boyd, Alexander, M.D.
Boyd, Allen
Boyd, Ambrose H.
Boyd, Andrew
Boyd, Dr.
Boyd, E., Mrs.
Boyd, H., Dr.
Boyd, Hiram
Boyd, J. Milton
Boyd, J. Milton, A.B.
Boyd, J. T., M.D.
Boyd, James
Boyd, James T.
Boyd, Jane
Boyd, John
Boyd, John, A.B.
Boyd, John, A.M.
Boyd, John, M.A.
Boyd, John, Rev.
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Maria S.
Boyd, Milton
Boyd, Samuel
Boyd, Sarah
Boyd, Thomas
Boyd, Thomas G.
Boyd, Thompson
Boyd, William
Boyd, William Francis ("F.")
Boyd, William S.
Boyd, William Swan, M.D.
Boyden, E., Rev.
Boyden, Ebenezer, Rev.
Boyden, Mary, Mrs.
Boydston, Delinda
Boye and Sparks Warehouse
Boyer, Caroline
Boyer, Elizabeth
Boyer, Jacob
Boyer, John
Boyer, Mary A.
Boyer, Sweeden
Boyer, William
Boyle and Sparks
Boyle, C. E.
Boyle, C. E.
Boyle, C. E., M.D.
Boyle, Daniel
Boyle, Eliza
Boyle, Michael
Boyles, John
Boynton, Alonzo
Boynton, Charles B.
Boynton, Charles Brandon
Boynton, Edwin
Boynton, John
Boynton, John C.
Boynton, M. Elisabeth
Boynton, M. Elizabeth
Boynton, Mary E.
Boynton, N.
Boynton, Roxana F.
Boynton, Sylvanus C.
Boys, Alexander St. Clair
Boyse, Solomon
Boyton, Catharine
Bozlington, George
Brabham, Charles F.M.
Braceland, Archibald
Bracey, Adelia R.
Bracher, Robert
Brachman, Henry
Brack, Christopher
Bracken, Margaret, Mrs.
Bracken, Mary S.
Brackenridge, Hugh H.
Brackett, Addison
Bracon, John
Bradburn, C.
Bradburn, C.
Bradburn, C. D.
Bradburn, C. E.
Bradburn, Charles
Bradbury and Fosters
Bradbury, Cornelius S.
Bradbury, Edward H., Dr.
Bradbury, John C.
Bradbury, William Batchelder
Braden, Daniel W.
Bradfield, Amy C.
Bradford, C.
Bradford, Charles
Bradford, David
Bradford, John
Bradford, Mr.
Bradford, S.
Bradford, Samuel
Bradford, William
Bradley, Caroline
Bradley, Charles C.
Bradley, Croesus
Bradley, Dan Beach
Bradley, Dr.
Bradley, E.
Bradley, Elvira
Bradley, F. I.
Bradley, F. I., M.D.
Bradley, J. S.
Bradley, Jason
Bradley, John M.
Bradley, Joseph M.
Bradley, M. C.
Bradley, Mary
Bradley, Moore C.
Bradley, Moore C., M.D.
Bradley, Sylvia
Bradley, W.
Bradley, William E.
Bradman, John, Jr.
Bradman, John, Sr.
Bradner, Margaret Anna ("A.") (Mrs. Sidney S. Warner)
Bradner, Mary A.
Bradshaw, Amos
Bradshaw, John W.
Bradstreet, Edward P.
Bradstreet, H. M.
Bradstreet, Henry Martyn
Bradstreet, Henry Martyn
Bradstreet, Stephanus Ingalls, A.M., Rev.
Bradstreet, Stephanus Ingalls, Rev.
Bradstreet, Stephen I., Rev.
Bradstreet, Stephen I., Rev.
Brady, James
Brady, John
Brag, William
Braget, Daniel
Braham, Clifton
Brailey, Charles
Brainard and Leonard
Brainard and Mould
Brainard, A. C.
Brainard, A. H.
Brainard, Alva
Brainard, Alva H.
Brainard, Asahal, M.D.
Brainard, Asahel C.
Brainard, Asahel, M.D.
Brainard, Chauncey O.
Brainard, Emmons, Jr.
Brainard, Fanny, Mrs.
Brainard, G. W.
Brainard, George W.
Brainard, H., Mrs.
Brainard, Harriet N.
Brainard, Henry
Brainard, J. C.
Brainard, Jehu
Brainard, John
Brainard, Joseph
Brainard, L. B., Dr.
Brainard, Linus Bidwell, M.D.
Brainard, Martha M.
Brainard, Mary L.
Brainard, N.
Brainard, Nathan
Brainard, S.
Brainard, Silas
Brainerd, A., U.S.N.
Brainerd, Alva K.
Brainerd, David
Brainerd, J.
Brainerd, Jehu
Brainerd, Jehu
Brainerd, Martha J.
Brainerd, Thomas
Brainley, Wright
Braithwaite, Edward
Braldey, Croesus
Braman, Azubia (Mrs. Edson S. Frary)
Braman, Charles G.
Braman, Charles J.
Braman, Cynthia
Braman, Cynthia A.
Braman, Cynthia A. (Mrs. Henry Rockwood)
Braman, Edward
Braman, Emeline (Mrs. Reuben Ames)
Bramley, Wright
Brammer, John
Bramner, Daniel
Bramon, John
Branch and Burgess
Branch, Betsey
Branch, Betsey
Branch, Betsey ("Betsy")
Branch, Betsey (Mrs. Timothy B. Hudson), Literature,1839
Branch, Betsey, Miss
Branch, D. G.
Branch, Daniel
Branch, Daniel, A.B.
Branch, Edwain Thompson ("T.")
Branch, Edwin
Branch, Edwin Thompson ("T.")
Branch, Edwin Thompson ("T.")
Branch, Edwin Thompson ("T."), A.B.
Branch, Edwin Thompson ("T."), A.B.,1845; Seminary,1848; A.M.,1851
Branch, Eliza
Branch, Eliza (Mrs. George Clark)
Branch, Elizabeth (Mrs. Gardner)
Branch, Laura Gulianna ("G.")
Branch, Laura Gulianna ("G.")
Branch, Laura Gulianna ("G.") (Mrs. Samuel S. Hills), Literature,1845
Branch, Mr.
Branch, Nathan
Branch, Sarah
Branch, Sarah (Mrs. Albert C. Mead; m. Jan. 7, 1847)
Branch, Sarah F.W. (Waldo) (Mrs. Daniel), A.M.,1865, Mrs.
Brand and Bassford
Brandon, Cephas
Brannan, George
Brannan, Hugh
Brannan, John
Brannin, John S.
Brannon, John
Branson, Rees H.
Branson, Smith
Brasch, Lundwick
Brasee, John S.
Brasee, John T.
Brashear, Thomas
Brasher, Dr.
Brass Foundry
Bratenahl Brothers
Bratenahl, C.
Bratenahl, L.
Brattan, Franklin
Bratter, Uriah
Brattin, Thomas S.
Bratton, George
Bratton, Margaret H.
Bratton, Nancy J.
Brauscher, C.
Brawdy, C.
Bray, John, Jr.
Bray, John, Sr.
Braynerd, Cordelia
Brayton and Co.
Brayton, C. D.
Brayton, C. D., Dr.
Brayton, C. D., Mrs.
Brayton, Charles D.
Brayton, Charles D., M.D.
Brayton, H. F.
Brayton, H. F.
Brayton, H. F., Mrs.
Brayton, Henry
Brayton, Henry F.
Brayton, J. A., Rev.
Brayton, M. A., Miss
Brayton, Mary A.
Brayton, R.
Brazee, Henry D.
Brazee, John S.
Brazier ("Brasier"), Adelaide M.
Brazier, Adelaide M.
Brazier, John
Brazier, Robert
Brazille, John
Brazinski, Joseph, Mr.
Breathitt, John W.
Breck and Pendleton
Breck, Dr.
Breck, Joseph H., Rev.
Breck, Theodore
Breck, Theodore
Breck, W. G.
Breckenridge, Jane
Breckenridge, Jane Grey
Breckers, J. M.
Bredin, Nancy
Breed, Charles Cleveland ("C.")
Breed, Charles Cleveland ("C."), Seminary,1855
Breed, Jackson
Breed, Mr.
Breed, Susan M.
Breed, W. P., Rev.
Breed, William J., Rev.
Breed, William P., Rev.
Breese, S. M.
Breeze, James
Breget, Mrs.
Breiner, Dr.
Breiner, Reuben E., M.D.
Breit, John
Bremmer, D.
Brennen, Thomas
Brent, William A.
Brentlinger, A., Miss
Brenton, Joseph L.
Breslin, J. G.
Bretney, Henry
Brew, Robert
Brew, William
Brewer, Abraham
Brewer, Daniel
Brewer, Dr.
Brewer, Harrison
Brewer, Hiram
Brewer, Jehoiada
Brewer, L. A.
Brewer, Lyman A.
Brewer, Lyman A., M.D.
Brewer, Tunis
Brewer, Tunis
Brewerton, George D.
Brewster, Austin
Brewster, Bernard
Brewster, Bowen
Brewster, Dr.
Brewster, Ezra
Brewster, George B.
Brewster, H. A.
Brewster, Henry A.
Brewster, Henry P.
Brewster, John N.
Brewster, Lafayette A.
Brewster, Lydia C.
Brewster, Mr.
Brewster, Susan
Brewster, Ulysses
Brewster, William C.
Breyfogle, Charles
Brian, John
Brian, Leonard
Briand, J. C.
Brice, Ann M.
Brice, B. J.
Brice, B. W., Jr.
Brice, J. J.
Briceland, J. M.
Brickell, John
Brickell, John, Jr.
Brickell, John, Sr.
Bricker, Dr.
Bricker, J.
Bricker, J., Dr.
Bricker, William R.
Brickett, Josiah K.
Brickley, D. V.
Brickley, John (C.)
Brickley, John P.
Brickly, J. P.
Bridge, A.
Bridgeman, William
Bridges, Joseph
Bridgman, George
Bridgman, Laura
Bridgman, Lewis
Bridgman, Lewis
Bridgman, Lewis, Seminary,1839
Bridleman, John R.
Brien, John S.
Briening, Anton
Briggman, William
Briggs, C.
Briggs, C., Jr.
Briggs, Charles
Briggs, Charles W.
Briggs, David C., A.B.
Briggs, David L.
Briggs, E.
Briggs, Eliza J.
Briggs, Fidelia
Briggs, Fidelia (Mrs. Squire Carlin)
Briggs, Horace
Briggs, J. A.
Briggs, J. W.
Briggs, James
Briggs, James A.
Briggs, James A.
Briggs, Jane
Briggs, Jane Eliza
Briggs, Jonas
Briggs, Julia
Briggs, Julia A.
Briggs, Julia Ann
Briggs, Julia Ann ("A.")
Briggs, L., Dr.
Briggs, Lansing, M.D.
Briggs, Maria J.
Briggs, Maria L.
Briggs, Martin C.
Briggs, Melissa
Briggs, Myron
Briggs, Nancy J.
Briggs, Norton
Briggs, Norton, Mayor
Briggs, Otis C.
Briggs, Panhelia
Briggs, Samuel
Briggs, Sela
Briggs, William
Briggs, William N.
Briggs, Zephiniah
Brigham, Caroline E.
Brigham, Caroline L.
Brigham, Elisha
Brigham, Elisha
Brigham, Eunice.
Brigham, Matthias
Bright, Amos G.
Bright, George
Bright, James
Brikel, John
Brin, Joseph
Brindrecker, Charles
Brink, Pomeroy
Brinker, Dr.
Brinker, E. F.
Brinker, Earnest F.
Brinker, F.
Brinker, F. W.
Brinker, Frederick W.
Brinker, Reuben
Brinkerhoff, D. H.
Brinkerhoff, James
Brinsmade, Eliza M.
Brinsmade, Z. P.
Brion, Chesley
Brisbane, Dr.
Brisbane, William H., Rev.
Brisbane, William Henry
Brisbane, William Henry, M.D.
Brisben, John
Brisbin, Richard
Brisbine, Dr.
Brisbine, Samuel
Brisk, Henry
Brissel, John
Brister, Henry
Brister, John
Bristol, Benjamin
Bristol, George
Bristol, George C.
Bristol, George Carmi
Bristol, George Carmi
Bristol, Mary C.
Bristol, R. C.
Bristol, Richard C.
Bristol, Richard Chester
Bristol, Sherlock
Bristol, Sherlock
Bristol, Sherlock, A.B.
Bristol, Sherlock, A.B.,1839; Seminary,1842
Bristol, Smith H.
Bristor, Mary A.
Bristor, Mary A.
Bristor, Sarah J.
Bristow, Austin
Britt, Peter
Brittan, Martin
Britton, J. B., Rev.
Britton, James Carmi
Britz, George
Broadback, Frederick
Broadback, William
Broadbeck, Frederick
Broadbeck, William
Broadey, John
Broadey, Samuel
Broadhurst, James
Broadwell, Jacob
Broadwell, Lewis
Broadwell, Mahlon L.
Broadwell, Mary Ann
Broadwell, Samuel Carmi
Broady, James
Broady, William
Broashe, Jacob
Brock, C.
Brock, D. N.
Brock, Dr.
Brock, E. A.
Brock, Eleazur A.
Brock, John D.
Brock, Wesley, Rev.
Brockelhurst, John
Brockelhurst, Mrs.
Brocket, Lewis
Brock's Tannery
Brockway, David W.
Brockway, Dr.
Brockway, Electa D.
Brockway, John C.
Broderick, Brother
Broderick, J. C.
Broderick, J. C.
Broderick, John C.
Brodhead, Edward
Brodrick, J. C.
Brodrick, William W.
Brodt, Jacob
Broedey, Samuel
Brogan, John
Brogan, Patrick
Brogden, James
Brogden, James, Jr.
Brogden, S.
Brogelman, Bernard
Brokaw and Still
Brokaw, David
Brokaw, H. C.
Bromley, T.
Bromley, U.
Bromwell, Jacob
Bromwell, William
Bromwell, William B.
Bronner, Jacob
Bronson and Hewitt
Bronson, Amos
Bronson, Andrew
Bronson, Charles A.
Bronson, Daniel
Bronson, Dr.
Bronson, E.
Bronson, Edward
Bronson, Henry M.
Bronson, Henry, Dr.
Bronson, James
Bronson, John
Bronson, M. A.
Bronson, Michael A.
Bronson, Miron
Bronson, S. A., A.M., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock A.
Bronson, Sherlock A., A.B.
Bronson, Sherlock A., A.B.
Bronson, Sherlock A., A.B., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock A., A.M., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock A., D.D., President
Bronson, Sherlock A., D.D., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock A., M.A., D.D., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock A., Pres.
Bronson, Sherlock A., Pres.
Bronson, Sherlock A., Rev.
Bronson, Sherlock K., Rev.
Brooke and Robertson
Brooke, A.
Brooke, Amanda C.
Brooke, B. C.
Brooke, Bowyer
Brooke, Dr.
Brooke, Dr.
Brooke, E.
Brooke, Elizabeth
Brooke, George W.
Brooke, Hunter
Brooke, John B.
Brooke, John M.
Brooke, John T., D.D., Rev.
Brooke, John T., Prof.
Brooke, John T., Rev.
Brooke, John Thomson
Brooke, Leighton
Brooke, Pendleton
Brooke, Restore S.
Brooke, Rev. Dr.
Brooke, Samuel
Brooke, William Addison M.
Brooke, William Addison M., A.B.
Brooke, William Addison M., M.A.
Brooker, Robert
Brookes, James Hall
Brookins, Numan
Brookins, Numan, M.D.
Brooks and Ames
Brooks and Boyd
Brooks, Althea S.
Brooks, Amanda
Brooks, Amanda C.
Brooks, Amelia
Brooks, Ann ("Anna") Hopkins ("H.")
Brooks, Ann Hopkins ("H.")
Brooks, Ann Hopkins ("H.")
Brooks, Ann Hopkins ("H.") (Mrs. Abner DeForest Olds), Literature,1842
Brooks, C.
Brooks, Caroline Susan
Brooks, Charles
Brooks, David
Brooks, David W.
Brooks, Dr.
Brooks, Dr.
Brooks, Emeline
Brooks, Emeline L.
Brooks, Emeline L. (Mrs. William W. Foote; m. Nov. 22, 1855), Literature,1852
Brooks, Eri V.
Brooks, Eugene
Brooks, Hannah M.
Brooks, Harriet M.
Brooks, Harriet M. (Mrs. Joseph H. Breck; m. 1859)
Brooks, Harrison
Brooks, J.
Brooks, James
Brooks, James S.O.
Brooks, James, M.D.
Brooks, Jane F., Miss
Brooks, John
Brooks, Joseph
Brooks, Joseph H.
Brooks, Julia (Mrs. N.S. Bishop)
Brooks, Julia H.
Brooks, Leonard
Brooks, M. A.
Brooks, M. L., M.D.
Brooks, M., Mrs.
Brooks, Marion
Brooks, Martin L.
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary E.
Brooks, Mary F.
Brooks, Mary L.
Brooks, Moses
Brooks, Mr.
Brooks, Mrs.
Brooks, N. W.
Brooks, Nancy
Brooks, Nancy D. (Mrs. Lewis), Literature,1853
Brooks, O. A.
Brooks, Oliver A.
Brooks, Reuben
Brooks, Robert T.
Brooks, Rosewell, Rev.
Brooks, Roswell, A.M., Rev.
Brooks, Roswell, Rev.
Brooks, S. M.
Brooks, Sarah B. M., Mrs.
Brooks, Sarah, Mrs.
Brooks, Schuyler Brooks
Brooks, Sophia
Brooks, Sophia M.
Brooks, Sophia M. (Mrs. W.M. Briggs)
Brooks, Sophronia
Brooks, Sophronia H. (Mrs. H.B. Hall)
Brooks, Stephen
Brooks, Thaddeus
Brooks, Theodorick
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, W. B.
Brooks, W. Chauncey
Brooks, W. J.
Brooks, William
Brooks, William J.
Brotherlin, Thomas
Brotherson, Lucy E.
Brotherton, Abel
Brott, Laura
Brottle, Mr.
Brough, Charles H.
Brough, John
Brough, John
Brough, John
Brough, John, Judge
Brough, John, Judge
Brough, William P.
Broussard, E.
Brower, S. M.
Brown and O'Bryon
Brown, (child)
Brown, A. C.
Brown, Aaron J.
Brown, Abigail
Brown, Abner H., M.D.
Brown, Abner H., M.D.
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Alvan A.
Brown, Alvan R.
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Amanda S.
Brown, Ann
Brown, Ann E.
Brown, Ann P.
Brown, Anne E.
Brown, Antoinette Louisa ("L.")
Brown, Antoinette Louisa ("L.")
Brown, Antoinette Louisa ("L.") (Mrs. Samuel C. Blackwell; m. Jan. 24, 1856), Literature,1847; Seminary,1850; A.M.,Honorary,1878; D.D.,1908
Brown, Asa B.
Brown, Augusta M.
Brown, B.
Brown, B. B.
Brown, B. S., Dr.
Brown, Barbara
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Benjamin M.
Brown, Benjamin S.
Brown, Benjamin S.
Brown, Benjamin S., Esq.
Brown, Briceland
Brown, C.
Brown, C., Miss
Brown, C., Mrs.
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Catharine
Brown, Catharine E.
Brown, Catherine
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charles B.
Brown, Charlotte, Mrs.
Brown, Chauncey Dunson
Brown, Chloe V.
Brown, Cordelia
Brown, Cordelia A.
Brown, Cornelius
Brown, David
Brown, David L.
Brown, Delia Ann
Brown, Dr.
Brown, E.
Brown, E. S.
Brown, E. T.
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edwin
Brown, Eli
Brown, Eli E.
Brown, Eli Edwin
Brown, Elial
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Elizabeth L.
Brown, Ellen (Florilla) (Mrs. William A. McCollom), Literature,1854
Brown, Emily J.
Brown, Emma J.
Brown, Emma L.
Brown, Ephraim, Esq.
Brown, Ephraim, Esq.
Brown, Ethan A.
Brown, Ethan A.
Brown, Ethan Allen
Brown, Fanny
Brown, Fayette
Brown, Fayette
Brown, Florilla
Brown, Florilla
Brown, Florilla (Mrs. Samuel Lyle Adair), Literature,1839
Brown, Frederick
Brown, Frederick, Jr.
Brown, G. W.
Brown, George
Brown, George
Brown, George C.
Brown, George P.
Brown, George S.
Brown, George W.
Brown, H.
Brown, H., Mrs.
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Harriet A.
Brown, Helen M.
Brown, Henricus, Hon.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry A.
Brown, Henry O.
Brown, Henry, Esq.
Brown, Henry, Hon.
Brown, Henry, Hon.
Brown, Henry, Rev.
Brown, Hetty B.
Brown, Hiram
Brown, Hiram M.
Brown, I.
Brown, Ira
Brown, Isaac
Brown, Israel
Brown, J.
Brown, J. H.
Brown, J. H., M.D.
Brown, J. L.
Brown, J. M.
Brown, J. O.
Brown, J. V.
Brown, J. Waldo, M.D.
Brown, J., Dr.
Brown, J., M.D.
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Jacob B.
Brown, Jacob L.
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James A.
Brown, James E.
Brown, James F.
Brown, James F., M.D.
Brown, James M.
Brown, James S.
Brown, Jane
Brown, Jeremiah R.
Brown, Jesse ("J.") B.T.
Brown, Jesse B.T.
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John ("J.") M.
Brown, John C.
Brown, John Conger, M.D.
Brown, John E.
Brown, John H.
Brown, John J.
Brown, John M.
Brown, John M.
Brown, John R.
Brown, John T.
Brown, John, Gen.
Brown, John, Jr.
Brown, Jonathan
Brown, Jonathan N.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph B.
Brown, Joseph C.
Brown, Joseph V.
Brown, Joseph W.
Brown, Joseph W., M.D.
Brown, Joshua
Brown, Josiah
Brown, Josiah W.
Brown, L. Augusta
Brown, L. C., Dr.
Brown, Laura
Brown, Laura J. (Mrs. Orville Vincent)
Brown, Levi C., Dr.
Brown, Lonson, Mr.
Brown, Lucina
Brown, Lucina O.
Brown, Lydia M.
Brown, M. A.
Brown, M. M.
Brown, M., Dr.
Brown, M., M.D.
Brown, Marcus A.
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Martha
Brown, Martha
Brown, Martha W.
Brown, Martha W. (Washington) (Mrs. Oscar D. Haven)
Brown, Mary A.
Brown, Mary E.
Brown, Mary E. (Mrs. Alvin H. Brown), Literature,1856
Brown, Mary H.
Brown, Mary R.
Brown, Mary R. (Mrs. Zelotes Sherburne; m. April 26, 1848)
Brown, Michael
Brown, Mr.
Brown, Mr.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, N. A.
Brown, N. P.
Brown, Nancy M.
Brown, Nathaniel
Brown, Neill D.
Brown, O. P.
Brown, Oscar
Brown, Oscar A.
Brown, Oscar W.
Brown, Owen, Esq.
Brown, Paul
Brown, Peter
Brown, R. N.
Brown, Richard L.
Brown, Richard L., A.B., Rev.
Brown, Richard L., M.A., Rev.
Brown, Richard T.
Brown, Richard T.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert H.
Brown, Robert L.
Brown, Rollin
Brown, Rosanna
Brown, Ruth A.
Brown, Ruth A.
Brown, Ruth, Mrs.
Brown, S. B.
Brown, S. C.
Brown, S. Caroline
Brown, S. G.
Brown, S. H.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel C.
Brown, Samuel C.
Brown, Samuel J.
Brown, Samuel J.
Brown, Sarah F.
Brown, Sarah H.
Brown, Sereptia
Brown, Shubel
Brown, Solomon C.
Brown, Susan
Brown, Susan
Brown, Susan M.
Brown, Susan M.
Brown, Susan M., Miss
Brown, Susan Mary
Brown, Susan N.
Brown, Sydney S., Rev.
Brown, T.
Brown, T. B.
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas Jefferson
Brown, Timothy
Brown, W.
Brown, W. A.
Brown, W. Strong
Brown, W., M.D.
Brown, Warner
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William B.
Brown, William Bryant ("B.")
Brown, William Bryant ("B.")
Brown, William Bryant ("B."), Seminary,1841; A.M.,Honorary,1862; D.D., Princeton,1876
Brown, William E.
Brown, William N.
Brown, William P.
Brown, William T.
Brown, William Thurston, M.D.
Browne, Dr.
Browne, John W.
Browne, Samuel
Browne, Samuel J.
Brownel, A. J.
Brownel, Abner
Brownel, Arnold J.
Brownell, A. C.
Brownell, A. J.
Brownell, Abner
Brownell, Andrew
Brownell, Marion B.
Brownell, Volney Dorsey
Browning, Abigail
Browning, Cynthia
Browning, E. T.
Browning, Elizabeth C.
Browning, Frances
Browning, Frances Sophia
Browning, Frances Sophia
Browning, George
Browning, Joseph W.
Browning, Leander
Browning, March C.
Browning, Margaret C.
Browning, Rachel
Browning, Rachel
Browning, Rebecca
Browning, Rebecca L.
Browning, Rebecca L.
Browning, Robert H.
Browning, Samuel M.
Browning, Wesley, Rev.
Browning, William D.
Browning, William R., Esq.
Browning, William R., Esq.
Brownson, Martin (2 children of)
Brownson, Orestes Augustus
Brownson, Oscar M.
Brownson, Reuben
Brownson, S. A.
Brubaker, George
Brubaker, Henry
Bruce, James
Bruce, John
Bruce, William
Bruck, J. P.
Bruckner, Robert H.
Bruel, John
Bruen, Hannah E.
Bruge, John
Bruhre ("Buhre"), Erneste H.
Bruhre, Earnest H.
Brum, John
Brum, Joseph
Brumer, George
Brundage, Capt.
Bruner, Andrew
Bruner, C. L.
Bruner, George
Bruner, Jacob
Bruner, William A.
Brunner, George
Brunson, B. R.
Brunson, Crocker and Co.
Brunson, Edward
Brunson, Mrs.
Brunton, James
Brunton, Mary M.
Brush, George W.
Brush, Harriet K.
Brush, Henry
Brush, Henry, Hon.
Brush, N., M.D., Honorary
Brush, Platt
Brush, Platt W.
Brush, Samuel
Bryan, Adeline Lucy
Bryan, Dr.
Bryan, G. S.
Bryan, George W.
Bryan, Guy M.
Bryan, Guy M., A.B.
Bryan, James
Bryan, John
Bryan, John A.
Bryan, John L.
Bryan, John L., A.B.
Bryan, L.
Bryan, Leonard
Bryan, Martha
Bryan, Mr.
Bryan, William
Bryant, Alonson J.
Bryant, Amanda A.
Bryant, Caroline A.
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, Charles S.
Bryant, Charlotte J.
Bryant, D. B.
Bryant, David
Bryant, Demas
Bryant, Demas L.
Bryant, Elmira Sprague
Bryant, Experience
Bryant, Gilman J.
Bryant, H. T.
Bryant, James
Bryant, Jane W.
Bryant, John
Bryant, John C.
Bryant, John Collins, M.D.
Bryant, Joseph L.
Bryant, Leonard
Bryant, Lewis
Bryant, Nancy M.
Bryant, Pamelia (Mrs. H.D. Stratton)
Bryant, R.
Bryant, Seth S.
Bryant, Silas
Bryant, Smith
Bryant, William
Bryant, William W.
Bryce, William
Brymire, George
Bryner, Henry
Bryner, Mary, Mrs.
Brynnyre, George
Bryson, George W.
Bryte, Michael
Buan, Romanzo
Buchan, David
Buchan, Thomas J.
Buchan, William
Buchanan, Abigail
Buchanan, Elizabeth
Buchanan, G., Rev.
Buchanan, George, Rev.
Buchanan, George, Rev.
Buchanan, J. R., Prof.
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John W.
Buchanan, R.
Buchanan, Robert
Buchanan, Sarah E.
Buchanan, Srah E.
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William S.
Buchenbuch, Mr.
Buck, Ann
Buck, Ann G.
Buck, Charles A.
Buck, Christopher
Buck, F.
Buck, Francis H.
Buck, Francis Henry, M.D.
Buck, Henry
Buck, S.
Bucking, G.
Buckingham, Alva
Buckingham, Benjamin H.
Buckingham, Catharine
Buckingham, Catharinus ("C.") P., Esq.
Buckingham, Catharinus P.
Buckingham, Catharinus P., Esq.
Buckingham, E.
Buckingham, E. H.
Buckingham, E. Milton
Buckingham, E. Milton, A.B.
Buckingham, Ebenezer
Buckingham, Ebenezer, Jr.
Buckingham, Ebenezer, Rev.
Buckingham, Elizabeth, Miss
Buckingham, Eunice
Buckingham, Jerome
Buckingham, Jerome
Buckingham, John
Buckingham, Lester
Buckingham, Mary E.
Buckingham, Philo
Buckingham, Sarah A.
Buckland, R. P.
Bucklew, William
Buckley Stedman
Buckley, Dennis W.
Buckley, John
Buckmaster, Dr.
Buckmaster, Henry
Buckmaster, Henry, M.D.
Buckmaster, R.
Budlong, Marvin
Buehler, Frederick
Buel, Frederick
Buel, Frederick, A.B., Yale College
Buel, H. C.
Buel, Maria F.
Buel, Mary
Buel, Mr.
Buel, Rufus L.
Buel, Rufus L. ("T")
Buel, Samuel, A.B.
Buel, Warren
Buell ("Buel"), Julia A.
Buell, Aurelia
Buell, Daniel H., Esq.
Buell, Jared R.
Buell, Julia A.
Buell, Julia A. (Mrs. Isaac Stone), Literature,1851
Buell, Mary Ann
Buell, Mary E.
Buell, Sally Maria
Buell, Samuel, A.B.
Buell, Samuel, A.B.
Buffalo House
Buffalo Mutual Insurance Co.
Buffington, Ann E.
Buffington, Theodore B.
Buffington, William H.
Buffum, Mary Ann
Bugby, Sarah
Buhre, Earnest H.
Buie, Dr.
Buie, William E.
Builty, E.
Builty, Theadore
Bulen, Joseph
Bulkly, Joseph
Bull, James
Bull, James L.
Bull, Richard H.
Bullard, Artemas
Bullard, Artemas, Rev.
Bullard, Curtis
Bullard, J. O.
Bullen, Henry L.
Bullen, Henry Lewis
Bulling, John
Bullington, Lemuel
Bullmin, Mary
Bullock, James
Bullock, Julia A.
Bullus and Taylor
Bullus, John
Bump, Asa J.
Bump, Augusta
Bump, Eliza
Bump, Eliza J.
Bump, Eliza L.
Bump, James
Bump, Lilly S.
Bump, Samuel, Jr.
Bump, Samuel, Jr., M.D.
Bump, Samuel, M.D.
Bump, Victoria
Bunce, Augustus
Bunce, Dr.
Bunce, Edward J.
Bunce, Nathaniel L.
Bunce, William
Bunch, Jacob
Bunker, Lois
Bunker, William H.
Bunn, A. S.
Bunn, Charles
Bunn, George W.
Bunn, Henrietta
Bunnel, W. W., Dr.
Bunnell, Eli G.
Bunnell, Helen C.
Bunnell, I. M.
Bunnell, Samuel
Bunnell, Sara H.
Bunnell, Sarah J.
Bunnell, Sarah M.
Bunnell, William H.
Bunt, Michael
Bunyan, George
Bunyan, John
Burbank, Caleb, Rev.
Burbank, Hannah
Burbank, Hannah H.
Burbank, Licester
Burch, Ellen E.
Burch, Ellen Eloisa
Burch, Ellen Eloisa, Miss
Burch, S. Frances
Burch, Sarah F.
Burch, Sarah Frances
Burchard, Andrew J.
Burchard, David B.
Burchard, Dr.
Burchard, E. H.
Burcheit, Anne E.
Burcheit, Mary C.
Burchfield, Samuel
Burdell, William
Burdick, Rufus
Burding, Brethren
Burge, George
Burge, Sarah
Burge, Sarah A.
Burge, William P.
Burger, Francis
Burger, William
Burges, Almon
Burges, William
Burgess, A.
Burgess, Almon
Burgess, Almond
Burgess, Dunker
Burgess, Eliza
Burgess, Elizabeth
Burgess, Frederick William ("W.")
Burgess, George Dyer
Burgess, Helen Mar
Burgess, Henrietta
Burgess, J.
Burgess, L. F.
Burgess, Peter
Burgess, Thomas, Rt. Rev. Dr.
Burgess, William
Burgh, Harvey
Burgoin, A. F.
Burgoin, Joseph
Burgoyne, Alphonse
Burgoyne, Anne
Buritt, Alexander H., M.D.
Burk, David
Burk, David A.
Burk, F.
Burk, James
Burk, James M.
Burk, John
Burk, Michael
Burk, Micheal
Burk, Thomas
Burk, William
Burk, William H.
Burke, Augustus
Burke, Emily Pillsbury, Mrs.
Burke, H.
Burke, Henry
Burke, John E.
Burke, Julius Norman
Burke, Mr.
Burke, Nicholas
Burke, Phebe
Burke, William
Burke, William B.
Burke, William, P.M.
Burke, William, Rev.
Burkey, Daniel
Burkhatter, Edward
Burley, Daniel
Burley, Thomas
Burley, Washington
Burlingame, Maria B.
Burlingame, Mary B.
Burlingame, Mary B. ("M.")
Burlingame, Orra A.
Burlingame, Sarah
Burlington, John
Burlington, Lemuel
Burman, S. C.
Burnchen, B.
Burnell, Elmira Christiana ("C.")
Burnell, Harriet
Burnell, Harriet (Peters) (Mrs. Henry S. Northrop; m. June 6, 1856)
Burnell, Levi
Burner, Augusta
Burner, David
Burness, Robert
Burnet, Cornelia M.
Burnet, D. S.
Burnet, David
Burnet, G. W.
Burnet, George W.
Burnet, George Whitefield
Burnet, Hannah K.
Burnet, Isaac G.
Burnet, Jacob
Burnet, Jacob
Burnet, John
Burnet, Mrs.
Burnet, R. W.
Burnet, Samuel
Burnet, William
Burnett, Caroline
Burnett, Henry
Burnett, Hiram
Burnett, J. B.
Burnett, Joel B., M.D.
Burnett, Joel B., M.D.
Burnett, Juliette
Burnett, Mr.
Burnett, Stephen
Burnett, William
Burney, Elizabeth
Burney, James G. G.
Burnham, Caroline Elizabeth ("E.") (Mrs. George H. Kinney; m. July 28, 1851)
Burnham, Curtis
Burnham, Edwin
Burnham, Edwin O.
Burnham, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Burnham, Frederick
Burnham, Harriet A.
Burnham, Jedediah K.
Burnham, Jediah K.
Burnham, John
Burnham, Mrs.
Burnham, N. G.
Burnham, Norman G.
Burnham, Phebe B.
Burnham, Thomas
Burnham, W.
Burnham, Waterman
Burnham, Willard
Burnham, William
Burnley, Caleb
Burns, Alfred
Burns, David
Burns, Dr.
Burns, Edward M.
Burns, Eleanor, Mrs.
Burns, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Burns, G. W.
Burns, George
Burns, James
Burns, John
Burns, Lawrence
Burns, P.
Burns, Patrick
Burns, Robert
Burns, Robert
Burnside, Charles
Burnside, D. M.L.
Burnside, George
Burnside, George M.
Burnside, Gilbert M.L.F.
Burnside, Howard
Burnside, Mr.
Burnside, Samuel H.
Burnside, Samuel H., A.B.
Burnside, Samuel H., A.B.
Burnsides, C. H.
Burnsides, G. M.
Burnsides, G. M.L.
Burnsides, John
Burnsides, S. H.
Burr, Aaron
Burr, Aaron
Burr, Almira ( Sarah) (Mrs. Willard Burr)
Burr, Alonzo
Burr, Ann E.
Burr, Ann Eliza
Burr, Dr.
Burr, Erastus, A.M., Rev.
Burr, Erastus, Rev.
Burr, H.
Burr, Harmon E.
Burr, Henry W.
Burr, Hiram
Burr, J. N., Dr.
Burr, James E.
Burr, James E.
Burr, Jessie R.
Burr, Mary
Burr, Mary J.
Burr, Oliver S.
Burr, Philander
Burr, Raymond
Burr, Samuel
Burr, Thomas H.
Burr, Uriel T.
Burr, Willard
Burr, Willard
Burr, Willard, A.B.
Burr, Willard, A.B.,1840; Seminary,1843
Burr, William
Burran, Jacob
Burrell, Ann Phebe Ann ("P.")
Burrell, Ann Phebe Ann ("P."), Literature,1849
Burrell, Jabez L.
Burrell, Lewis
Burrell, P. (Phebe) Ann
Burridge, Eliza J.
Burrin, Thomas
Burritt, Elihu
Burritt, H., Dr.
Burritt, I. D.
Burritt, John D.
Burritt, S. W.
Burritt, S. W., Rev.
Burrough, Mr.
Burroughs, A., Dr.
Burroughs, Asa
Burroughs, Dr.
Burroughs, Francis R.
Burroughs, James
Burroughs, Justus C.
Burroughs, P. S.
Burroughs, Preston
Burrows, Asa
Burrows, Caroline C.
Burrows, Francis A., Hon.
Burrows, George
Burrows, Preston S.
Burrows, S.
Burrows, Stephen
Burrows, Warren
Burruss, John L.
Burt, C. W.
Burt, David
Burt, David
Burt, David, A.B.,1848; Seminary(Andover),1851
Burt, George
Burt, Harriet Cornelia ("C.")
Burt, Henry C.
Burt, Henry C.
Burt, James M.
Burt, John
Burt, Mary
Burt, Mary, Mrs.
Burt, S., Mrs.
Burt, Thomas
Burtholamew, John
Burtis, John
Burtis, Mary R.
Burtis, S. B.
Burtnet, O.
Burton, Andrew
Burton, Byram
Burton, Byron
Burton, Charles J.
Burton, David
Burton, Dr.
Burton, E. D.
Burton, E. E.
Burton, Erasmus D.
Burton, Erasmus Darwin, M.D.
Burton, George
Burton, H. B.
Burton, H. B., Capt.
Burton, H. S.
Burton, Hubbbard B.
Burton, Isaac
Burton, J.
Burton, James
Burton, John
Burton, John S.
Burton, Leonard
Burton, Nathan S.
Burton, Nathan S., A.B.
Burton, Nathan S., A.M.
Burton, Nathan S., A.M.
Burton, Nathan Smith
Burton, Nathan Smyth
Burton, Nathan Smyth, Rev.
Burton, Nathan Symth
Burton, S. M.
Burton, Samuel M.
Burton, Sarah A.
Burton, Sherman M.
Burton, Sherman Minot
Burton, Sherman Minot
Burton, Sherman Minot, A.B.
Burton, Sidney
Burton, William
Burton, William M., Rev.
Burtt, J.
Burtt, John
Burwell, Dr.
Burwell, E.
Burwell, Enoch
Burwell, G. P.
Burwell, George P.
Burwell, H.
Burwell, Henry
Burwell, Julius A.
Burwell, Nathaniel
Bury, C. H.
Bury, Frank
Bury, Richard
Bury, Richard, Rev.
Bury, Richard, Rev.
Busback, William
Busby, Mary Jane
Bush, B. P.
Bush, Benjamin P.
Bush, Charles W.
Bush, E. F.
Bush, E., Mrs.
Bush, Francis
Bush, Henry
Bush, John E., Dr.
Bush, Mary
Bush, Porter M.
Bush, Stephen
Bushman, Frederick
Bushnell White
Bushnell, A. L.
Bushnell, Albert
Bushnell, Buel E.
Bushnell, Cordelia A.
Bushnell, Dr.
Bushnell, Ebenezer
Bushnell, Ebenezer
Bushnell, Ebenezer, A.B.
Bushnell, Ebenezer, A.B.
Bushnell, Ebenezer, A.M.
Bushnell, Ebenezer, A.M.
Bushnell, Francis Wright
Bushnell, Gulielmus, M.D.
Bushnell, J. H.
Bushnell, Jackson J.
Bushnell, Jackson J.
Bushnell, Jackson J., A.B.
Bushnell, Jackson J., A.M.
Bushnell, Jackson Jone
Bushnell, Jackson Jones
Bushnell, Jackson Jones, A.B.
Bushnell, Jane Corning Parish
Bushnell, John A.
Bushnell, John H.
Bushnell, John H., M.D.
Bushnell, Nelson
Bushnell, S. H.
Bushnell, S. H.
Bushnell, Sarah
Bushnell, Sarah (Pauline)
Bushnell, Selden H.
Bushnell, Seth A.
Bushnell, Seth Andrews
Bushnell, Sullivan H.
Bushnell, Sullivan H.
Bushnell, T. A.
Bushnell, W., Dr.
Bushnell, William, M.D.
Buskingham, Ebenezer P.
Buskirk, Capt.
Buskirk, George
Buskirk, Michael
Busnell, Ebenezer, A.B.
Busnell, John B., M.D.
Busnhell, Ebenezer, A.B.
Buss, John
Bustard, Lucy A.
Bustard, Mary J.
Bustard, Mary J.
Butcher, George
Buterfield, Prof.
Butler and Worthington
Butler, Charlotte P.
Butler, Charlotte P. (Mrs. John L. Lang; m. April 17, 1866), A.B.,1851; A.M.,1854
Butler, Clement M., D.D., Rev.
Butler, Dr.
Butler, Edwin
Butler, Elisabeth
Butler, Elizabeth M., Miss
Butler, Emily
Butler, G. W., Dr.
Butler, George S.
Butler, H. E.
Butler, Harriet E.
Butler, Henry
Butler, Henry E.
Butler, Isabella B.
Butler, James
Butler, Janette
Butler, Jeremiah
Butler, Jeremiah
Butler, Jeremiah
Butler, Jeremiah J.
Butler, Jeremiah, A.B.
Butler, Jeremiah, A.B.
Butler, Jeremiah, A.B.,1842; Seminary,1845; A.M.,1845
Butler, Joseph
Butler, Joseph C.
Butler, Julia L.
Butler, Lois
Butler, M.
Butler, Mann
Butler, Mary T.
Butler, Moreau S.
Butler, Mr.
Butler, Noble, Prof.
Butler, Ortensia
Butler, Rachel
Butler, Rachel
Butler, S. A.
Butler, S. A., Dr.
Butler, Sawtell A.
Butler, Sawtell Absalom, M.D.
Butler, Sidney C.
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Thomas J.
Butler, Tryphena
Butler, William
Butler, William
Butler, William O.
Butlin, George
Butman, Bruce
Butman, Caroline
Butman, Julia Isabella
Butman, M. O.
Butman, Mared
Butman, Martha
Butman, Myron
Butman, Volney Alcott
Butt, John
Butt, Mr.
Butterfield, Charles
Butterfield, Cummings
Butterfield, D., Mrs.
Butterfield, Delia C.
Butterfield, Delia C.
Butterfield, Delia C. (Mrs. L.S. Murphy)
Butterfield, Dr.
Butterfield, George
Butterfield, H. L., M.D.
Butterfield, Helen A.
Butterfield, Henry
Butterfield, Henry L.
Butterfield, Henry L., M.D.
Butterfield, Henry, Capt.
Butterfield, Ira A.
Butterfield, J. A.
Butterfield, John Stoddard, Prof.
Butterfield, John, M.D.
Butterfield, John, M.D.
Butterfield, John, Prof.
Butterfield, Mrs.
Butterfield, Oscar
Butterfield, P
Butterfield, Phrandi
Butterfield, Prof.
Butterfield, Prof.
Butterfield, V., Mrs.
Butters, Reuben
Butterworth, William
Buttler, T. B.
Buttles, A.
Buttles, Albert B.
Buttles, Joel
Buttles, L.
Buttles, Levi
Buttles, Levi, A.B.
Buttles, Lucian
Buttles, O. B.
Buttolph, Judson A.
Button, Almira H.
Button, Henry
Butts, B.
Butts, C. C.
Butts, C. S.
Butts, Elder
Butts, F.
Butts, John
Butts, Lorenzo D.
Butts, Walter T.
Butts, William
Buxton, A. S.
Buxton, Abram S.
Buxton, Daniel
Buxton, Jane, Mrs.
Buxton, S. C.
Buxton, S. T.
Buxton, Samuel
Buxtons and Russell
Buzzell, J. A.
By an Amateur
Byam, Dr.
Byam, Joseph
Byam, Oliver S.
Byam, Seth
Byernes, John C.
Byers, Agnes J.
Byers, Andrew
Byers, David S.
Byers, Hannah
Byers, James
Byers, Mary
Byers, Samuel
Byington, Charlotte E.
Byington, Cornelius
Byington, Cyrus
Byington, Delia E.
Byington, Electa S.
Byington, Lucy M.
Byington, Lucy M.
Byington, Samuel S.
Byington, Zebulon
Byland, William
Byram Burton
Byram, John
Byrant, Alfred.
Byrd, John Huntington
Byrd, John Huntington
Byrd, John Huntington ("H.")
Byrd, John Huntington ("H.")
Byrd, John Huntington ("H."), A.B.
Byrd, John Huntington ("H."), A.B.
Byrd, John Huntington ("H."), A.B.,1843; Seminary,1846
Byrd, Mr.
Byres, D. C.
Byris, John
Byrne, Ann H.
Byrne, Charles
Byrne, Ezekiel
Byrne, James W.
Byrne, Mary A.
Byrne, Mary J.
Byrne, Michael A.
Byrnes, John
Byrnes, L. J.
Byrnes, Lawrence J.
Byrnes, Maurice W.
Byrom, Ezekiel
Byrom, James
Byron, Ann
Byron, Richard
Byrum, Annett, Mrs.
Byrum, Hiram
Byrum, John
Bywaters, Hankerson
Bywaters, Robert
C. A. Burgoin
C. A. Dean
C. A. Dean Store
C. A. Hayes
C. Allen
C. and J. Kendall
C. B. Stratton
C. Born
C. Bradborn and Co.
C. Bradburn and Co.
C. C. Butts
C. C. Carlton
C. C. Carlton and Green
C. C. Carlton Co.
C. D. Brayton
C. D. Williams, M.D.
C. Dean
C. E. Hill and Co.
C. E. Johnson
C. Foot and Co.
C. Geib
C. H. Bates
C. H. James
C. Halsey
C. Hickox and Co.
C. Hissell
C. J. Keeler
C. J. Woolson
C. Koch
C. L. Bauder
C. L. Jones
C. L. Lathrop
C. L. Russel
C. L. Russell
C. L. Seymour
C. Lewis
C. Loeb
C. McDonald
C. McDonald and Co.
C. McDowell and Co.
C. Mollen
C. P. Leonard
C. S. Butts and Son
C. S. Mackenzie and Co.
C. Shepard
C. Stanley, Franklin Brass Foundry
C. Stetson
C. Sweep
C. Terrell
C. Terrill and Co.
C. W. Heard
C. W. Stimpson
C. Walker
C.R. Edwards
Cable, A.
Cable, David
Cable, E.
Cable, Hiram
Cable, Isaac
Cable, J.
Cable, J. C., Dr.
Cable, Joseph
Cable, Martha
Cable, Martha J.
Cable, Nancy
Cable, P. L.
Cable, William
Cables, Harvey
Caddell, Thomas
Caddy, John
Cade, Hiram
Cadman and Hamilton
Cadman, Dr.
Cadman, L. W.
Cadwalader, Evans
Cadwallader, Brigadier General
Cadwell, Emeline
Cadwell, James
Cadwell, Mary
Cady, Asa
Cady, Chauncey M.
Cady, Cornelia A.
Cady, Cornelius
Cady, Cornelius S.
Cady, Cornelius S.
Cady, Cornelius S., Seminary,1843
Cady, D. K.
Cady, David K.
Cady, David K., Jr.
Cady, Francis B.
Cady, Franklin W.
Cady, H. M.
Cady, H. P.
Cady, Harriette, Mrs.
Cady, Herman
Cady, J. H.
Cady, James H.
Cady, Mary, Mrs.
Caffee, J. W.
Caffee, R. H.
Caffilter, C.
Caffilter, G., Jr.
Cahill, B.
Cahill, Kinsey
Cahill, Mary
Cahill, Rosa
Cahill, William
Cahill, William P.
Cain, Ann
Cain, Cain A.
Cain, Daniel
Cain, David
Cain, Humphrey
Cain, James
Cain, Philip
Cain, Phillip
Cain, T. C.
Cain, Thomas
Caine, James
Caine, Thomas
Caird, William, A.B.
Cairns, J. B.
Cake, W. M.
Calden, James
Caldwell, A. G.
Caldwell, A. H.
Caldwell, Alfred
Caldwell, Alice
Caldwell, Alice
Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, Br.
Caldwell, Catharine
Caldwell, Catharine
Caldwell, G. W.
Caldwell, H. R.
Caldwell, Hugh
Caldwell, J. D.
Caldwell, J. D.
Caldwell, J. W.
Caldwell, James D.
Caldwell, James D.
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, John D.
Caldwell, John H.
Caldwell, John T.
Caldwell, John W.
Caldwell, Joseph, M.D.
Caldwell, Letitia
Caldwell, Letitia A.
Caldwell, Lucinda, Mrs.
Caldwell, Lucy
Caldwell, Matthew
Caldwell, Mrs.
Caldwell, Phebe Y.
Caldwell, Phebe Y.
Caldwell, Sarah Ann
Caldwell, William
Caldwell, William B.
Caleb and Jonathan Bates
Calender, James G.
Calendine, Daniel
Caley, John
Calhoun, Henry
Calhoun, Henry
Calhoun, Henry, A.B., Rev.
Calhoun, James
Calhoun, John C.
Calhoun, John C.
Calhoun, Martha Chamberlain
Calhoun, Mary
Calhoun, Noble
Calhoun, P. P.
Calhoun, S., Miss
Calhoun, W. B., Hon.
Calier, Patrick
Calkens, J. Trussell
Calkins, Clariville L.
Calkins, Edward
Calkins, Hiram E.
Calkins, Osmer
Calkins, Persis
Calkins, R.
Call, Alpheus
Call, Asa C.
Call, Charles
Call, Joseph
Call, P.
Call, Peter
Callahan, Thomas
Callcott, J. W., Dr.
Callender, J. G.
Callow, John
Callow, Thomas
Callow, Thomas, Jr.
Callway, Dr.
Calrow, James H.
Calvert, John W.
Calvin Towns
Calvin, Joshua
Calyer, James
Camac, Turner
Caman, Jacob
Cambell House
Cambell, David
Cambell, Eliza
Cambell, Eliza (Mrs. William S. Lewis), Literature,1841
Cambell, I. M.
Cambell, Isaac M.
Cambell, Moses D.
Camber, Joseph
Camburn, Jacob H.
Camburn, Jacob Harmon, M.D.
Camden Fire and Marine Insurance Co., New Jersey
Camden Insurance Co., New Jersey
Cameron, Allen
Cameron, Augustus H.
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, D.
Cameron, Daniel
Cameron, Daniel, M.D.
Cameron, Daniel, M.D.
Cameron, Daniel, M.D.
Cameron, David O.
Cameron, Dr.
Cameron, Dugald D.
Cameron, John W.
Cameron, Sarah, Miss
Cameron, William
Camille Agniel
Camler, Lewis
Camp and Clark
Camp, C. L.
Camp, Charles L.
Camp, Charles L.
Camp, David
Camp, David, M.D.
Camp, Dudley
Camp, Frederick
Camp, George
Camp, H.
Camp, H. S.
Camp, Heman Coe
Camp, Henry Martyn
Camp, Henry S.
Camp, Hezekiah
Camp, J. G.
Camp, Jacob A.
Camp, Jacob A.
Camp, Jacob A., A.B.
Camp, Jacob, M.A.
Camp, John G.
Camp, John G., Jr.
Camp, William
Campbell and Cox
Campbell and LaDow
Campbell, A.
Campbell, A. C.
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander H.
Campbell, Alexander Hamilton, M.D.
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Archibald Donald
Campbell, C.
Campbell, C. F., Esq.
Campbell, Catherine
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Clarinda
Campbell, Dr.
Campbell, Dr.
Campbell, Ebenezer
Campbell, Eleanor W.
Campbell, Eliza
Campbell, Eliza, Miss
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elizabeth S.
Campbell, Ellen S.
Campbell, Euphemia M.
Campbell, Evan
Campbell, Fidelia O.
Campbell, G. P.
Campbell, George
Campbell, Isaac
Campbell, Issac A.
Campbell, J.
Campbell, J.
Campbell, J. H., Rev.
Campbell, J. W.
Campbell, J. W., M.D.
Campbell, James P.
Campbell, Jane H.
Campbell, Jesse
Campbell, John
Campbell, John H.
Campbell, John Milton
Campbell, John Wilson
Campbell, John, M.D.
Campbell, Joseph N.
Campbell, Joseph W., M.D.
Campbell, M. Malvina
Campbell, M. Malvina
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell, Mary C.
Campbell, Mary J.
Campbell, Moses D.
Campbell, Nathaniel
Campbell, Patrick
Campbell, R. E.
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Samuel
Campbell, Samuel L.
Campbell, Susan E.
Campell, Samuel L.
Campion, Zuriah, Mrs.
Camron, J. B.
Camron, James B.
Canada, James
Canada, Nicholas
Canal Bank of Cleveland
Canal Block
Canales, Thomas
Candler, S. M.
Candour, pseud.
Cane, Allen
Cane, Daniel
Cane, James
Canfield and Spencer
Canfield, Austin
Canfield, Burton M.
Canfield, Christopher Langdon
Canfield, Colbert A.
Canfield, Colbert Austin
Canfield, Dr.
Canfield, Edward
Canfield, H.
Canfield, H., Mrs.
Canfield, Harriet T.
Canfield, Herman
Canfield, Horace
Canfield, Jason
Canfield, Joseph
Canfield, Judson
Canfield, Menville
Canfield, S. B., Mrs.
Canfield, S. B., Rev.
Canfield, S. B., Rev.
Canfield, Sarah A. (Mrs. Nathaniel St. John)
Canfield, Sherman B.
Canfield, Sherman B.
Canfield, Sherman B.
Canfield, Sherman B., Rev.
Canfield, Shermanus B.
Canida, Alfred
Canim, George
Cannan, John
Cannan, Mr.
Canne, John
Cannell, Wilmer
Cannom, Elizabeth
Cannom, Polly
Cannon, Dr.
Cannon, Edward
Cannon, Franklin E.
Cannon, Mary, Miss
Canon, Nelson
Canteberry, Elizabeth
Canterbury, Elizabeth
Canton Tea Company
Cantwell, Dr.
Cantwell, J. Y.
Cantwell, Jacob Y.
Cantwell, Jacob Young, M.D.
Canvin, George
Capadary, Patrick
Capehart, Olivia J.
Capen, Sarah Colton ("C.")
Capen, Sarah Colton ("C.")
Capen, Sarah Colton ("C.") (Mrs. Douglas Putnam), Literature,1839
Capener, William
Capstick, Joseph
Capt. G. W. Jones
Capt. J. G. McCurdy
Capt. R. B. Chase
Carabin, Louis
Carabine, Francis
Card, Dr.
Card, Frances Louisa
Card, G. W.
Card, G. W., Dr.
Card, G. W., M.D., Honorary
Card, George W., Dr.
Card, George W., M.D.
Card, J. F.
Card, J. W., Dr.
Card, Jonathan
Card, Joseph P.
Card, Lavina
Card, Lavinia H.
Card, Louisa
Card, Louisa F.
Card, Lydia P.
Card, V. J.
Card, Varnum J.
Carey and Hazlett
Carey, A. B.
Carey, Clara B.
Carey, Daniel H.
Carey, Dr.
Carey, Elizabeth A.
Carey, George W.
Carey, H. G.
Carey, Harriet R.
Carey, J. E.
Carey, John
Carey, John B.
Carey, John Bradford, M.D.
Carey, L. H., Dr.
Carey, Lewis H., M.D.
Carey, Matthew
Carey, William
Carey, Zenas
Carhart, George W.
Carhart, George Washington, M.D.
Carhart's Improved Melodeon
Carhartt, George W.
Carkhuff, Mary H.
Carless, John H.
Carlile, John
Carlisle and Mason
Carlisle, A.
Carlisle, C. C.
Carlisle, E. S.
Carlisle, Elizabeth M.
Carlisle, J.
Carlisle, John
Carlisle, John
Carlisle, John, Sr.
Carlon ("Carlton"), Calista (Mrs. Norman Dunshee)
Carlton and Green
Carlton, Anna M.
Carlton, C. C.
Carlton, Charles C.
Carlton, H.
Carlton, Peter A.
Carman, Jason
Carmichael, Eber W.
Carmichael, Otis
Carnahan, James
Carnahan, James
Carnahan, James, Jr.
Carnahan, Thomas
Carnahan, William S.
Carnegie, Andrew
Carney, Dr.
Carney, Dr.
Carney, E., Dr.
Carney, Patrick
Carney, T. W.
Carney, Theodore W.
Carney, Thomas
Carns, Manassa
Caron, Rev. Messr.
Carothers, Charles H.
Carothers, James H.
Carothers, Robert
Carpender, Dr.
Carpender, Josephine
Carpender, Maria N.
Carpender, Melvina A.
Carpender, Rougine H.
Carpender, S. B., Dr.
Carpender, S. B., Jr.
Carpenter ("Carpender"), Malvina (Mrs. James Wilson)
Carpenter, Almeron
Carpenter, Almira
Carpenter, Armenius
Carpenter, Arvilla
Carpenter, B. O.
Carpenter, Br.
Carpenter, Brother
Carpenter, Cynthia S.
Carpenter, Daniel
Carpenter, Dr.
Carpenter, E. S.
Carpenter, Edward
Carpenter, Ellen
Carpenter, G.
Carpenter, G.
Carpenter, G. H., Dr.
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, Harrison L.
Carpenter, Huldah
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, James S., Esq.
Carpenter, James S., Esq.
Carpenter, Jane M.
Carpenter, Jeremiah
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Josiah E.
Carpenter, Julia A.
Carpenter, Louisa
Carpenter, Lucius B.
Carpenter, Lucius H.
Carpenter, M. A., Miss
Carpenter, Margaret A.
Carpenter, Maria M.
Carpenter, Maryette
Carpenter, Ruth M.
Carpenter, Samuel Benton, M.D.
Carpenter, Sarah A.
Carpenter, Stephen
Carpenter, W.
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, William H.
Carpenter, William W.
Carpenters' and Joiners' Benevolent Society
Carpentor, Edward
Carper, Homer McK.
Carper, M.
Carr, Alice
Carr, Amasa W.
Carr, Dr.
Carr, Edward A.
Carr, Henry
Carr, James G.
Carr, L. C.
Carr, L. W.
Carr, Lewis C.
Carr, M., Mrs.
Carr, Mark
Carr, Mary
Carr, Orin
Carr, Owen
Carr, Patrick
Carr, Thomas C.
Carr, W., M.D.
Carrel, Emma H.
Carrel, James M.
Carrel, Josiah B.
Carrel, Rachel
Carrel, Robert
Carrell, Ann P.
Carrell, Eunice
Carrell, Eunice B.
Carrell, Hannah
Carrell, Noah
Carrell, William
Carrier, C. T.
Carrier, Chauncey T.
Carrier, Chauncey T.
Carrier, Hannah
Carrier, John
Carrier, Mr.
Carrier, Mr.
Carrier, Orlando
Carrier, Orlando C.
Carrier, Orlando Eber ("E.")
Carrington and Wells
Carrol, N.
Carrol, William T.
Carroll, (no name)
Carroll, A. J.
Carroll, Bishop, Right Rev.
Carroll, Foster
Carroll, George W.
Carroll, Helen A.
Carroll, James, Dr.
Carroll, John, Archbishop
Carroll, Peter
Carroll, William
Carroll, William T.
Carroll, Willis Green
Carrothers, G. W.
Carse, Henry
Carson and Kendig
Carson, Ellen
Carson, James
Carson, James
Carson, John
Carson, M.
Carson, Marshall
Carson, Robert
Carson, William
Cartaal, Clark
Carter, Abby M. (Mrs. Joseph S. Fisher; m. April 4, 1849)
Carter, Alonzo
Carter, Amanda
Carter, Amanda M.
Carter, Amoret
Carter, Amoret (Mrs. Charles Adams)
Carter, Annar R.
Carter, Augusta J.
Carter, Bazel
Carter, Bethann
Carter, Charity
Carter, Charity C.
Carter, E. E.
Carter, Edith
Carter, Elias E.
Carter, Elias Eudosius
Carter, Francis, M.D.
Carter, Francis, Prof.
Carter, George
Carter, Huldah Adelaide
Carter, J.
Carter, J. S., M.D.
Carter, Jabez William
Carter, Jesse
Carter, John
Carter, Joseph S., Dr.
Carter, Joshua M.
Carter, L. P.
Carter, Leslie H.
Carter, Lorenzo
Carter, Lorenzo
Carter, Mary
Carter, Sarah J.
Carter, Simeon
Carter, Spencer B.
Carter, T. J., Rev.
Carter, Wilson
Carterall, Mr.
Cartmill, William
Cartright, Elizabeth A.
Carty, B. W. D.
Carver, Elisha W.
Carver, Elisha Warner ("W.")
Carver, Eliza A.
Carver, Eliza A. ("E.")
Carver, Miles A.
Carver, Shubael
Carver, Shubael
Carver, Shubael, Seminary,1840
Carvin, G.
Carvosso, Benjamin
Cary, A. B.
Cary, Adeline
Cary, Amzi B.
Cary, Barnard
Cary, C. S.
Cary, D. H.
Cary, Dennis
Cary, Freeman Grant
Cary, George
Cary, Helen
Cary, J. C.
Cary, J. E.
Cary, James
Cary, John E.
Cary, Joseph N.
Cary, L. H.
Cary, Levi S.
Cary, O.
Cary, S. F.
Cary, Samuel Fenton
Cary, William, Capt.
Casad, Margaret Ann
Case and Fitch
Case, Abel A.
Case, Addison P.
Case, Almon
Case, Almon, M.D.
Case, Amasa
Case, Bolivar
Case, Byron
Case, Calvin D.
Case, Douglass
Case, Douglass, A.B.
Case, Douglass, A.B., M.D.
Case, Dr.
Case, Elijah L.
Case, Eliphalet
Case, Elisha
Case, Elisha ("E.")
Case, Eliza
Case, Eliza D.
Case, Francis M.
Case, Franklin M.
Case, George W.
Case, Harmon
Case, Henry
Case, Henry ("H.")
Case, Jason
Case, Joseph M., Dea.
Case, Leonard
Case, Leonard
Case, Leonard, Esq.
Case, Leonard, Esq.
Case, Leonard, Jr.
Case, Levi
Case, Louisa
Case, M. B., Miss
Case, Mary
Case, Mary L.
Case, Mary P.
Case, Mary S.
Case, Orson
Case, Rufus
Case, Rufus
Case, Sarah
Case, Sarah M.
Case, Sarah S.
Case, W.
Case, William
Case, William
Case, William G.
Casey, Bridget
Casey, William
Cash, Adam
Cash, Peter
Cash, Philip
Cashen, Patrick
Cashin, Patrick
Cashon, Patrick
Caskey, William
Casler, Henry
Cass House
Cass, Abner L.
Cass, Alexander H.
Cass, Charles L.
Cass, Dr.
Cass, Edward
Cass, Levi A.
Cass, Levi Aldridge, M.D.
Cass, Lewis
Cass, Lewis H.
Cassady, Asa R.
Cassady, J.
Cassady, P.
Cassel, J. Lang, M.D.
Cassell, Alexander
Cassell, B. S.
Cassell, Joseph
Cassells, John L., M.D.
Casselman, Conrad
Cassels, Dr.
Cassels, J. L.
Cassels, J. L., M.D.
Cassels, J. L., Prof.
Cassels, J. Lang
Cassels, J. Lang, Dr.
Cassels, J. Lang, M.D.
Cassels, J. Lang, M.D.
Cassels, J. Lang, M.D.
Cassels, J. Lang, M.D.
Cassels, J. N.
Cassels, James L.
Cassels, Johannes Lang, M.D.
Cassels, John L., Dr.
Cassels, John L., M.D.
Cassels, John L., M.D.
Cassels, John Lang, M.D.
Cassels, John Lang, Prof.
Cassels, Prof.
Cassiday, Eelen
Cassidy, George F.
Cassin, Sarah E.
Casson, Charles
Casteel, Otho
Castelehun, Dr.
Castelehun, Frederick C.
Casterline, Amos B.
Casterline, Dr.
Castigon, William
Castle, Alexander
Castle, Celia
Castle, Celia E.
Castle, Charles G.
Castle, H.
Castle, H. B.
Castle, Harlow
Castle, Heman D.
Castle, Henry
Castle, John
Castle, M. S.
Castle, Marshal S.
Castle, Marshall
Castle, Sanford
Castleman, Thomas
Castleman, Thomas T.
Castler, Peter
Casto, Joseph
Castor, N.
Castor, Noah
Caswall, Henry, Rev.
Caswell, Ann
Caswell, Azelia
Caswell, Daniel J.
Caswell, Fanny
Caswell, Fanny H.
Caswell, Gurley
Caswell, Henry
Caswell, Henry, A.B., Rev.
Caswell, Henry, M.A., Rev.
Caswell, Jesse
Caswell, Sarah
Catcott, John
Cate, Shadrach M.
Catharine Fraley
Cathburt, James
Cathcart, Caroline A., Miss
Cathcart, Mary
Cathcart, Mary
Cathedral School
Cather and Kelley Dry Goods
Cather, Robert
Catherwood, William
Catherwood, William Clinton
Catholic Church
Catholic Layman, and Citizen of Columbus
Catlett, Minerva S.
Catlin, Dr.
Catlin, Jane M.
Catlin, Jane M., Miss
Catlin, Janes M.
Catlin, Minerva
Catlin, Romeo B.
Catlin, Rosey Ann
Catron, John
Catron, John M.
Catron, William
Caul, Peter
Cavanagh, Joseph
Cavileer, C.
Cawdry, S. M.
Cawkins, Miner
Cayes, George
Caylor, Adam
Cennel, Daniel
Center Quarter
Central Buildings
Central Exchange
Central High School
Central Rail Road of Pennsylvania
Cerneau, Joseph
Cessna, Benjamin F.
Cessna, Joseph P.
Chackney, Joseph
Chadsey, Franklin
Chadwick, Agnes K.
Chadwick, Lucy I. (Mrs. James Ellinwood)
Chadwick, Mary F.
Chadwick, Michael
Chadwick, Sarah Elizabeth ("E.") (Mrs. Francis M. Drake; m. Oct. 26, 1848)
Chadwick, William P.
Chaffee, William
Chaill, Joseph
Chalfant, Dr.
Chalfant, Henry S.
Chalfant, Samuel B.
Challen, James, Rev.
Chaloner, Samuel
Chamberlain ("Chamberlin"), Ebenezer ("E.") B.
Chamberlain ("Chamberlin"), Uriah ("U.") T.
Chamberlain, Abby S.
Chamberlain, Ebenezer Benton ("B.")
Chamberlain, Ebenezer Benton ("B.")
Chamberlain, Ebenezer Benton ("B.")
Chamberlain, Ebenezer Benton ("B."), Seminary,1838
Chamberlain, George W.
Chamberlain, Isaac, Jr.
Chamberlain, James N.
Chamberlain, James Ninian, M.D.
Chamberlain, Josiah E.
Chamberlain, L.
Chamberlain, Nancy A.
Chamberlain, Nathaniel
Chamberlain, Philo B.
Chamberlain, Uriah T.
Chamberlain, Uriah T.
Chamberlain, William
Chamberlain, William B., M.D.
Chamberlin, Amy A. (Mrs. Cass)
Chamberlin, Crawford and Co.
Chamberlin, David P.
Chamberlin, David P., M.D.
Chamberlin, E. K., M.D.
Chamberlin, Eliza
Chamberlin, Horace A.
Chamberlin, J. F.
Chamberlin, J. T.
Chamberlin, James B.
Chamberlin, James Baldwin, M.D.
Chamberlin, John F.
Chamberlin, Joseph
Chamberlin, Mr.
Chamberlin, Nancy A.
Chamberlin, P.
Chamberlin, Prudence A.
Chamberlin, S.
Chamberlin, S., Mrs.
Chamberlin, Selah
Chamberlin, William
Chamberlin, William
Chamberlin, William I.
Chambers, (child of), Mr.
Chambers, Caroline J.
Chambers, Caroline M.
Chambers, David
Chambers, David
Chambers, Edward
Chambers, Edward C.
Chambers, Edward George ("G.")
Chambers, Edward George ("G."), A.B.,1848
Chambers, Eliza
Chambers, Josiah
Chambers, Rebecca
Chambers, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chambers, William A.
Champe, Sargent
Champhrey, William S.
Champion Buildings
Champion Row
Champion, Reuben
Champion, Reuben, Mrs.
Champion, W. A.
Champion, William H.
Champion, Z., Mrs.
Champion, Zuriah, Mrs.
Champlain, Francis
Champlin, C.
Champlin, S. Angeline
Champney, Ebenezer
Champney, W. S.
Chancey Turrill
Chancy Terrill
Chandler and Cantwell
Chandler, Aaron
Chandler, Charles A.
Chandler, Dr.
Chandler, Eli
Chandler, Francis A.
Chandler, Isaac W.
Chandler, Isaac W., A.B.
Chandler, Isaac W., A.B.
Chandler, Isaac W., A.B.,1846
Chandler, J. M., Dr.
Chandler, John
Chandler, John
Chandler, John A.
Chandler, John, Jr.
Chandler, Loomis
Chandler, Loomis
Chandler, Loomis, A.B.
Chandler, Loomis, Rev.
Chandler, Loomis, Rev.
Chandler, M.
Chandler, Mrs.
Chandler, Samuel
Chandler, Stephen E.
Chandler, Thomas K.
Chaney, Ann Eliza
Chaney, John, Hon.
Chantler, Henry
Chapel, Edward
Chapin, Alfred M.
Chapin, Amzi
Chapin, Charlotte H.
Chapin, Chester
Chapin, Edward
Chapin, Eugene
Chapin, H. M.
Chapin, Harvey
Chapin, John
Chapin, John A.
Chapin, John Basset
Chapin, John Bassett
Chapin, Leonidas
Chapin, Mary M.
Chapin, Oliver
Chapin, Oliver N.
Chapin, Oliver N., A.B., Western Reserve College
Chapin, Oliver Norton, A.B., Western Reserve College
Chapin, Oliver Norton, Rev.
Chapin, Oliverus Norton
Chapin, Sarah C.
Chapin, Thomas R.
Chapin, Willard
Chapin, William
Chapman, A., Dr.
Chapman, Ann M.
Chapman, Augusta A.
Chapman, Barbara A.
Chapman, Bird B.
Chapman, Bryon, M.D.
Chapman, Byron
Chapman, C. B., Dr.
Chapman, Charles F.
Chapman, Daniel
Chapman, Daniel
Chapman, Daniel, A.B.
Chapman, Daniel, A.B.,1839; Seminary,1842
Chapman, David
Chapman, Denny
Chapman, Dr.
Chapman, Edmond D.
Chapman, Edwin
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Ellen Jane
Chapman, Eunice Hawley
Chapman, Frances M.
Chapman, G. L.
Chapman, George
Chapman, George H.
Chapman, George L.
Chapman, George M.
Chapman, George W.
Chapman, George Washington
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Henry B.
Chapman, James F.
Chapman, James H.
Chapman, Jay
Chapman, Joseph M.
Chapman, Keziah
Chapman, Keziah ("Kezia") (Mrs. Henry Bates; m. April 2, 1845)
Chapman, M., Mrs.
Chapman, Miles E.
Chapman, Nathan M.
Chapman, R. M.
Chapman, Reuben
Chapman, Reuben
Chapman, Richard M.
Chapman, Sarah L.
Chapman, Sarah L. (Mrs. William A. Penfield)
Chapman, Silas
Chapman, Sophia E.
Chapman, Talcott E.
Chapman, W. J., Dr.
Chapman, William
Chapman, William H.
Chapman, William Henry
Chapman, William Henry
Chappel, Sarah
Chappel, Sarah J.
Chappell, Henry
Chappell, William H.
Chapultepec House
Chard, William
Chardon, Christian
Charles A. and S. B. Dean
Charles A. Dean
Charles A. Dean Plant
Charles A. Hayes
Charles A. Terry
Charles A. Terry, M.D.
Charles Bradburn
Charles Bradburn and Co.
Charles Bunn
Charles Campbell
Charles D. Brayton, M.D.
Charles Denison
Charles E. Tracey
Charles E. Tracy
Charles Foster
Charles Halsey
Charles Hamant
Charles Hickox
Charles Hickox and Co.
Charles L. Bauder
Charles L. Fish
Charles L. Fisk
Charles Lankton
Charles Lewis
Charles Macalester, Jr. and Co.
Charles Mayer
Charles Meyer
Charles Patrick
Charles Reoder
Charles Roeder
Charles Roeder, M.D.
Charles Roscopf
Charles S. Wallach
Charles Stetson
Charles Sweep
Charles Terry
Charles Terry, M.D.
Charles W. Bell
Charles Waldron
Charles Whitaker
Charles Whittlesey
Charles Willis
Charles, Lucinda
Charlton, Anna ("Ann") M. (Mrs. William Clymo)
Charlton, Jane
Charlton, Olivia J.
Charlton, Olivia J.
Charlton, Samuel H.
Charpie, E.
Chase, Allen B.
Chase, Alphino
Chase, C. Harvey
Chase, C. Harvy
Chase, Calvin Harvey, M.D.
Chase, Charles
Chase, D.
Chase, Daniel
Chase, Edgar
Chase, H.
Chase, Hiram J.
Chase, I. F.
Chase, James B., A.B.
Chase, James Balloch, M.A., Rev.
Chase, Josiah
Chase, Lewis
Chase, Maria L.
Chase, O. G.
Chase, Owen G.
Chase, Paul
Chase, Paul, Capt.
Chase, Philander
Chase, Philander, D.D., Rt. Rev.
Chase, R. B., Capt.
Chase, R. P., M.D.
Chase, Salmon P., Esq.
Chase, Salmon Portland
Chase, Samuel, A.B.
Chase, Samuel, A.B., Rev.
Chase, Seth A
Chase, Warren
Chateaubriand, M.
Chatfield, Mr.
Chauncey Terrill
Chavalier, Lewis B.
Chavelier, Mrs.
Chawner, Chalkley A.
Cheadle, Laura A.
Cheasebro, Joseph
Cheesebro, Giles J.
Cheesebro, Orvilla
Cheever, Nathan
Chenal, Jaques Francois, M. es-Arts
Cheney, A., Dr.
Cheney, Cemantha
Cheney, Charles
Cheney, Charles.
Cheney, David
Cheney, Isaac R.
Cheney, James
Cheney, Joseph L.
Cheney, Mary J.
Cheney, Mary J. (Mrs. Seth T. Wolcott)
Cheney, S.
Cheney, Samuel
Cheney, Thomas A.
Chenney, Samuel
Cherry, Jesse
Chesebro, Susan E.
Chesebro, Zebulon
Chesney, William M., M.D.
Chester, Albert
Chester, Augustin
Chester, E., Jr.
Chester, E., Jr.
Chester, Edwin
Chester, Elisha W.
Chester, Erastus
Chester, Erastus
Chester, Erastus, A.B.
Chester, Erastus, A.B.
Chester, Erastus, Jr.
Chester, Gertrude S.
Chester, Hezekiah G.
Chester, Joseph
Chester, Laura M.
Chester, Lemuel L., M.D.
Chevalier, Maria A.
Chevalier, Maria A.
Cheyney, Edith, Miss
Chibnall, William
Chicolm, John
Chidgey, John
Chidister, John H.
Chidister, Mr.
Chief Justice Marshall
Chiffhelm, Peter
Child, Henry H., M.D.
Child, John, Esq.
Child, Jonathan.
Childress, Mary
Childs, A. B.
Childs, Asa B.
Childs, Asa Burton
Childs, E. L.
Childs, F. L.
Childs, George
Childs, H.
Childs, H. H.
Childs, Henry
Childs, Henry H., M.D.
Childs, Henry H., M.D.
Childs, Henry, Esq.
Childs, Herrick
Childs, James E.
Childs, James E.
Childs, James Eugene
Childs, Rebecca
Childs, William E.
Chilson, Jerusha
Chilton, Thomas.
Chipman, W. W.
Chisholm, John
Chittenden, A.
Chittenden, H.
Chittenden, H. M.
Chittenden, Hamon
Chittenden, Heman
Chittenden, Heman M.
Chittenden, Henry
Chittenden, Richard L.
Chittenden, S. K.
Chittock, Gordon
Chitwood, Dr.
Chitwood, G. R., Dr.
Chitwood, G. R., M.D.
Choate, Evan
Choate, G. C.
Choate, George W., Hon.
Choate, Greene
Choate, Henry
Choate, Julia
Choate, Julia Francis
Choate, Wayne
Chochran, Thomas
Chrislia, John
Christary, John
Christian Herrick
Christian, Cezar
Christian, Edmund P., A.B.
Christian, James
Christian, John
Christian, Robert
Christian, Thomas
Christian, Thomas D.
Christin, J. C.
Christmas, Mary J. B.
Christopher Freeman
Christopher L. Lathrop
Christory, John
Christy, Amanada
Christy, Amanada M.
Christy, Daniel
Christy, John
Christy, S. A.
Chriswick, John
Chriswick, Mrs.
Chubb, James
Chubb, James, Jr.
Church, Charles
Church, Chester
Church, E. S.
Church, George
Church, Henry
Church, James
Church, James, Jr.
Church, Nathaniel
Church, P. V.
Church, R. W.
Church, T. M.
Church, Thomas M., M.D.
Churchel, Mr.
Churchill, Ann
Churchill, Betsey
Churchill, Charles H. ("K."), A.B.
Churchill, Charles Henry ("H."), A.B., Dartmouth,1845; Seminary, 1852; A.M.,Honorary,1856
Churchill, Eunice S.
Churchill, Eunice S., Miss
Churchill, Eunice, Miss
Churchill, Hannah
Churchill, John L.
Churchill, Mark
Churchill, Mary B.
Churchman, William H.
Ciemer, Z.
Cincinnati Council of Royal and Select Masters, No.1
Cincinnati Public School Institute
Cincinnati Royal Arch Chapter, No. 2
Cincinnati School Board
Cincinnati Tract Society
Cincinnati Type Foundry
Cissna, Dr.
Cist, Charles E.
Cist, Charles.
Cist, Lewis J.
Citizen of Columbus
Citizen of Ohio
City Bank of Cleveland
City Bath House
City Buildings
City Clerk's Office
City Coffee House
City Furnace and Machine Shop
City Guards
City Hall
City Hospital for Cholera
City Hotel
City Mills Store
City Surveyor's Office
Claflin, E. K.
Claflin, Melinda W.
Claggett, Hezekiah
Claggett, Thomas J.
Clamant, James
Clampet, S. B.
Clampit, Smith B.
Clampitt, S. B.
Clampitt, Smith B.
Clancey, Redman
Clancey, Redmond
Clancy, Jeremiah
Clap, Matthew, Rev.
Clapp, Aaron
Clapp, Algerman
Clapp, Algerson
Clapp, Aro D.
Clapp, Caroline
Clapp, Charles W.
Clapp, Charles W.
Clapp, Charles W., A.M.
Clapp, Charles Wells
Clapp, Charles Wells, A.B.
Clapp, Charles Wells, Rev.
Clapp, Chester
Clapp, Chillissa
Clapp, Climena
Clapp, Edmund
Clapp, Eliza D.
Clapp, Emeline
Clapp, Esther
Clapp, George S.
Clapp, Hester A.
Clapp, Jane
Clapp, Jane M.
Clapp, Jane Maria
Clapp, Mary I.
Clapp, Mr.
Clapp, Pourse
Clapp, Silas
Clapp, Silas G.
Clapp, Silas G.
Clapp, Silas George
Clapp, Silas, Mr.
Clapp, Sophia M.
Clapp, Sylvester
Clapp, Thomas C.
Clapp, William T.
Clark ("Clarke"), George
Clark and Brown
Clark and Cook
Clark and Fisk
Clark and Gibson
Clark and Matthews
Clark and Morgan
Clark and Murfey
Clark Warren
Clark, A. A.
Clark, A. G.
Clark, A. P., Mrs.
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Ahira B.
Clark, Albert
Clark, Albert
Clark, Albert Gallatin
Clark, Albert Gallatin
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Almena
Clark, Amelia L.
Clark, Amzi
Clark, Andrew Jackson
Clark, Ann
Clark, Annah M.
Clark, Ansel R.
Clark, Anson
Clark, Anton
Clark, B. B., Dr.
Clark, Bela B., M.D., Honorary
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Benjamin W.
Clark, Bushrod W.
Clark, Byron
Clark, C. A., Rev.
Clark, Calvin
Clark, Caroline M.
Clark, Catharine
Clark, Catharine
Clark, Catherine
Clark, Celia A.
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charles C., M.D.
Clark, Charlotte
Clark, Clarissa (Mrs. Charles C. Foote)
Clark, Corsemore
Clark, Corvis
Clark, Crossman
Clark, Cyrus B.
Clark, D.
Clark, D. G.
Clark, Daniel G.
Clark, David
Clark, David
Clark, David R.
Clark, Denman
Clark, Dewitt A.
Clark, Dexter G., M.D.
Clark, Diodate
Clark, Diodate
Clark, Dr.
Clark, Dr.
Clark, E.
Clark, E. A.
Clark, E. Louisa
Clark, E. M.
Clark, E. M.
Clark, E. M., M.D.
Clark, E. M., M.D.
Clark, E. T. W.
Clark, Ebenezer
Clark, Edgar A.
Clark, Edmond
Clark, Edmund
Clark, Edward
Clark, Edward T.
Clark, Eli G.
Clark, Eliza Angene ("A.") (J.)
Clark, Eliza Angene ("A.J.")
Clark, Ellen E.
Clark, Ellen L.
Clark, Ephraim
Clark, Esther
Clark, Esther C.
Clark, Fanny Mahala ("M.")
Clark, Fanny Mahala ("M.") (Mrs. Daniel H. Morgan)
Clark, G. B.
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, George W.
Clark, George, Seminary,1836
Clark, Gulielmus Cushman
Clark, Gulielmus Cushman, A.M.
Clark, H. S.
Clark, H. W.
Clark, Harriet
Clark, Harriet A.
Clark, Harriet A. (Mrs. John U. Perry)
Clark, Helen M.
Clark, Henry B.
Clark, Henry W.
Clark, Henry, Rev.
Clark, Homer J.
Clark, Homer J.
Clark, Homer J., Rev.
Clark, I. F.
Clark, Irvenia R.
Clark, Irvin
Clark, Irvinia R.
Clark, Isaac M.
Clark, Isabella D.
Clark, J. A.
Clark, J. F.
Clark, J. H.
Clark, J. J.
Clark, J. R.
Clark, J. T., M.D.
Clark, J., Esq.
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, James B.
Clark, James F.
Clark, James S.
Clark, James S., Esq.
Clark, Jared H.
Clark, Johannes C., M.D.
Clark, John
Clark, John A.
Clark, John A., D.D., Rev.
Clark, John O.
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Joshua, Dr.
Clark, Judith
Clark, Julia M. (Mrs. Edward B. Higley)
Clark, L. W.
Clark, Laurinda A.
Clark, Leander
Clark, Leander (Maria A. Barker; m. Feb. 14, 1867), LL.D., Leander Clark College
Clark, Lucelia M.
Clark, Lucinda B.
Clark, Lucius A., M.D.
Clark, Lurania A.
Clark, Lydia H.
Clark, M. A., Dr.
Clark, M., Mrs.
Clark, Marcia
Clark, Maria Allen
Clark, Maria L.
Clark, Martha
Clark, Marvin
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary A.
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Mary Ann (Mrs. Columbus Miller)
Clark, Mary O.
Clark, Mary P.
Clark, Mary, Mrs.
Clark, Morgan and Co.
Clark, Mr.
Clark, Mr.
Clark, Mrs.
Clark, N.
Clark, N. E., Mrs.
Clark, Nancy E.
Clark, Nelson
Clark, Nelson
Clark, Nelson, A.B.
Clark, O., Mrs.
Clark, Oren, Mrs.
Clark, Orin
Clark, Orin, Mrs.
Clark, Patrick
Clark, Philo Henry ("H.") (Elizabeth Clark; m. May 18, 1847), M.D.,Buffalo Med. Coll.,1862
Clark, Philo, Esq.
Clark, Quartus E.
Clark, Ransom H.
Clark, Raymond and Clark
Clark, Richard
Clark, Richard A.
Clark, Rufus L. B.
Clark, S.
Clark, S. A.
Clark, S. C., Mrs.
Clark, S. G.
Clark, S. H.
Clark, Samantha E.
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah A.
Clark, Sarah Melvina
Clark, Seth G.
Clark, Seth G., Rev.
Clark, Seth Gold
Clark, Seth Gold, A.B.
Clark, Seth Gold, Rev.
Clark, Silas
Clark, Simeon
Clark, Simon
Clark, Sylvester
Clark, T. E.
Clark, T. Eugene
Clark, Theodore
Clark, Theodore
Clark, Theodore Coleman ("C."
Clark, Theodore Coleman ("C.")
Clark, Theodore J., A.B.
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas, 2d.
Clark, Vincent
Clark, W.
Clark, W.
Clark, W. A.
Clark, W. R.S.
Clark, W. R.S., M.D.
Clark, Watson
Clark, Wedworth W.
Clark, Wellington P.
Clark, Welton
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William C.
Clark, William C.
Clark, William C., A.B., Dartmouth College
Clark, William C., A.B., Dartmouth College
Clark, William C., A.M.
Clark, William C., A.M., Dartmouth College
Clark, William C., Dartmouth College
Clark, William C., Rev.
Clark, William F.
Clark, William M.
Clark, William R.S.
Clark, William W.
Clark, William, M.D.
Clark, William.
Clarke, Abel
Clarke, Adam
Clarke, Annah M.
Clarke, Anson
Clarke, Calvin.
Clarke, Caroline M.
Clarke, Celia A.
Clarke, Elizabeth L.
Clarke, Euphema
Clarke, Franklin
Clarke, H. S., Rev.
Clarke, Hannah J.
Clarke, Henry B.
Clarke, Henry S., Rev.
Clarke, James S.
Clarke, James S., Esq.
Clarke, Jared H.
Clarke, Jerusha B.
Clarke, John
Clarke, Joseph
Clarke, Joseph B.
Clarke, Robert D.
Clarke, S. B., Dr.
Clarke, Samuel
Clarke, Sarah Jane
Clarke, William P.
Clarke, William R.S., M.D.
Clarkhuff, Mary H.
Clarkson, C. S.
Clarkson, Charles S.
Clarkson, Dr.
Clary, Cordelia W.
Clary, Redman
Clary, S.
Clary, Stephen
Clary, Stephen, H.P.
Clary, Stephen, H.P.
Clason,, Smith
Claspell, George W.
Claspell, George W.
Claspill, G. W.
Claspill, George W.
Claspill, George W.
Classical and English School
Clauder, Philip
Clay, Cassius Marcellus
Clay, H.
Clay, Henry
Clay, Isaac Johnson Rose
Clay, Isaac P.R.
Clay, Lucy A.
Claybaugh, Joseph, D.D.
Clayer, J.
Clayton, D. B.
Clayton, Sarah M.
Clayton, William
Cleaveland, Caroline Worcester
Cleaveland, G. M.
Cleaveland, John P., Rev.
Cleaveland, Susan H.
Clefford, Edward
Cleg, William
Clegg, William
Clemans, E. O.
Clemans, E. Owen
Clemans, Eli O.
Clemans, Thomas J
Clemants Hessell
Clemens, Eli Owen
Clemens, Thomas P
Clemens, William R.J.
Clement and Baldwin
Clement, Miss
Clement, W. H.
Clements, William S.
Clemmons, Joseph
Clemmons, Richard
Clemmons, Samuel
Clemmons, Sarah
Clemons ("Clemens"), Lydia Stedman ("S.")
Clemons ("Clemens"), Lydia Stedman ("S.")
Clemons ("Clemens"), Lydia Stedman ("S.") (Mrs. Cyrus Harcourt Baldwin), Literature,1841
Clemons, A. B.
Clemons, Eli
Clemons, Frederick (child of)
Clemons, John
Cleucus, Eli
Cleugh, Richard
Cleveland Academy
Cleveland Advertiser
Cleveland American
Cleveland and Bedford Railroad Company
Cleveland and Buffalo Rail Road Co.
Cleveland and Newburg Railroad Company
Cleveland and Newburgh Railroad Company
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Rail Road Co.
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Rail Road Company
Cleveland Anti-Slavery Society
Cleveland Arcade
Cleveland Book Store
Cleveland Brewery
Cleveland Centre Block
Cleveland Centre Draw Bridge
Cleveland Centre House
Cleveland City Band
Cleveland City Furnace
Cleveland City Guards
Cleveland City High School
Cleveland City Hospital
Cleveland City Temperance Society
Cleveland Court House
Cleveland Custom House
Cleveland Daily Advertiser
Cleveland Female Orphan Asylum
Cleveland Female Seminary
Cleveland Fire Department
Cleveland Free School
Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Co.
Cleveland Harbor--the Pier
Cleveland Harmonic Society
Cleveland Herald
Cleveland High School
Cleveland Horticultural Society
Cleveland House
Cleveland Insurance Co.
Cleveland Iron Co.
Cleveland Iron Foundry
Cleveland Iron Manufacturing Co.
Cleveland Jail
Cleveland Journal
Cleveland Liberalist
Cleveland Library Association
Cleveland Light House
Cleveland Literary Depot
Cleveland Lyceum
Cleveland Marble Factory
Cleveland Marine Total Abstinence Society
Cleveland Maternal Association
Cleveland Medical College
Cleveland Mozart Society
Cleveland Mutual Insurance Co.
Cleveland News Room
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Polemic Association
Cleveland Poor House
Cleveland Post Office
Cleveland Public Schools
Cleveland Reading Room Association
Cleveland Recess
Cleveland Sash Factory
Cleveland Steam Boiler Shop, H. C. Morris
Cleveland Sunday Schools
Cleveland Times
Cleveland Umbrella, Parasol, and Musical Instrument Manufacturer
Cleveland, A. M.
Cleveland, Abraham
Cleveland, Benjamin F.
Cleveland, C. D., Prof.
Cleveland, Chester E.
Cleveland, Chester Edwin, M.D.
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Rail Road Co.
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Rail Road Company
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad Company
Cleveland, Daniel
Cleveland, Dr.
Cleveland, Ellen L.
Cleveland, Frances A.
Cleveland, Giles Butler ("B."), A.B.,Hamilton,1850; Seminary,1853; A.M.,1853
Cleveland, Hannah (Mrs. Luther L. Willcutt)
Cleveland, J. D.
Cleveland, James D.
Cleveland, Moses
Cleveland, Moses
Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula Rail Road Co.
Cleveland, Payne
Cleveland, Sandusky and Toledo Rail Road Co.
Cleveland, T. G., M.D.
Cleveland, Thomas G.
Cleveland, Thomas Gold, M.D.
Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh Railroad
Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Cleveland, William
Cliff, William
Clifford, Elvina E. (Mrs. Joseph Jones)
Clifford, Joseph
Clifford, Nathan
Clifton, John
Clifton, Mrs.
Cline, John
Cline, Milo
Cline, William C.
Cline, William M.
Clingan, Huett
Clinger, Nicholas
Clinkener, N.
Clinton House
Clinton Park and Environs
Clinton, DeWitt
Clinton, DeWitt.
Clinton, George
Clinton, Henry P.
Clinton, John
Clinton, Samuel
Clisbee and Pollard
Clisbee, Charles W.
Clisbee, Edward Partridge ("P.")
Clisbee, Edward Partridge ("P."), A.B.,1849; Seminary,1856; A.M.,1856
Clisbee, Mrs.
Clisby, Hannah
Clisby, Helen M.
Clitz, John B.
Clock, Margaret A.
Clock, Margaret A. (Mrs. Ward Bartlett)
Clock, Matilda
Clock, Matilda (Mrs. Douglass Squire)
Clock, N. Helen
Clock, W. S.
Clock, William B.
Clogston, Agnes A.
Clogston, Rebecca
Clohan, John
Clohan, Thomas
Close, Benjamin
Close, Christian
Close, E. S., Dr.
Close, Emma (Mrs. Hess)
Close, Lucian S.
Close, Sarah (Mrs. Nathan Palmer)
Clotworthy, William
Cloud, Nathaniel
Cloud, Nathaniel,
Cloud, Tacy
Cloud, Thomas
Clough, Abner
Clough, Alice G.
Clough, Ambrose
Clough, B.
Clough, Baxter
Clough, Calvin
Clough, Sarah E.
Clover, Mary A.
Clucus, John
Cluster, Edward C.
Clute, A.
Clute, Eliza L., Mrs.
Clute, James
Clute, James V.
Clutes, E. L., Mrs.
Clutter, William
Co, Russell G.
Coachman, Milo
Coan and Bolter
Coan, Dr.
Coan, Emily
Coan, Jane E.
Coate, Eunice
Coate, Jonathan C.
Coates, Dr.
Coates, Edmund
Coates, Elmer R.
Coates, John
Coates, John G.
Coates, John Gilbert, M.D.
Coates, John W.
Coates, Lewis M.
Coates, Sarah
Coates, Wesley
Cobb and Bishop
Cobb, B. J.
Cobb, Brutus J.
Cobb, C. C.
Cobb, Caius C.
Cobb, Cassius C.
Cobb, Clarence
Cobb, Clarence M.
Cobb, Dr.
Cobb, H. P., Dr.
Cobb, Hannah, Mrs.
Cobb, Henry ("H.") White
Cobb, Henry White ("W.")
Cobb, Henry White ("W.")
Cobb, Henry White ("W."), A.B.
Cobb, Henry White ("W."), A.B.,1843; Seminary,1846; A.M.,1856
Cobb, J. B.
Cobb, J. J.
Cobb, Jackson and Co.
Cobb, Janius B.
Cobb, Junius
Cobb, Junius B.
Cobb, L. H.
Cobb, L. H., Dr.
Cobb, L. M.
Cobb, Lucius M.
Cobb, Lucretius H.
Cobb, Lucretius H.
Cobb, Lucretius Hill, M.D.
Cobb, Owen
Cobb, Sarah
Cobb, Stephen
Cobb, Thomas
Cobb, Zenas
Cobbet, Samuel A.
Coblentz, Ann R.
Coblentz, Anna R.
Coblentz, Anna Rebecca
Coblentz, Mary
Coblentz, Mary A.
Coburn, A., Miss
Coburn, Eliza L.
Coburn, Emily T.
Coburn, Emily T. (Mrs. John C. Pratt)
Coburn, Flavius
Coburn, Flavius J.
Coburn, Helen M.
Coburn, Helen Mar ("M.")
Coburn, Helen Mar ("M.") (Mrs. Aaron Pryne)
Coburn, James
Coburn, John
Coburn, John T.
Coburn, R. T.
Cochran, Charles
Cochran, Charles
Cochran, Charles
Cochran, Dr.
Cochran, Edward A.
Cochran, Eleanor (Mrs. Samuel Dickson)
Cochran, Emeline
Cochran, Emeline (Mrs. Edmund Hall)
Cochran, Frances R.
Cochran, Frances R.
Cochran, Frances R.
Cochran, Frances R. (Mrs. James Steele), Literature,1840
Cochran, H. M.
Cochran, J. S., Dr.
Cochran, James
Cochran, Jane
Cochran, Jane
Cochran, John
Cochran, John
Cochran, John L.
Cochran, John L.
Cochran, Jonathan
Cochran, Jonathan
Cochran, Jonathan N.
Cochran, Jonathan, Rev.
Cochran, Josiah M.
Cochran, Martin
Cochran, Milton
Cochran, Milton B.
Cochran, Mr.
Cochran, Nancy
Cochran, Peter
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Robert H.
Cochran, Samuel ("S.") Davies ("D."), A.B.
Cochran, Samuel Davies ("D.")
Cochran, Samuel Davies ("D.")
Cochran, Samuel Davies ("D."), A.B.
Cochran, Samuel Davies ("D."), A.B.,1839; Seminary,1842; A.M.,1848; D.D.(Grinnell),1866
Cochran, Susan D.
Cochran, Warren
Cochran, Warren
Cochran, Warren, A.B.,1842; Union Seminary,1844
Cochran, William
Cochran, William
Cochran, William, A.B.
Cochran, William, A.B.
Cochran, William, A.B.,1839; Seminary,1842
Cochran, William, Rev.
Cockburn, James
Cockburn, John
Coco, Alphonse B.
Coco, Alphonse B.
Codahe, John
Codding, Harriet M.
Codding, J.
Codding, John
Cody, J.
Cody, John
Cody, Joseph
Cody, Joseph A.
Cody, N. L.
Cody, Nelson T.
Cody, Nicholas A.
Cody, Nicholas L.
Cody, Quagle and Co.
Coe, A.
Coe, A. D.
Coe, Albert
Coe, Albert L.
Coe, Amos
Coe, Aribert
Coe, Ashur M., Hon.
Coe, Ashur M., Hon.
Coe, Benjamin F.
Coe, Catharine (Mrs. William McKinney)
Coe, Charles
Coe, Charles W.
Coe, David L., Rev.
Coe, Emily M.
Coe, H. B.
Coe, H. H.
Coe, H., Rev.
Coe, Harriet H.
Coe, Harveius, A.M., Rev.
Coe, Harveius, Rev.
Coe, Harvey
Coe, Harvey, Hon.
Coe, Harvey, Rev.
Coe, Harvey, Rev.
Coe, Henry
Coe, Henry H.
Coe, Henry. Hayes
Coe, Horatio
Coe, Horatio B.
Coe, J. M.
Coe, Jane P.
Coe, John M.
Coe, John Milton
Coe, John Milton ("M.")
Coe, John P.
Coe, M., Mrs.
Coe, Marion W.
Coe, Matilda, Mrs.
Coe, Mr.
Coe, O. R.
Coe, Olive S.
Coe, Orrin A.
Coe, R.
Coe, S. S.
Coe, Samuel S.
Coe, Seymour W.
Coe, Silas
Coe, Silas
Coe, Truman, A.M., Rev.
Coe, Truman, Rev.
Coe, V.
Coe, Wales
Coe, William
Coehn, F. I.
Coffeen, Goldsmith, Jr.
Coffey, Addison
Coffin, Albert J.
Coffin, Caroline
Coffin, Charles D.
Coffin, Charles F.
Coffin, Elijah
Coffin, Jackson
Coffin, Lorenzo S.
Coffin, Martha E.
Coffin, Naomi
Coffin, William C.
Coffinberry, Andrew.
Coffing, Jackson
Coffman, Henry C.
Coffman, Michael.
Coggeshall, Sophia, Elder
Coggeshall, William T.
Coggswell, Benjamin Sylvester
Cogley, Dr.
Cogswell, Benjamin S.
Cogswell, Caroline
Cogswell, F. F.
Cogswell, Frederick S.
Cogswell, O.
Cohen, F. J.
Cohen, J.
Cohoon, Edwin A.
Cohoon, Laura
Coie, Le Grand
Coiner, Leander
Coit, Charles B.
Coit, H. H.
Coit, Joseph
Coit, Kimberly and Co.
Coke, Coke, Rev. Dr.
Coke, Thomas, Bp.
Colahan, Alexander
Colahan, H. A.
Colahan, James
Colahan, Julian
Colahan, Samuel
Colahan, Thomas
Colburn, Achsah
Colburn, Achsah
Colburn, Achsah (Mrs. Elijah Lyman)
Colburn, L. Sophia
Colburn, Lydia S.
Colburn, Serah
Colburn, Valentine
Colby, E. S.
Colby, Isaac
Colby, J., Dr.
Colby, O. C.
Colby, William
Colden, Cadwallader
Cole, Adoniram J.
Cole, Benjamin
Cole, Benjamin
Cole, Benjamin R.
Cole, Benjamin, A.B.
Cole, Benjamin, A.B.,1840; Seminary,1843
Cole, C., Dr.
Cole, Charles
Cole, Devine H.
Cole, Dr.
Cole, Edmund H.
Cole, Edward
Cole, Eliza
Cole, Eliza J.
Cole, Eliza Jane (Mrs. Orville T. Phelps)
Cole, Hiram
Cole, James
Cole, James O.
Cole, John, M.D.
Cole, Joseph, M.D.
Cole, Julia A.
Cole, Julius C.
Cole, Leonard
Cole, Martha M.
Cole, Rector
Cole, Rector E.
Cole, Rhodelia M.
Cole, Roselin E.
Cole, Rozetta F.
Cole, Rozette F.
Cole, Samuel
Cole, Samuel
Cole, Samuel, Rev.
Cole, Samuel, Seminary, 1839
Cole, Sarah E.
Cole, Sarah E.
Cole, Sarah E., Miss
Cole, Sidney
Cole, Solomon
Cole, Williston
Colegrove, James
Coleman, A. C.
Coleman, A. S.
Coleman, Alba
Coleman, Albert S.
Coleman, Catharine E.
Coleman, David
Coleman, David, M.D.
Coleman, Dorcas
Coleman, Dr.
Coleman, E., Dr.
Coleman, Elias
Coleman, Elias B.C.
Coleman, Francis
Coleman, Francis (Mary R. Miles; m. Jan. 8, 1852
Coleman, H.
Coleman, Horace
Coleman, J. G.
Coleman, James
Coleman, John
Coleman, John W.
Coleman, L.
Coleman, Lauren
Coleman, Laurin
Coleman, Mary A.
Coleman, Mary A.
Coleman, Mr.
Coleman, P. M.
Coleman, Prudence, Mrs.
Coleman, W. A.
Coleman, W. L.
Coleman, Wesley
Coleman, William A.
Coleman, William E.
Coleman, William L.
Coleman, William Lewis ("L.")
Coleman, William Lewis ("L.")
Coleman, William Lewis ("L."), A.B.
Coleman, William Lewis ("L."), A.B.
Coleman, William Lewis ("L."), A.B.,1843; Seminary,1846
Coler, William N.
Colerick, Charles
Coles, Edward F.
Coles, Isaac
Colhoun, Mary
Colhoun, Mary S.
Colin S. MacKenzie
Colin S. Mackenzie and Co.
Colin S. McKenzie
Colkins, James
Coll, Thomas
Collar, Dr.
Collard, Patrick
Collett, Joshua
Colley, James A.
Colley, Joseph
Collier, Allen.
Collier, Ann M.
Collier, Ann M.
Collier, D. L.
Collier, D. L., Esq.
Collier, Daniel L.
Collier, Daniel L., Esq.
Collier, Elizabeth
Collier, Elizabeth
Collier, Emma
Collier, Emma
Collier, George H.
Collier, George H. (Sybel A. Smith, m. Dec. 19, 1853), A.B.,1853; A.M.,1856; LL.D., U. Nebraska,1882; Ph.D.,Pacific Univ.,1885
Collier, J.
Collier, James
Collier, James, Esq.
Collier, Marcellus
Collier, William
Collings, Joel
Collins and Bingham
Collins, Abigail R.
Collins, Albinas
Collins, Alexander
Collins, Alexander L.
Collins, C. G.
Collins, Dr.
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Enoch, M.D.
Collins, Erasmus B.
Collins, George A.
Collins, Joel
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, John A.
Collins, M. E.
Collins, Margaret
Collins, Martin B.
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Mary C.
Collins, Patrick
Collins, Peter
Collins, Preston
Collins, R., Dr.
Collins, Sally
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sarah J.
Collins, Simeon
Collins, Willliam
Collister, Candace M.
Collister, Frances M.
Collister, John
Collister, William
Collum, M.
Colman, J. L.
Colman, L.
Colman, Loeb
Colman, P., Mrs.
Colman, Prudence, Mrs.
Coloney, C. E.
Colson, Patty
Coltart, William
Colthard, William
Colton and Merrill
Colton, Carlos
Colton, Chauncey
Colton, Chauncey, D.D., Rev.
Colton, Dr.
Colton, Eleazer W.
Colton, George W.
Colton, Sharon
Colton, Sheldon Pease
Coltrin, Amelia
Coltrin, Dolly A.
Coltrin, Dolly Ann
Coltrin, Eliza
Coltrin, Mary
Coltrin, Sarah
Coltrin, Sarah E.
Coltrin, William
Colt's Patent Repeating Rife
Columbiana House
Columbus and Cincinnati Stage Office
Columbus Fire Insurance Co.
Columbus Fire Insurance Company
Columbus Insurance Co.
Colver, Franklin B.
Colver, Julia F.
Colvin, Dexter, Capt.
Colvin, Hosea
Colwell, Amanda
Colwell, Amanda N.
Colwell, Lucinda, Mrs.
Colwell, Sarah A.
Colwell, Sophia A.
Coman, Marcia A.
Coman, Marcia M.
Combes, Henry P.
Combes, Henry P., M.D.
Comfort, William A.
Comfort, William Andrew
Comfort, William M.
Comingo, H. G., Rev.
Comingo, H. G., Rev.
Comingo, Hannah C.
Comings, Elam Jewett ("J.")
Comings, Elam Jewett ("J."), A.B.
Comings, Elam Jewett ("J."), A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841
Comings, Mr.
Comley, Commodore Perry
Comly, W. F.
Commercial Bank of Lake Erie
Commercial Branch Bank
Commercial Branch Bank, Branch State Bank of Ohio
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Exchange
Commercial Hotel
Commercial House
Commercial Line-New York Canal
Commercial Line-Ohio Canal
Commercial Temperance House
Commissioner of Deeds of Michigan
Commissioner of Deeds of Vermont
Commissioner of Insolvents
Commissioner of Insolvent's Office, Cuyahoga Co.
Commoad, James
Compton, Charles
Comstock, Abigail (Mrs. Robert B. McBride)
Comstock, Anna, Mrs.
Comstock, Calvin B.
Comstock, David
Comstock, Dr.
Comstock, Frederick
Comstock, George
Comstock, Harriet
Comstock, J.
Comstock, James
Comstock, Joseph O.
Comstock, Leander
Comstock, Leander, A.B.
Comstock, Leander, A.M.
Comstock, Lucy A.
Comstock, M., Esq.
Comstock, Matthew
Comstock, Sarah Jane, Miss
Comstock, Seymour
Conant, Abigail J. (Mrs. Moffit)
Conant, George E.
Conant, George E., M.D.
Conant, H., Dr.
Conant, Henry, M.D., Honorary
Conant, Mary (Mrs. Lynch)
Conant, Watson
Conaway, Henry
Concert Hall
Concklin, Edward
Concklin, Joshua
Concklin, Samuel
Conclin, George
Conclin, Helen
Conclin, William
Conde, Garcia
Condit, Amzi B.
Condit, Caroline
Condit, David
Condit, Hannah M., Miss
Condit, James
Condon, Edward
Condon, Joseph
Condon, Richard D.
Condor, William
Cone, Anderson
Cone, Augustus
Cone, Augustus
Cone, Augustus, A.B.
Cone, Calvin
Cone, Charles, Sen.
Cone, Ellen
Cone, F. M.
Cone, George
Cone, George W.
Cone, Hannah F. (Mrs. Gordon)
Cone, Harriet A.
Cone, James
Cone, Joseph S.
Cone, Mary E.
Cone, Mary Elizabeth ("E.")
Cone, Mary Elizabeth ("E.") (Mrs. Charles Cleveland Breed), Literature,1850
Cone, Mary Elizabeth ("E."), Miss
Cone, Mrs.
Cone, S. R.
Cone, Sullivan
Cone, Sullivan S.
Cone, Sylvester
Coney, Mr.
Congar, Horace
Congdon, G. C.
Congdon, George W.
Congdon, Sarah E.
Conger, E., Rev.
Conger, Enoch, Rev.
Conger, Greenwood
Conger, J. P.
Conger, James E.
Conger, James L.
Conger, Mary D.
Conger, Omar D.
Conger, Omar Dwight
Conger, Omar Dwight
Congor, Joseph
Conkey, Albert
Conkey, Harriet E.
Conklin, E. F.
Conklin, Edward
Conklin, H. S., M.D.
Conklin, J. S.
Conklin, R. H., Rev.
Conklin, Timothy
Conkling, Charles
Conkling, Charles
Conkling, Henry
Conkling, Stephen
Conkling, William T. ("J.")
Conkling, William T. ("J.")
Conkright, Hannah M.
Conlan, J. J., M.D.
Conlan, James
Conlan, James, Mrs.
Conlan, Peter
Conley, James
Conley, Joseph
Conley, Owen
Conley, William
Conlis, Patrick
Conlon, Rev. Messr.
Conn, Alexander
Conn, P. B.
Conn, Rebecca T.
Conn, Reuben R.
Conn, Robert L.
Conn, W. A.
Conn, William A.
Connally, James, Capt.
Connarture, T.
Conneaut Association
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Connel, Z.
Connell, James
Connell, John
Connell, William
Connelly, Dr.
Conner, Abram
Conner, James
Conner, Martha A.
Conner, Martha A.
Conner, Mary C.
Conner, Mary C.
Conner, Michael
Conner, Orrin
Conner, Orwen
Conner, P. S., M.D.
Conner, R.
Conner, Thomas
Connolly, C., Mrs.
Connolly, Jonas, Capt.
Connolly, Patrick
Connoly, James
Connorture, Thomas
Conoly, Patrick
Conover, Alexander G.
Conover, Caroline
Conover, Caroline
Conover, Harriet
Conover, Harriet A.
Conover, Harriet Ann
Conover, James F.
Conover, James F.
Conover, O. M.
Conover, Wilbur
Conrad Fink, Jr.
Conrad Kaler
Conrad, Charles M.
Conrad, Hilman
Conrad, John
Conser, James B.
Constable, Robert E.
Contribution Ship Fire Insurance Co.
Convers, Charles C.
Convers, Charles Cleveland
Converse, Charles C.
Converse, E.
Converse, E. D.W.C.
Converse, Henry
Converse, Henry F.
Converse, Hiram D.
Converse, I. S.
Converse, Israel S.
Converse, Jude
Conway, John W.
Conwell, Abraham
Conwell, Ann E.
Conwell, William
Cook and Maxwell
Cook, Alpheus
Cook, Amelia G.
Cook, Amos
Cook, Ann
Cook, Ann
Cook, Artemisia (Mrs. Salathiel C. Coffinberry; m. Jan. 18, 1843)
Cook, C. D.
Cook, Caspar G.
Cook, Charles C., M.D.
Cook, Cornelius
Cook, Daniel M.
Cook, Dr.
Cook, E., Miss
Cook, Edward
Cook, Eugene
Cook, F., Dr.
Cook, Friend
Cook, Friend, M.D.
Cook, George
Cook, H.
Cook, H. V.D.
Cook, H., Mrs.
Cook, Helen
Cook, Helen
Cook, Helen (Mrs. Augustine Barker), Literature,1846
Cook, Horace
Cook, Ira
Cook, Isaac
Cook, Isaiah
Cook, J.
Cook, J. B.
Cook, J. T.
Cook, James
Cook, James N.
Cook, James N.
Cook, Jerris ("Jervis") H.
Cook, John
Cook, John F.
Cook, John L.
Cook, Jonathan R.
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Joseph T.
Cook, Joseph T. ("L."), A.M.,Honorary,1865
Cook, Julia A. (Mrs. John N. Wheat)
Cook, Kaufman
Cook, L.
Cook, Louisa M.
Cook, Lydia P.
Cook, Lyman
Cook, Mary S. (Mrs. George M. Herrington)
Cook, Matthew Scott.
Cook, Mr.
Cook, Nelson
Cook, Nelson
Cook, Nelson W.
Cook, Nelson, Seminary,1843
Cook, Otto N.
Cook, Pardon
Cook, Pardon O.
Cook, Philip
Cook, Phillip
Cook, Richard
Cook, Richard, Jr.
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Samuel M.
Cook, Sarah
Cook, Sarah P. (Mrs. Spencer Summerlin; m. April 1858)
Cook, Seldon S.
Cook, T. E., Mrs.
Cook, T. M.
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas M.
Cook, Thomas McCurdy, M.D.
Cook, Thomas, M.D.
Cook, W. P.
Cook, W. R.
Cook, Wellington
Cook, William M.
Cook, William W.
Cook, William W.
Cook, Wright
Cook, Zimri
Cooke, Charles C., M.D.
Cooke, E.
Cooke, Erastus
Cooke, J. J.
Cooke, Joseph S.
Cooke, Josiah B.
Cooke, Leander Dwight
Cooke, Pitt
Cooke, Rebecca S., Miss
Cooke, Richard
Cooke,, Eleutheus
Cool, John
Coole, Benjamin
Cooley, Charles H.
Cooley, Charles H., A.B.
Cooley, Charles H., M.A.
Cooley, Charles K.
Cooley, E. A.
Cooley, Hester (Mrs. J.M. Lathrop)
Cooley, James, Esq.
Cooley, Lydia C.
Cooley, Lydia C. (Mrs. Thomas Husted)
Cooley, Moses H.
Cooley, Moses Hastings
Cooley, Rachel H., Miss
Cooley, Reuel
Cooley, Reuel, Seminary,1846
Cooley, Rosamond F.
Cooley, Sylvenus ("Silvenus") S.
Coolidge, George F.
Coolidge, William P.
Coombs, Joseph LJ.
Coon, Dr.
Coon, H. F.
Coon, Henry
Coon, Hester H.
Coon, J.
Coon, Jeremiah
Coon, John
Coon, Mathew
Coon, Matthew
Coon, Nancy B.
Cooney, Hervey
Coonrad, Joseph
Coonrad, Samuel
Coons, A. N.
Cooper and Cross
Cooper, Adaline
Cooper, Alfred
Cooper, Andrew
Cooper, C.
Cooper, Carey
Cooper, Carey W.
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, E.
Cooper, Elihu
Cooper, F.
Cooper, James Fenimore
Cooper, Jane L.
Cooper, Jay
Cooper, Jay D.
Cooper, John
Cooper, Lestly
Cooper, Lucinda K.
Cooper, Lucy
Cooper, Margaret E.
Cooper, Margaret F.
Cooper, Marietta B.
Cooper, Mariette B.
Cooper, Mary E.
Cooper, Mr.
Cooper, R. G., Esq.
Cooper, Rebecca J.
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Samuel
Cooper, Samuel Freeman ("F.")
Cooper, Samuel Freeman ("F."), A.B.,1851; A.M.,1856
Cooper, Samuel L.
Cooper, Samuel, M.D.
Cooper, Thomas, Rev.
Cooper, Urban, Rev.
Cooper, William
Cooper, William C.
Cooper, William L.
Coote, Charles, Sir
Coover, Sarah
Cope, George
Cope, Herman
Copeland, Agnes
Copeland, Agnes M.
Copeland, Isaac C.
Copeland, John C.
Copeland, Jonathan
Copeland, Jonathan, Jr.
Copeland, Jonathan, Jr.
Copeland, Jonathan, Seminary,1844
Copeland, Mary B.
Copelen, Isaac C.
Copelen, Issac C.
Copelen, J. C.
Copp, Dr.
Copp, J. M., Dr.
Coppoch, Frederick
Coppock, Joseph
Coppock, Rachel
Coram, J. R.
Corbecler, Augustus
Corbeill, A.
Corbel, Augustine
Corben and Wade
Corbett, Alfred
Corbin, Elijah
Corbin, Lewis
Corbin, William
Corbine, (child)
Corbine, Bridget
Corbitt, William
Corcoran, D. D.
Corcoran, D. D.
Corcoran, Denis
Corcoran, Dennis
Cordes, Charles
Cordley, Christopher Minta
Cordley, Christopher Minta, Rev.
Cordna, Henry
Core, R. W.
Coredon and Sargeant
Corey, Abel M
Corey, Abijah W.
Corey, Caroline
Corey, Charles
Corey, Elnathan
Corey, Ipatia
Corkins, Cornelius C.
Corlet and Cobbin
Corlet and Cubbin
Corlet, Charles
Corlet, Daniel
Corlet, John
Corlet, Mrs.
Corlet, Phillip
Corlet, Robert
Corlet, Thomas
Corlet, William
Corlett and Cubbon
Corlett, Charles
Corlett, Daniel
Corlett, Eliza H.
Corlett, Jane S. (Mrs. Henry Clarke)
Corlett, John
Corlett, Mary Ann
Corlett, Phillip
Corlett, Robert
Corlett, Thomas
Corlett, Thomas
Corlett, Thomas, A.B.
Corlett, Thomas, A.B.,1845; A.M.,1850
Corlett, William
Corley, Christopher Minta
Cormal, A.
Corman, D.
Cormond, James
Corn Exchange
Corn, Jesse
Corn, Phillip
Corn, Timothy
Corn, William
Cornell, A.
Cornell, A. B.
Cornell, Dr.
Cornell, Lotrop
Cornell, Miller
Cornes, George, Jr.
Cornet, Alexander
Cornet, Daniel
Corney, James
Corning, Andrew
Corning, Edward S.
Corning, Emily
Corning, Emily P.
Corning, Jane R.
Corning, Malvina A.
Corning, S.
Corning, Solon
Corning, William E.
Corning, William W.
Cornolt, (no name)
Cornwall, David H.
Cornwall, Isaac Darron ("D.")
Cornwall, Isaac Darron ("D."), Seminary,1838
Cornwell, Charles
Cornwell, David
Cornwell, Isaac Darron ("D.")
Corp, Joseph
Corp, Olive M.
Corr, James
Corrigan, Patrick
Corrill, John
Corrill, John (Carrill).
Corry, W.
Cortlett, Mr.
Corwin, Cornelia
Corwin, Daniel
Corwin, F.
Corwin, H.
Corwin, Ira, Rev.
Corwin, Matthias
Corwin, Matthias, Jr.
Corwin, Moses B.
Corwin, Thomas
Corwin, Thomas
Corwine, D. M.
Cory, Benjamin
Cory, Nathan
Coryell, A. B., Dr.
Coryell, Dr.
Cosford, Thomas
Cosgrove, Thomas T.
Cosner, John, Elder
Cossett, Dr.
Cossitt, Dr.
Costigan, William
Costigon, William
Cotterell, Clark W.
Cotterell, J.
Cotterell, James
Cotterell, John
Cotterell, Joseph
Cotterell, L. D.
Cotterell, Lorenzo D.
Cotterell, M. S.
Cotterell, M. S., Jr.
Cotterell, Mathew
Cotterell, Mathew, Jr.
Cotterell, Matthew S.
Cotterell, Matthew S., Jr.
Cotterell, Thomas
Cotterell, William
Cottle, John
Cotton, Benton
Cotton, C.
Cotton, Hannah M.
Cotton, Hannah M.
Cotton, Hannah M., Miss
Cotton, Huston
Cotton, J.
Cotton, John
Cotton, John T.
Cotton, John, M.D.
Cotton, Josiah D.
Cotton, L. L.
Cotton, Mannah M.
Cotton, O. H.
Cotton, S.
Cotton, Sharon
Cotton, Susan B., Miss
Cotton, William
Cottrell, Almon.
Cottrell, Charles
Cottrell, Colton
Cottrell, Emeline
Cottrell, Emeline O.
Cottrell, Norman
Couch, Dr.
Couch, Jesup N.
Couchman, Milo
Coulson, Lydia J.
Coulson, William
Coulter and Finnigan
Coulter, Alexander D.
Coulter, Coulter
Coulter, Dr.
Coulter, J. P., Dr.
Coulter, James H.
Coulter, James Harvey, M.D.
Coulter, James P.
Coulter, John P.
Council Chamber
Councilman, Leah.
Courlbut, George
Courser, Thomas
Court House
Court of Common Pleas
Courtenay, Ralph St. Clair
Courtnay, Emma S.
Courtright, M.
Courtright, Moses S.
Cousins, Moses
Cousins, Moses, Jr.
Cousins, Moses, M.D.
Cousins, Nancy
Covell, Marion
Cover, I., Rev.
Covert, Jacob
Covert, John
Covill, E. Mills
Covington Factory
Cowan, D. M.
Cowan, David M.
Cowan, J.
Cowan, William
Cowden, Dr.
Cowden, John W.
Cowder, Stephen F.
Cowders, W. W.
Cowdery, Carolina E.
Cowdery, Caroline E.
Cowdery, Dyer L.
Cowdery, Helen M.
Cowdery, John S.
Cowdery, Lucy
Cowdery, Lucy (Mrs. James A. Noyes)
Cowdery, Lyman E.
Cowdery, Lyman H.
Cowdery, M F.
Cowdery, M. F.
Cowdery, Marcellus ("M.") F.
Cowdery, Marcellus F.
Cowdery, Martha M.
Cowdery, Mary O.
Cowdery, Oliver
Cowdery, Oliver P.
Cowdery, Sarah
Cowdery, Sophia A.
Cowdery, William J.
Cowen, Benjamin S.
Cowen, Jackson
Cowen, John
Cowgill, John P.
Cowle, Henry
Cowles and Albertson
Cowles, A.
Cowles, A. W., Mrs.
Cowles, Alfred
Cowles, Alfred
Cowles, Alice W., Mrs.
Cowles, Betsey M.
Cowles, Betsey M., Miss
Cowles, Betsey Mix ("M.")
Cowles, Betsey Mix ("M.")
Cowles, Betsey Mix ("M."), Literature,1840
Cowles, Caroline E.
Cowles, Charles
Cowles, Charles
Cowles, Charles, M.D.
Cowles, Cornelia H.
Cowles, Cornelia Seymour
Cowles, E. W., Dr.
Cowles, Edward
Cowles, Edwin
Cowles, Edwin W.
Cowles, Edwin W., Dr.
Cowles, Elizabeth C.
Cowles, Giles H.
Cowles, H. B.
Cowles, Havens
Cowles, Hector K.
Cowles, Helen M.
Cowles, Helen Maria ("M.")
Cowles, Helen Maria ("M.") (Mrs. Wheeler)
Cowles, Henry
Cowles, Henry B.
Cowles, Henry, Prof.
Cowles, Henry, Prof.
Cowles, Henry, Rev.
Cowles, James, A.B.
Cowles, James, A.B., Yale
Cowles, John P., Rev.
Cowles, John W.
Cowles, John W. (Guiteau Welch), A.B.,1856; Seminary,1859; A.M.,1859; LL.D.,1898
Cowles, Joseph B.
Cowles, Joseph R.
Cowles, Joseph S.
Cowles, Julia
Cowles, Julia W.
Cowles, Lewis (Davenport)
Cowles, Lewis D.
Cowles, Lewis Davenport ("D.")
Cowles, M. D. P., Mrs.
Cowles, M. D.P., Mrs.
Cowles, Maria, Miss
Cowles, Mary
Cowles, Maryett D.
Cowles, Orin
Cowles, R.
Cowles, Ralph
Cowles, Rockwell
Cowles, Royal
Cowles, Samuel
Cowles, Sarah F. ("J.")
Cowles, Sarah Florella ("F.") (Mrs. Thomas H. Little; m. July 14, 1862), A.B.,1859; A.M.,1862
Cowles, Thomas
Cowles, Wesley
Cowley, Robert
Cowley, Thomas
Cowling, Edmund
Cowls, Samuel
Cowpe, William
Cowper, William
Cowse, Helen ("H.") C. (Mrs. William B. Lewis)
Cox, Anna
Cox, Asher
Cox, C. S.
Cox, Dr.
Cox, E. B.
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Ellen E.
Cox, George
Cox, Isaac
Cox, Jacob ("J.") Dolson
Cox, Jacob ("J.") Dolson
Cox, Jacob ("J.") Dolson, A.B.,1851; A.M.,1854; LL.D., Denison,1866; LL.D., U. North Carolina, 1867; LL.D., Yale,1877
Cox, Jacob ("J.") Dolson, Jr.
Cox, James W.
Cox, James White, M.D.
Cox, Jane K.
Cox, Jane Kesia
Cox, John
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Kenyon
Cox, Kenyon (Adelaide Saxton; m. Sept. 28, 1852)
Cox, Levi
Cox, Maria E.
Cox, Maria E.
Cox, Mary M.
Cox, Milicent, Elder
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Nancy B.
Cox, Robert
Cox, Sabram (B.)
Cox, Sabram B.
Cox, Susan
Cox, Susan (Mrs. Philander Chandler; m. Dec. 15, 1858)
Cox, Susan E.
Cox, Teressa
Cox, Terressa
Cox, William
Coxe, Edward D.
Coxe, Eliza
Coxe, Eliza J.
Coxe, Lydia
Coxe, Miss, Miss.
Coxhead, Thomas C.
Coy, Daniel
Coy, Jacob
Coy, James
Coy, Joel
Coy, John
Coy, Sophia Butler ("B.")
Coy, Sophia Butler ("B.") (Mrs. Andrew J. Drake)
Coyl, Randolph
Coyle, James S.
Coyle, Perry
Coyle, Robert E.
Coyne, Joseph
Cozad, Ethan A.B.
Cozad, Ethan Allen Brown
Cozad, Justus L.
Cozzens Saloon
Cozzens, A.
Cozzens, Alfred
Cozzens, M.
Cozzens, Miron
Cozzens, Moses
Cozzens, Myron
Crabb, Benjamin
Crabb, Benjamin, M.D.
Crabbs, Dr.
Crabbs, J., Dr.
Crabbs, Jacob
Crabbs, Jacob, M.D.
Craboy, Bridget
Cracraft, J. W.
Cracraft, J. W., Rev.
Craddish, Richard
Craddock, Richard
Craft, Caroline
Craft, Caroline S.
Cragen, Nicholas
Crager, John
Cragle, P.
Craig, Abraham H.
Craig, Elizabeth A.
Craig, George
Craig, J., Dr.
Craig, James
Craig, James W.
Craig, John ("J.") D.
Craig, John D.
Craig, Louisa A.
Craig, Margaret
Craig, Margaret A.
Craig, Margaret A.
Craig, Susan
Craig, Thomas
Craig, W.
Craig, W. H.
Craig, William
Craig, William
Craig, William S.
Craig, William, M.D.
Craighill, Fenton M.
Craighill, Fenton M., A.B.
Crail, Luther
Crain, E. M., Dr.
Craine, Charles M.
Cram, Anna B.
Cram, Dr.
Cram, John O. O.
Cram, Rebecca
Cram, Rebecca N.
Cramby, Henry
Cramer, A. S.
Cramer, Alexander S.
Cramer, Helen E.
Cramer, Howard
Cramer, Howard, A.B.,1848; A.M,1856
Cramer, J. T.
Cramer, John
Cramer, Michael
Cramer, Tobias
Crames, Jacob
Cramp, Ann
Cramp, Henry
Cramp, William
Crandal, Matilda C.
Crandal, Sarah E.
Crandall, E. D.
Crandall, Elizabeth S.
Crandall, William
Crane, Amanda, Mrs.
Crane, Charles E.
Crane, Dr.
Crane, Elias
Crane, H. O., Dr.
Crane, Henry
Crane, Hiram
Crane, Horace O.
Crane, Horace Orlando, M.D.
Crane, Isaac L.
Crane, James L.
Crane, John
Crane, John J.
Crane, Joseph H.
Crane, Mr.
Crane, S. R., Rev.
Crane, Simeon H., Rev.
Crane, Stephen
Crane, Thurston
Crane, William
Crane, William
Cranell, William
Crangle and Bailey
Crangle and Baileys
Crangle, Bailey and Co.
Crangle, J.
Crangle, John
Crank, George
Cranny, Clarissa
Cranston, Barzillai
Cranston, Sarah E.
Cranston, T. J.
Crary, Addison
Crary, Augustus A.
Crary, Christoper G.
Crary, Christopher G.
Crary, Floyd. R.
Crary, Georgiana M.
Crary, Marion A.
Crary, Stella A.
Crary, Stephen
Crary, Vinginia H.
Cratty, George W.
Cravan, J. P.
Cravath, George J.
Craven, Henry
Craven, John
Craven, Thomas
Craven, William H., Jr.
Craw, J. A.
Craw, J. M.
Craw, James
Craw, James A.
Craw, James M.
Craw, William
Craw, William V.
Crawford and Ashley
Crawford and Chamberlin
Crawford and Myers
Crawford, Benjamin
Crawford, Dr.
Crawford, Hugh
Crawford, J. H.
Crawford, James
Crawford, James, M.D.
Crawford, John
Crawford, John
Crawford, John Davis
Crawford, John H.
Crawford, John S.
Crawford, John Stewart, M.D.
Crawford, L.
Crawford, Lemuel
Crawford, Lucy
Crawford, Mark
Crawford, Mary
Crawford, Mary A.
Crawford, Mrs.
Crawford, Robert, M.D.
Crawford, Sarah
Crawford, Sarah J.
Crawford, Susan
Crawford, Thomas
Crawford, Thomas M.
Crawford, W.
Crawford, Willard
Crayon, William S.
Creal, John
Creal, Joseph
Creamer, James
Creed, John
Creed, John?
Creed, William
Creed, William P.
Creel, E., Mrs.
Creel, Sarah E.
Cregg, Thomas
Creigh, Thomas
Creigh, Thomas, Jr.
Creighton, David Meade
Creighton, Samuel T.
Creighton, William
Creighton, William
Creighton, William, Jr.
Creighton, William, Jr., Esq.
Creighton, William, Sen.
Crellan, John
Crellin, Henry
Crellin, John
Crellin, Martha
Crellin, William K.
Cremas, Jacob
Crennell, William
Cresap, Richard R.
Cressey, Timothy Robinson
Cressy, T. R.
Crestenburgh, Levi
Crevening, E. N.L.
Crew, Dr.
Crew, Henry
Crew, Henry
Crewdson, Isaac
Crewdson, William Dilworth
Crichfield, Isaac
Crichfield, Mr.
Cridland, Ezra
Crist, J. B.
Crist, J. B.
Cristy, John
Criswick, John
Criswick, M.
Critchfield, Christie
Critchfield, John
Critchfield, Leander J.
Critchfield, Leander J.
Critchfield, Meshee
Critchfield, S. T.
Critchfield, S. T., M.D.
Critchfield, W. J.
Crittenden, Dr.
Crittenden, E. W.
Crittenden, J. E.
Crittenden, J. H.
Crittenden, J. H., Mrs.
Crittenden, John J.
Crittenden, Joseph H.
Crittenden, L. W., Dr.
Crittenden, Lyman B.
Crittenden, Mrs.
Crittenden, N. E.
Crittenden, Newton E.
Crittenden, S. W.
Crittenden, Salmon Hodges
Crittenden, Samuel Worcester
Crittenden, Sarah L.
Crittenden, Seth W.
Crittendens, Mrs.
Crobaugh, J.
Crocker, Charles
Crocker, Davis J.
Crocker, Dr.
Crocker, E.
Crocker, Eliza M. (Mrs. Eusebius Mixer)
Crocker, Joseph
Crocker, Joseph B.
Crocker, T. C.
Crocker, Timothy Doan
Crocker, Walter
Crocker, Walter, M.D.
Crocker, William
Crockett, Davy
Croft, Elizabeth A.
Croft, John
Croft, Mary
Croft, Thomas F.
Crofutt, Erastus
Crofutt, Erastus H.
Crogan, J.
Crogan, N.
Croger, Nicholas
Crolley, Adam
Crolley, John
Crolly, Adam
Crolly, D.
Crolly, John
Croly, A.
Cromley, Dr.
Cromley, J. M., Dr.
Crompton, Ralph
Cromwell, J., Dr.
Cromwell, Oliver
Cromwell, Peter
Cron, John
Cronan, Dennis
Croninger, M.
Crook, Dr.
Crook, O., Dr.
Crooker, Emeline Mason ("M.")
Crooker, Emeline Mason ("M.")
Crooker, Emeline Mason ("M."), Literature,1847
Crooks, John
Crooks, John W.
Crooks, John W., M.D.
Crooks, Joseph, A.B.
Crooks, Joseph, M.D.
Cropper, George
Crosbie, Peter J.
Crosby, A. B.
Crosby, A. L.
Crosby, A., Rev. Prof.
Crosby, Enoch
Crosby, Lucien
Crosby, Maria, Miss
Crosby, Minerva S.
Crosby, Minerva S. (Mrs. Cornelius S. Powers)
Crosby, T.
Crosby, Theophilus
Crosby, William E.
Cross and Parks
Cross, A. A.
Cross, A. A., M.D.
Cross, Catherine
Cross, Charles G.
Cross, D. C.
Cross, D. W.
Cross, D. W.
Cross, D. W., S.
Cross, David
Cross, David W.
Cross, Dr.
Cross, G.
Cross, George
Cross, James
Cross, James B.
Cross, Jane E.
Cross, Jeremiah
Cross, Lewis
Cross, Mr.
Cross, Philip
Cross, Samuel E.
Cross, Thomas
Crossman, Sara W.
Crossman, William
Crothers, Samuel
Croton Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
Crouse, Catharine
Crouse, David
Crouse, David
Crouse, Garret
Crouse, Jehu W.
Crouse, John T.
Crouse, John, Jr.
Crouse, Mary
Crouse, Sallie J.
Crouse, Sarah J.
Crow, Thomas
Crow, William
Crowe, Sarah A.
Crowe, Thomas
Crowell, J. William
Crowell, John, Hon.
Crowell, Orlando
Crowell, William
Crowin, Ira, Rev.
Crowley, Daniel
Crowninshield, Richard
Crowson, Charles
Crozier, Hiram P.
Crull, Dr.
Crull, Peter
Crull, William M.
Crull, William Manly, M.D.
Crumbly, John
Cruse, Joseph
Crusoe, Robinson
Cruson, William
Cruthers, David W.
Cruthers, David W., M.D.
Cruttenden, R.
Cruttenden, Richard
Cubben, John
Cubben, William
Cubbin, John
Cubbin, William
Cubbon, William
Cuenin, John
Cuin, William
Culbertson, Benjamin
Culbertson, Elizabeth A.
Culbertson, Ellen
Culbertson, J. C.
Culbertson, James
Culbertson, James
Culbertson, James, Rev.
Culbertson, Lavinia
Culbertson, None Given
Culbertson, Samuel
Culbertson, William L.
Culett, Daniel
Cullamore, Mrs.
Cullen, C.
Cullen, Christopher
Cullen, Mary A.
Cullen, P.
Cullimore, Thomas
Cullimore, William
Cullum, Jane B.
Cullum, William T.
Cully, Christopher
Culpin, Caleb
Culver, Francis
Culver, Franklin
Culver, Henry
Culver, Sarah L.
Cumberland, Emanuel
Cumberland, Penelope P.
Cumberland, William
Cumings("Cummings"), Alonzo (Lee)
Cumings("Cummings"), Alonzo (Lee) (Mary L. Bishop, m. Dec. 27, 1887)
Cumley, C. P.
Cumley, C. Perry
Cumming, Edward H., A.M.
Cumming, Edward H., Esq.
Cumming, Edward H., M.A.
Cumming, John N.
Cumming, Warder
Cummings, Almira
Cummings, C.
Cummings, Dr.
Cummings, Eben J.
Cummings, Edy R.
Cummings, Elam J.
Cummings, Elizabeth
Cummings, Joseph
Cummings, Laura
Cummings, Maria
Cummings, Maria (Mrs. George B. Gaston)
Cummings, Robert J.
Cummings, Sophia
Cummings, Sophia (Mrs. Cephas Foster)
Cummings, T., Dr.
Cummings, William H.
Cummins, Benjamin
Cummins, Dr.
Cummins, George M.
Cummins, J. D.
Cummins, John D.
Cummins, M.
Cummins, M. S.
Cunning, John
Cunningham, Alexander
Cunningham, Allan
Cunningham, Amanda
Cunningham, Ardelia
Cunningham, Catharine
Cunningham, Catharine
Cunningham, Catherine
Cunningham, E. W.
Cunningham, Esther M.
Cunningham, Frederick
Cunningham, J. R.
Cunningham, J. W.
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John (Frances M. Kinne; m. April 20, 1847)
Cunningham, John A.
Cunningham, John F.
Cunningham, John R.
Cunningham, John R.
Cunningham, Joseph Oscar
Cunningham, Julia A.
Cunningham, Margaret
Cunningham, O., Dr.
Cunningham, Rozilla
Cunningham, S., Dr.
Cuppy, William P.
Curcier, Stephen
Curfman, Adam
Curgo, David
Curl, James
Curl, John
Curle, Eliza J.
Curran, Charles
Curran, John
Curran, Martin
Curran, Patrick
Curren, James
Curren, Martin
Curren, Stephen
Currey, Hiram M.
Currey, Hiram Mirick
Curricks, James W.
Currie, Alexander
Currie, James
Currie, Jane
Currie, Margaret A.
Currier, E. G.
Currier, Granville
Currier, J. L.
Currier, James
Currier, Levi
Currin, Martin
Curry, Otway
Curtice, Dr.
Curtice, Solon
Curtice, Solon, M.D.
Curtis ("Curtiss"), Asher W.
Curtis ("Curtiss"), Cerepta
Curtis ("Curtiss"), John B.
Curtis and Bailey
Curtis, A.
Curtis, A. H.
Curtis, Adeliza M.
Curtis, Albert
Curtis, Almena A.
Curtis, Alva
Curtis, Amanda B.
Curtis, Andrew
Curtis, Asher Wright ("W.") (J. Louise Sturtevant, Aug. 29, 1860), A.B., Beloit,1853; A.M., Oberlin,1857; D.B., Chicago Sem.,1868; D.D., Shaw U.,1891
Curtis, B. F.
Curtis, C. R.S.
Curtis, Cerepta (Mrs. Jonathan Copeland)
Curtis, Charles
Curtis, Clorinda
Curtis, Cornelia
Curtis, Cynthia
Curtis, D. M.
Curtis, Eleroy
Curtis, Eleroy, A.B.
Curtis, Eleroy, A.B.
Curtis, Emily M.
Curtis, F. A., Esq.
Curtis, Frederick B.
Curtis, George
Curtis, George L.
Curtis, H. B., Esq.
Curtis, Harriet Jane ("J.") (Mrs. William Dean)
Curtis, Harvey
Curtis, Harvy M.
Curtis, Henry
Curtis, Henry B.
Curtis, Henry, Esq.
Curtis, Isabella E.
Curtis, J. H.
Curtis, James
Curtis, Jane, Miss
Curtis, John
Curtis, John B.
Curtis, Joshua
Curtis, Julius
Curtis, Julius H.
Curtis, Lester
Curtis, Loomis
Curtis, Lucian B.
Curtis, Lucy G.
Curtis, Maria C.
Curtis, Mary B.
Curtis, Mary B., Miss
Curtis, Mary J.
Curtis, Rebecca M.
Curtis, Samuel
Curtis, Samuel P.
Curtis, Samuel Ryan
Curtis, Sarah
Curtis, Sarah ("S.") Jane ("J."), Miss
Curtis, Sarah A.
Curtis, Sarah A.
Curtis, Sarah E.
Curtis, Sarah H.
Curtis, Sarah J.
Curtis, Sarah J.
Curtis, Sarah Jane ("J.")
Curtis, Sarah Jane ("J.") (Mrs. Asahel Nichols), A.B.,1846
Curtis, Sarah, Miss
Curtis, Seth
Curtis, Walter
Curtis, William T.
Curtiss ("Curtis"), Cynthia T., Miss
Curtiss and Bailey
Curtiss, A. H.
Curtiss, Charles H.
Curtiss, Cynthia T.
Curtiss, Cynthia T. (Mrs. Lorenzo F. Coffin)
Curtiss, Cynthia T., Miss
Curtiss, Eleroy, A.B.
Curtiss, Eleroy, Rev.
Curtiss, George L.
Curtiss, George Lewis
Curtiss, H., Mrs.
Curtiss, Harvey W.
Curtiss, Henry H.
Curtiss, J. K.
Curtiss, John
Curtiss, Julius H.
Curtiss, L. B.
Curtiss, Lewis
Curtiss, Lewis, Mr.
Curtiss, Mr.
Curtiss, Susan, Mrs.
Curtiss, W. D.
Curtiss, William
Curtiss, William S.
Curwen, M. E.
Curwen, Maskell E.
Cusack, Patrick
Cushing ("Cushman"), Sophia A.
Cushing and Clark
Cushing, Caleb
Cushing, Charles
Cushing, Cornelia
Cushing, Dr.
Cushing, E.
Cushing, E., Dr.
Cushing, E., Dr.
Cushing, E., M.D.
Cushing, Elam
Cushing, Erastus
Cushing, Erastus, M.D.
Cushing, H. K. W.
Cushing, Henry K., A.B.
Cushing, Isabella
Cushing, L.
Cushing, Lyman
Cushing, Richard
Cushing, W. V.H.
Cushing, William Van Horne
Cushman, Charles
Cushman, D. M.
Cushman, David M.
Cushman, Dr.
Cushman, Nathan
Cushman, Richard ("Richards"), A.B.
Cushman, Richard ("Richards"), Seminary,1847
Cushman, S. D.
Cushman, S. Dustin
Cushman, W. P., Dr.
Cushman, William Pitt ("P.")
Cusick, Patrick
Custead, W. W.
Custead, William W.
Custom House
Custom House, Port of Cleveland
Cuthbert, John S.
Cuthwaite and Blackwell
Cutler, Clarissa W.
Cutler, Ephraim
Cutler, Ephraim, Esq.
Cutler, Julia P.
Cutler, Lewis H.
Cutler, William P.
Cutler, William P., Esq.
Cutler, William P., Hon.
Cutter and Taylor
Cutter, A. D.
Cutter, A. D.
Cutter, A. D., Mrs.
Cutter, Abilene D.
Cutter, Edwin
Cutter, Lewis, Dr.
Cutter, O.
Cutter, O. B.
Cutter, Orlando
Cutter, Orlando B.
Cuttin, John H.
Cuyahoga Anti-Slavery Society
Cuyahoga County Prison
Cuyahoga County Total Abstinence Society
Cuyahoga Falls Coal Co.
Cuyahoga Furance Co.
Cuyahoga House
Cuyahoga Steam Furnace
Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Co.
Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Company
Cuyler, S. A., Mrs.
Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage.
Cyrus Belden Grocer
D. A. Eddy
D. A. Odell
D. A. Shepard and Co.
D. A. Shephard and Co.
D. Allen and Co.
D. and I. S. Griffith
D. and J. S. Griffith
D. and Nicholas Dockstader
D. C. Baldwin and Co.
D. C. Dodge
D. C. Tyler and Co.
D. Clark and Co.
D. Clark Grocery
D. Dean
D. Dean Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer
D. Denzer and Co.
D. E. Field
D. F. Lawton
D. F. McLeod
D. Fisk and Co.
D. Griffith
D. Griffith and Co.
D. H. Lamb
D. Hersh and Co.
D. J. Risser
D. Jones
D. Jones and Co.
D. Krehbiel
D. M. and W. Cowan
D. M. and William Cowan
D. M. Cowan
D. M. Haskell
D. Moony
D. Morrison and Co.
D. N. Barney and Co.
D. Northrop
D. O. Fanning
D. O. Hoyt
D. O. Hoyt, M.D.
D. Phillip
D. Pollock and Co.
D. Proudfoot
D. Rhode's Coal Office
D. Russell
D. S. Weed
D. Upson and Co.
D. W. and S. Ruggles
D. W. Cross
D. W. Duty
D. W. Ruggles
D. W. Ruggles and Co.
D.A. Woodward
Dabney, Charles P.
Dabney, Nannie
Dabrimple, David C.
Daggett, Benjamin
Daggett, F. E., Miss
Daggett, Frances E.
Daggett, Harriet
Daggett, Harriet S.
Daggett, Louisa
Daggett, Mary S.
Daggett, Nancy
Daggett, Nancy (Mrs. Lewis Bridgman)
Daggett, Nathan
Dagliesh, Walter
Dail, Michael
Dailey, H., Mrs.
Dailey, Harriet
Dailey, Paul
Dailey, Thomas
Dailey, Truman B.
Daily Advertiser
Daily Herald Job Office
Daily Messenger
Dalby, Joel, Jr.
Dale, James H.
Daley, Michael
Dalgleish, John
Dalgleish, Simon
Dalgleish, W.
Dalgleish, Walter D.
Dalgliesh, John
Dalgliesh, Walter
Dalhaver, Mathias
Dallam, Maria J.
Dallas, George M.
Dalliba, Anna H.
Dalrymple, A. L.
Dalton, George W.
Daly and Bidwell
Daly, Charles
Daly, Thomas
Dam, Lyda
Damarin, Lewis C.
Dameleon (Gazlay)
Damern, Dr.
Damon, Lucinda
Dana, Alice M.
Dana, Alice M.
Dana, Dorcas
Dana, Dorcas
Dana, Elizabeth B.
Dana, Frances
Dana, George, Esq.
Dana, George, Esq.
Dana, George, Jr.
Dana, John L.
Dana, Joseph
Dana, Joseph, A.M.
Dana, Joseph, Esq.
Dana, Lucy M.
Dana, Lucy N.
Dana, Mary J.
Dana, Mary J.
Dana, Mary W.
Dana, S. W.
Dana, Stephen A.
Dana, T. S.
Dana, Theodore S.
Dana, William, Esq.
Dana, William, Esq.
Dancer, W. B.
Danct, Mr.
Dando, George A.
Dando, Henry
Dando, Joseph
Dando, Joseph M.
Daney, Paul
Danford N. Barney and Co.
Danforth, Mary, Mrs.
Danforth, Robert S.
Danforth, William S.
Dangerfield, Anderson
Dangerfield, John
Daniel A. Shepard
Daniel Cameron, M.D.
Daniel Denzer
Daniel Denzer and Co.
Daniel F. McLeod
Daniel Geary
Daniel H. Lamb
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel J. Risser
Daniel L. Black
Daniel L. Collier
Daniel McGee
Daniel Moder
Daniel Moeder
Daniel O. Hoyt, M.D.
Daniel Parish
Daniel Solloway
Daniel Tuttle
Daniel W. Duty
Daniel, Eliza
Daniel, Eliza
Daniel, Erne
Daniel, Mr.
Daniel, Peter V.
Daniels, Abbie E.H.
Daniels, Abby E.
Daniels, Alvin
Daniels, Editha K.
Daniels, Edward B.
Daniels, Electa M.
Daniels, Elizabeth
Daniels, Ellen
Daniels, George
Daniels, Jesse
Daniels, Lucy A.
Daniels, M. Q.
Daniels, Marion P.
Daniels, Marion P. (Mrs. Lewman Calkins)
Daniels, Mary C.
Daniels, Mary E.
Daniels, Mary M.
Daniels, Mr.
Daniels, Mr.
Daniels, Nelson
Daniels, Simeon ("S.") Short ("S.")
Daniels, Simeon Short ("S.")
Daniels, Simeon Short ("S.")
Daniels, Simeon Short ("S."), A.B.,1844
Daniels, Spencer
Daniels, Susan
Daniels, Vandalia L.
Daniels, William B.
Daniven, Richard
Dann, Henry
Dann, James L.
Dann, Joseph
Dann, Walter
Dann, Walter S.
Danna, Mary W., Miss
Danner, John
Danner, William
Dapper, George H.
Dare, Clement
Dare, Nathaniel B.
Darfiner, Charles
Daring, Casper
Darley, Anna, Mrs.
Darley, E., Capt.
Darley, Edward
Darley, Hannah, Mrs.
Darline, Margaret
Darling and Price
Darling Shaw
Darling, Christopher
Darling, David
Darling, H. H.
Darling, Joseph S.
Darling, Margaret
Darling, Mr.
Darling, Thomas C.
Darling, William
Darlington, Gabriel D.
Darlington, Thomas
Darney, H., Mrs.
Darrar, James
Darrough, Elizabeth, Miss
Darrough, James
Darrow, Allen R.
Darrow, Daniel
Darrow, David
Darrow, Joseph
Darrow, Mrs.
Darry, James
Darst, Martha Ann
Darst, Napoleon B.
Darst, Samuel B.
Darst, Samuel B., A.B.
Dart, Willard
Dart, William, Capt.
Dartley, T. W.
Dartmouth College
Darvis, William
Darwin, Andrew
Darwin, Benjamin (Charles Ben)
Darwin, Charles Ben ("B.")
Darwin, Charles Ben ("B."), A.B.,1845; A.M.,1856
Darwin, John B.
Darwin, John B.
Darwin, John B., M.D.
Dascomb, Dr.
Dascomb, James
Dascomb, James, Dr.
Dascomb, James, M.D.
Dascomb, James, Prof.
Dascomb, M. P., Mrs.
Dascomb, Marianne, Mrs.
Dascomb, Prof.
Dascomb, Sarah
Dashiell, John W.
Date, Charles
Date, William
Dath, Charles
Dathe, Carl
Dathe, Charles
Daton, Frederick
Dauchy, Carey C.
Dauchy, Cary
Dauchy, Charles I.
Dauchy, Mary A.
Daugherty, John
Daugherty, Peter
Daugherty, Robert
Daugherty, Thomas
Davenport, Aaron
Davenport, Anthony S.
Davenport, B., Dr.
Davenport, Bishop
Davenport, E.
Davenport, Elizabeth
Davenport, Ephraim
Davenport, Ephriam
Davenport, Lewis
Davenport, Lydia M.
Davenport, Timothy
David and J. S. Griffith
David Clark
David Dean
David E. Field
David Hexter
David Jones
David Jones and Co.
David Long
David M. Cowan
David McIntosh
David Proudfoot
David Rowland
David Russell
David S. Stier
David, Annalanah
David, Dr.
David, Joseph S.
David, Rebecca B.
Davidson, Douglas N.
Davidson, Dr.
Davidson, E. C.
Davidson, Eli
Davidson, Ellen L.
Davidson, Ellen W.
Davidson, Hugh
Davidson, Jame B.
Davidson, John D.
Davidson, John E.
Davidson, Joseph G.
Davidson, Lucretia
Davidson, Lucretia ("L.") W.
Davidson, Lucretia W.
Davidson, Mary J.
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, William
Davidson, William G.
Davies ("Davis"), Ann (Mrs. Samuel Cole), Literature,1844
Davies, A.
Davies, Alexander V.
Davies, Charles
Davies, David
Davies, E. W.
Davies, Edward W.
Davies, G. C.
Davies, George C.
Davies, J. J.
Davies, James
Davies, John
Davies, John C.
Davies, Lucy
Davies, Samuel
Davies, Samuel W.
Davies, Thomas
Davis and Gale
Davis, L., Elder
Davis, A. C.
Davis, A. F.
Davis, Alexander
Davis, Alexander V.
Davis, Alonzo
Davis, Alonzo F.
Davis, Amanda
Davis, Ambrose
Davis, Andrew Jackson
Davis, Ann
Davis, Ann
Davis, Ann
Davis, Ann G.
Davis, Annas B.
Davis, Annes B.
Davis, Arthur C.
Davis, Arthur C.
Davis, Augusta A.
Davis, Brother
Davis, Caroline
Davis, Charles P.
Davis, D. S.
Davis, David
Davis, David
Davis, David S.
Davis, David, A.B.
Davis, Dr.
Davis, E.
Davis, Edward
Davis, Edwin H.
Davis, Edwin H.
Davis, Edwin Hamilton, M.D.
Davis, Elijah
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth A.
Davis, Elizabeth H.
Davis, Elizabeth S.
Davis, Elizabeth S.
Davis, Emily E.
Davis, F. J.
Davis, Franklin B.
Davis, G. C.
Davis, George A.
Davis, George C.
Davis, H. M.
Davis, Hannah A.
Davis, Harriet E.
Davis, Henry
Davis, Henry M.
Davis, Henry W.
Davis, Henry W.
Davis, Henry W.
Davis, Henry W., A.B.
Davis, Hetty E.
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Isaac F., Esq.
Davis, Isaac, Hon.
Davis, Isaac, Hon.
Davis, J. M., Capt.
Davis, James
Davis, Jehiel A.
Davis, Joel P., Mrs.
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John A.
Davis, John D.
Davis, John S.
Davis, John W.
Davis, John, Hon.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph R.
Davis, Joseph S.
Davis, Joseph S., A.B.
Davis, Julia A., Mrs.
Davis, Julia T.
Davis, Juliaet
Davis, Juliet
Davis, L. L.
Davis, L. Wilson, A.B.
Davis, Louis L.
Davis, Louis L., M.D.
Davis, Margaret C.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary O.
Davis, Mary P.
Davis, Mary P.
Davis, Mary, Mrs.
Davis, Michael
Davis, Mr.
Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Nancy M.
Davis, Orsemus C.
Davis, Parmenio
Davis, Philip
Davis, R. R.
Davis, Rowland
Davis, S. L.
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Samuel H.
Davis, Samuel R., A.M., Rev.
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah E.
Davis, Sarah, Mrs.
Davis, Sheldon
Davis, T. N.
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas J.
Davis, Thomas N.
Davis, W. Lochinvar
Davis, W. S.
Davis, W. V.
Davis, Watkins
Davis, Watkins, Jr.
Davis, Werter R.
Davis, William
Davis, William H., M.D.
Davis, William L.
Davis, William S.
Davison, Joseph
Davison, Louisa
Davison, Martha L.
Davison, Mr.
Davison, Robert
Davison, Virginia
Davison, Walter B.
Dawes, Catharine L.
Dawes, Catharine L., Miss
Dawes, Gulielmus
Dawes, Jane
Dawes, Josephine
Dawes, Josephine Combs
Dawes, Julius H.
Dawes, Mr.
Dawes, Rufus
Dawes, William
Dawes, William
Dawes, William Jason ("J.")
Dawsey, Caleb
Dawson, Christopher I.
Dawson, Edward G.
Dawson, Elizabeth
Dawson, Elizabeth J.
Dawson, Ellen
Dawson, Ellen M.
Dawson, Emily V.
Dawson, Emily V.
Dawson, Emily V.
Dawson, H. C.
Dawson, Henry C.
Dawson, J. L.
Dawson, John, M.D.
Dawson, Maria
Dawson, Mary E.
Dawson, Mary K.
Dawson, Mrs.
Dawson, Samuel K.
Day, Albert G.
Day, Annis
Day, Benjamin W.
Day, Caroline P.
Day, Caroline P. (Mrs. Edmond A. West)
Day, Charles Crocker ("C.")
Day, Davis
Day, Deborah
Day, Dennis
Day, Dr.
Day, E. B.
Day, Ebenezer, Jr.
Day, Ebenezer, M.D.
Day, Edmund
Day, Edmund, M.D.
Day, Edmund, M.D.
Day, Edward
Day, Eri H.
Day, Ermina
Day, Ermina
Day, Ermina (Mrs. Samuel Davies Cochran), A.B.,1843
Day, Frances (Mrs. Isaac F. Mack; m. August, 1848)
Day, Frances S.
Day, Franklin
Day, Franklin
Day, George E.H., Esq.
Day, H. Maria
Day, Henry D.
Day, Henry M.
Day, Henry N., A.M., Rev.
Day, Henry N., Rev.
Day, Huldah M.
Day, J.
Day, J. M.
Day, J., Mrs.
Day, James M.
Day, Jehiel
Day, John
Day, John A.
Day, John, A.B.,1854; Seminary,1861; A.M.,1861
Day, Joseph
Day, Kellogg
Day, Kellogg
Day, L.
Day, L. A.
Day, Levi
Day, Levi, M.D.
Day, Margaret C.
Day, Matthias
Day, Matthias, A.B.,1848; A.M.,1856
Day, Matthias, Jr.
Day, Matthias, Jr.
Day, Matthias, Jr., A.B.
Day, Mrs.
Day, Mrs.
Day, Prof.
Day, S. F., Dr.
Day, S., Dr.
Day, Selim
Day, Sophia
Day, Sophia
Day, Sophia (Mrs. Isaac Jennings), Literature,1846
Day, Stephen F., Judge
Day, Thomas
Day, Thomas
Day, Thomas M.
Day, Volney
Day, William
Day, William Howard
Day, William Howard
Day, William Howard ("H.")
Day, William Howard, A.B.,1847; A.M.,1859
Day, William W.
Day, William Walker, M.D.
Day, William, Rev.
Dayfoot, P. C., Rev.
Dayton Academy for Boys
Dayton Company
Dayton, Abraham
Dayton, Datus
Dayton, Dr.
Dayton, Eben
Dayton, Ebenezer
Dayton, Henry
Dayton, Jacob T.
Dayton, Mary
Dayton, Mary E.
Dayton, Minerva Penfield ("P.")
Dayton, Minerva Penfield ("P.") (Mrs. Franklin L. Arnold), Literature,1850
De Charms, Richard
De France, James M.
De France, John B.
De France, R. M.
De France, R. M.
De France, Robert M.
De Gerstner, Chevalier, F.A.
De Goesbriand, L., Very Rev.
De Gosbrend, L.
De La Mater, John, M.D.
De La Vergne, Anna
De La Vergne, Anna, Miss
De La Vergne, Eliza
De La Vergne, Eliza A.
De La Vergne, Emily P.
De La Vergne, Harriet B.
De La Vergne, Jane
De La Vergne, Jane I.
De La Vergne, Jane Jane
De La Vergne, Martha
De La Vergne, Martha S.
De La Vergne, Mary
De La Vergne, Mary D.
De La Vergne, Mary E.
De Puy, J. H.
De Puy, L.
De Witt, Elijah
Deal, Josiah
Deamer, John
Dean and M'Kinney
Dean, (child), Mr.
Dean, C. A.
Dean, Charles
Dean, Charles A.
Dean, D.
Dean, Daniel
Dean, David
Dean, Dr.
Dean, Ezra
Dean, Ezra Van Ess
Dean, Ezra Van Ness
Dean, Ezra Van Ness ("V.") (Charlotte A. Weaver; m. May 27, 1851), A.M., Jefferson Coll.,1848
Dean, Ezra Vaness
Dean, George
Dean, George A.
Dean, George W.
Dean, Isaac
Dean, M. B.
Dean, Mary
Dean, Mary T.
Dean, Mr.
Dean, Nancy
Dean, Philotus, A.B., Yale,1843; Seminary, 1846; A.M.,1846
Dean, Robert
Dean, Royal
Dean, S. B.
Dean, T. E.
Dean, Thomas, alias.
Dean, William M.
Dean, William Otis ("O.")
Dean, Z. Thomas, A.B.
Dean, Z. Thomas, A.B., M.D.
Deane, Austin E.
Deane, John
Dearborn, Dr.
Dearborn, Jonathan ("J.") Gilman ("G.")
Deardorff, George B.
Deardorff, Jesse S.
Death, A.
Death, Absalom
Death, Absalom
DeCamp, Franklin
Decker, A.
Decker, A., Dr.
Decker, B. S.
Decker, Elizabeth J.
Decker, Morris
Decker, Mr.
Decker, S. B.
Deckling, John
Dee, Margaret, Mrs.
DeFoe, James
Deforest, T. O.
DeForest, T. R.
DeForest, Tracy B.
Defrees, J. H.
DeGolyer, D. L.
DeGosbrend, L., Very Rev.
DeGosbriend, Louis, Very Rev.
Degroat, Mr.
DeHerr, C.
Deibal, Phillip
Deihl, John
Deihl, Sarah A.
Deilano, A. G.
Deilin, Patrick
Deimer, Peter
Deitrich, George
Deivers, John
Delabar, Aaron
Delafield, John
Delahafter, M.
Delamater ("Delemater"), George B.
Delamater and Selby
Delamater, Dr.
Delamater, George B.
Delamater, J. J., Dr.
Delamater, J., Dr.
Delamater, J., Dr.
Delamater, J., Prof.
Delamater, Jacob J., M.D.
Delamater, Jacob J., M.D.
Delamater, Jacob, M.D.
Delamater, Jahacobus J., M.D.
Delamater, Johannes, M.D.
Delamater, John A.
Delamater, John, M.D.
Delamater, John, M.D.
Delamater, John, Prof.
Delamater, Kirtland and Ackley
Delamater, W. F., Dr.
Deland, Joel
Delaney, William
Delaney, William, Captain
Delano, Amasa
Delano, Columbus
Delano, Columbus
Delano, Columbus, Esq.
Delano, D. C.
Delano, Elizabeth C.
Delano, Susan
Delano, William H.
Delany, Delany
Delany, James
Delany, Martin
Delany, Michael
Delany, Mrs.
Delany, Patrick
Delany, William
Delaplain, W. E.
Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Co. of Philadelphia
Deleuze, J. P. F.
Deloach, Ann E.
Deloach, Martha L.
Deloch, Ann E.
Deloch, Martha L.
DeLong, A. P.
Delong, Cornwell P.
Delong, Parvin L.
Demarais, Stephen
Demarest, Eliza J.
Demarest, Eliza J.
Demarest, Eliza Jane
Demars, John
Demars, Susan, Mrs.
Demask, John
Demerit, Stephen
Deming, Almansor
Deming, E. N.
Deming, E., Mrs.
Deming, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Deming, Elizur N.
Deming, F.
Deming, F. A., Rev.
Deming, Frederick
Deming, George D.
Deming, J.
Deming, Lucy A.
Deming, Perry
Demmars, Stephen
Demme, Rev.
Demming, Butler
Demmington, Elizar N.
Demote, R.
Demow, Dr.
Dempser, James
Dempsey, Ann
Dempsey, Elijah
Dempsey, Eliza
Dempsey, James
Dempsey, James, Jr.
Dempsey, Joseph
Dempsey, Miss
Dempsey, William
Dempsey, William
Dempsey, William, Union Theological Seminary
Denders, Philip
Denger, Phillip
Denham, C.
Denham, J. L.
Denham, Jane
Denham, John
Denham, Peter
Denham, Thomas
Denhoff, Henry
Denig, A. M., A.M.
Denig, C. E.
Denig, Dr.
Denig, George, Dr.
Denig, R. M.
Denio, C. B.
Denis, James
Denison, Charles
Denison, Daniel
Denison, George
Denison, George D.
Denison, George E.
Denison, George, A.B., Rev.
Denison, George, A.B.., Rev.
Denison, George, A.M., Rev.
Denison, George, M.A., Rev.
Denison, George, Prof.
Denison, George, Rev.
Denison, Henry
Denison, Henry H.
Denison, James
Denison, James, A.B.
Denison, Jemima P.
Denison, N. W., Miss
Denison, Z.
Denker and Borges
Denker and Borgess
Denker and Larnder
Denker, Detman and Co.
Denker, P. J.
Denman, Ann
Denman, Ann (Mrs. William Parker)
Denman, Charles
Denman, Harriet
Denman, John Porter
Denman, Joseph, Br.
Denman, Julia Ann
Denman, Laura
Denman, Laura (Mrs. Joseph W. Booth; m. Nov. 7, 1854)
Denman, Marinda (Mrs. George Beed)
Denman, Roxana
Denman, Roxana (Mrs. H.E. White)
Denn, Patrick
Denne, Jacob
Dennet, Nicholas
Dennett, Nicholas
Denning, R. W. Faber
Dennis, A.
Dennis, Anthony, M.D.
Dennis, Dr.
Dennis, Jacob
Dennis, John
Dennis, John
Dennis, R. B.
Dennis, Susanna
Dennis, Teresa
Dennison, Agnes A.
Dennison, B. F.
Dennison, Daniel
Dennison, Dann
Dennison, Francis ("F.") L.C.
Dennison, Francis L.C.
Dennison, George
Dennison, George E.
Dennison, Julia A.
Dennison, W., Jr.
Dennison, William, Jr., Esq.
Denniss, John
Denniss, Philip
Denniss, Sulivan
Denniston, Alexander
Denniston, Margaret
Dennurer, William, Esq.
Denton, Antoinette E.
Denton, E. M.
Denton, R. E.
Denzer and Stacy
Denzer, D.
Denzer, Daniel
Denzer, Jacob
Denzer, Michael
Denzer, Mr.
Denzer, Peter
Dephenbage, Valentine
Depp, Walker B.
Depuy, John H.
Derby, Henry W.
DeRegt, Cornelius
Derickson, Mary M.
Derinits, Patrick
Derr, George
Derrick, Archibald
Derrick, William R.
Derrickson, Ann E.
Derrickson, Emma
Deshler, J. G.
Desilver, Mr.
Desmukes, John F.
Desterhaifer, Daniel
Detmer, G. H.
Detmer, Garret H.
Detroit Line
Dettendaller, F.
Dettenhafer, Barnard
Dettenhafer, Samuel
Detzler, Fearen
Detzler, S.
Deuel, Harriet
Deumont, Ramo
Devansburk, C.
Deveraux, J. H.
Devereux, Amanda
Devereux, Sabrina G.
Devers, John
Devinney, Alexander
Devinney, John
Devinney, Lafayette
Devinney, Samuel
Devoe, Elzada
Devol, Eliza J.
Devol, Emeline
Devol, Francis
Devol, Henrietta
Devol, Henrietta A.
Devol, Maria C.
Devol, Prescott H.
Devoll, Henrietta A.
Devore, David
Devore, David G.
Devore, David G., Esq.
Devore, James
Devore, James C.
Devore, Samuel (B.)
Devore, Samuel B.
Devore, Thomas J.
Devouse, John
Dewalt, John
DeWalt, Joseph J.G.
Dewalt, William
Dewalt, William, A.B.
Dewey, Abigail
Dewey, C.
Dewey, Chester, Jr.
Dewey, David W.
Dewey, Dr.
Dewey, Eliphalet
Dewey, George A.
Dewey, George Ashbury, M.D.
Dewey, Jeremiah
Dewey, Lauren
Dewey, Laurin
Dewey, Royal
Dewey, Sally A.
Dewey, Susan
Dewey, Susan (Mrs. Elijah Carpenter Winchester; m. May 20, 1844), Literature,1843
Dewey, Thomas J., Dr.
Dewey, William
Dewey, William
Dewey, William
Dewey, William, A.B.
Dewey, William, A.B.,1840; Seminary,1843
Dewey's Temperance Hotel
Dewhirst, William
Dewit, Mr.
DeWitt and Davenport
Dewitt Scott
Dewitt, Jarod
Dewolf, C.
DeWolf, Chauncey
DeWolf, Daniel Fowler ("F.")
DeWolf, Daniel Fowler ("F."), A.M.,Honorary,1867; A.M.,Miami,1854; Ph.D.,Wooster U.,1874
Dewolf, Dr.
DeWolf, Glorivina
DeWolf, John G.
DeWolf, L.
DeWolf, T. K., Dr.
Dewolf, Tensard R.
Dexter, George
Dexter, George P.
Dexter, John F.
Dexter, Mary J.
Deyermon, John S.
Deyermon, John Stubbs
Dezendorf, John
Dibble, Charlotte
Dibble, Eliza
Dibble, L.
Dibble, Lewis
Dibble, P.
Dibble, Sarah
Dibble, Vesta E.
Dibell, John, Jr.
Dibell, Timothy E.
Dible, John
Dick, Andrew
Dick, Jane
Dick, Jane H.
Dick, Margaret
Dickens, Allen
Dickens, Simeon
Dickens, Simon
Dickerman, L., Miss
Dickerson, Charles
Dickerson, John A.
Dickerson, Mr.
Dickerson, R.
Dickey, Henry L.
Dickey, Rebecca
Dickey, Reuben
Dickey, Thomas L.
Dickins, A.
Dickins, S.
Dickins, Simon
Dickinson ("Dickson"), Frances S.
Dickinson, Baxter, Rev.
Dickinson, Dr.
Dickinson, Edward
Dickinson, Frances (S.)
Dickinson, George W.
Dickinson, H.
Dickinson, Henry
Dickinson, Henry
Dickinson, J. C.
Dickinson, Mary J.
Dickinson, O. E.
Dickinson, Oliver M.
Dickinson, P.
Dickinson, Parley
Dickinson, Parley, M.D.
Dickinson, Rodolphus
Dickinson, Rodolphus
Dickinson, Roxcey
Dickinson, Roxcey Marilla ("M.")
Dickinson, Roxcey Marilla ("M.") (Mrs. William E. Richards), Literature,1847
Dickinson, Samuel F.
Dickinson, Samuel F., Esq.
Dicks, Julia A.
Dicks, Nathan
Dickson, Dr.
Dickson, Dr.
Dickson, Harriet
Dickson, Harriet
Dickson, John
Dickson, John
Dickson, John
Dickson, John, M.D.
Dickson, Joseph
Dickson, Joseph Homer ("H.")
Dickson, L. W.
Dickson, Truman B.
Diebold, I.
Diebolt, Ignatius
Diebolt, J.
Diebolt, Philip
Diedrich, George
Diefenbach, Mary Ann
Diehl, John
Diemer, C.
Diemer, Christopher
Diemer, John
Diemer, Peter
Diemer, William
Dietz and Brother
Dietz, B.
Dietz, Barnhard
Dietz, G.
Dietz, George
Dietz, Gregory
Dietz, L.
Dietz, Lorin
Dietze, Bernard
Dietze, Lorenzo
Diffenderfer, Brother
Diggs, Benjamin
Dighton, Francis A.
Dighton, William, Rev.
Dike, John S.
Dike, N.
Dike, N., Esq.
Dike, N., Hon.
Dike, Nathaniel
Dike, Nathaniel, Esq.
Dike, Stoughton D.
Dike, Virginia C.
Dike, Virginia H.
Dike, Virginia H.
Dill, George
Dillan, Edward
Dillan, John
Dille, A. L.
Dille, Abijah Loveridge, M.D.
Dille, I.
Dille, Israel
Dille, Israel, Esq.
Dille, James M.
Dille, James M.
Dille, James M., M.D.
Dille, Jasper L.
Dille, W.
Dilley, John G. G.
Dillhofer, Matthias
Dilling, Louisa Ann, Miss
Dillon, Benjamin
Dillon, Edith
Dillon, Eli N.
Dillon, Moses
Dillon, Mr.
Dillon, Rev. Mr.
Dillon, Virginia B.
Dimmick, Laura L.
Dimmit, Sarah
Dimmitt, John S.
Dinnies, Anne B. B.
Dinsmore, Harriet A.
Dinsmore, Nancy A.
Dinwiddie, Robert
Dinwiddy, Roger
Dipper, Andrew
Disbro, William B., Rev.
Disciples Church
Disciples' Church
Disciples Church of Christ
Disciples Society
Dismukes, John F.
Disney, David ("D.") T.
Disney, David T.
Disney, David Tierman
Disney, Mary A.
Disney, William
Disney, William, Sen.
Dittenhaver, B.
Dittoe, Henry
Divelle, Elisha
Diver, W. D., M.D.
Dix, Ruth Marie ("M.") (Mrs. Lyman W. Strong)
Dix, Susan E.
Dixie, William C.
Dixon, Alfred
Dixon, Archibald
Dixon, Benjamin
Dixon, C. Amelia
Dixon, David, Capt.
Dixon, E.
Dixon, Edward
Dixon, James
Dixon, Joel
Dixon, John
Dixon, John Nichols
Dixon, John Sargeant ("S.")
Dixon, John Sargeant ("S.")
Dixon, John Sargeant ("S."), A.B.
Dixon, John Sargeant ("S."), A.B.
Dixon, John Sargeant ("S."), A.B.,1844
Dixon, Joseph
Dixon, Joseph H.
Dixon, Martha
Dixon, Sarah Ellen
Dixon, Silas
Dixon, Truman B.
Dixson, James
Doan, D. C.
Doan, Daniel C.
Doan, David C.
Doan, Edwin W.
Doan, Eliza
Doan, J.
Doan, Jarod
Doan, Jerrod
Doan, Joseph
Doan, K.
Doan, M.
Doan, Mary, Miss
Doan, N. T.
Doan, Seth
Doan, Seth, Col.
Doan, Seth, Mrs.
Doan, William H.
Doane, Mary T., Miss
Doane, N. T.
Dobb, Alexandeer F., Prof.
Dobb, Alexander F.
Dobb, Alexander F., A.M., Rev.
Dobb, Alexander F., Jr.
Dobb, Alexander F., Prof.
Dobb, Alexander F., Rev.
Dobb, G. W.
Dobb, Mr.
Dobb, W.
Dobbins, James
Dobson, Abel
Dobson, John
Dobson, Samuel
Dockstader and Tomlinson
Dockstader, Jacob
Dockstader, N.
Dockstader, Nicholas
Dockstader, R.
Dockstader, Richard
Dockstader, W. B.
Dockstader, W. B.
Dockstader, William
Dockstader, William B.
Doctor Price's Cocoonery
Dodd and Co.
Dodd, E. L.
Dodd, E. S.
Dodd, George S.
Dodd, Harrison H.
Dodd, James
Dodd, John
Dodd, John, Seminary,1839
Dodd, Luke
Dodd, Luther
Dodd, W. B.
Doddridge and Coe
Doddridge, Anna M.
Doddridge, N. P. Willis
Doddridge, N. W.
Doddridge, Nathaniel W.
Doddridge, Philip
Dodds, Ellen J.
Dodds, Ellen Jane
Dodds, James
Dodds, John A.
Dodge, Amelia D.
Dodge, Benjamin
Dodge, Diana
Dodge, Dina
Dodge, George C.
Dodge, George C.
Dodge, H. H.
Dodge, Harriet
Dodge, Henry H.
Dodge, Henry H.
Dodge, Henry H., Gen.
Dodge, Henry H., S.W.
Dodge, J. S., M.D.
Dodge, James
Dodge, John
Dodge, Joseph Clevers
Dodge, Lewis
Dodge, Lewis, M.D.
Dodge, Luther C.
Dodge, Mary E.
Dodge, Nathan
Dodge, S.
Dodge, Sarah
Dods and Co.
Dods, James
Dodson, Thomas
Dodson, William B.
Doe, Walter P.
Doeltz, G.
Doer, William
Doggett, Elkana
Doggett, T.
Doggett, Thomas
Doggett, Thomas
Doggett, Thomas
Doggett, Thomas, A.B.
Doggett, Thomas, A.B.
Doherty, Frank
Doherty, Frank ("Francis")
Doherty, McLane
Dohrman, Arabella
Dohrman, Arabella B.
Dohrman, Arbella H.
Dohrman, Arnold H.
Dohrman, Catharine A.
Dohrman, George A.
Dohrman, Jacob A.
Dohrman, Peter A.
Dohrman, Rachel
Dolbee, S. R.
Dole, Almira A.T.
Dole, James
Doll, John R.
Dollan, Michael
Dollerweich, Valtine
Dolloff, F.
Dolman and Smith
Dolman, E., Mrs.
Dolman, J.
Dolman, J. F.
Dolman, J. T.
Dolman, John F.
Dolman, Mrs.
Dolman, William
Dolton, J.
Doly, William
Dom, Martha
Dominque, John
Donahoo, J. T.
Donahoo, J. T.
Donahoo, J. T., Rev.
Donahoo, J. T., Rev.
Donahue, F.
Donahue, Farrel
Donaldson, Alexander
Donaldson, Ann J., Mrs.
Donaldson, Anne J., Mrs.
Donaldson, David
Donaldson, Edwin
Donaldson, Edwin T.
Donaldson, Fielding
Donaldson, Frank
Donaldson, George
Donaldson, J. A.
Donaldson, James P.
Donaldson, Joseph
Donaldson, Marjory J.
Donaldson, Mary J.
Donaldson, Rachel
Donaldson, Susan
Donaldson, Thomas
Donaldson, W. S.
Donaldson, William A.
Donaldson, William D.
Donalson, Mr.
Doneghy, William
Doner, Julia
Donevan, James
Donham, Harrison L.
Doniphan, Alexander W., Esq.
Doniphan, David. A.
Donivan, Thomas
Donley, John
Donley, Samuel
Donnell, Charles
Donnellan, Hester A.
Donnelly, Ann E.
Donnelly, Catharine L.
Donner, Freman
Donoghue, James
Donoghue, Mr.
Donoughue, E. O., Dr.
Doobler, Albert
Dooley, Morris
Doolitte, Jospeh
Doolittle and Munson
Doolittle, A.
Doolittle, Abner
Doolittle, Addison S.
Doolittle, Adeline
Doolittle, Charles
Doolittle, Columbus S.
Doolittle, Columbus S., A.B.
Doolittle, Columbus S., A.B.
Doolittle, Curtis M.
Doolittle, E.
Doolittle, E. H.
Doolittle, Edson
Doolittle, Elizabeth
Doolittle, J.
Doolittle, James
Doolittle, Joel
Doolittle, Joel
Doolittle, Joel ("J.")
Doolittle, Joseph
Doolittle, L. E.
Doolittle, Maria, Miss
Doolittle, Mrs.
Doolittle, N., Rev.
Doolittle, R.
Doolittle, Samantha
Doolittle, Sarah
Doolittle, W.
Doolittle, William
Dooly, Morris
Dooly, Reuben, Elder
Dooras, Owen
Dootlittle, C. M.
Dorland, Seaborn
Dorland, William M.
Dorland, William Matthews, M.D.
Dorman, Dr.
Dorman, M.
Dorman, S.
Dorn, Peter
Dorsett, Henry
Dorsett, John
Dorsett, Thomas
Dorsett, W.
Dorsey, B. D., Dr.
Dorsey, Caleb
Dorsey, G. Voleny
Dorsey, Grafton D.
Dorsey, John
Dorsey, Morris
Dorsey, Samuel P.
Dorsey, Tillman
Dorsey, William A.
Dota, Rana
Doty, Almeda
Doty, Alonzo M.
Doty, Calvin
Doty, Charles
Doty, Cordelia Robinson ("S.") (Mrs. John F. Annis)
Doty, Judge
Doty, Maria B.
Doty, Marie B.
Doty, Rufus
Doubleday, Abner D.
Doubleday, Francis
Doubler, Albert
Dougen, James
Dough, Nathan
Dougherty, Alexander N., Jr.
Dougherty, Alexander N., Jr.
Dougherty, Eliza
Dougherty, Eliza, Miss
Dougherty, James
Dougherty, Joseph
Dougherty, Jr., Alexander N., A.B.,1841; A.M.,1844; M.D.(Phys.Surg.,NewYork),1846; A.M.(Princeton),1866
Dougherty, Michael
Dougherty, T.
Dougherty, William
Dougherty's Store
Doughtery, Alexander N., Jr.
Douglas and Swingley
Douglas, Allen
Douglas, Charles
Douglas, D. B.
Douglas, David B., A.M.
Douglas, David B., LL.D.
Douglas, Dr.
Douglas, Francis
Douglas, Laurent C.
Douglas, Luke
Douglas, Luke R.
Douglas, Richard
Douglas, Thomas
Douglass, Andrew E.
Douglass, Andrew E.
Douglass, Andrew E., A.B.
Douglass, Andrew E., M.A.
Douglass, Ann
Douglass, Arad J.
Douglass, Charles E.
Douglass, Charles E., A.B.
Douglass, Charles Edward, M.A.
Douglass, Cornelius
Douglass, David B.
Douglass, David B., A.M.
Douglass, David B., Esq.
Douglass, David B., LL.D.
Douglass, David B., Pres.
Douglass, David B., President
Douglass, David Bates, LL.D.
Douglass, David Bates, LL.D., President
Douglass, Dr.
Douglass, Francis
Douglass, Gunn and Sager
Douglass, Henry
Douglass, J. M.
Douglass, James
Douglass, Lucinda W.
Douglass, Lucy
Douglass, Lucy
Douglass, Luke
Douglass, Luke R., A.B.
Douglass, Luke, M.A.
Douglass, Malcolm
Douglass, Malcom
Douglass, Margaret E.
Douglass, Margaret E.
Douglass, Margaret E., Miss
Douglass, Mary
Douglass, Matilda
Douglass, R.
Douglass, Stephen E.
Douglass, Susan E.
Douglass, Thomas James
Douglass, Thomas S.
Doursey, William
Douw, M.
Douw, Miran
Douw, Miron
Douw, Myron
Dover Quarter
Dow, Aaron
Dow, H.
Dow, Henry
Dow, Lorenzo
Dow, Miron
Dow, Peggy Holcomb, Mrs.
Dow, Prentis
Dow, Prentiss
Dowd, Lucy A.
Dowd, Martha
Dowd, Mr.
Dowd, Samuel
Dowell, Alwis
Dowell, William
Dowey, George
Dowley, Samuel
Dowling, Dr.
Dowling, Hugh
Dowling, John
Dowling, John
Dowling, T.
Dowlman, William
Down and Chubb
Down, E., Mrs.
Down, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Down, Mrs.
Down, Samuel
Downer Truman
Downer, Hugh H.
Downer, J. R.
Downer, J. R.
Downer, T.
Downer, Truman
Downes, John
Downey, Rosa
Downing, B. F.
Downing, Benjamin F.
Downing, Jack
Downing, Jacob
Downing, John
Downing, Mssrs., Mssrs.
Downing, Peter
Downing, Rosaline
Downing, S. A., Mrs.
Downing, William
Downs and Chubb
Downs, Edward
Downs, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Downs, William
Doyal, Emma J.
Doyl, Patrick
Doyle ("Doyel"), Catharine
Doyle, Alexander
Doyle, Anna, Mrs.
Doyle, B. W., Sr.
Doyle, Bartholomew
Doyle, Bazaleel W.
Doyle, Catharine
Doyle, Elizabeth
Doyle, Elizabeth S.
Doyle, Emeline
Doyle, Emeline L.
Doyle, Eveline
Doyle, Eveline
Doyle, Henry
Doyle, John B.
Doyle, Joseph C.
Doyle, Louisa
Doyle, Martha C.
Doyle, Mary Jane
Doyle, Mary, Mrs.
Doyle, McGuire
Doyle, William
Dr. A. W. Oliver
Dr. B. E. W. Adams
Dr. B. Strickland
Dr. Barlow, M.D.
Dr. Benjamin Sheldon
Dr. Brayton
Dr. C. A. Terry
Dr. C. D. Williams
Dr. C. E. Hill
Dr. D. O. Hoyt
Dr. H. A. Ackley
Dr. Henry Everet
Dr. J. A. Sayles
Dr. J. B. Hutchinson
Dr. J. C. Cable
Dr. John Delamater
Dr. John J. Hartz
Dr. Levett's Patent Enamel
Dr. M. C. Parker
Dr. M. L. Hewitt
Dr. McBarron
Dr. P. Mathivet
Dr. Proctor Thayer
Dr. S. Wright
Dr. Strickland
Dr. T. Miller
Dr. Thomas S. Hening
Dr. Underhill
Dr. Wheeler
Dr. Wheeler, M.D.
Dr. William Myer
Dr. William Myers
Dr. Wright
Drake and Mansfield
Drake, A. Philo
Drake, Andrew Jones ("J.")
Drake, Andrew Jones ("J.")
Drake, Andrew Jones ("J."), A.B.
Drake, Andrew Jones ("J."), A.B.,1842; Seminary,1845; A.M.,1845
Drake, Anna
Drake, Antonius Philo, M.D.
Drake, Benjamin
Drake, C.
Drake, C. D.
Drake, C. F.
Drake, Daniel
Drake, Elizabeth L.
Drake, Emma
Drake, George W.
Drake, George Wolf ("W.")
Drake, George Wolf ("W.")
Drake, George Wolf ("W.") (Wolfe), A.B.,1843; Seminary,1846; A.M.,1854; M.D.,Western Reserve,1847
Drake, George Wolf ("W."), A.B.
Drake, George Wolfe, M.D.
Drake, Isaac Lyon ("L.")
Drake, J.
Drake, J. B.
Drake, Jackson
Drake, Jacob
Drake, Jane
Drake, John
Drake, John B.
Drake, John T.
Drake, Lydia H.
Drake, Lydia H. (Mrs. William A. Westervelt; m. Aug. 4, 1846)
Drake, Margaret
Drake, Margaret Maria ("M.")
Drake, Margaret Maria ("M.") (Mrs. Samuel Penfield)
Drake, Mary Ann ("A.")
Drake, Mary Ann ("A.") (Mrs. Flavius E. Pease)
Drake, Mr.
Drake, Mr.
Drake, Paul Hayes ("H.")
Drake, Rebecca
Drake, Sarah
Drake, Thomas M., M.D.
Drake, W. N., Jr.
Drake, William Hart ("H.")
Drake, William McK.
Drake, William N., Dr.
Drake, William S.
Drakely, Samuel
Draper, Alford
Draper, Alfred
Draper, Ann Maria
Draper, Clark R.
Draper, Ebenezer Halsey
Draper, Elisha
Draper, Joseph
Draper, Lorenzo
Draper, Lucius
Draper, Martin L.
Draper, Mr.
Drennan, John P.
Drennen, Benjamin P.
Dresden, George
Dresser, Amos
Dresser, Amos
Dresser, Amos, Seminary,1839
Dresser, Frederic W.
Dresser, Justus Frary
Dresser, Mary E.
Dresser, Rufus
Dresser, Rufus (Cushman) (Marion F. Buell; m. Sept. 11, 1859)
Drew, J. H.
Drew, J. H.
Drew, Jonathan
Drew, Mary E.
Drew, Samuel J.
Drew, William T.
Drexler, Nix
Driftwood Quarter
Drinkwine, Joseph
Driscal, Michael
Driscall, Michael
Driscoll, William
Dromgoole, William A.
Drone, Enoch
Drone, Frederick W.
Drool, Prescott M.
Drown, Julia
Drown, Marcus
Drs. Griswold and Brooks
Drs. H. and A. Everett
Drs. Wheeler and Miller
Drum, James H.
Drum, John
Drumm, John
Drummans, Andrew
Drummond, J., Mrs.
Drummond, John C., A.B., Rev.
Drummond, William S., A.B.
Drummons, A.
Drummons, E., Miss
Drummons, I.
Drury, Asa, Rev.
Drury, James
Drury, Joseph B.
Drury, Thomas
Drury, William R.
Drusel, L.
Duane, William J.
Duay, Mrs.
Dubbs, J. H.
Dubbs, John H.
Dubel, Philip
Dubois, Amos Sumner
Dubois, Anson
DuBois, George W., A.B.
DuBois, George Washington, A.B.
DuBois, George Washington, Rev.
DuBois, Harriet
DuBois, Henry
DuBois, Henry, M.D.
Dubois, John
DuBois, John T.
Dubois, Mary M.
Dubois, R. K.
Dubois, R. K.
Dubois, Rachael Ann
DuBois, Washington, A.B.
Dudley E. Bond
Dudley, Benjamin Winslow
Dudley, Elias
Dudley, George
Dudley, J. Howard (Howard J.)
Dudley, John
Dudley, Roswell
Dudley, Roswell
Dudley, William T.
Duesler, J. W.
Duetlingen, Mr.
Duff, Dr.
Duff, J.
Duffey, James O.
Duffey, Michael
Duffey, Mr.
Duffield, George
Duffield, Thirza G.
Duffy, Anne, Miss
Duffy, Patrick
Dugan, George
Dugan, James
Dugan, John
Dugan, Richard
Dugdale, Ruth
Duggin, George
Dugins, George
Duke, Charlotte
Duke, Mary
Duleldee, F.
Dulin, Thomas
Dumas, Alex J.
Dumont, Julia L.
Dumont, Mrs.
Dumont, Ramus
Dun, Richard
Dun, Walter
Dunaville, Michael
Dunbar, Edward
Dunbar, Hannah S.
Dunbar, Homer
Dunbar, James
Dunbar, W. B.
Dunbar, William
Duncan, Agnes S.
Duncan, Alexander
Duncan, Alexander, Rev.
Duncan, Basil A.
Duncan, D.
Duncan, Daniel
Duncan, James
Duncan, James
Duncan, James A.
Duncan, Jane
Duncan, Mary G.
Duncan, Sarah H.
Duncombe, David W.
Dungan, C. O.
Dungan, George W.
Dungan, James H.
Dungan, Margaret
Dunham and Coe
Dunham and Fuller
Dunham House
Dunham, Alfred
Dunham, Ann
Dunham, Chauncey
Dunham, D. B.
Dunham, Frances
Dunham, Isaac
Dunham, J. S.
Dunham, John
Dunham, John N.
Dunham, L. W.
Dunham, L. W.
Dunham, Lewis B.
Dunham, Lucinda
Dunham, Lucinda A.
Dunham, Lucius W.
Dunham, Mr.
Dunham, R., Capt.
Dunham, Rufus, Capt.
Dunham, William H.
Dunham's Block
Dunkel, George B.
Dunkelberger, Solomon
Dunkleberger, Solomon
Dunlap, A., Dr.
Dunlap, Dr.
Dunlap, James
Dunlap, James
Dunlap, Mary J.
Dunlevy, A. H.
Dunlevy, A. H.
Dunlevy, Frances
Dunlevy, Frances
Dunlevy, Harriet
Dunlevy, Harriet
Dunlevy, Harriet E.
Dunlevy, Harriet M.
Dunlevy, M. F.
Dunlevy, Mary C.
Dunlevy, Mary F.
Dunlevy, Mary Frances
Dunlop, Elijah ("E.") B.
Dunlop, Elijah B.
Dunn, Amanda
Dunn, Andrew K.
Dunn, B.
Dunn, David
Dunn, George A., Esq.
Dunn, Harry
Dunn, Hugh
Dunn, J. A.
Dunn, James
Dunn, James L.
Dunn, James Langstaff, M.D.
Dunn, John A.
Dunn, Joseph
Dunn, Joshua
Dunn, L. A.
Dunn, Mannah M.
Dunn, Mr.
Dunn, Rachel
Dunn, Richard
Dunn, Sarah
Dunn, Simon
Dunn, Temperance M.
Dunn, William
Dunnan, Dr.
Dunnavan, William
Dunning, J. O.B.
Dunning, Josiah
Dunshee, John
Dunshee, Norman
Dunshee, Norman
Dunshee, Norman, A.B.
Duntin, Daniel
Dunton, Daniel
Dunwell, Solon
Durand, Ancil
Durand, Edward
Durand, Ervilla
Durand, Horace
Durand, Malvina A.
Durand, William S.T.V., M.D.
Durbin, John Price
Durbin, Lucinda
Durbin, Lucinda J.
Durbin, Martha E.
Durbin, Sarah
Durbin, Sarah A.
Durbin, Scott H.
Durbin, Simeon
Durbin, William, Jr.
Durbin, William.
Durfee, Mary M.
Durfee, Nathan
Durfey, Mr.
Durgan, Dr.
Durham, E.
Durham, Thomas
Durman, Thomas
Duros, Owen
Dusandong, Joseph
Dustin, Dr.
Duston, Sarepta
Dutlinger, S.
Dutlinger, Sebastian
Dutton, Allen
Dutton, Allen C.
Dutton, Allen Cunningham, M.D.
Dutton, Charles
Dutton, Charles
Dutton, Daniel
Dutton, Daniel, M.D.
Dutton, Edward
Dutton, Edwin
Dutton, G.
Dutton, George W.
Dutton, James R.
Dutton, Joseph
Dutton, Julia A.
Dutton, Julia A. (Mrs. Abram J. Warren)
Dutton, Mr.
Dutton, R.
Dutton, Thomas
Dutton, W.
Dutton, Warren
Dutton, William
Duty and Gardiner
Duty, D. W.
Duty, Daniel W.
Duval, W.
Duzett, James, Capt.
Duzette, James, Capt.
Dwelle, Elisha
Dwight Hatch
Dwight, Alemena M., Mrs.
Dwight, Catharine, Miss
Dwight, Dr.
Dwight, Edward C.
Dwight, Edwin C.
Dwight, Eliheu
Dwight, Elihu, Jr.
Dwight, Holden
Dwight, Holden ("H."), A.M., Rev.
Dwight, Holden ("H."), Rev.
Dwight, Justus
Dwight, Justus, M.D.
Dwight, Miss
Dwight, Mrs.
Dwight, Susan R.
Dwolf, Chancy
Dye, Elizabeth
Dye, William, Elder
Dyer, C. S.
Dyer, Charles
Dyer, Dr.
Dyer, Eunice (Mrs. Henry A. Blackinton; m. Oct. 9, 1856), Literature,1851; L.B.,1894
Dyer, Eunice W.
Dyer, Eunice W.
Dyer, Heman
Dyer, Heman
Dyer, Heman, A.M., Rev.
Dyer, Heman, D.D., Rev.
Dyer, Heman, M.A., D.D., Rev.
Dyer, Heman, Rev.
Dyer, Heman, Rev.
Dyer, Josephine
Dyer, Josephine C.
Dyer, Lewis, M.D.
Dyer, Manly
Dyer, Mary
Dyer, Mary M.
Dyer, O. G., Dr.
Dyer, Russel
Dyer, W.
Dyke, Stoughton D.
E. A. B. Cozad
E. A. Brock
E. A. Brock and Co.
E. A. Smith
E. A. South
E. A. Southworth
E. Adams and Co.
E. and J. Griffth and Co.
E. and M. Austin
E. B. Mastick
E. Bingham
E. Burke Fisher
E. Cable
E. Clark
E. Combs
E. Cushing
E. Cushing, M.D.
E. D. Bean
E. Frissell
E. G. Thompson
E. G. White and Co.
E. G. Williams
E. H. Lacy
E. H. Merrill
E. H. Park
E. Hinkley
E. Kinsey
E. L. Dodd
E. L. Marks
E. M. Fitch
E. M. Fitch and Co.
E. M. Segur
E. Max
E. Morse and Co.
E. N. Munsell
E. N. Munsill
E. N. Murrill
E. N. Parks
E. N. Parks and Co.
E. O. Clemons
E. P. Moran
E. Pincus
E. R. Benton
E. S. Brown
E. S. Hamlin and Co.
E. S. J. Bemis
E. T. Nichols
E. V. Hechler
E. V. Heckler
E. W. Andrews
E. Wall
E. Walter's Rough and Ready Air Tight Cooking Stove
E.F. Seybold
Eager, Henry J.
Eagle Bank
Eagle Brewery
Eagle Coffee House
Eagle Foundry
Eagle Life and Health Insurance Co.
Eagle Line
Eagle Livery Stable
Eagle Marble Works
Eagle Tavern
Eagle, Dr.
Eagle, Edmund B.
Eagle, Thomas A.
Eagle, Thomas A.
Eagle, Thomas Anderson, M.D.
Eaken, William
Eaker, Charles
Eakin, Thomas C.
Eames, Jotham
Eames, N. Webb
Eames, N. Webb, M.D.
Eames, Nathaniel
Eames, Susanna, Mrs.
Eames, Theodore J.
Earhart, John, M.D.
Earl, Aner
Earl, B. W.
Earl, Elimelick
Earl, John
Earl, Lewis
Earl, Lorenzo
Earl, Lycurgus C.
Earl, Robert
Earl, Thomas
Earle, A.
Earle, John
Earle, Lorenzo
Earle, M. A.
Earle, Pliney
Earle, Thomas
Earnest, Elias
Earnshaw, George, Elder
Easman, J. E. R. B.
Eason, Samuel
Eason, Samuel C.
East Grove Quarter
Eastabrook, Samuel M
Eastand, Edward
Easterman, William
Eastern, James
Eastman, Alpha (Miller)
Eastman, Alpha Miller ("M.")
Eastman, Alpha Miller ("M.")
Eastman, Alpha Miller ("M."), A.B.
Eastman, Alpha Miller ("M."), A.B.,1843; Seminary,1847
Eastman, Alvan G.
Eastman, Alvin J.
Eastman, Bela D.
Eastman, Henrietta L. (Mrs. Joseph Strong)
Eastman, James (W.)
Eastman, Joseph
Eastman, Joseph, M.D.
Eastman, Laura Austin ("A.")
Eastman, Laura Austin ("A.")
Eastman, Laura Austin ("A."), A.B.,1846; A.M.,1854
Eastman, Mary (Ward)
Eastman, Mary Ward ("W.")
Eastman, Mary Ward ("W.")
Eastman, Mary Ward ("W.") (Mrs. Homer D. Ives), Literature,1847
Eastman, Mr.
Eastman, Mr.
Eastman, Sylvan ("S.") Zadock Delos ("Z.D.")
Eastman, Sylvan Zadock Delos ("Z.D.")
Eastman, William
Easton, Alby A.
Easton, James
Easton, Mark
Easton, Medora S.
Easton, Sarah E.
Eaton, A. R., Miss
Eaton, Alvin C.
Eaton, Alvin Case, M.D.
Eaton, Belinda
Eaton, Belinda, Mrs.
Eaton, Candace M.
Eaton, Cyrus ("Cirus") H.
Eaton, Cyrus H.
Eaton, Danforth Leander ("L.")
Eaton, Danforth Leander ("L.")
Eaton, Danforth Leander ("L.")
Eaton, Danforth Leander ("L."), A.B.
Eaton, Danforth Leander ("L."), A.B.,1845
Eaton, George
Eaton, Horace P.
Eaton, Hosea
Eaton, James
Eaton, Joshua T., A.B.
Eaton, R., Mrs.
Eaton, Samuel
Eaton, Thomas J.
Eaton, Thomas Jefferson, M.D.
Eaton, Z.
Ebberswin, Eliza
Ebenhart, John
Eber Adams
Eber, John
Eberheart, Elna
Eberheart, Rebecca
Eberl, John F.G.
Eberle, Jacob
Eberlein, Benjamin
Eberlein, John
Eberlein, John E.
Eberlein, Lewis C.
Eberlein, Mary J.
Eberlein, Mary Jane
Eberlein, Virginia
Ebersole, A. S.
Ebersole, Joseph D.
Ebersole, Joseph D., A.B.
Eby, Israel F.
Eckart, Daniel
Eckart, Joseph
Eckart, W. R.
Eckart, William B.
Eckart, William R.
Eckerfeld, Frederick
Eckerman, M.
Eckerman, Morris
Eckerman, Morritz
Eckert, Daniel
Eckert, David
Eckles, James W.
Eckles, Mary
Eckor, Fleet
Eddleston, Jarvis
Eddy and Halladay
Eddy, Alanson
Eddy, Alonzo
Eddy, Amelia R.
Eddy, C., Rev.
Eddy, Charles
Eddy, Charles S.
Eddy, D. A.
Eddy, Derick M.
Eddy, E. A.
Eddy, Ezra
Eddy, Ezra
Eddy, G. P., Dr.
Eddy, Hiram
Eddy, Ira, Rev.
Eddy, John
Eddy, John A.
Eddy, Leveus
Eddy, R. Amelia
Eddy, Rev.
Eddy, Ripley
Eddy, Ripley ("R.") A.
Eddy, Ripley A.
Eddy, Z.
Eddy, Zachariah
Ede, E.
Edgar Slaght
Edgar, David
Edgar, David
Edgar, James
Edgar, Letitia M.
Edgard, D.
Edge, Samuel
Edgecomb, M.
Edgerle, Achsah Maria
Edgerle, Achsah Maria
Edgerton, Antoinette
Edgerton, George M.
Edgerton, Lydia
Edgerton, Sarah ("S.") Antoinette (Mrs. Daniel N. Bordwell), A.B.,1854; A.M.,1857
Edgington, Harriet
Edgington, Harriet T.
Edgington, Martha
Edgington, Mary V.
Edie, Alice
Edie, Ann E.
Edie, Ann E.
Edison, Marion
Edison, William Pitts
Edmiston, Ellen
Edmiston, Mary
Edmiston, Thomas H., M.D.
Edmiston, Thomas K.
Edmiston, William L.
Edmonds, Capt.
Edmonds, Daniel W.
Edmondson, William J.
Edmonson, W. G.
Edmund P. Morgan and Co.
Edmundson, Eliza J.
Edmundson, Eliza J.
Edmundson, Eliza Jane
Edmundson, Hannah
Edmundson, Hannah
Edmundson, Ruth A.
Edmundson, Ruth A.
Edmundson, Ruth Ann
Edsell, Julia A. (Mrs. Phineas Hoger)
Edsell, Mr.
Edsell, W. C.
Edsell, William C.
Edson Doolittle
Edson, C. P.
Edson, Calvin
Edson, Dr.
Edson, Joseph J.
Edson, N.
Edson, Olive A.
Edson, Valorus L.
Edward A. Smith
Edward Andrews
Edward Hessenmueller
Edward Hiller
Edward Nichols
Edward Pincus
Edward Pincus Great Western Clothing Store
Edward Riley
Edward W. Andrews
Edward Wall
Edward Wangerlin
Edwards, A., Rev.
Edwards, Abram
Edwards, B.
Edwards, C. T.
Edwards, C., M.D.
Edwards, Caleb
Edwards, Clara E.
Edwards, Cynthia
Edwards, Cynthia Jane ("J.")(Mrs. Paine)
Edwards, Dr.
Edwards, E. D.
Edwards, Edward
Edwards, Edward B.
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, Frederick
Edwards, George
Edwards, George G.
Edwards, Jonathan
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Joseph Silliman ("S.")
Edwards, Joseph Silliman ("S.")
Edwards, Joseph Silliman ("S.") ("F.")
Edwards, Joseph Silliman ("S."), A.B.
Edwards, Joseph Silliman ("S."), A.B.,1840
Edwards, Joshua
Edwards, Mr.
Edwards, Orin D.
Edwards, Robert
Edwards, Thomas O., M.D.
Edwards, Timothy
Edwin Smith
Edwin W. Cowles
Eeles, Frances
Eells, Charles B.
Eells, Daniel ("D.") Parmelee
Eells, Daniel P.
Eells, Frances A.
Eells, Franklin
Eells, James
Eells, James H., Rev.
Eells, James Henry
Eells, James, A.B.
Eells, James, A.B., Hamilton College
Eells, James, Jr.
Eells, John M.
Eells, Maria W.
Eells, Norbert
Eells, S. W., Dr.
Eells, Samuel Reynolds ("R.")
Eells, Stephen D.
Eells, Timothy Dwight
Eels, D. P.
Effinger, Mary A.
Effinger, Robert P.
Egan, Thomas
Egansberger, Joseph
Egbert, Angelina G.
Egbert, Angeline
Egbert, Angeline G.
Egbert, Daniel M.
Egbert, F. Olivia
Egbert, Mary
Egbert, William H.
Egelmann, Carl F.
Egelmann, Carl Friedrich
Egelmann, Charles
Egelmann, Charles F.
Egerton, Asa
Eggleston, Eliza A.
Eggleston, Myron
Eggleston, Nelson
Eggleston, Nelson
Eggleston, Nelson, A.M.
Eggleston, Nelson, Esq.
Eggleston, Norman
Eggleston, Orson
Egliston, Amos
Egliston, Lewis
Ehinger, A.
Ehinger, George
Ehle, Virginia
Ehrbaar, Casper
Ehrbaar, George
Ehrbaar, Martin
Ehrler, Joseph
Ehrlich, Joseph
Ehrlich, L.
Ehrlich, Lipman
Ehrlinger, Ferdinand
Eiber, John
Eiber, Jojn
Eichart, William
Eichert, Luthera M.
Eichner, P.
Eickhorn, Christopher
Eickhorn, Franz Michael
Eield, D. S., P.S.
Eiry, Avert
Eitzer, John
Elbridge, Hezekiah
Elbridge, Moses A.
Elbridge, Squire
Elder, David
Elder, E. W.
Elder, Eliza M.
Elder, Elizabeth M.
Elder, Elizabeth M.
Elder, Elizabeth M., Miss
Elder, Harriet N.
Elder, John
Elder, Robert L.
Elder, Robert S.
Elder, Robert S., Rev.
Elder, Sarah A.
Elder, Susan M., Miss
Elder, William
Eldred, M.
Eldredge, A., S.
Eldredge, H.
Eldredge, Hezekiah
Eldredge, M. A.
Eldredge, William
Eldridge, Daniel, Rev.
Eldridge, H.
Eldridge, Job
Eldridge, John
Eldridge, M. A.
Eldridge, Mariette
Eldridge, Moses
Eldridge, Moses A.
Eldridge, Mrs.
Eldridge, Stillman
Elflein, Frederick
Elflin, Frederick
Elflin, J. G.
Eli Bartholemew
Eli Bartholomew
Eli Morgan
Eli T. Tappan
Elias H. Park
Elias, Alfred J.
Elias, George W.
Elijah Bingham
Elijah F. Norton
Elijah R. Hurd
Eliott, Francis
Eliott, John
Elis, Charles
Elis, Thomas
Elisha Sterling
Ellas, James Brundage
Ellberry, Andrew M.
Ellen, Thomas E.
Ellenwood, John P.
Ellenwood, Loran
Ellenwood, Lorane
Ellicott, Andrew
Elling, Carston
Ellington, Mary
Ellington, Pleasant W.
Ellinwood, John L.
Elliot, James
Elliot, John
Elliot, Serena G.
Elliott, Andrew
Elliott, Ann
Elliott, Anna R.
Elliott, Benoni
Elliott, Benoni, A.B.
Elliott, Catherine
Elliott, Charles
Elliott, Charles, Rev.
Elliott, Daniel
Elliott, Dr.
Elliott, E. Lutheria
Elliott, Edward
Elliott, Edwin
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Ellen W.
Elliott, F. R.
Elliott, Fidelia H.
Elliott, G. M.
Elliott, George
Elliott, George W., M.D.
Elliott, J.
Elliott, J. S.
Elliott, Jacob
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Joseph N.B.
Elliott, Joseph, Rev.
Elliott, Lynde
Elliott, Madison
Elliott, Madison, A.M.
Elliott, Madison, Rev.
Elliott, Margaret C.
Elliott, Martha A.
Elliott, Mary B.
Elliott, Mary E.
Elliott, Mary R.
Elliott, Mary R.
Elliott, Milton
Elliott, Milton, A.B.
Elliott, Mr.
Elliott, O. L.
Elliott, Rebecca A.
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, Samuel H.
Elliott, Washington G.
Elliott, Washington G.
Elliott, Washington Gay, M.D.
Elliott, Westanna S.
Elliott, Westanna S.
Elliott, William
Elliott, William
Ellis ("Eells "), Jane Amelia ("A.")
Ellis ("Ells"), Jane Amelia ("A.")
Ellis ("Ells"), Jane Amelia ("A.") (Mrs. Marting), A.B.,1851; A.M.,1854
Ellis, Albert A.
Ellis, Amelia L.
Ellis, Amelia L. (Mrs. William S. Aumonk)
Ellis, Betsey M.
Ellis, Eli O.
Ellis, Elizabeth
Ellis, Elizabeth R.
Ellis, Emeline Elizabeth ("E.")
Ellis, Emeline Elizabeth ("E.")
Ellis, Emeline Elizabeth ("E."), A.B.,1847
Ellis, Eunice
Ellis, George W.
Ellis, Helen
Ellis, Helen M.
Ellis, Henry J.
Ellis, J. M.
Ellis, James
Ellis, James J.
Ellis, John Millott ("M.")
Ellis, John Millott ("M."), A.B.,1851; Seminary,1857; D.D.,1893
Ellis, Lucius Rebecca ("R.")
Ellis, Maria Rebecca ("R.") (Mrs. George W. Ells)
Ellis, Mary Frances ("F.")
Ellis, Mary Frances ("F.") (Mrs. C.H. Remington), A.B.,1850
Ellis, Mary L.
Ellis, Matilda J.
Ellis, Michael
Ellis, Mr.
Ellis, Peter
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Rowland
Ellis, Sabina L.
Ellis, Samuel ("Horatio") Horatio ("S.")
Ellis, Samuel ("S.") Horatio, A.M.,1854
Ellis, Samuel, Jr.
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, William Peters ("P.")
Ellis, William R.
Ellison, Andrew J.
Ellison, John
Ellison, Margaret A.
Ellison, Mary J.
Ellison, Narcissa P.
Ellmaker, Amos
Ells, Benjamin F.
Ells, Delos
Ells, G. W. W.
Ells, George W.
Ells, Harriet A.
Ells, Horatio N.
Ells, Mary Elizabeth ("E.") (Mrs. Samuel S. Ashley; m. May 5, 1842)
Ells, Waterman
Ellsberry, Andrew M.
Ellsberry, Dr.
Ellsberry, John R.
Ellsberry, W., Dr.
Ellsberry, William
Ellsberry, William
Ellsbury, Dr.
Ellsworth, A., Mr.
Ellsworth, Charles
Ellsworth, Coleman C.
Ellsworth, Coleman C., M.D.
Ellsworth, E. B., Mr.
Ellsworth, Edgar S.
Ellsworth, Edward H.
Elmer, Hiram, Seminary,1840?
Elmore, A.
Elmore, Augustus D.
Elmore, Clarissa (Clara) A. (Mrs. Edward Royce; m. Sept. 17, 1846), A.B.,1846; A.M.,1855
Elmore, Clarissa A.
Elmore, Clarissa A.
Elmore, Julia
Elmore, Julia (Mrs. Elisha Carver)
Elmore, Mary (Jeanette) (Mrs. Benjamin M. Pearne; m. Nov. 27, 1891)
Elmore, William Wallace ("W.")
Elried, Chester
Elrod, Thomas
Elsey, William
Elsinger, M.
Elson, Blanche
Elston, Mary
Elsworth, A. M.
Elsworth, C. C.
Elsworth, Coleman C.
Elsworth, Israel
Elvin, Jeremiah
Elwell, Dr.
Elwell, G. M.
Elwell, George M.
Elwell, J. J., Dr.
Elwell, J. K.
Elwell, James K.
Elwell, John J.
Elwell, John Johnson, M.D.
Elwell, Noah
Elwell, Noah B.
Elwood, Cyrus
Elwood, J.
Ely, A. L., Dr.
Ely, Aaron
Ely, Albert
Ely, Alexis L., M.D.
Ely, Charles A.
Ely, Dr.
Ely, E.
Ely, E. S.
Ely, George B.
Ely, H. B
Ely, H. B.
Ely, H. B.
Ely, Heman B.
Ely, Heman, Jr.
Ely, Heman, Jr.
Ely, J.
Ely, J., Mrs.
Ely, L., Mrs.
Ely, Lyman
Ely, Martha
Ely, Martha A.
Ely, Mary Harris
Ely, Mary L.
Ely, S. W.
Ely, Seth
Elyria High School
Emanuel, B.
Emanuel, D.
Emerich, Lewis
Emerick, Alexander
Emerick, Julius
Emerick, Lewis
Emerson, Alfred
Emerson, C., Esq.
Emerson, Caleb, Esq.
Emerson, Caleb, Esq.
Emerson, Charles
Emerson, Daniel
Emerson, Daniel
Emerson, Daniel, Rev.
Emerson, Eliza
Emerson, Elizabeth
Emerson, Elizabeth S.
Emerson, Elizabeth S., Miss
Emerson, Eunice B.
Emerson, G. H., Rev.
Emerson, George H.
Emerson, George H., Rev.
Emerson, Hannah
Emerson, M. T.
Emerson, Mark T.
Emerson, Mary
Emerson, Moses
Emerson, Sarah
Emerson, Sarah E.
Emerson, Sarah R.
Emerson, Thomas Q.
Emerson, W.
Emerson, W. D.
Emerson, William D.
Emery, Margaret
Emery, Margaret (Mrs. E.C. More)
Emery, Oliver
Emery, Samuel
Emmet, W. Y.
Emmett, William Y.
Emmitt, W. Y.
Emmons, Benjamin
Emmons, Brainerd, Jr.
Emmons, F. W.
Emmons, Helen Elizabeth
Emmons, Helen H.
Emmons, J. B.
Emmons, James B.
Emmons, Philip
Emmons, T. H.
Emmons, William
Emory, Helen S.
Emory, Hellen S.
Emory, J.
Emory, John
Emory, John, Bp.
Empie, Peter E.
Empire Buildings
Empire Hall
Emrich, Lewis
Emrich, Louis
Emrick, L.
Emrie, J. R.
Encil, John
Endley, Sarah A.
Endley, Sarah Ann B.
Endly, George Melker
Eneals, H. H.
Enerd, James
Enerd, Philip
England, Ann
England, Elizabeth
England, Mary H.
England, William P.
Englar, Joseph
Engle, M., Mrs.
Englehart, Isaac
Englehart, Joel
Englehart, Joseph
Englesby, E. T.
English, James W.
English, L.
English, Lorenzo
English, Lorenzo
English, Lorenzo, A.B.,1843
English, R. G. W., M.D.
English, Thomas Dunn
Ennis, Hannah C.
Ennis, William
Enoch Burwell
Enos, J.
Enos, Jesse
Ensighn, John W.
Ensign, Caleb W.
Ensign, Chauncey
Ensign, Dwight P.
Ensign, Ervine F.
Ensign, Frances A.
Ensign, Francis E.
Ensign, Harriet
Ensign, Henry
Ensign, Henry A.
Ensign, Henry Augustus, M.D.
Ensign, John W.
Ensign, T.
Ensworth, Harriet
Ensworth, J.
Entrekin, James
Entriken, John
Enyeart, V. D.
Ephraim Petty
Ephraim Wilson
Ephriam Badger
Ephriam Petty
Ephriam Wilson
Episcopal Church
Epley, Mr.
Eply, John B.
Erastus Cushing
Erastus Cushing, M.D.
Erastus Frissell
Erie and Michigan Telegraph
Erie Buildings
Erie House
Ernest, Charles
Ernst, A. H.
Ersin, John
Erustace, Edward
Ervin, Franklin
Ervin, George
Ervin, William
Erwin and Benedict
Erwin, John
Erwin, John W.
Erwin, T.
Erwin, Thomas, Rev.
Erwin, William
Esch, Joseph
Esley, Mary A.
Espy, Hugh
Essey, William
Estabrook, Joseph
Estabrook, Joseph, A.B.,1847; D.D.,1894
Estabrook, Samuel Merrill ("M.")
Estabrook, Samuel Merrill ("M.")
Estabrook, Samuel Merrill ("M."), A.B.
Estabrook, Samuel Merrill ("M."), A.B.,1848
Estah, J.
Este, D. K.
Este, David K., Esq.
Estell, Julia (Mrs. John Dachler)
Estell, Sarah
Estep, Dr.
Estep, Joseph H.
Estep, Joseph Henry, M.D.
Estep, R., Dr.
Estep, Robert, Dr.
Estep, Robert, M.D.
Estep, W., Dr.
Estep, William
Esterle, B. M.
Estes, Lewis A.
Estrich, C.
Ethan Allen Borwn Cozad
Ethridge, Jonathan
Etna Fire Insurance Co.
Etna Insurance Co.
Euckers, George
Euclid Street Seminary
Euhler, J.
Eukar, John
Euker, George
Eurman, Morris
Eust, John
Eustis, Mrs.
Evangelical Association of North America
Evans, Alva, M.D.
Evans, Ann E.
Evans, Antoinette M.
Evans, B. R.
Evans, Benjamin D.
Evans, Caleb
Evans, D. D., Dr.
Evans, D. D., M.D.
Evans, Dana D., M.D.
Evans, David
Evans, David Ellicott
Evans, David Elliott
Evans, Dr.
Evans, George
Evans, Harvey L.
Evans, Hiram
Evans, J. B., Dr.
Evans, J. M.
Evans, James M.
Evans, John
Evans, John B.
Evans, John M.
Evans, M. D.
Evans, Mary E.
Evans, Oscar
Evans, S. R.
Evans, Samuel R.
Evans, Susan L.
Evans, Theadore, Capt.
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Thomas
Evans, W. T.
Evans, Washington
Evans, William
Evans, William Fayette
Evans, William L.
Evarts, Hannah
Evarts, Nathaniel K.
Evarts, Nathaniel Kingsley
Evarts, William H.
Evarts, William H.
Evarts, William H.
Evarts, William H., A.B.
Evarts, William H., A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841
Evens, P.
Everet, Henry, Dr.
Everett Webster
Everett, Amelia A.
Everett, Azariah
Everett, Azariah, M.D.
Everett, Catherine
Everett, Dr.
Everett, Edward
Everett, George, Esq.
Everett, H., M.D.
Everett, Henry
Everett, Henry, M.D.
Everett, Jane (Prudence Jane)
Everett, Prudence ("P.") Jane
Everett, Prudence ("P.") Jane
Everett, Prudence ("P.") Jane (Mrs. William C. Blackwood), Literature,1845
Evergreen, Erasmus
Everhard, Aaron
Everhard, Aaron, M.D.
Everitt, Dr.
Everitt, Edward
Everitt, Edward, M.D.
Everitt, Eliza D.
Everitt, Emily A.
Everitt, George
Everitt, George, Esq.
Everitt, George, Esq.
Everitt, Henrietta
Everritt, E., M.D.
Everritt, Edward, M.D.
Everritt, George, Esq.
Evers, James
Everson, Franklin
Everton, Benjamin
Everton, Thomas
Evest, Sophia M.
Evinger, Henry
Evost, Adam
Ewalt, A. J.
Ewalt, Caroline S.
Ewalt, William D.
Ewart, Elizabeth J.
Ewart, Thomas W., Esq.
Ewell, Joseph
Ewell, Luther J.
Ewell, Sarah
Ewells, Mrs.
Ewing, Catharine M.
Ewing, Charlotte
Ewing, Charlotte
Ewing, David
Ewing, Dr.
Ewing, Frances E.
Ewing, Frances S.
Ewing, George L.
Ewing, George V
Ewing, Margaret B.
Ewing, Margaret B.
Ewing, P. H.
Ewing, Susan F.
Ewing, Thomas
Ewing, Thomas, Esq.
Ewing, Thomas, Hon.
Exchange Buildings
Exley, Henry
Ezra Lacy
Ezra Thomas
Ezra Tuttle
F. A. Keppler
F. Ager
F. and S. P. Silsby
F. B. Marble
F. B. Walbridge
F. Gibbons
F. Holliday
F. I. Cohen
F. J. and S. B. Prentiss
F. O. Welch
F. S. Slosson
F. Scholl
F. T. Backus
F. W. Bingham
F. W. Judd and Co.
F. W. Weiss
F. W. Weiss and Co.
Faber, Bishop, Rev.
Faber, Theadore
Faber, Theodore
Fabian, Robert L.
Facey, William
Fadner, M.
Fadner, Martin
Fagg, Benjamin
Fagg, Charles B.
Fagg, William
Fagg, William, A.B., Kenyon College, 1839
Fagg, William, A.B., Rev.
Fagg, William, M.A., Rev.
Fagg, William, Rev.
Fahnestock, Mary
Fahnestock, Mary C.
Failer, Lewis
Fairbank, A. B.
Fairbank, D. W.
Fairbank, Henry C.
Fairbank, Henry Carlton, M.D.
Fairbanks, A. W.
Fairbanks, Calvin
Fairbanks, Hannah, Mrs.
Fairbanks, Jabez
Fairbanks, Mr.
Fairchild and Champion
Fairchild and Co.
Fairchild, Andrew J.
Fairchild, Catharine
Fairchild, Catharine B. (Mrs. Chester Cooley)
Fairchild, Charles (Grandison)
Fairchild, Edward ("E.") Henry ("H.")
Fairchild, Edward ("E.") Henry ("H."), A.B.
Fairchild, Edward Henry
Fairchild, Edward Henry ("H.")
Fairchild, Edward Henry ("H.")
Fairchild, Edward Henry ("H.") (Maria Ball Babbitt), A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841
Fairchild, Edward Henry ("H."), A.B.
Fairchild, Eliza H.
Fairchild, Elvira (Mrs. Thomas Hallett)
Fairchild, Emily Frances ("F.")
Fairchild, Emily Frances ("F.")
Fairchild, Emily Frances ("F.") (Mrs. Miner Wynn Fairfield; m. Aug. 21, 1845), A.B.,1844; A.M.,1847
Fairchild, Harriet Eliza ("E.")
Fairchild, Harriet Eliza ("E.")
Fairchild, Harriet Eliza ("E.") (Mrs. Robert Clark Kedzie), A.B.,1847
Fairchild, J. C.
Fairchild, James ("J.") Harris ("H."), Prof.
Fairchild, James Harris ("H.")
Fairchild, James Harris ("H.")
Fairchild, James Harris ("H."), A.B.
Fairchild, James Harris ("H."), A.B.
Fairchild, James Harris ("H."), A.B.,1838; Seminary, 1841; A.M.,1848; LL.D.,1893; D.D.(Hillsdale),1864
Fairchild, James Harris ("H."), Prof.
Fairchild, James Harris ("H."), Rev.
Fairchild, Jesse
Fairchild, Mary
Fairchild, Mary J.
Fairchild, Mary Plumb ("P.")
Fairchild, Mary Plumb ("P.") (Mrs. Cyrus H. Baldwin)
Fairchild, Mr.
Fairchild, Oliver
Fairchild, Prof.
Fairchild, S. A.
Fairchild, Thomas B.
Fairchild, Thomas B.
Fairchild, William W.
Fairchilds, J. C.
Fairchilds, Jason C.
Fairfax, Sarah
Fairfield ("Fairchild"), Edmund B.
Fairfield ("Fairchild"), Edmund B., A.B.,1842
Fairfield ("Fairchild"), Edmund B., Prof.
Fairfield Quarter
Fairfield, Ann
Fairfield, Ann (Mrs. Henry Hamman; m. Oct. 14, 1850)
Fairfield, Edmund B.
Fairfield, Edmund Burke ("B.")
Fairfield, Edmund Burke ("B.")
Fairfield, Edmund Burke ("B."), A.B.
Fairfield, Edmund Burke ("B."), A.B.
Fairfield, Edmund Burke ("B."), A.B.,1842; Seminary,1845; A.M.,1845; LL.D.(Colgate),1857; D.D.(Denison),1863; D.D.(Indiana),1863; D.C.L.(Hillsdale),1892
Fairfield, Holland Wicks ("W.")
Fairfield, Holland Wicks ("W.")
Fairfield, Holland Wicks ("W."), Seminary,1838
Fairfield, Mary
Fairfield, Micaiah F.
Fairfield, Minor Wynn ("W.")
Fairfield, Minor Wynn ("W.")
Fairfield, Minor Wynn ("W."), A.B.
Fairfield, Minor Wynn ("W."), A.B.
Fairfield, Minor Wynn ("W."), A.B.,1844; Seminary,1847; A.M.,1851
Fairfield, Sarah J.
Fairfield, Sarah J. (Mrs. N.L. Burton), Literature,1848
Fairfield, Sarah J., Miss
Fairlamb, Miss, Miss
Fairley, Mary
Fairman, Sarah E.
Faithful, William E.B.
Falken, Philip
Falkner, James
Fall, Benjamin F.
Fall, James
Falley, C. F.
Falley, John W.
Falley, John W., M.D.
Fallis, Harriett E.
Fancher, Erwin
Fanning, D. O.
Fanning, Dianthus O., Dr.
Faran, J. J., Hon.
Farber, Elizabeth
Farewell, John
Fargo, E. W.
Fargo, John C.
Fargus, John
Faris, William
Farle, John
Farle, Michael
Farley, Eliza M.
Farley, James
Farley, John
Farley, N.
Farley, Nicholas
Farley, Patrick
Farmer, Circleville Olive Branch
Farmer, James
Farmer, James
Farmer, Jesse
Farmer, John
Farmer, John Q.
Farmer, Thomas
Farmers' and Mechanics' Hotel
Farmers' Block
Farmers' Exchange
Farmers' Hotel
Farnal, Mary, Mrs.
Farnam, D. L.
Farnam, George B.
Farnham, B. M., Mrs.
Farnham, Lucinda
Farnham, William H.
Farnsworth, Amorette F.
Farnsworth, Charlotte
Farnsworth, John
Farnsworth, Terah A.
Farnsworth, W. W.
Farnum, J. W., M.D.
Farquahan, L. A. P.
Farquhar, Dr.
Farr, Henry A.
Farr, Henry M.
Farr, Johnson
Farr, Mercy A.
Farra, Richard H.
Farran, James J.
Farrand, Hiram C.
Farrand, William
Farrar, A. J.
Farrar, Andrew J.
Farrar, E., Mrs.
Farrar, Franklin
Farrar, Gardner
Farrar, George
Farrar, J. J.
Farrar, John
Farrar, Sarah A.
Farrar, William
Farras, William
Farrel, Francis
Farrel, Michael
Farrel, Nicholas
Farrel, Patrick, Capt.
Farrel, Thomas
Farrell, Dr.
Farrell, Michael
Farrell, Patrick
Farrell, Richard
Farrell, Susan
Farrell, Thomas W.
Farrelly, Mary E.
Farrens, Alexander J.
Farrer, Samuel
Farrer, William
Farrington and Hubbard
Farrington, Dr.
Farrington, S. H., Dr.
Farrington, Susan, Miss
Farrow, John
Farsay, James
Farwell, J. J.
Farwell, John
Fassett and Carney
Fassett, D. S., M.D., Honorary
Fassett, Dr.
Fassett, E. P.
Fatch, B., Mrs.
Fatch, Michael
Faulk, Horton
Faulk, Lawrence
Faulkener, Dr.
Faulkner, Dr.
Faulkner, M. L.
Faulkner, M. L., M.D.
Faulkner, Mary A.
Faulkner, Morgan L.
Faulkner, P., Dr.
Faulkner, Robert
Faulkner, W., Dr.
Faurot, Randall, Jr.
Faust, Randall
Fauvel-Gouraud, Francois
Favorite, Leonora
Favorite, Leonora
Fawcett, Henry B.
Fawcett, Henry Brooks, M.D.
Fay, C.
Fay, Caroline
Fay, Catharine
Fay, Catharine A.
Fay, Charles V.
Fay, Christian
Fay, Cyrus
Fay, Darwin
Fay, Domino
Fay, Edwin
Fay, Edwin Dudley
Fay, Edwin Hedge
Fay, Eunice S.
Fay, Eunice S.
Fay, Hannah ("H.") Louisa (Mrs. Rufus Apthorp; m. May 14, 1861)
Fay, Harriet
Fay, Henry T.
Fay, Joanna M.
Fay, Joanna M., Miss
Fay, Levi L.
Fay, Lucy B.
Fay, Lucy E.
Fay, Lucy F.
Fay, Lyman
Fay, Marcus W.
Fay, Samuel B.
Fay, Samuel E.
Fay, William A.
Fayette, Johannes Sykes
Fayette, John
Fayette, John S.
Fayette, John S., 1836, Western Reserve College
Fayette, John S., A.B., Western Reserve College
Fayette, John Sykes
Fayette, John Sykes, Rev.
Fearing, Eliza M.
Fearing, Henry
Fearing, P.
Fearing, Paul
Fearing, Rodolphus
Fearing, Sarah
Fearing, Sarah E.
Fearing, Sarah E., Miss
Fearing, Sarah Eliza
Fearns, Charles W.
Feart, Lovina
Featherston, Sarah, Mrs.
Featherstone, S., Mrs.
Featherstone, Sarah
Featherstone, Sarah, Mrs.
Featherstone, Thomas J.
Febiger, Elizabeth L.
Febiger, John C.
Fee, John G.
Fee, W. I., Rev.
Fee, William M.
Feeley, Michael
Feely, Michael
Fehlcamp, Henry
Feil, Gabriel
Fel, pseud.
Feland, James
Felch, A., Hon.
Felch, Pliny
Felcorn, John
Felk, Frederick
Fell, George
Fell, Vicar
Fellows, J. H.
Fellows, Mr.
Felt, Cleantha A.
Felt, Norman
Felt, Norman B.
Felter, Jacob.
Felton, Lyman W.
Felton, Oliver C.
Female Benevolent Society and Maternal Association
Fenelon, Charles
Fenity, Peter
Fenn, Aaron W.
Fenn, Benjamin
Fenn, Benjamin, Rev.
Fenn, Benjamin, Rev.
Fenn, Benjaminus, Rev.
Fenn, Delia
Fenn, Delia A.
Fenn, Delia A.
Fenn, Delia A. (Mrs. Edward W. Andrews), Literature,1841
Fenn, Emeline Esther
Fenn, Esther E.
Fenn, F. W.
Fenn, Fenn
Fenn, Florenzo Fowler
Fenn, Frederick W., M.D.
Fenn, H.
Fenn, Henrietta L.
Fenn, Hubbard
Fenn, Lucinda Sarah ("L.")
Fenn, Lucinda Sarah ("L.") (Mrs. Fayette D. Mathews; m. June 15, 1848)
Fenn, Mary Jane
Fenn, Mary O.
Fenn, Parthenia A. (Mrs. Chapman)
Fenner, David
Fenton, E. P.
Fenton, Gamaliel
Fenton, H.
Fenton, Horace
Fergurson, Elcia
Fergurson, Harriet
Fergus, John
Ferguson, Andrew R., A.M.
Ferguson, Andrew Ramage, M.D.
Ferguson, Ann C.
Ferguson, Columbia E.
Ferguson, Eunice
Ferguson, George
Ferguson, Harriet
Ferguson, J. F.
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, John F.
Ferguson, Joseph
Ferguson, Julia A.
Ferguson, M., Mrs.
Ferguson, Marion
Ferguson, Martha
Ferguson, Matilda, Mrs.
Ferguson, Mr.
Ferguson, Patrick
Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, W. F.
Ferguson, William
Feriday and Co.
Ferraaee, Louisa (Louise)
Ferree, Elizabeth
Ferree, Louisa (Louise Ferraaee)
Ferree, Mary
Ferrel, Charles
Ferrer, John
Ferrer, William
Ferris, Allison B.
Ferris, Allison Bunnell, M.D.
Ferris, Elizabeth
Ferris, Ezra
Ferris, Fedelia (Mrs. Gaynor)
Ferris, Marilla M. (Mrs. Reuben F. Markham)
Ferris, Orin, M.D.
Ferris, Orrin
Ferris, Phebe
Ferry, A. Dickinson
Ferry, Lavinia A.
Ferry, Marcus C.
Ferry, Martha E.
Ferry, Mary Ann, Miss
Fertch, Michael
Fetterman, Martha E.
Fetterman, Virginia D.
Fetty, Valentine
Feurt, Levina H.
Fey, Christian
Fey, Christopher
Fey, Crist
Fey, Frederick
Fey, J. G. R.
Fey, Peter
Fey, William
Fibbs, Sally
Fickelshier, Frederick
Fickes, Andrew J.
Fickes, Charles H.
Fickes, George
Ficklin, W. S.
Fide, John
Fidler, Frederick
Fiefenback, Valentine
Field, D. E.
Field, David E.
Field, Edmonia A.
Field, Edmund Irvin
Field, Ezekiel
Field, Ezekiel
Field, Henry A.
Field, Lucius, Jr.
Field, Lydia, Miss
Field, Rush H.
Field, Sophia
Fielden, Edward
Fielding, William
Field's Jewelry Store
Fields, Agnes J.
Fields, David
Fields, Ezekiel, Elder
Fields, Harvey
Fields, J. F., Esq.
Fiest, Michael
Fife, George
Fified, Dr.
Fifield, Amos ("Edward") K.
Fifield, Dr.
Fifield, G., Dr.
Figg, Daniel
Filcom, John
Filken, Peter
Fillemore, Lavius
Filler, Dr.
Fillmore, A. D.
Fillmore, Augustus Damon
Fillmore, Millard
Fillmore, Millard
Filmer, William
Filmore, Millard
Filson, George B.
Filson, John
Filson, Josiah
Filson, Samuel
Filson, Stephen
Finch, Dr.
Finch, Humphrey
Finch, S. T.
Finch, S. T., Dr.
Finch, S. T., M.D.
Finch, Shermam
Finch, Sherman, A.B.
Finch, Sherman, A.M.
Findlay, Findlay, Gen.
Findlay, James
Findlay, James, Gen.
Findlay, Samuel, Rev.
Findley, Annah M.
Findley, Samuel
Findley, Samuel, Rev.
Finger, Jacob
Finger, John
Fink, C.
Fink, Conrad
Fink, Farlin
Fink, Henry
Fink, John
Fink, John, Jr.
Fink, V.
Fink, Valentine
Fink, W.
Fink, William
Finker, Conrad
Finley, Dr.
Finley, J. C., Dr.
Finley, James
Finley, James B.
Finley, James C., Dr.
Finley, Mary M.
Finley, Mary T.
Finley, Mary T.
Finley, Mary T., Miss
Finley, R. S.
Finley, Robert B.
Finley, Robert S.
Finley, Robert S.
Finley, Samuel
Finley, Sarah J.
Finley, Thomas
Finley, Thomas J.
Finn, J. R.
Finney, Charles
Finney, Charles B.
Finney, Charles G., Prof.
Finney, Charles G., Prof.
Finney, Charles G., Rev.
Finney, Charles G., Rev.
Finney, Charles. G., Rev.
Finney, Cyrus George ("G.")
Finney, Everett
Finney, Helen C.
Finney, Helen C. (Mrs. Jacob D. Cox); m.(1) Willaim Cochran,1846; (2) Jacob D. Cox,1849, Literature,1846 (degree issued 1900)
Finney, J. B., Mrs.
Finney, James B.
Finney, Janette
Finney, Jerry
Finney, Jr., Charles G., A.B.,1851; A.M.,1854
Finney, Julia (Rice) (Mrs. James Monroe; m. Nov., 1865)
Finney, L. R., Mrs.
Finney, Mary Philanda ("P.") (Mrs. Rector E. Cole; m. Oct. 6, 1847)
Finney, Mr.
Finney, Norton
Finney, Norton F.
Finney, Wiley J.
Fireman's General Association Fund
Firemen's Fire Insurance Co.
Firemen's Insurance Co.
Firestone, Dr.
Firestone, John B.
Firestone, L., Dr.
Firestone, Leander
Firestone, Leander, M.D.
Firestone, Leander, M.D.
Firmin, Lorenzo
Firmstone, Sarah E.
First Baptist Church
First Episcopal Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Wesleyan Methodist Church
Fiscus, Peter
Fish and Miller
Fish, C. L.
Fish, Charles L.
Fish, Charles R.
Fish, Charles T.
Fish, Charles Ward
Fish, David D.
Fish, Dr.
Fish, Edmund
Fish, Elias
Fish, Emily
Fish, Henry S.
Fish, Henry Spencer
Fish, J. L.
Fish, Job
Fish, Maria, Mrs.
Fishback, O. T., Judge
Fisher and Agard
Fisher and Warner
Fisher, Aaron D.
Fisher, Abel
Fisher, Abigail
Fisher, Alexander, Dr.
Fisher, Amanda M.
Fisher, Angeline
Fisher, Angeline
Fisher, Angeline (Mrs. Charles A. Jenison; m. Aug. 27, 1845, Literature,1845
Fisher, Benjamin F.
Fisher, Caleb Ellis
Fisher, Caleb Ellis ("E.")
Fisher, Caleb Ellis ("E.")
Fisher, Caleb Ellis ("E.") ("B.")
Fisher, Caleb Ellis ("E."), A.B.
Fisher, David
Fisher, Dr.
Fisher, E. Burke
Fisher, E. Burke
Fisher, E., M.D.
Fisher, Elias.
Fisher, Elizabeth
Fisher, Ellwood
Fisher, Ellwood, Esq.
Fisher, Hannah M.
Fisher, Harmon E.
Fisher, Harriet C.
Fisher, Horatio B.
Fisher, J.
Fisher, J. D.
Fisher, John
Fisher, Joseph S. (Abby M. Carter; m. 1849)
Fisher, Julianna
Fisher, Lewis
Fisher, M., Mrs.
Fisher, Michael
Fisher, Mrs.
Fisher, N. W., Rev.
Fisher, Phineas
Fisher, Richard Swanson
Fisher, Samuel W.
Fisher, Sarah A.
Fisher, Sarah A.
Fisher, Sarah E.
Fisher, Susan A.
Fisher, Susan A.
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, Thompson B.
Fisher, Wilbur, M.D.
Fishpool, Edward
Fisk, Angeline E.
Fisk, Augustus
Fisk, Benjamin F.
Fisk, Charles L.
Fisk, Daniel
Fisk, Edward
Fisk, Ellen R.
Fisk, Emily A.
Fisk, Evelyn R.
Fisk, John St. John
Fisk, M., Mrs.
Fisk, Maria, Miss
Fisk, Mary A.
Fisk, Pliny
Fisk, Wilbur
Fiske and Hall
Fiske, John St. John
Fiske, Sarah E.
Fiske, William
Fiske, William, Dr.
Fitch and Sanborn
Fitch, Albert
Fitch, C. L.
Fitch, Charles
Fitch, Charles
Fitch, Charles D.
Fitch, Charles W.
Fitch, Charles, Mrs.
Fitch, Chauncey W., A.M., Rev.
Fitch, Chauncey W., Prof.
Fitch, Chauncey Wheaton
Fitch, Chauncey Wheaton, A.M., Rev.
Fitch, Clarissa J.
Fitch, David
Fitch, Dr.
Fitch, E. M.
Fitch, Edmund Perkins
Fitch, Edward P.
Fitch, Eliza Maria ("M.")
Fitch, Eliza Maria ("M.") (Maria Eliza)
Fitch, Eliza Maria ("M.") (Mrs. Charles Torrey), Literature,1844
Fitch, Gorden, Mrs.
Fitch, Gurdon
Fitch, Gurdon, Mrs.
Fitch, H., Mrs.
Fitch, Haynes
Fitch, J. W.
Fitch, Jabez
Fitch, Jabez W.
Fitch, James
Fitch, James M.
Fitch, John
Fitch, John
Fitch, John G.
Fitch, Lafayette
Fitch, Martha (Mrs. Burt Brett)
Fitch, Martin L.
Fitch, Mary P., Miss
Fitch, Mr.
Fitch, Mr.
Fitch, O. H.
Fitch, O. H., Esq.
Fitch, Seth Wales
Fitch, Thomas, M.D.
Fitch, Z., Mrs.
Fitch, Zalmon
Fitch, Zalmon
Fitch, Zalmon, Esq.
Fitch, Zalmon, Esq.
Fith, J. W.
Fithiam, Elizabeth B.
Fithiam, Mary C.
Fithian, Elizabeth B.
Fithian, Elizabeth B., Miss
Fithian, Mary C.
Fithian, Mary C., Miss
Fitz Randolph, Lauretta
Fitzgerald, J.
Fitzgerald, Jefferson
Fitzhugh, Nicholas
Fitzpatrick, Daniel
Fitzpatrick, I.
Fitzpatrick, James
Fitzpatrick, John
Fitzsimons, Eliza
Fitzsimons, Mary J.
Flack, Hannah, Miss
Flack, Jane, Miss
Flagg, Harriet, Miss
Flagg, Henry
Flagg, James
Flagg, M.
Flagg, M., Dr.
Flagg, Susan C.
Flagg, Thomas W.
Flanagan, Edward
Flanaghan, S.
Flanders, Jesse
Flanders, Martha J., Miss
Flanegan, Edward
Flanegan, Mr.
Flanery, John
Flannegan, Edward
Flannery, John
Flaushauar, Reuben
Flaushaur, Reuben
Flavil W. Bingham
Fleck, Jacob
Fleger, Jacob
Flelman, S.
Fleming and Babcock
Fleming and Repine's Eagle Livery Stable
Fleming, Andrew W.
Fleming, Arthur
Fleming, James
Fleming, James C., A.B.
Fleming, John
Fleming, Samuel
Fleming, Samuel S.
Fleming, W. H.
Fleming, William H.
Flemming and Babcock
Flemming, Mary
Flemming, W. H.
Flersheine, Gustavus
Flershire, Gustavus
Flershire, Samuel
Flesher, William Anderson
Fleshner, B.
Fletcher, Calvin
Fletcher, Calvin ("C.")
Fletcher, Charles
Fletcher, Edward Payson ("P.")
Fletcher, Elizabeth Ferris ("F.") (Mrs. Reuben Taylor)
Fletcher, Emeline, Miss
Fletcher, F. W.
Fletcher, Fanny (W.) (Mrs. E.J. Comings)
Fletcher, Francis Hopkins ("H.")
Fletcher, Frank H.
Fletcher, G. W.
Fletcher, George N.
Fletcher, George Washington ("W.")
Fletcher, J. B.
Fletcher, John ("J.") Bartlett ("B.")
Fletcher, Judson R.
Fletcher, Lewis
Fletcher, Lorenzo
Fletcher, Maria
Fletcher, Mary
Fletcher, Mary A.
Fletcher, Mary Ann
Fletcher, Mary Ann (Mrs. George W. Fletcher)
Fletcher, Mr.
Fletcher, Mr.
Fletcher, Nathan P., Esq.
Fletcher, Robert
Fletcher, Samuel
Fletcher, Samuel F.
Fletcher, Thaddeus
Fletter, John
Fleury, H. W.
Fleury, Henry W.
Fleury, Robert
Flick, Jacob
Flin, Thomas
Fling, George W.
Flinn, James
Flinn, John
Flinn, Thomas
Flint, E. H.
Flint, Edward
Flint, Hezekiah
Flint, J. W., Dr.
Flint, John
Flint, John L.
Flint, Mary
Flint, Micah P.
Flint, Timothy
Flockam, G.
Flood, Ceclia C.
Flood, Charles B.
Flood, James
Flood, William
Floom, Joseph A.
Florence, Christiana R.
Florence, Frances
Flory, Rev. Mr.
Floshem, Gustavus
Floshem, Samuel
Flouer, John
Flournoy, Sarah A.
Flower, George A.
Flowers, Caroline G.
Flowers, Dr.
Flowers, Job L.
Flowers, Mary A.
Floyd, G. H.
Floyd, T. C.
Floyd, T. C.
Floyd, Thomas
Floyd, Thomas C.
Fluery, H. W.
Flux, John
Fly, Frederick
Flynn, Bernard
Foard, Henry W.
Fobes, A., Mr.
Fobes, Azariah
Fobes, D., Mr.
Fobes, Daniel
Fobes, Dr.
Fobes, Emily M.
Fobes, Eusebia
Fobes, Eusebia N.
Fobes, Harriet E.
Fobes, Josiah
Fobes, William
Fobes, William
Fobes, William, M.D.
Fogg, Thomas
Foggin, John
Fogle, Joshua
Foley, James
Folger, Asa
Foljambe, S.
Foljambe, Samuel
Folk, William
Follet, Martin Dewey ("D."), A.B.,Marietta,1853; A.M.,1856
Follett, Alfred
Follett, F. M.
Follett, John W.
Follett, O.
Follett, Oran
Follett, Oran
Follett, Orlan
Folsom, A. C.
Folsom, Charles A.
Folsom, Daniel
Folsom, David
Folsom, E. G.
Folsom, E. G., A.B.
Folsom, E. Gilman
Folsom, E. Gilman
Folsom, E. Gilman, A.B.
Folsom, Ezekiel
Folsom, Ezekiel ("E.") Gilman, A.B.,1847; A.M.,1853
Folsom, Gilman, Jr.
Folsom, Hadassah B.
Folsom, Lysander B.
Folsom, Mason F.
Folsom, Mason Fitch ("F.")
Folsom, N. M.
Folsom, Nathan M.
Folsom, Nathaniel S., Rev.
Folsom, Nathaniel Smith
Folsom, Rev.
Foltz ("Folts"), Benjamin
Foltz ("Folts"), Benjamin
Foltz ("Folts"), Benjamin, Seminary,1836
Fonte, Arminda
Fonte, Arminda B.
Foot and Hoyt
Foot and Morey
Foot, A. E.
Foot, A. S.
Foot, Albert S.
Foot, Amanada A.
Foot, Angelina L. (Mrs. R.H. Stevens)
Foot, Augustus E.
Foot, Chester L.
Foot, Dr.
Foot, Eunice
Foot, Eunice L.
Foot, George F.
Foot, H.
Foot, Harace
Foot, Horace
Foot, Horace
Foot, Horace
Foot, Horace, Esq.
Foot, Isaac P., A.B.
Foot, Isaac Platt, A.B., M.D.
Foot, J. A.
Foot, John A.
Foot, John A., Esq.
Foot, Laura, Mrs.
Foot, Mr.
Foot, Samuel
Foote ("Foot"), John A., Esq.
Foote ("Foot"), William Wirt ("W.")
Foote ("Foot"), William Wirt ("W."), A.B.,1855; A.M.,1858; Seminary,1861
Foote and Bowler
Foote and Browne
Foote and Mowry
Foote, A.
Foote, A.
Foote, Abbie L.
Foote, Adrian V.
Foote, Andrew R.
Foote, Angelina L. (Mrs. R.H. Stevens)
Foote, Angeline L.
Foote, C. L.
Foote, Caroline
Foote, Charles C.
Foote, Charles C.
Foote, Charles C., Seminary,1840
Foote, Dr.
Foote, Elizabeth J.
Foote, Eunice B.
Foote, Ezra
Foote, Henrietta
Foote, Herschel
Foote, Hiram
Foote, Hiram, Seminary,1838
Foote, J. A.
Foote, J. A.
Foote, James
Foote, John
Foote, John ("J.") P.
Foote, John A.
Foote, John A., Esq.
Foote, John P.
Foote, John Parsons
Foote, Jonathan
Foote, Lucius Harwood
Foote, Marietta A.
Foote, Maryette A.
Foote, Rhoda F.
Foote, Robert
Foote, Robert B.
Foote, Samuel E.
Foote, Sarah H.
Foote, Storm R.
Foote, Susannah
Foote, William E.
Forbes, C. B.
Forbes, Daniel
Forbes, M. W.
Forbes, Martin W.
Forbes, Nancy S.
Forbes, Sarah J.
Forbes, W. W.
Forbey, John
Forby, John
Force, Charles
Ford, Alamanda
Ford, C. L.
Ford, Charles W.
Ford, Cyrus
Ford, Elijah, Jr.
Ford, Erastus
Ford, Erastus Denison
Ford, Francis
Ford, H.
Ford, Harriet
Ford, Harriet
Ford, Henry
Ford, Hobart
Ford, Isaiah N.
Ford, Jacob
Ford, John
Ford, John Wesley
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Lewis W.
Ford, Lucian C.
Ford, Lydia
Ford, Mary A.
Ford, Mary Ann
Ford, Mary Eliza
Ford, Mr.
Ford, Romanta B.
Ford, Seabury
Ford, Seabury
Ford, Seabury, Esq.
Ford, Seabury, Hon.
Ford, Seabury, Hon.
Ford, Simeon
Ford, Simeon
Ford, Sophia K., Mrs.
Ford, W. L.
Ford, William
Ford, William H.
Fordney, George M.
Fordyce, Peace
Foreman, Charles
Foreman, J. T.
Foreman, James
Foreman, Peter
Forest, Caroline
Forester, Fanny, pseud.
Forester, Thomas Gale
Forgans, James
Forgason, Columbia E.
Forgason, Julia A.
Forgoson, John
Forguson, Julia A.
Forman, F. B.
Forman, James T.
Forrer, Augusta
Forrer, Augusta
Forrer, Christian
Forrer, Elizabeth
Forrer, Mary
Forrer, Samuel
Forrer, Samuel
Forrest, Henrietta
Forrest, Orlando
Forrest, Sarah C.
Forrow, Mary E.
Forschner, John
Forsha and Bard
Forsha, William
Forshey, C. G.
Forshey, Caleb G.
Forsinger, George
Forsman, Mary J.
Forsman, Ruth
Forsyth, Ellen
Forsyth, Ellen B.
Forsyth, Mary J.
Forsyth, Robert E.
Forsyth, William P.
Forsythe, Margaret D.
Fortch, Michael
Fortesque, E. S.
Forward, Phebe J.
Fosdick, Albert C.
Fosdick, C. R.
Fosdick, D.
Fosdick, David
Fosdick, E.
Fosdick, Ezekiel
Fosels, John
Fosing, Francis
Fosmire, Henry
Foss, Rosaline
Foss, S. A.
Foster, A.
Foster, A. D.
Foster, Aaron, Esq.
Foster, Abiel
Foster, Andrew
Foster, C. A., Rev.
Foster, Catharine
Foster, Catharine B.
Foster, Catherine, Mrs.
Foster, Cephas
Foster, Cephas
Foster, Cephas, A.B.
Foster, Cephas, A.B.,1838; Seminary,1841
Foster, Charles
Foster, Charlotte Augusta ("A.") (Mrs. Levi Wheaton)
Foster, Cyrus
Foster, Cyrus
Foster, Dennis
Foster, Dr.
Foster, Edward
Foster, Elizabeth
Foster, Elizabeth B.
Foster, Elvira
Foster, Francis B.
Foster, George
Foster, George A.
Foster, Grief
Foster, H., Dr.
Foster, Henry
Foster, Henry
Foster, Henry, M.D.
Foster, Hester
Foster, Hiram
Foster, Horace B.
Foster, Horace Burnham
Foster, J.
Foster, J. W.
Foster, James
Foster, James
Foster, James P.
Foster, James P.
Foster, James Parke, M.D.
Foster, James, Capt.
Foster, James, Jr.
Foster, James, Mrs.
Foster, Jerusha, Mrs.
Foster, John
Foster, John B.
Foster, John B.
Foster, John B., A.B.
Foster, John B., A.B.
Foster, John B., M.A.
Foster, John M.
Foster, John W.
Foster, John W.F.
Foster, John W.F., A.B.
Foster, Joseph
Foster, Julia A.
Foster, Juliet
Foster, Maria L.
Foster, Maria Louise
Foster, Mary
Foster, Mary H.
Foster, Mary H. (Mrs. George E. Sickles)
Foster, Mary J.
Foster, Mary M.
Foster, Mary Stiles
Foster, Matthew
Foster, Milton
Foster, Nathan
Foster, Nathaniel
Foster, Nathaniel
Foster, Rebecca Faulkner, Miss
Foster, Sarah
Foster, Sarah M.
Foster, Sarah, Miss
Foster, Stephen H.
Foster, Susan C.
Foster, T.
Foster, T.
Foster, Thomas
Foster, Thomas, Jr.
Foster, Thomas, M.D.
Foster, William
Foster, William R.
Foster, William R.
Foster, William S.
Foster, William, M.D.
Fostick, Moses
Fountain, Evelina
Fourier, Charles
Fournier, Francis B.
Fouts, Jacob
Fouts, Sebastian
Fowler, A. D.
Fowler, Abby C.
Fowler, Andrew D.
Fowler, Charles N.
Fowler, Charles Newton, M.D.
Fowler, Dr.
Fowler, Emily Jane
Fowler, Franklin M.
Fowler, J.
Fowler, John
Fowler, Jonathan
Fowler, Judson T.
Fowler, June, Mrs.
Fowler, M. A.
Fowler, M. R., Dr.
Fowler, Mary Ann
Fowler, Roswell F.
Fowler, S.
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, Sarah A.
Fowler, Susan H., Miss
Fowler, T. M.
Fowler, Thomas
Fowler, W. C.
Fowler, William
Fowler's Hotel
Fox, A.
Fox, Aaron
Fox, Aaron Moses
Fox, Andrew
Fox, C.
Fox, Charles
Fox, Charles
Fox, Christopher
Fox, Conrad
Fox, Cyrus D.
Fox, Dorathy
Fox, Dr.
Fox, Eunice C.
Fox, Eunice Clysmalvia ("C.") (Mrs. Alex B. Johnson; m. Aug. 24, 1853)
Fox, George
Fox, Griffith
Fox, Henry
Fox, Ira
Fox, James A.
Fox, John
Fox, Joseph
Fox, M.
Fox, M. H.
Fox, Martin
Fox, Mathias
Fox, Mattis
Fox, Morris H.
Fox, S. H.
Fox, Samuel
Fox, Samuel H.
Fox, W. H.
Fox, William (G.), A.B.,1859; A.M.,1863
Fox, William H.
Foxcroft, Joseph E., Esq.
Foxe, John
Foy, Mary
Fradner, F.
Fraime, John
Fraine, Jane, Mrs.
Fraley, Catherine, Mrs.
Fraley, Joseph
Fraley, Peter
Frambach, Joseph
Frame, Reuben
France, John B.
Francis Ager
Francis B. Marble
Francis Gibbons
Francis Marble
Francis Raymond
Francis, Benjamin
Francis, Edwin
Francis, F.
Francis, Holsey
Francis, Philetus
Francis, Phyletus
Francisco, J.
Francisco, Jacob
Frank, Anthony
Frank, C.
Frank, Charles H.
Frank, George
Frank, George W.
Frank, H.
Frank, Harris
Frank, J. H.
Frank, Jacob
Frank, James
Frank, James B.
Frank, James Madison
Frank, John
Frank, M.
Frank, Margaret
Frank, Margaret F.
Frank, Moses
Frank, Seraph B.
Frank, Yecham
Frank, Z. H.
Frankenstien, G.
Frankenstien, J. P.
Frankenstien, L.
Frankland, J.
Frankland, James
Frankland, John
Franklin and McLeish
Franklin Buildings
Franklin Factory
Franklin House
Franklin Machine Shop
Franklin S. Slosson
Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin F.
Franklin, Cordelia
Franklin, Franklin
Franklin, John
Franklin, John H.
Franklin, M.
Franklin, Madison
Franklin, Robert
Franklin, W. B.
Franklin, William B.
Franks, Aaron
Franks, Maria L.
Franks, Maria Louisa
Franks, Mary C.
Franley, Michael
Fransted, James
Frary, Leander
Frary, Sarah J.
Fraser, Donald
Fraser, Dr.
Fraser, James I.
Fraser, Jerome B.
Fraser, John
Fraser, John M.
Frasier, Fergus
Frazee, Dr.
Frazee, Moses
Frazer and Butterfield
Frazer, Abner L.
Frazer, Eleanor
Frazer, George W.
Frazer, James
Frazer, James R.
Frazer, William
Frazier and Drennen
Frazier, Alexander
Frazier, Gideon
Frazier, Homer C.
Frazier, James
Frazier, John
Frazier, William
Frear, Wesley
Frederic, John
Frederick A. Keppler
Frederick Black and Co.
Frederick Elflein
Frederick Gradler
Frederick J. Prentiss
Frederick Prentiss
Frederick Sillsby
Frederick Valz
Frederick Voilke
Frederick W. Athearn
Frederick Whittlesey
Frederick Whittlesy
Frederick William Weiss
Frederick, Abraham
Frederick, Henry
Frederick, John
Fredericks, Abraham
Fredericks, D.
Fredericks, Harriet H.
Fredericks, John
Fredway, James
Fredway, Mary
Freeborn, Mary L.
Freedom of the Press
Freeland, E., Capt.
Freeland, Mrs.
Freeley, Michael
Freeley, W., Mrs.
Freelove, Eveline
Freely, F.
Freeman, Aaron
Freeman, Alfred N.
Freeman, Amelia
Freeman, Benjamin N.
Freeman, Benjamin N., M.D.
Freeman, Charles
Freeman, Christopher
Freeman, Dr.
Freeman, Edmund
Freeman, Edmund A.
Freeman, Emily
Freeman, Emily C.
Freeman, Erastus
Freeman, G. E.
Freeman, George
Freeman, George E.
Freeman, George W.
Freeman, Glen J.
Freeman, Henry
Freeman, James
Freeman, John
Freeman, John D.
Freeman, John J.
Freeman, L.
Freeman, Luther
Freeman, Philander C., A.B.
Freeman, Pliney
Freeman, Plinney
Freeman, Plinny
Freeman, Pliny
Freeman, Rebecca B.
Freeman, Robert
Freeman, S. R.
Freeman, Samuel
Freeman, Silas Child
Freeman, T. B.
Freeman, William
Freemason Lodge Room
Freer, James D.
Freer, Lorretta M.
Freer, Melissa C.
Freer, Timran E.
Freese, Abijah H.
Freese, Andrew
Freese, Franklin
Freese, J. Edward
Freese, John
Freese, Milton
Freick, Frederick
Frelish, J. V.
French and Co.
French Burr Mill Stone Manufacturer
French, Amelia C.
French, Anna
French, Burton
French, Burton H.
French, Charles Robinson
French, Charles Robinson
French, Charles Robinson, A.B.,1840
French, Daniel
French, David P.
French, Edward
French, Eliza M.
French, Elvira
French, Elvira A.
French, Enos
French, Henry
French, Henry M.
French, Ira D.
French, Ira D.
French, Ira Darwin
French, Ira Darwin, A.B.
French, James
French, Jonas G.
French, Joshua
French, Juliet A.
French, L.
French, Laura
French, Louisa
French, Lucinda
French, Lucy E.
French, Luther C.
French, Luther Calvin, M.D.
French, Mansfield
French, Maria, Mrs.
French, Martha (Mary) A. (Mrs. Robinson)
French, Martha A.
French, Mary L.
French, Mary M.
French, Newton E.
French, Peter
French, Rebecca E.
French, Rebecca E. (Mrs. A.G. Lawrence), A.B.,1847
French, Robert
French, Robert S.
French, Squire B.
French, Thalia A.
French, Theodore
French, Theodore L.
French, Wales
French, William C.
French, William Clark
French, William Clark, A.B.
French, Winchell M.
Frerich, Henry
Fresel, M.
Fresell, Henry
Fretter, John
Fretter, John, First Lieutenant
Fretter, Ned
Freund, John
Frew, Alexander
Frew, John
Frew, Robert
Frey and Fraser
Frey, Eli.
Frey, J.
Friend of Gallowrake, pseud.
Friend of Justice, A, pseud.
Friend, John
Frieze, John
Frink and Co.
Frink, H.
Frink, H. E.
Frink, Harvey
Frink, Justin E.
Frink, Mrs.
Frisbee, Louisa R.
Frisbee, Sterne
Frisbie, Harriet
Frisbie, James L.
Frissel, E.
Frissel, Erastus
Frissell, E.
Frissell, Erastus
Frissell, H.
Fritter, E.
Frohman, Edward
Frollay, Michael
Frolley, Michael
Froming, Daniel
Froming, Daniel C.
Fromings, Daniel
Frost, Allen J.
Frost, Allen, Jr.
Frost, E. C.
Frost, John
Frost, L. P.
Frost, Lewis P.
Frost, Lewis P.
Frost, Lewis P., A.B.
Frost, Lewis P., A.B.,1848
Frost, Sarah
Frow, Dr.
Frozier, David
Fry, Burkett D.
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Francis T.
Fry, Frederick
Fry, George Henry
Fry, Jane Ann
Fry, Jane Ann
Fry, John H.
Fry, Moses
Fry, Richard
Fry, Richard, Dr.
Fry, William
Frybarger, John
Fryman, Madis
Frymier, John
Fudge, William
Fuldheim, M.
Fulghum, Benjamin
Fulghum, William
Fuller and Tarbell
Fuller and Whitney
Fuller, A.
Fuller, Adeline S.
Fuller, Arathusa
Fuller, Augustus
Fuller, B.
Fuller, Benjamin A.
Fuller, Capt.
Fuller, Cordelia
Fuller, David T., A.B.
Fuller, David Thurston, A.M.
Fuller, Dr.
Fuller, Esther A.
Fuller, Esther W.
Fuller, Eunice
Fuller, F. S., Rev.
Fuller, F., Mrs.
Fuller, Francis C., Mrs.
Fuller, G.
Fuller, G. W., Rev.
Fuller, George
Fuller, George, M.D.
Fuller, George, M.D.
Fuller, Harriet
Fuller, Hosea
Fuller, J., Dr.
Fuller, James E.
Fuller, Jennett (Mrs. Samuel O. Wellman)
Fuller, John, Esq.
Fuller, John, Rev.
Fuller, Josiah G.
Fuller, Josiah G., Seminary,1854
Fuller, Judge., Judge
Fuller, Julia Marion
Fuller, Julina
Fuller, Lucretia L.
Fuller, Lucy
Fuller, Lucy Dale ("D.")
Fuller, Lucy Dale ("D.")
Fuller, Lucy Dale ("D.")
Fuller, Lucy Dale ("D.") (Mrs. Alfred Bryant), Literature,1847
Fuller, Lucy F.
Fuller, Lucy L.
Fuller, Lucy P.
Fuller, Martha
Fuller, Moses
Fuller, Nancy
Fuller, Rev.
Fuller, Russell N.
Fuller, Samuel L.
Fuller, Samuel, D.D., Rev.
Fuller, Samuel, Jr., D.D., Rev.
Fuller, Sarah
Fuller, Sarah Chapman
Fuller, Seth W.
Fuller, Shubel.
Fuller, Simeon, Hon.
Fuller, Simeon, Hon.
Fuller, Simmeon, Hon.
Fuller, W. A.
Fuller, Walter
Fuller, Willard S.
Fuller, William
Fullerton, Hugh S.
Fullerton, Hugh Stuart
Fulmar, Frederick
Fulthem, Mr.
Fultimer, John
Fulton Iron Works
Fulton, Abraham
Fulton, Arthur
Fulton, James
Fulton, John A.
Fulton, Lyle
Fulton, Robert
Fulton, Robert
Fulton, Susan T.
Fulton, Susan T.
Fulwiler, Adaline
Fulwiler, Mary J.
Fulwiler, Nancy G.
Fulwiler, Nancy S.
Fundenberg, Dr.
Funk, Henry B.
Funk, Mary Arminda
Funston, John
Furbos, Humphrey H.
Furgason, Columbia A.
Furgason, Julia A.
Furgerson, Mrs.
Furguson, Patrick
Furman, Richard
Furnace, David
Furnas, Robert
Furness, David
Furropf, Henry
Fursman, Mary A.
Furst, J. P.
Furst, John P.
Fyffe, E. P., M.D.
G. A. Hull
G. and A. Loomis
G. and J. Scott
G. and Lyman J. Kendall
G. and Lyman Kendall
G. Anderson Hull, M.D.
G. B. Folsom
G. B. Scribner and Co.
G. C. Wood
G. Cunningham
G. E. Herrick
G. F. Boehringer
G. F. Lewis
G. F. Tindall
G. F. Turrill
G. F. Votteler
G. Griffin
G. Gulliver
G. H. Detmer
G. H. M'Whorter
G. J. Leet
G. Kirk and Co.
G. Lott and Co.
G. M. Atwater
G. Meyer
G. Michael
G. Mitchel
G. Overrocker
G. P. Burwe ll
G. P. Griffith and Co.
G. P. Kirtland
G. Q. Pomeroy
G. Van Voast
G. W. and B. B. Jones
G. W. Lynde
G. W. Pratt
G. W. Tilton
G. W. Wilson
G. W. Wylie
G. Williams and Co.
G.C. Miller
G.N. Frankenstein
G.R. Smith
G.W. and J.C. Geisendorff
G.W. Brown
G.W. Goffin and Co.
Gaar, John W.
Gabaudan, Cartharine
Gabaudan, Catharine W.
Gabaudan, Mary
Gabaudan, Mary E.
Gaberdill, Mr.
Gabriel, Eli
Gabriel, Eli, M.D.
Gabriel, Jonas F.
Gabriel, Rufus
Gadabout, Ruthy
Gaddis, Maxwell Pierson, Jr.
Gaffron, William
Gagan, James
Gage, E. Freeman
Gage, Fedelia
Gage, Fedelia Sophia
Gage, Frances D.
Gage, Freeman
Gage, W. D.
Gage, Watroms
Gager, Abigail
Gaghagans, Daniel
Gaherly, Thomas
Gahr, N., Rev.
Gailey, Dr.
Gaines, Brigadier General
Gaines, Edmund P.
Gaines, H. P.
Gaitree, Sappho
Galbpin, Leman
Galbraith, Caroline
Galbraith, Narcissa
Gale, Dr.
Gale, E.
Gale, J.
Gale, Justus
Gale, Permelia L.
Gale, Rodney
Galespa, A. B.
Galigher, John P.
Galilei, Galileo
Gallagan, Barnard
Gallagher, Charles
Gallagher, Dennis
Gallagher, J. M.
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James, Rev.
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, John M.
Gallagher, Manus
Gallagher, Michael
Gallagher, Morris
Gallagher, Owen
Gallagher, Thomas M.
Gallagher, William D.
Gallagher's Building
Gallaher, James
Gallaher, James, Rev.
Gallaher, M.
Gallaher, Michael
Gallaway and Slade
Gallaway, Zachariah
Galloway, Henrietta
Galloway, Henrietta (Mrs. Orin Coe)
Galloway, Henry
Galloway, James
Galloway, James E.
Galloway, James, Jr.
Galloway, James, Major
Galloway, Mr.
Galloway, Samuel
Galloway, Samuel
Galloway, William D.
Gallowrake, pseud.
Gallup, Dr.
Gallup, Elizabeth K.
Gallup, J.
Gallup, J. C., Dr.
Gallup, Lester N.
Gallup, Lucy A. (Mrs. Morris Pomeroy)
Galpin, Charles
Galpin, Charles
Galpin, Charles, Seminary, 1844
Galpin, Dr.
Galpin, Leman
Galpin, Leman, M.D.
Galpin, Noble
Galusha, William H.
Galvin, Owen
Galzier, Samuel
Gamble, Elisha
Gamble, Eliza
Gamble, George
Gamble, James
Gamble, James N.
Gamble, John
Gamble, Mary
Gameiner, Frederick
Ganihl, Anthony
Ganley, John
Ganley, Nicholas
Gannon, James
Gano, A. G.
Gano, Daniel
Gano, John S.
Gano, Mary
Gano, Stephen
Ganong, Sarah E.
Gans, Lydia C.
Ganson, J. F.
Ganson, Joseph
Ganson, Mr.
Ganson, William
Gaphny, Lawrence
Gard, B. F., Dr.
Gard, Dr.
Gard, I. N.
Gard, Samuel
Gard, Stephen
Gardener, John
Gardiner, Ellen M.
Gardiner, J.
Gardiner, James B.
Gardiner, John J., 1842, Middlebury College
Gardiner, John Jilson, A.B.
Gardiner, L. A.
Gardler, Frederick
Gardner ("Gardiner"), Harriet M. (Mrs. Jason M. Bowen)
Gardner and Cornwall
Gardner and Vincent
Gardner, A. S.
Gardner, A., M.D.
Gardner, Alonzo S.
Gardner, Amanda
Gardner, Amanda (Mrs. Seth M. Barber; m. June 3, 1852), Literature,1851
Gardner, Andrew J.
Gardner, Andrew Jackson, M.D.
Gardner, C. C.
Gardner, Charles
Gardner, Darwin E.
Gardner, E. H.
Gardner, E. T.
Gardner, Elisha T.
Gardner, George Nathan
Gardner, I. N.
Gardner, I. N., Capt.
Gardner, Ishmael
Gardner, Ishmael N.
Gardner, J.
Gardner, James
Gardner, John F., Capt.
Gardner, John J.
Gardner, John S.
Gardner, Joseph
Gardner, Julia C.
Gardner, Martin
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary Jane
Gardner, Mary Middletown
Gardner, Michael
Gardner, Mr.
Gardner, Nelson
Gardner, Perrin
Gardner, Philander
Gardner, Rachel A.
Gardner, Thomas
Garen, Elizabeth E.
Garen, Jane
Garfield, A. A.
Garfield, Thomas
Garleel, Joseph
Garlick and Palmer
Garlick, Dr.
Garlick, Eliza A.
Garlick, Guy C.
Garlick, Theodatus, M.D.
Garlick, Wilmot
Garman, Mary A.
Garner, Peter M.
Garnet, Frances V.
Garnet, Martha E.
Garrard, J. D.
Garret and Cotman
Garret, Albert
Garretson, Anna
Garretson, Joseph
Garretson, Reuben T.
Garrett, Alexander
Garrett, Ammon
Garrett, D. J.
Garrett, David J.
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Elisha
Garrett, Elizabeth
Garrett, H. G.
Garrett, Ira
Garrett, Joel
Garrett, Joel W.
Garrett, John
Garrett, Richard
Garrett, Theodore F.
Garrigues, Marcia B.
Garrioch, Peter
Garrish, Charles
Garrison, D. N.
Garrison, David
Gartey, Thomas
Garton, N.
Garvey, Edward C.K.
Garvey, Edward E.K.
Garvin, Henry D.
Garwood, Alonzo
Garwood, C., Mrs.
Gaskill, Olive F.
Gassaway, Stephen G.
Gassaway, Stephen G., A.B.
Gassaway, Stephen G., A.B.
Gassaway, Stephen G., A.B., Rev.
Gassaway, Stephen G., M.A., Rev.
Gassaway, Stephen G., Rev.
Gastelu, Carlos
Gaston, Ammon
Gaston, Celia
Gaston, Dr.
Gaston, E. F.
Gaston, E., Miss
Gaston, Edgar Kasson
Gaston, Elvira
Gaston, Elvira (Mrs. Lester W. Platt, m. May 6, 1841)
Gaston, N. L.
Gaston, Nancy
Gaston, William W.
Gatch, B.
Gatchell, Horatio P.
Gate, B.
Gates, Amos A.
Gates, Augusta L.
Gates, B., Mr.
Gates, Beman, Esq.
Gates, Charles
Gates, Clarinda
Gates, Clarinda (Mrs. Gilbert S. Northrop)
Gates, Ezra
Gates, Ezra, Jr.
Gates, H. N.
Gates, Halsey
Gates, Harvey
Gates, Henry K.
Gates, Ira M.
Gates, J.
Gates, James
Gates, James
Gates, Julia A.
Gates, L. M.
Gates, Lewis M.
Gates, Lorenzo
Gates, Lorenzo
Gates, Lorenzo
Gates, Moses F.
Gates, Mr.
Gates, Mr.
Gates, Nahum B.
Gates, Rachel A.
Gates, Seth M., Hon.
Gates, William J.
Gath, John
Gauff, Elizabeth E.
Gauff, Mary A.
Gauglen, John
Gaul, Hugh
Gault, R. M.
Gault, William M.
Gause, Edward A.
Gause, James C.
Gaver, E.
Gavit, J. S.A.
Gay, Elisabeth
Gay, Elizabeth (Mrs. C.C. Ellsworth)
Gay, James W.
Gay, Mary R.
Gay, Mylo ("Milo") Lee ("L.")
Gay, Mylo (Miles) Lee ("L."), A.B.,1848
Gay, Mylo Lee ("L.")
Gay, N., Dr.
Gay, Norman
Gay, Norman
Gay, Norman, M.D.
Gay, S. B.
Gay, S. P.
Gay, Stephen B.
Gaylord, Allen
Gaylord, Charles A.
Gaylord, E. F.
Gaylord, E. F., Mrs.
Gaylord, E. H.
Gaylord, Ebenezer
Gaylord, Edward H.
Gaylord, Eliza
Gaylord, Emily M.
Gaylord, Erastus
Gaylord, Erastus F.
Gaylord, H. and E.
Gaylord, H. C.
Gaylord, H. L.
Gaylord, Harriet (Ells)
Gaylord, Harriet Ells ("E.") (Mrs. Shipherd)
Gaylord, Henry
Gaylord, Henry C.
Gaylord, Henry Cleveland
Gaylord, Henry Cleveland
Gaylord, Henry L.
Gaylord, L. C., Mrs.
Gaylord, Leonard
Gaylord, Mary L.
Gaylord, W. L.
Gaylord, William
Gaylord, William L.
Gayton, James
Gazlay, James William
Gazlay, Sayrs
Gazlay, T.
Gazley, Ralph L.
Gazzam, Charles W.
Gear, George
Gear, Jerusha
Gear, Jerusha A.
Gear, Mr.
Geary, Daniel
Geb, Waldus
Gebhart, Anna
Gebhart, Catharine
Gebhart, Catharine
Gebhart, E. R.
Gebhart, Ellen R.
Gebhart, Ellen R.
Gebhart, Lucinda C.
Gebhart, Margaret E.
Gebhart, Mary
Gebhart, Mary
Gebhart, Susan E.
Gebhart, Susan Emily
Geddes, Laura C.
Geddings, Mary E.
Geddis, John
Gee, Caroline
Gee, Eliza
Gee, Erastus
Gee, Salmon
Gee, Samuel A.
Geeley, H. D.
Geer ("Gear"), Heman
Geer and Co.
Geer, Benoni T.
Geer, Betsey A.
Geer, Betsy A.
Geer, Betsy Ann (Mrs. Heman Thompson; m. May, 1866), Literature,1856
Geer, George
Geer, H.
Geer, Heman, Seminary,1848; A.M.,Honorary,1865
Geer, Hezekiah
Geer, Lurancy
Geer, Mary D.
Gehr, N.
Gehr, N., Rev.
Gehr, Nicholas
Geib, C.
Geib, Charles
Geiger, Joseph H.
Geiler, Matthew
Geller, Henry
Gemeiner, Conrad
Gemeiner, E.
Gen. Henry H. Dodge
Genn, Eliza
Gentile, John
Gentleman of the Bar
Gentsch, C.
Gentsch, Conrad
Gentz, Peter
George A. Benedict
George A. Davis
George A. Foster
George A. Hull, M.D.
George B. Tibbits
George C. Abbott
George C. Davies and Co.
George C. Dodge
George C. Huntington
George C. Watson
George Geer
George Gordon and Son
George Gulliver
George H. Adams
George H. Hurlbut
George Hoadly
George Hurlburt
George Hurlbut
George Hurlbut and Co.
George Isaacs
George King and Co.
George Kirk
George Kirk and Co.
George Kish
George Kramer
George Lynde
George Mahon
George Manchester
George P. Burwell
George P. Smith
George Palmer
George Schueller
George Smith
George Stringer
George Thompson
George W. Beebee
George W. Benjamin
George W. Hamilton
George W. Lynde
George W. Mason
George W. Wylie and Co.
George Webster
George Willey
George Williams
George Williams and Co.
George Willy
George Witherel
George Witherell
George Worthington
George Worthington and Co.
George Worthington Hardware
George, Emanuel
George, John
George, Mr.
George, Thomas
George, William
Gephardt, G. C.
Gephart, Daniel
Gephart, G. C.
Gephart, G. C.
Gephart, George C.
Gephart, Henry
Gere, Ann E.
Gere, Ellen M.
Geren, Charlotte A.M.
Gerlach, John
Gerlach, Phillip
Gerles, T. F.
German Church
German Evangelical Lutheran Church
German Evangelical Protestant Church
German Hotel
German Lutheran Congregation
German Methodist Mission Church
German Mission Society
German Reformed Church
German Sabbath School
German Society
Germanus (Martin Schupp)
Gerrish, Charles ("C.")
Gerrish, Charles (D.)
Gerrish, Mr.
Gerry, Elbridge
Gerson Strause
Gerwe, F. A.J.
Gerwe, Joseph
Gest, J.
Gest, Joseph
Gestenberger, L.
Gestenburgh, Levi
Gestor, George
Geyer, C. Maria
Geyer, Joanna H.
Geyer, Joanna H.S.
Geyer, John
Gholson, Ann
Gholson, W. Y., Esq.
Gibbens, John
Gibbins, J. F.
Gibbon, Edward
Gibbons, Anthony
Gibbons, Edward
Gibbons, F. W.
Gibbons, Francis
Gibbons, Francis W.
Gibbons, George
Gibbons, J. S.
Gibbons, John
Gibbons, M.
Gibbons, Mary A.
Gibbons, Richard
Gibbons, William
Gibbs, B. F., Rev.
Gibbs, Charles
Gibbs, Charles, A.B., Rev.
Gibbs, Charles, A.M.
Gibbs, Charles, A.M.
Gibbs, Charles, M.A., Rev.
Gibbs, Charles, Rev.
Gibbs, Dr.
Gibbs, E. L.
Gibbs, Edwin
Gibbs, Emeline
Gibbs, Emeline
Gibbs, Emeline
Gibbs, Emeline (Mrs. Thomas J. Barnett), Literature,1843
Gibbs, F. C.
Gibbs, F. C., Dr.
Gibbs, F. C., M.D.
Gibbs, Federal C.
Gibbs, Isaac L.
Gibbs, James
Gibbs, James B.
Gibbs, James B., A.B., Yale College
Gibbs, James Burnet, A.B.
Gibbs, Jonathan
Gibbs, Jonathan, M.D.
Gibbs, Luther
Gibbs, Luther (C.)
Gibbs, Montgomery, Esq.
Gibbs, Mr.
Gibbs, Orestes C.
Gibbs, Orestes Calvin, M.D.
Gibbs, Ralph Marvin
Gibbs, Samuel M.
Gibbs, Sarah L.
Gibbs, Simeon
Gibbs, T. C., M.D.
Gibson and Butcher
Gibson, Alexander
Gibson, Augustus C.
Gibson, Austin A.
Gibson, Caroline
Gibson, Daniel
Gibson, David
Gibson, Dr.
Gibson, George H.
Gibson, Henry H.
Gibson, James
Gibson, Joseph
Gibson, Mary J.
Gibson, Mrs.
Gibson, Robert McD.
Gibson, Sarah
Gibson, Sarah B.
Gibson, Simeon
Giddings, Alfred
Giddings, Edwin
Giddings, G. R.
Giddings, Grotius R.
Giddings, J. R.
Giddings, J. R., Hon.
Giddings, J. R., Hon.
Giddings, Joshua R.
Giddings, Joshua Reed
Giddings, Levi W.
Giddings, Maria L.
Giddings, Marsh
Giddings, Marsh
Giddings, W. F.
Giddings, William F.
Gideon F. Tindall
Gidings, C. M.
Gidings, Charles M.
Gidings, Jonathan
Gidings, W. F.
Giffin, Oscar
Giffith, I. G.
Gifford, Charles
Gifford, Cordelia
Gifford, Cordelia K. ("H.") (Mrs. Mark Whitney; m. April 27, 1848)
Gifford, Dr.
Gifford, James
Gilbert, A.
Gilbert, B. C.
Gilbert, Caroline M.
Gilbert, Charles H.
Gilbert, Charles H.
Gilbert, D.
Gilbert, Deborah C.
Gilbert, Dwight
Gilbert, Dwight I.
Gilbert, Edwin B.
Gilbert, Edwin H.
Gilbert, Elma A.
Gilbert, George W.
Gilbert, J. W.
Gilbert, Joel
Gilbert, Joseph
Gilbert, Joseph D.
Gilbert, Luman C.
Gilbert, Luman C.
Gilbert, Lumen C., Rev.
Gilbert, Mary L.
Gilbert, Phydema M.
Gilbert, Sarah C.
Gilbert, Wallace W.
Gilbert, Wyllys S.
Gilchrist ("Gilchriest"), Eugene
Gilchrist, Hugh
Gilchrist, James
Gilcrest, Samuel
Gildersleve, J.
Gilead Quarter
Gilerest, Robert T.
Giles, B.
Giles, Baily
Giles, Barling
Giles, Capt.
Giles, Louis R.
Giles, William
Giles, William
Giles, William A.
Gilfield Church
Gilfillan, Dr.
Gilky, Sarah M.
Gill, Charles
Gill, David B.
Gill, David B.
Gill, E. H.
Gill, E. N.
Gill, Edward
Gill, Henry
Gill, James
Gill, John
Gill, Joseph
Gillam, John A.
Gillespie, D. H.
Gillespie, David H.
Gillespie, George, M.D.
Gillespie, Joyce and Co.
Gillespie, William Hunter ("H.")
Gillespie, William Hunter ("H.")
Gillespie, William Hunter ("H."), A.B.
Gillespie, William Hunter ("H."), A.B.,1839
Gillet, Agnes
Gillet, Albert
Gillet, Albert ("A.")
Gillet, Augustus F.
Gillet, Augustus F.
Gillet, Augustus F.
Gillet, Dr.
Gillet, Franklin A.
Gillet, Harrison
Gillet, Isaac
Gillet, Isaac, Hon.
Gillet, J.
Gillet, Jane A.
Gillet, Mary
Gillet, Robert E.
Gillet, Roxanna E.
Gillet, Stanton S.
Gillett ("Gillet"), Ann Eliza
Gillett ("Gillet"), Catharine
Gillett ("Gillet"), Martha B.
Gillett, Ann Eliza
Gillett, Ann Eliza (Mrs. S.H. Matthews)
Gillett, Betsey H.
Gillett, Betsy H.
Gillett, Catharine
Gillett, Catharine (Mrs. Elisha Ingersall)
Gillett, Celia E.
Gillett, Cornelia F.
Gillett, Franklin A.
Gillett, George C.
Gillett, Helen M.
Gillett, J.
Gillett, J. M., Rev.
Gillett, J. M., Rev.
Gillett, J. Mills, Rev.
Gillett, J., Mrs.
Gillett, Jane A.
Gillett, Jonathan
Gillett, L. S.
Gillett, Martha B.
Gillett, Mary
Gillett, Mills, Rev.
Gillett, Mr.
Gillett, Ransom Addison
Gillett, Robert E.
Gillette, Catharine, Miss
Gillette, Warren C.
Gilliam, Georgiana M.
Gilliam, Georgianna
Gilliam, Georgianna M.
Gilliam, Henrietta
Gilliam, Henrietta M.
Gilliam, R. W.
Gilliam, Robert W.
Gilliland, Ruben
Gillingham, Elizabeth
Gillingham, Mary A.
Gillman, Harriet
Gillman, John, M.D.
Gillman, M., Mrs.
Gillman, Patrick
Gillmore, Isabella C.
Gillmore, Patrick
Gillpatrick, Dr.
Gillrey, James
Gillroy, Alice
Gillroy, Catherine
Gillroy, Martha
Gillroy, Mary
Gillson, Joseph
Gilman, E. J.
Gilman, E. P.
Gilman, George
Gilman, John, M.D.
Gilman, M., Mrs.
Gilman, W. L.
Gilmor, Hugh
Gilmore, David
Gilmore, Margaret A.
Gilmore, Margaret A.
Gilmore, Nancy
Gilmore, Thomas
Gilmore, William, Rev.
Gilpatrick, Dr.
Gilruth, Althea Pauline
Gilson, E. D.
Gilson, Ezra C.
Gimon, Richard
Gio, Mary
Giraffe Grocery
Girault, John F.
Girth, H., Mrs.
Girth, Hannah, Mrs.
Girty, G. W.
Girty, Simon
Gish, Dr.
Gitchell, Elizabeth
Gittings, M.D., Dr.
Gitzen, Michael
Given, Charlotte E.
Given, William
Givens, Edward
Givens, James
Givens, John
Givens, William
Gladden, George
Glascock, Benjamin
Glascow, Maria
Glasier, Nathaniel
Glass and Armstrong
Glass, Albert W.
Glass, Dr.
Glass, Henry
Glass, John
Glass, Nancy C.
Glass, Smith
Glaze, Adam
Glaze, Ann
Glaze, Columbus
Glaze, Elizabeth
Glaze, Elizabeth C.
Glaze, L. N.
Glaze, Lucretia
Glazier, Carlos H.
Glazier, Daniel
Glazier, N.
Glazier, Nathaniel P.
Glazier, Samuel
Gleason, Abiel B.
Gleason, Charles L.
Gleason, Edward H.
Gleason, Frances M. (Mrs. William F. Poole)
Gleason, John P.
Gleason, John P.
Gleason, Laura
Gleason, Milo
Gleason, Mr.
Gleason, Robert M.
Gleason, Silas O.
Gleb, Martin
Glen, James W.
Glen, John A.
Glenday, Stewart
Glenn, E. R.
Glenn, Ed R.
Glenn, James
Glenn, John
Glenn, Susan
Glenn, Susan N.
Glessner, Henrietta M.
Glezen and Shepard
Glidden, Stephen
Glines, Sarah F.
Globe Tavern
Gloninger, Daniel K.
Glover, George
Glover, L. M., Rev.
Glover, Livingston M.
Glover, Livingston M.
Glover, Livingston Maturin
Glover, Livingston Maturin, Rev.
Glower, Paul
Gloyd, James
Gloyd, James M.
Goad, William R.
Goald, Lucy
Goble, Dr.
Goble, George S.
Goble, John
Goble, John
Goble, P., Dr.
Goble, Ruth
Godard, J. H.
Godard, John
Goddard, Abbott
Goddard, Ann E.
Goddard, Ann Elizabeth
Goddard, C. B.
Goddard, Charles
Goddard, Charles
Goddard, F. E.
Goddard, Harriet
Goddard, John H.
Goddard, Lucy
Goddard, Mary
Goddard, S. Frances
Goddard, Sarah F.
Goddard, Sarah Frances
Goddard, Sarah T.
Goddard, Sherman E.
Goddard, Sherman E.
Goddard, W. Henry
Godden, Lewis
Godden, Lewis, A.B.
Godden, Louis
Goddu, Frank B
Godel, Warner
Godgey, Joseph
Godley, Joseph
Godly, Joseph
Godman, Charles
Godman, John D.
Godman, John, M.D.
Godman, S. A.
Godman, William D.
Goerling, John
Goettel, H. W.
Goff, Benjamin
Goff, George
Goff, W. W.
Goforth, William
Goforthy, William
Going, John
Going, Jonathan, D.D., Rev.
Goins, Lemuel
Gold, W. E.
Golden, Andrew
Goldsborough, Dr.
Goldsmith, A.
Goldsmith, Abraham
Goldsmith, Augusta R.
Goldsmith, B., Mrs.
Goldsmith, David
Goldsmith, Frederick
Goldsmith, John
Goldsmith, William
Gollier, P. A.
Golmar, John G.
Gooch, Charles
Good Intent Fast Mail Stage
Good Will Lodge, No. 143
Good, G.
Good, John
Goodale, Eli, Jr.
Goodale, Henry A.
Goodale, L.
Goodale, L.
Goodale, L., Dr.
Goodale, Peninnah
Gooddell, Nathan P.
Goodell, C. Maria (Mrs. Lewis P. Frost)
Goodell, Jonathan W., Rev.
Goodell, Lavina
Goodell, Marilla E.
Goodell, Nathan P.
Goodell, Warner
Goodell, William
Goodenow, John M.
Goodfellow, John
Goodhart, Dr.
Goodhart, G., Dr.
Goodhart, S.
Goodheart, Dr.
Goodheart, Seymour
Gooding, E.
Goodloe and Borden
Goodloe, W.
Goodman, Alfred T.
Goodman, Amelia
Goodman, E. L.
Goodman, Frances E.
Goodman, John
Goodman, Josiah M.
Goodman, Mary A.
Goodman, Mary W.
Goodman, Thomas
Goodman, William
Goodman, William
Goodnoe, Cynthia
Goodnow, William
Goodnow, William M.
Goodrich, Abigail
Goodrich, Amelia
Goodrich, C. G.
Goodrich, Charles
Goodrich, Charles
Goodrich, Charles Augusts
Goodrich, Dr.
Goodrich, Ebenezer B.
Goodrich, Ebenezer B.
Goodrich, G.
Goodrich, George E.
Goodrich, Henry Brown
Goodrich, James
Goodrich, Jane
Goodrich, John
Goodrich, John W.
Goodrich, Louisa
Goodrich, Mary Jane (Mrs. Amzi B. Lyon), Literature,1854
Goodrich, Milo R.
Goodsell, Ralsa
Goodson, John W.
Goodwin and Lyon
Goodwin, Alanson
Goodwin, Erastus, M.D.
Goodwin, Homer
Goodwin, Homer
Goodwin, James
Goodwin, Lewis H.
Goodwin, Mary D.
Goodwin, Samuel H.
Goodwin, Thomas S.
Goodwin, Thomas S., A.B.
Goodwin, Thomas S., A.B.
Goodwin, Thomas S., M.A., Rev.
Goodwin, W. T.
Goodwin, W. T.
Goodwin, Wilbur
Goodwin, William F., W.M.
Goodwin, William T.
Goodwin, William T., W.M.
Goodwinr, Thomas, Elder
Gorden, John
Gordon Fitch
Gordon, A. J.
Gordon, A. P.
Gordon, Adoniram Judson
Gordon, Alexander Perkins
Gordon, Benjamin F.
Gordon, Dr.
Gordon, E. H.
Gordon, Enoch
Gordon, Enoch
Gordon, James A.
Gordon, James Alexander
Gordon, John
Gordon, Laura
Gordon, Laura V.
Gordon, N. M.
Gordon, P. A., M.D.
Gordon, Perkins A., A.B.
Gordon, Perkins A., A.M.
Gordon, Perkins Alexander
Gordon, Perkins Alexander
Gordon, Perkins Alexander, A.M.,M.D.
Gordon, S.
Gordon, Sarah
Gordon, Sarah E.
Gordon, Thomas W.
Gordon, Thomas W., M.D.
Gordon, Thomas Winslow
Gordon, Thomas Winslow, M.D.
Gordon, W. J.
Gordon, William J.
Gore, Thomas
Gore, Thomas, Jr.
Gorham and Aplin
Gorham and Co.
Gorham, Aplin and Smith
Gorham, C. E.
Gorham, Charles
Gorham, Dr.
Gorham, G. W., M.D.
Gorham, J. H.
Gorham, John H.
Gorham, John M.
Gorham, L.
Gorham, Wylie and Co.
Gorley, Marry Ann
Gorley, Mary Ann
Gorman, S.
Gorsline, Esk
Goset, William
Goshorn, John
Goshorn, Robert C.
Gosler, Frederic
Goss, Charles P.
Goss, Elizabeth
Goss, Elizabeth Maria
Goss, Esther
Goss, Frances J.
Gossage, Thomas
Gossett, Jacob
Gossett, William
Gossick, William
Gotham, A. H.
Gotham, A. H.
Gotham, Albert H.
Gotham, Almira D.
Gotham, Charles
Gotham, David
Gotham, David S.
Gotham, Jane M.
Gotham, John
Gotham, Mary A.
Gotham, Sarah I.
Gotham, Sarah L.
Gotshall, Daniel
Gotterba, Wenzel
Gottgetreu, Henry
Gottgetrue, Henry
Gouer, Frederick
Gould, A.
Gould, Addison G.
Gould, Charles L.
Gould, Daniel C. G.
Gould, John
Gould, Kendall and Lincoln
Gould, Marcus
Gould, Marcus Tullius Cicero
Gould, Rodney
Gould, W. E.
Gould, William
Gould, William B.
Gould, William E.
Gould, William W.
Goulder, C., Capt.
Goulder, Christopher
Goulder, J., Mrs.
Goulder, Julia, Mrs.
Goulder, William
Goulding, Hiram B.
Goulding, J.
Gouldsmith, David
Gouldsmith, Frederick
Gouldsmith, John
Gourgas, A. M.
Gous, D. S., Dr.
Gove, E.
Gove, Sallie B.
Gowans, Mary J.
Gowdy, Diana
Gowdy, George W.
Grace Episcopal Church
Grady, Michael
Graff, Henry
Graff, Jacob
Graft, David
Graham and Van Voast
Graham and Van Vost
Graham and Vanvoast
Graham and Vanvost
Graham, Albert A.
Graham, Albert Adolphus, M.D.
Graham, Albert G.
Graham, Andrew
Graham, Daniel M.
Graham, Daniel McBride ("M.")
Graham, Daniel McBride ("M.")
Graham, Daniel McBride ("M."), A.B.
Graham, Daniel McBride ("M."), A.B.,1844
Graham, Dr.
Graham, Elizabeth
Graham, George
Graham, George ("G."), Jr.
Graham, George, (Jr.)
Graham, George, Jr.
Graham, George, Jr.
Graham, Hosmer, M.D.
Graham, Hosmer?, Prof.
Graham, Ira
Graham, J. M.
Graham, J. N.
Graham, James
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, John, Jr.
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Joseph N.
Graham, Joseph N., M.D.
Graham, Joseph Nichelson
Graham, Josiah Gilbert
Graham, Josiah Gilbert
Graham, Marie L.
Graham, Mary L.
Graham, Morgan
Graham, Mr.
Graham, Richard
Graham, Richard
Graham, Richardson
Graham, Richardson, A.B., Rev.
Graham, Robert
Graham, Robert R.
Graham, Stafford
Graham, Thomas
Graham, Thomas
Graham, W. M.
Graham, William A.
Graham, William G.
Graham, William, Rev.
Graler, Michael
Gramack, Philip
Gramings, Jacob
Gramlich, John
Grammes, Jacob
Grammus, Philip
Grandin, P.
Grandy, Elijah
Granger ("Grainger"), John L.
Granger, Charity
Granger, Charles
Granger, Ephraim
Granger, Farley
Granger, Francis
Granger, Francis
Granger, Francis
Granger, J.
Granger, James
Granger, John
Granger, John L.
Granger, Lafayette
Granger, Lewis
Granger, Mary C.
Granger, Moses M.
Granger, Mrs.
Granger, Ralph
Granger, Ralph, Hon.
Granger, Ralph, Mrs.
Granger, Robert
Granger, Susan A.
Granger, Terry C.
Grannis and Griswold
Grannis, Harriet Ellen ("E.")
Grannis, Harriet Ellen ("E.") (Mrs. Oliver C. Arey), A.B.,1845; A.M.,1865
Grannis, Henry N. ("M.")
Grannis, Horace ("H.") Roscoe
Grannis, Horace ("H.") Roscoe
Grannis, Horace Roscoe ("R.")
Grannis, Horace Roscoe ("R.")
Grannis, Horace Roscoe ("R."), A.B.
Grannis, Horace Roscoe ("R."), A.B.,1842; Seminary,1845; A.M.,1845
Grannis, John C.
Grannis, John Chandler ("C.")
Grannis, John Chandler ("C.")
Grannis, John Chandler ("C."), A.B.,1845
Grannis, Mary E.
Grannis, Mary E. (Mrs. James Peasley)
Grannis, Mr.
Grannis, Mr.
Grannis, R.
Grannis, Robert
Granniss and Griswold
Granniss, H. E., Miss
Granniss, J. C.
Grant, C. R.
Grant, Charles
Grant, Charles
Grant, Dr.
Grant, E. T.
Grant, E. T.
Grant, Edwin H.
Grant, Edwin H.
Grant, J. R.
Grant, James
Grant, James E.
Grant, Joseph
Grant, Levi
Grant, Levi, Jr.
Grant, Mary
Grant, Philip
Grant, S., Mrs.
Grant, Sarah, Mrs.
Grant, William
Granville College
Graul, Ernest
Graves, A., Dr.
Graves, George W.
Graves, Hiram W.
Graves, J.
Graves, J. L.
Graves, James N.
Graves, Jerome B.
Graves, Jerome R.
Graves, Julia
Graves, Mary Jane
Graves, Noah
Graves, Orange H.
Graves, Rebecca S.
Graves, Samuel W.
Graves, Selden
Graw, A. G.
Gray and Gallagher
Gray, A. F., Mrs.
Gray, A. N.
Gray, Admiral N.
Gray, Ann E.
Gray, Ann Jane
Gray, Ann Jane (Mrs. Amos Dresser), Literature,1850
Gray, Asahel B.
Gray, Asahel B., A.B.
Gray, Delia R.
Gray, Delia R. (Mrs. Charles Parmenter)
Gray, Dr.
Gray, Eliza
Gray, Ellen
Gray, Emma
Gray, F. J.
Gray, H. W.
Gray, Harriet A.
Gray, Horatio N.
Gray, I. M.
Gray, J. A.
Gray, J. M.
Gray, J. W.
Gray, James
Gray, James (Eliza J. Root; m. Dec. 19, 1854), 2d
Gray, John
Gray, John Kershaw
Gray, John M.
Gray, John W.
Gray, Joseph W.
Gray, Levi
Gray, Margaret
Gray, Margaret (Mrs. E. Alonzo Benjamin, m. May 21, 1851)
Gray, Martha
Gray, Martha R.
Gray, Mary
Gray, Mary, Miss
Gray, Mr.
Gray, N.
Gray, Nelson
Gray, R.
Gray, Richard
Gray, Richard
Gray, Richard, Rev.
Gray, Rinaldo
Gray, Robert
Gray, Roman
Gray, S. C.
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Sarah
Gray, W. I.
Gray, W. W.
Gray, Watson J.
Gray, Wellington W.
Gray, William
Gray, William
Gray, William B.
Gray, William, Rev.
Gray, Worlin
Grayham and Van Vost
Grayham and Vanvoast
Grayham, A.
Grayham, R.
Grayham, Robert
Grayson, Anna B., Miss
Grayson, Anne J., Miss
Grayson, Hannah B., Miss
Grayson, Hannah M, Miss
Grayson, Hannah M., Miss
Great South Shore Line
Greathouse, Eliza Jane
Greaud, Felix
Greaves, P., Mrs.
Greeley, Hiram M.
Greeley, Horace
Greely, Ephram
Green, Adaline M.
Green, Adelia
Green, Albertus
Green, Amanda A.
Green, Anna C.
Green, Anna C.
Green, B.
Green, Beriah
Green, Beriah, Prof.
Green, Beriah, Rev.
Green, Berias
Green, C.
Green, C. H.
Green, Calvin
Green, Caroline S.
Green, Charles S.
Green, Chauncey
Green, Clay
Green, D. H.
Green, Dr.
Green, Edward (H.)
Green, Eliza
Green, Eliza, Mrs.
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Green, Ezra
Green, George
Green, George W.
Green, H.
Green, H., Dr.
Green, Harriet
Green, Harriet A.
Green, Harriet A. (Mrs. Gilbert), Literature,1850
Green, Harrietta S.
Green, Harry
Green, Henrietta S.
Green, Henrietta S.
Green, Henry
Green, J. M., Dr.
Green, J. S.
Green, Joel, Jr.
Green, John
Green, John L.
Green, John, Capt.
Green, Jonathan
Green, Josiah
Green, Julia J.
Green, Lovina K.
Green, Lovina P.
Green, Mary L.
Green, Mercy A.
Green, Minerva
Green, Noah
Green, P.
Green, Patrick
Green, Phillip
Green, Ransom
Green, Richard
Green, Richard
Green, Robert C.
Green, Royal
Green, Royal B.
Green, S. C.
Green, S. H.
Green, S. W.
Green, Sallie
Green, Samuel C.
Green, Sanford
Green, Sarah E.
Green, Sidney W.
Green, Sidney William, M.D.
Green, T. M.
Green, Warren
Green, Willaim
Green, William
Green, William H.
Greenalech, James
Greenbaum, Joseph
Greene, A., Dr.
Greene, Albert C., Hon.
Greene, Ann E.
Greene, Carlos
Greene, Caroline S.
Greene, Chauncey
Greene, Daniel
Greene, Daniel
Greene, George E.
Greene, Griffin
Greene, Hannah J., Miss
Greene, Harriet
Greene, Harriet
Greene, Jacob J.
Greene, James H.
Greene, James H.
Greene, John
Greene, L. P.
Greene, M. Sophia
Greene, Mr.
Greene, N. M.
Greene, S. C.
Greene, Sarah E.
Greene, W. M.
Greene, William
Greene, William
Greene, William H.
Greenfield Quarter
Greenfield, Willard
Greenhalgh, James
Greenhalgh, Robert
Greenham, Robert
Greenholdh, James
Greenholdh, Joseph
Greening, James
Greening, John
Greeniway, George
Greenleaf, John F.
Greenleaf, Simon
Greenleaf, W. T.
Greenlee, David
Greenlee, David, M.D.
Greer and Co.
Greer, A.
Greer, Alexander William ("N.") (Caroline Baker, m. May 18, 1856)
Greer, Ann E.
Greer, Caroline
Greer, Henry
Greer, John
Greer, Richard
Greer, Sarah
Greer, William F.
Gregg, Frances
Gregg, Frances M.
Gregg, George W.
Gregg, Henry
Gregg, Jarvis
Gregg, Jarvis, A.M., Rev.
Gregg, Jarvis, Rev.
Gregg, Martha M.
Gregg, Moses H.
Gregg, Rev.
Gregg, Robert
Gregg, S., Rev.
Gregg, Samuel, Rev.
Gregg, Sarah Louisa
Gregg, Smith
Gregory, Dr.
Gregory, E. M.
Gregory, E. M.
Gregory, Edgar M.
Gregory, Edwin
Gregory, Edwin S.
Gregory, Edwin Smith
Gregory, F.
Gregory, George W.
Gregory, J. B.
Gregory, J. B., M.D.
Gregory, Lydia
Gregory, Mr.
Gregory, Susan B.
Gregory, U.
Gregory, Uriah M., M.D.
Gregory, Uriah N., Dr.
Grehbiel, Martin
Greiner, John
Greiner, John
Gribben, J. P.
Gribben, John P.
Gribbin, J. P.
Gribbon, J. P.
Gribbon, John P.
Gribbon, Mary F.
Gribbon, William C.
Griblingshoff, T. J.
Grice, Anthony S.
Gridley, Delia E.
Gridley, Delia E.
Gridley, Nelson C.
Grieg, Henry
Griener, John
Grier, Alexander
Grier, J. W.
Grier, James W.
Grier, James Wilson, M.D.
Grier, Robert C.
Grier, Robert G.
Griffeth, Alexander W.
Griffeth, Wilson W.
Griffin and Brinker
Griffin, Charles
Griffin, Dr.
Griffin, George
Griffin, Isaac
Griffin, James
Griffin, John
Griffin, John Smith ("S.")
Griffin, John Smith ("S.")
Griffin, John Smith ("S."), Seminary,1838
Griffin, Joseph
Griffin, Lemuel
Griffin, Lura
Griffin, Nancy
Griffin, Nancy
Griffin, Nancy M.
Griffin, Nancy M. (Mrs. Loren Thompson)
Griffin, O. F.
Griffin, Richard
Griffin, S.
Griffin, Stephen
Griffin, Steven
Griffin, William A.
Griffing, Daniel M.
Griffing, Josephine
Griffing, Sophia Amanda ("A.")
Griffing, Sophia Amanda ("A."), A.B.,1851
Griffith and Standart
Griffith, Alexander W.
Griffith, Alexander W.
Griffith, Alexander W., A.B.
Griffith, Almena P.
Griffith, Almina
Griffith, Caroline P.
Griffith, Catharine
Griffith, Charles
Griffith, D.
Griffith, David
Griffith, Dunbar
Griffith, E. G.
Griffith, Edwin H.
Griffith, Elizabeth E.
Griffith, Elizabeth E., Miss
Griffith, F. P.
Griffith, Francis P.
Griffith, Francis P., M.D.
Griffith, Henry
Griffith, Jacob
Griffith, Jesse H.
Griffith, John
Griffith, Joseph W.
Griffith, L. M., Mrs.
Griffith, Mary E. (Mrs. Heber Van Valkenburg)
Griffith, Mrs.
Griffith, Orman
Griffith, Pease and Co.
Griffith, William
Griffith, Wilson W.
Griffiths and Roberts
Griffiths, T.
Grifftih and Standart
Griggs, Caroline P.
Griggs, Phebe A.
Grimes, Alexander
Grimes, Alexander
Grimes, Ary
Grimes, Nancy
Grimes, Ruth L.
Grimes, Sylvester
Grimes, William B.
Grimke, Frederick
Grimke, Frederick
Grimke, Thomas S.
Grimshaw, John
Griningen, Frederick
Grinley, Annora
Grinley, James
Grinley, Patrich
Grisell, Anson
Grisell, William
Grissell ("Grisell"), William
Grissell ("Grissel"), Thomas E.
Grissell, Joseph
Grissell, Mary
Grissell, William
Griswold and Brooks
Griswold and Brooks
Griswold, Dr.
Griswold, E. R.
Griswold, Edwin H.
Griswold, Edwin H., M.D.
Griswold, Elizabeth S.
Griswold, Ellen F.
Griswold, Ellen F. (Mrs. M.E. Strieby)
Griswold, Ellen F., Miss
Griswold, Ezra
Griswold, G. G.
Griswold, George
Griswold, George A.
Griswold, George Abraham
Griswold, Georgius Abrahamus
Griswold, Guovion G.
Griswold, H.
Griswold, H. C.
Griswold, Helen M.
Griswold, Hiram
Griswold, Hiram
Griswold, Hiram S.
Griswold, Horatio
Griswold, L. D., M.D.
Griswold, L. D., M.D.
Griswold, L. D., V.G.
Griswold, Lester
Griswold, Lucretia J.
Griswold, Lucretia J. (Mrs. James R. Harris; m. Oct., 1854)
Griswold, Luther D., M.D.
Griswold, Mary A.
Griswold, Osborn
Griswold, Roger W.
Griswold, S. Elvira
Griswold, S. O.
Griswold, Samuel A.
Griswold, Seneca Origen ("O.")
Griswold, Seneca Origen ("O."), A.B.,1845 (degree issued 1873); A.M.,1873
Griswold, Sylvanus C.
Griswold, W., Dr.
Groesbeck, J. B.
Groesbeck, J. H.
Gromle, Thomas Smith
Grosh, John
Grosh, John C.
Grosh, John G.
Gross, Eleanor
Gross, L.
Grosvenor, D.
Grosvenor, David A., Rev.
Grosvenor, Julius ("J.") A.
Grosvenor, Julius A.
Grosvenor, Mason, Rev.
Grotner, Christian
Grout, John
Grove Academy
Grove, Henry
Grove, Marianna R.
Grovenor, Mr.
Grover, Isabella A.
Grover, J., Rev.
Grover, Lorenzo
Groves, F.
Grow, Ambrose G.
Grow, Dr.
Grow, Samuel L.
Grubb, Jacob C.
Grubbe, M. M.
Gruell, Dr.
Grumley, E. S., Rev.
Grumley, Ebenezer S.
Grumley, Edward S.
Grunbalm, Joseph
Grundy, John
Grunkemier, Harm
Grunkemier, Henry
Grunninger, F. C.
Grutch, John T.
Gruwell, Dr.
Gubbon, F. W.
Gubbon, John P.
Gudder, F.
Guelick, Jacob
Guernsey, Jesse
Guffery, Christian
Guild and Dyer
Guild, Amelia M.
Guild, Benjamin
Guild, Cornelia
Guild, Eliza
Guild, Eliza C.
Guild, Jairus
Guild, Jarius
Guild, M. E.
Guilford, H.
Guilford, Linda T., Miss
Guilford, Linda, Miss
Guilford, Nathan
Guille, C. T.
Guion, A., Rev.
Guion, Alvah
Guion, Alvah
Guion, Thomas T.
Guitteau, Abner L.
Guitteau, Caroline M.
Guitteau, Emeline M.
Guitteau, Patience
Guizot, M. Francois
Gulick, Caroline L., Miss
Gulick, Jacob
Guliver, G.
Gulliford, Allen
Gulliver, Frederick
Gulliver, George
Gulliver, John
Gulon, Alvah, Rev.
Gump, Christena
Gunckel, H. S.
Gunckel, Michael
Gunderson, Thomas
Gundry, Ephraim
Gundry, Ephraim ("E.")
Gundry, George
Gundry, John
Gunn, Cornelius C.
Gunn, Dr.
Gunn, Elihu
Gunn, N. W.
Gunn, Tirza
Gunning, Ellen H.
Gunning, William
Gunning, William Dickey ("D.")
Gunning, William Dickey ("D."), A.B.,1854
Gunton, Mathew
Gunton, Matthew
Guptil, John H.
Gurbaugh, John B.
Gurley and Heward
Gurley, John A.
Gurley, John Addiso
Gurley, Leonard
Gurley, Margaret
Gurley, N.
Gurley, O.
Gurley, Orvil
Gurley, Orvill
Gurley, Orville
Gurley, R. R.
Gurley, William
Gurley, William H.
Gurney, Alvin
Gurney, Charles W.
Gurney, John Hopkins ("H.")
Gurney, John Hopkins ("H.")
Gurney, John Hopkins ("H."), A.B.,1845; Andover Seminary,1849
Gurney, Joseph John
Gurty, George
Gutch, John T.
Gutch, William
Guthrie, Alexander W.
Guthrie, Austin A.
Guthrie, Dr.
Guthrie, G. S.
Guthrie, Julius C.
Guthrie, S.
Guthrie, Solomon S.
Guthrie, Stephen F.
Guy, Warner W.
Guy, William B.
Guyer, Christopher
Guynch, Mr.
Gwinner, John
Gwynn, Thomas Peyton, Major
Gwynne, Abraham E.
Gwynne, Baldwin
Gwynne, David
Gwynne, David, Esq.
Gwynne, Edmund L.
H. A. Ackley
H. A. Ackley, M.D.
H. A. Hurlburt
H. A. Hurlbut
H. and A. Everett
H. and Azariah Everett
H. and E. Gaylord
H. and H. Nott
H. B. Harris
H. B. Lyon
H. B. McKinney and Co.
H. B. Morris
H. B. Pearson
H. Barrett
H. Beilstein
H. Bowen
H. Brannon
H. C. and O. S. Blossom
H. C. Kingsley
H. C. Morris
H. C. Phillips
H. Child
H. D and C. Kendall
H. D. and C. Nott
H. D. and Charles Kendall
H. D. Kendall and Co.
H. E. Frink
H. Everet
H. Everett
H. F. Brayton
H. F. Brayton and Co.
H. Fink and Co.
H. Foot
H. Frink
H. Frink and Co.
H. G. Garret's Store
H. Kramer
H. L. Morgan
H. L. Smith
H. Lute
H. M House
H. M. Anthony
H. M. House
H. Moor
H. Moore
H. Moore and Co.
H. Mould
H. Mould and Son
H. Mould and Sons
H. N. Gates
H. P. and L. H. Cobb
H. P. Hopkins
H. P. Meachen
H. Pease and Co.
H. Powell
H. Ranney
H. S. Gilmore's High School
H. Seaman
H. Shaeffer
H. Still and Co.
H. Stone and Co.
H. V. Thompson
H. Volmar
H. W. Alden
H. W. Fleury
H. W. Fleury and Co.
H. W. Smith
H. W. Smith Arcade
H. Wilcox
Haag, Nicholas
Haas, Adam
Haas, B.
Haas, Barnhard
Haas, Bennet
Haas, Bernard
Haas, F.
Haas, George
Haas, J.
Haas, John
Haas, Martin
Haas, Martin, Jr.
Haas, Mathias
Haas, P. M.
Haas, Philip
Haas, Richard
Haber, John
Hackedorn, Dr.
Hackedorn, G. Geddes
Hackedorn, George G.
Hackel, J.
Hacker, Jacob
Hackley, H. W.
Hackley, John
Hacklin, A.
Hackman, Joseph
Haddlesey, John
Haddock, R.
Haddon, Nelson
Hadley, Clorinda
Hadley, David
Hadley, Eli
Hadley, Hiram
Hadley, Jacob
Hadley, James
Hadley, Jeremiah
Hadley, John, Jr.
Hadley, Mary
Hadley, Mary I.
Hadley, Samuel
Hadley, Simon
Hadlow, J.
Hadlow, John
Haesel, Henry
Hagadorn, Jonas, Capt.
Hagamam, Lucy
Hagaman, Lucy A.
Hagan, H.
Hagan, Henry
Hagan, Hugh
Hagan, John
Hagan, Judith
Hagan, Margaretta J.
Hagan, Mary J.
Hagan, Michael
Hagar, E. W.
Hagar, John
Hage, Hother
Hagedorn, David M.
Hagedorn, Henry
Hagedorn, I. H.
Hagedorn, J., Capt.
Hageman, Miller
Hagemann, William
Hagen, Mary J.
Hager, E. W.
Hager, Jacob
Hager, Jacob H.
Hager, John
Hager, Mr.
Hager, Phineas
Hagerlin, Henry
Hagerly, Henry
Hagerman, Miller
Hagerty, Edward, M.D.
Haggart, D., Miss
Haggart, Diantha
Hagler, Abraham
Hague, Anna
Hahneman, Samuel
Haigh, John
Haight, John
Haigt, John
Hail, Dr.
Haine, John
Haines, Abraham B.
Haines, Abraham Brewer, M.D.
Haines, E. S.
Haines, Isaac
Haines, James
Haines, Levi
Haines, M., Dr.
Haines, Mary
Hainning, Jesse P.
Hair, George
Hair, James
Hair, Samuel, A.M., Rev.
Haisley, Ezekiel
Haisley, Ruth
Hak, Spangler
Halbrook, A. B.
Haldeman, L., Dr.
Halderbaum, Adam
Hale, Albert M.
Hale, Edwin B.
Hale, Edwin Butler
Hale, Edwin Butler, A.B.
Hale, Eleazar
Hale, Eleazer
Hale, Eleazer (Wright)
Hale, Eleazer (Wright)
Hale, Eleazer (Wright), A.B.,1846
Hale, Eleazer, A.B., Hamilton College
Hale, Eleazer, A.B., Oberlin Institute
Hale, Elizabeth
Hale, Frederick R.
Hale, John
Hale, Nancy J.
Hale, Roscoe L.
Hale, Sara Josepha
Hales, James F.
Halferty, Edward
Halferty, James H.
Haling, Frederick
Hall, Aaron
Hall, Abiah
Hall, Abigail J.
Hall, Abigail J.
Hall, Abigail J. (Mrs. Ozro Doud Botsford), Literature,1841
Hall, Alexander
Hall, Alexander Wilford
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Almira
Hall, Almira C.
Hall, Ann Eliza
Hall, Ann S.
Hall, Arnold D.
Hall, Augustus F.
Hall, B. F.
Hall, Benjamin
Hall, C. Maria
Hall, Calvin
Hall, Caroline J. ("I.")
Hall, Caroline J. (Mrs. Samuel D. Smith)
Hall, Corrin B.
Hall, D.
Hall, Daniel, Jr.
Hall, David
Hall, Dr.
Hall, Dr.
Hall, Drusilla
Hall, Dwight
Hall, E. D.
Hall, Edmund
Hall, Edmund
Hall, Edmund, A.B.,1843
Hall, Edward
Hall, Edwin
Hall, Eliphalet W.
Hall, Emily A.
Hall, Emily P.
Hall, Emily P. (Mrs. William J. Gates)
Hall, Frances N.
Hall, Frances P.
Hall, Frances W.
Hall, Francis H.
Hall, Francis M.
Hall, George
Hall, George E.
Hall, George W.
Hall, George W. (Washington), A.B.,1850; A.M.,1853
Hall, Hannah
Hall, Heman (Bassett)
Hall, Heman Bassett ("B.")
Hall, Heman Bassett ("B.")
Hall, Heman Bassett ("B.") (Sophronia H. Brooks; m. Nov. 6, 1849), A.B.,1847; Seminary,1850; A.M.,1866
Hall, Heman Bassett ("B."), A.B.
Hall, Henry
Hall, Isabella
Hall, J. E.
Hall, J. W.
Hall, Jacob B.
Hall, James
Hall, James A.
Hall, James C.
Hall, James D.
Hall, James R.
Hall, Jeremiah, A.M., Rev.
Hall, Jeremiah, Rev.
Hall, Jeremiah, Rev.
Hall, John
Hall, John
Hall, John R.
Hall, John R.
Hall, John, Jr.
Hall, John, Rev.
Hall, Jonathan Chapin
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Josiah B.
Hall, Josiah B.
Hall, L. A.
Hall, L. G.
Hall, Levi
Hall, Lewis
Hall, Lucy
Hall, Lucy A.
Hall, Lucy A.
Hall, Lucy A. (Mrs. J.S. Hyde), Literature,1840
Hall, Lucy K.
Hall, Luther A.
Hall, Maria
Hall, Maria C.
Hall, Maria K.
Hall, Martha
Hall, Martha (Mrs. George L. Hitchcock)
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary (Mrs. Isaac M. Johnson; m. Oct. 2, 1867)
Hall, Mary C.
Hall, Mary E.
Hall, Mary H.
Hall, Mary M.
Hall, Mary T.
Hall, Mr.
Hall, Mr.
Hall, Mrs.
Hall, N. K.
Hall, Nancy E. (Mrs. Daniel Belden)
Hall, Nathan K.
Hall, Olivia J. (Mrs. Edward J. Bunce)
Hall, Perry E. (Edwards) (Emily Gilbert; m. Nov. 4, 1852)
Hall, Ralph
Hall, Robert W.
Hall, S. C., Mrs.
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Samuel R.
Hall, Samuel R.
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Sarah A.
Hall, Sarah Ann
Hall, Sarah E.
Hall, Sarah Melinda ("M."), Literature,1855
Hall, Sophronia M.
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Virgilius H.
Hall, W.
Hall, W. W.
Hall, William
Hall, William
Hall, William Brewer ("B.")
Hall, William Brewer ("B.")
Hall, William Brewer ("B."), A.B.,1841
Halladay, D. T.
Halladay, I. N.
Halladay, Mary A.
Halle, A.
Hallenbeck, J.
Haller, Dr.
Haller, Henry
Haller, James
Haller, Lewis
Hallo, Aaron
Hallock, J. H.
Hallock, J. H., Hon.
Hallock, Jeremiah H.
Hallock, Lavinia A.
Hallock, Mary A.
Hallock, Mary A.
Hallock, Ruth
Halloway, James R.
Halpin, (no name)
Halpin, Bridget
Halpin, Ellen
Halpin, Mary
Halpin, Peter
Halsey, Asa
Halsey, Charles
Halsey, J. S.
Halsey, Samuel W.
Halstead, Amos
Halstead, R. H.
Halsted, Henry
Halsted, John D.
Halsted, R. H.
Hamant, Charles
Hamar, Edward
Hamas, Elial
Hambleton, J.
Hamblin and Bolds
Hamblin and Cody
Hamblin, B. H.
Hamblin, H.
Hamblin, Harvey
Hamblin, L. W.
Hamblin, William
Hamer, John
Hamer, Thomas Lyon
Hamilton and Finley
Hamilton and Tutberry
Hamilton L. Smith
Hamilton, A. W.
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Anna
Hamilton, Charles C.
Hamilton, Daniel
Hamilton, Daniel
Hamilton, Dr.
Hamilton, Edward G.
Hamilton, Edward, Esq.
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Frederic C.
Hamilton, Frederick
Hamilton, G. W.
Hamilton, George
Hamilton, George D.
Hamilton, George Standart
Hamilton, George W.
Hamilton, Harriet H. (Mrs. Ezekiel G. Folsom)
Hamilton, Henry K.
Hamilton, Henry M.
Hamilton, Henry Martyn
Hamilton, Hiram
Hamilton, Hugh
Hamilton, Hugh
Hamilton, Hugh, A.B.
Hamilton, I.
Hamilton, Isaac
Hamilton, Israel
Hamilton, Israel
Hamilton, J. M.
Hamilton, J. W.
Hamilton, James C.
Hamilton, Jane
Hamilton, Janes Finley Fisher
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, John L.
Hamilton, John W., M.D.
Hamilton, Joseph H., Rev.
Hamilton, Justus
Hamilton, L.
Hamilton, L. A.
Hamilton, L. A.
Hamilton, L., Mrs.
Hamilton, Lorenzo A., M.D.
Hamilton, Lorenzo A., M.D.
Hamilton, Louisa, Mrs.
Hamilton, Martha
Hamilton, Mary A.
Hamilton, Mary R.
Hamilton, Mr.
Hamilton, Mrs.
Hamilton, Mrs.
Hamilton, Nancy
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Robert, Esq.
Hamilton, Samuel T.
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William W.
Hamilton, William, Dr.
Hamiup, Joseph
Hamlen, Shepard L.
Hamlin and Lockwood
Hamlin, Angeline L.
Hamlin, B. W.
Hamlin, Dr.
Hamlin, E. S.
Hamlin, Edward S.
Hamlin, Frederick, Hon.
Hamlin, Harvey
Hamlin, I. S.
Hamlin, John
Hamlin, S.
Hamlin, Samuel I.
Hamlin, Samuel M.
Hamlin, Sophronia
Hamline Church
Hamline, L. L.
Hamline, Leonidas L.
Hamling, John
Hamm, John
Hamm, Robert
Hammes, Jacob
Hammon, Mr.
Hammond, A.
Hammond, Angeline
Hammond, Augustus
Hammond, Augustus
Hammond, Augustus, A.B.
Hammond, C.
Hammond, Caroline
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Dorothy M.
Hammond, Dr.
Hammond, George Carlos Wilcox
Hammond, George Charles Wilcox, LL.B
Hammond, Henry Laurens ("L.")
Hammond, Henry Laurens ("L.")
Hammond, Henry Laurens ("L."), A.B.,1838; Andover Seminary, 1841
Hammond, Henry W.
Hammond, J., M.D.
Hammond, John
Hammond, John F.
Hammond, L. A., M.D.
Hammond, Mary
Hammond, Mary J.
Hammond, Mary J., Miss
Hammond, Mary M.
Hammond, Rolland O.
Hammond, Rolland Orestes
Hammond, Sarah
Hammond, William Jones
Hamot, Catharine C.
Hamper, Henry
Hampson and Parkinson
Hampson, James
Hampton, Charles
Hamtramck, Mr.
Hanan, Lyman L.
Hanarr, John
Hance, Eliza A.
Hance, Gideon B.
Hance, W., Dr.
Hance, William
Hanchet, Lafayette
Hanchet, Melissa
Hanchett, Lewis B.
Hanchit, Lorin
Hancock Block
Hancock, Betsey
Hancock, John
Hancock, Samuel
Hand, George R.
Hand, Walter S.
Handel, M.
Handerson and Punderson
Handerson, Charles L.
Handerson, Charles L., M.D.
Handerson, Edward
Handerson, J. D.
Handerson, James
Handerson, L.
Handerson, Lewis
Handerson, Punderson and Co.
Handley, John, Jr.
Handley, Peter
Handrohan, Patrick
Handrohen, Patrick
Handy and Harmon
Handy, Augustus
Handy, Ephraim
Handy, Joy
Handy, P.
Handy, P. W.
Handy, Parker
Handy, Parker, Mrs.
Handy, T. P.
Handy, T. P.
Handy, Truman P.
Handyside, Adam
Handyside, Frederick
Handysides, Adam
Hanes, David
Hanford, Charles
Hanford, Frances L. (Mrs. Lester B. Kinney)
Hanford, Gulielmus, Rev.
Hanford, J. E.
Hanford, Mary E.
Hanford, Mary E. (Mrs. Elijah P. Jones)
Hanford, R. W.
Hanford, William, Rev.
Hanford, William, Rev.
Hanger, George
Hankey, John
Hanks and Hopkins
Hanks and Howlett
Hanks, Azariah
Hanks, Festus, Rev.
Hanks, Francis
Hanks, H. G.
Hanks, J. F.
Hanks, J. F.
Hanks, Jarvis F.
Hanks, Reuel, Jr.
Hanks, Ruel, Jr.
Hanley, Robert
Hanlin, Lucretia
Hanlon, Lucretia
Hanlon, Patrick
Hanna and Walker
Hanna, Benjamin
Hanna, Charles
Hanna, Charles A.
Hanna, Dr.
Hanna, Edmund S.
Hanna, Eleanor
Hanna, Henry O.
Hanna, John
Hanna, Lucinda A.
Hanna, Mary
Hanna, Mary
Hanna, Mary A.
Hanna, Mary J.
Hanna, Nancy
Hanna, Thompson
Hanna, Thompson
Hannen, Henrietta
Hannen, Sarah
Hannold, Arabella
Hannum, Sumner A.
Hanselman, C. F.
Hanselmann, C. F.
Hanselmann, C. F.
Hansford, Bettie
Hanson, Albert
Hanson, Frances
Hanson, Julia A.
Hanson, M.
Hanson, Samuel W.
Hanson, Wealthy M.
Hanson, Welthey M.
Hanson, Welthy M.
Hanson, William
Hantmark, John
Hanton, Mary, Mrs.
Hantrick, Henry
Hantrick, Jacob
Hantrick, Philip
Hanvey, William H.
Happen, William
Happer, Margaret J.
Happer, Margaret P.
Happer, Mary C.
Harb, William B.
Harbach, Frederick
Harbach, Frederick
Harbaugh, Amos
Harbaugh, Daniel
Harbaugh, Dennis
Harbaugh, Isaac
Harbaugh, T. R.
Harbeck, F.
Harbeck, Frederick
Harbeck, J. S.
Harbeck, John S.
Harbeson, S.
Harbine, D. R.
Hard, Anson B., Rev.
Hard, Bartholomew
Hard, Bartholomew, M.D.
Hard, Elbridge G.
Hard, Elbridge Gerry, M.D.
Hard, Hanson
Hard, Hanson, Dr.
Hard, Hanson, M.D.
Hardesty, George
Hardin, America P.
Hardin, Charles H.
Harding, Anne
Harding, Edward
Harding, Francis
Harding, Hester
Harding, Jacob
Harding, John
Harding, Lyman
Harding, Lyman
Harding, N. W.
Harding, Nehemiah W.
Harding, Rosalinda
Harding, S. J.
Harding, William
Hardman, Joseph
Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor
Hardy, David
Hardy, James
Hardy, John, Elder
Hardy, Margaret P.
Hardy, Oscar
Hare, George
Hare, William
Harger, Edward S.
Hargo, Jacob
Haring, Abram G.
Harington, N.
Harkel, F.
Harker, Mary Ann
Harkness, A.
Harkness, Henry Olcott
Harkness, Joseph Light
Harkness, Lemon G.
Harkness, Lydia Elizabeth
Harlan, Aaron
Harlan, Benjamin
Harlan, Carter B.
Harlan, Carter B.
Harlan, E.
Harlan, Eli T.
Harlan, Jonathan E.
Harlan, Joshua
Harlan, Joshua
Harlan, Roxanna
Harlan, Stephen W.
Harland, William
Harley, Dr.
Harley, Edward
Harley, L. G., Dr.
Harley, Levi G., Dr.
Harley, Patrick
Harlman, C.
Harlow, J. W.
Harman, John
Harman, Rufus
Harmon Schroder
Harmon, D.
Harmon, David
Harmon, Dr.
Harmon, E.
Harmon, John Brown
Harmon, John H.
Harmon, Julian
Harmon, Julian, A.B.
Harmon, Julian, A.M.,M.D.
Harmon, Julian, M.D.
Harmon, R.
Harmon, R. H.
Harmon, Ralph
Harmon, U.
Harmwell, William H.
Harnby, R., M.D.
Harness, Catharine A.
Harnett, Peter H.
Harney, Dr.
Harnwell, Benjamin
Harper, Alex
Harper, Alexander
Harper, Alexander, Hon.
Harper, Almer
Harper, Almer (Eunice Thomson; m. Aug. 31, 1853), A.B.,1850; Seminary,1853; A.M.,1853
Harper, Charles A.
Harper, E. C.
Harper, Elizabeth
Harper, Ignatius
Harper, James
Harper, James
Harper, Jane
Harper, Jesse
Harper, John
Harper, Julia, Miss
Harper, Miss
Harper, Rice
Harper, Sanford
Harper, Sarah A.
Harrell, Arrietta
Harrell, Elizabeth P.
Harries, Mary
Harrington, Angelina
Harrington, B.
Harrington, B.
Harrington, Benjamin
Harrington, Charles A.
Harrington, Charles Adams ("A.")
Harrington, Charlotte
Harrington, Charlotte R.
Harrington, Delos
Harrington, Ermina
Harrington, Gardner
Harrington, Gardner J.
Harrington, Gardner S.
Harrington, L. I.
Harrington, Lewis I.
Harrington, Lewis J.
Harrington, Linius A.
Harrington, Linus
Harrington, Robert G.
Harrington, William A.
Harrington, William M.
Harrington's Block
Harris, A. B., A.M., Dr.
Harris, A. B., Dr.
Harris, Albert Gallatin
Harris, Albert H.
Harris, Amos B., Dr.
Harris, Amos Bennett, M.D.
Harris, Byron
Harris, D. P.P.
Harris, Dr.
Harris, Drusilla
Harris, E. D.
Harris, Elizabeth A.
Harris, Elizabeth C.
Harris, Ephraim S.
Harris, F.
Harris, Fairbanks and Co.
Harris, Franklin
Harris, Frederick
Harris, G.
Harris, George
Harris, George S.
Harris, Guy
Harris, H. B.
Harris, H. L.
Harris, Hannah A.
Harris, Hannah Ann (Mrs. Samuel D. Smith)
Harris, Harriet
Harris, Harriet E. (Mrs. Philander George)
Harris, Harriet N.
Harris, Harris
Harris, Helen M.B.
Harris, Helen Mar S.B.
Harris, Helen S.
Harris, Henry B.
Harris, Henry L.
Harris, J.
Harris, J. A.
Harris, J. A., Mrs.
Harris, J., Dr.
Harris, Jabez
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, John, D.D.
Harris, John, Jr.
Harris, Josiah A.
Harris, Jotham S.
Harris, Martin
Harris, Mary
Harris, Mary E.
Harris, Mary Elizabeth
Harris, Milo
Harris, Mrs.
Harris, Oliver
Harris, Peyton, African American; Black
Harris, Richard
Harris, Robert (Sophia Bolin; m. 1854; Emma Burnett; m. 1880)
Harris, Robert J.
Harris, Sarah A.
Harris, Sarah Amanda
Harris, Stephen Ross
Harris, Thomas Lake
Harris, Timothy, Rev.
Harris, W.
Harris, W. Asa
Harris, William
Harris, William G.
Harris, William L., A.M., Rev.
Harris, William L., Rev.
Harris, William S.
Harrison, A.
Harrison, Amelia
Harrison, Augustus
Harrison, Batteal.
Harrison, Charles
Harrison, Charles L., Col.
Harrison, Clarissa L.
Harrison, Elizabeth
Harrison, Elizabeth S.
Harrison, Ellen D.
Harrison, Harriet
Harrison, James
Harrison, James G.
Harrison, James S.
Harrison, John
Harrison, John Cleves Symmes
Harrison, John M.
Harrison, Mark
Harrison, Prof.
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, Samuel
Harrison, Samuel R.
Harrison, Sarah
Harrison, Sarah A.
Harrison, Susan
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, Thomas P.
Harrison, Thomas P., A.B.
Harrison, W. H., Gen.
Harrison, William H.
Harrison, William H.
Harrison, William Henry
Harrison, William Henry
Harrod, Mills
Harrod, Mills
Harry, Christian
Harry, William C.
Harsding, William
Harsh, Levi
Harsh, N.
Harsh, Nathan
Harsha, David S.
Harshberger, Emmeline A.
Harshe, William
Harshman, Reuben Daniel
Hart, Aaron N.
Hart, Albert
Hart, Albert
Hart, Albert, M.D.
Hart, Alphonso
Hart, Andrew
Hart, Benjamin E.
Hart, Benjamin F.
Hart, C.
Hart, Charles
Hart, Chester
Hart, Christian
Hart, Dennis
Hart, Dr.
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Halsey Phelps ("P.")
Hart, Horatio
Hart, J.
Hart, John
Hart, John
Hart, John
Hart, John C., Rev.
Hart, John O.
Hart, Josiah
Hart, Julius H.
Hart, Maria
Hart, Mr.
Hart, Polly (Mrs. Simmons)
Hart, Rev.
Hart, Richard W.
Hart, Richard W.
Hart, Rufus E.
Hart, Susanna T.
Hart, Vesta C.
Hart, William
Hart, William
Harter, M. S., Dr.
Harter, Milton G.
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Hartford Insurance Co.
Hartford Life and Health Insurance Co.
Hartford, Nancy M.
Hartgrove, Elizabeth
Hartgrove, Rachael
Hartgrove, Rachel
Hartgrove, Rachel
Harth, John
Hartley and Dunn
Hartley, Margaretta
Hartley, Margaretta
Hartley, Matilda E.
Hartman, C.
Hartman, Dr.
Hartman, Henry
Hartman, Isaac
Hartman, John
Hartness, James
Hartness, Mrs.
Hartness, Thomas
Hartness, William
Hartnett, Thomas
Hartshorn, Dr.
Hartson, Betsy
Hartson, Betsy A.
Hartson, Betsy A. (Mrs. David S. Ingraham)
Hartson, L. F.
Hartwell, Charles
Hartwell, Charles W.
Hartwell, Isaac H.
Hartwell, John W.
Hartwell, W. W.
Hartz, John J., Dr.
Hartzel, Hester
Hartzel, Josiah
Harvard College
Harvey Rice
Harvey, Angelina M.
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, David
Harvey, David
Harvey, Elizabeth
Harvey, H.
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, James
Harvey, John
Harvey, John
Harvey, Lewis
Harvey, Louis P.
Harvey, Louis Powell
Harvey, Phineas S.
Harvey, Simon D.
Harvey, T. D.
Harvey, Thomas W.
Harwood, Amherst
Harwood, Amherst
Harwood, Amherst, Rev.
Harwood, Amherst, Seminary, 1839
Harwood, Jane (Mrs. Benjamin Foltz)
Harwood, Joseph
Harwood, Mr.
Haseltine, Mr.
Haseltine, Samuel J.
Hashner, Andrew
Hashwell, Frederick
Hasil, Marcus
Haskell and Norton
Haskell, D. M.
Haskell, Daniel M.
Haskell, David L.
Haskell, David Orrin
Haskell, Frances E.
Haskell, George M.
Haskell, H. F.
Haskell, J.
Haskell, J. R.
Haskell, James Richard
Haskell, Jonathan
Haskell, Reuben S.
Haskell, T. N.
Haskell, Thomas ("T.") Nelson
Haskell, Thomas Nelson ("N.")
Hasket, Thomas
Haskin, George S.
Haskins, D. G.
Haskins, Dr.
Haskins, Duane
Haskins, George ("G.") W.
Haskins, George S., M.D.
Haskins, George W.
Haskins, L. S.
Haskins, Patsey (Mrs. John T. Pierce)
Haskins, Patsy
Haslett, J.
Haslett, R., Dr.
Hasman, Frederick
Hasner, Andrew
Hass, A.
Hass, George
Hasson, Dr.
Hasson, J., Dr.
Hastings, B. B.
Hastings, Benjamin A.
Hastings, Charles
Hastings, Charles, M.D.
Hastings, Charles, M.D.
Hastings, Erotas P., Esq.
Hastings, Erotas Parmelee
Hastings, George W.
Hastings, Henry Dwight
Hastings, James
Hastings, Mary P.
Hastings, Russell, Jr.
Hastings, Samuel
Hastings, Thomas
Hastings, Thomas
Hastings, W. C. ("G.")
Hastings, William R.
Haswell, Charles S.
Haswell, Nathan B.
Haswell, Nathan Baldwin
Hatch, Caroline A.
Hatch, D. J.
Hatch, Daniel J.
Hatch, Daniel R.
Hatch, Desire
Hatch, Dwight
Hatch, Elijah, Esq.
Hatch, Elizabeth B., Miss
Hatch, Ellen T., Miss
Hatch, Eunice
Hatch, Eunice
Hatch, Eunice, Miss
Hatch, F. W., Dr.
Hatch, George
Hatch, John
Hatch, Nathaniel
Hatch, Reuben
Hatch, Reuben
Hatch, Reuben, A.B.
Hatch, Reuben, A.B.,1843; Seminary,1846; A.M.,1855
Hatch, Rosanna, Mrs.
Hatch, Rosannah, Mrs.
Hatch, Sarah H., Miss
Hatch, William G.
Hatch, William S.
Hatfield, Lyman
Hathaway, Edwin
Hathaway, Edwin L.
Hathaway, Emily
Hathaway, G. C.
Hathaway, G. S.
Hathaway, George
Hathaway, George S.
Hathaway, Gilbert
Hathaway, Isaac N.
Hathaway, Laura, Miss
Hathaway, M. S.
Hathaway, Malvin S.
Hathaway, Maria A.A.
Hathaway, Maria L.
Hathaway, Melvin S.
Hathaway, Mr.
Hathaway, Pardon D.
Hathaway, Phebe B.
Hathaway, Phebe B.
Hathaway, R.
Hathaway, Richmond
Hathaway, Richmond
Hathaway, Richmond
Hathaway, Samuel
Hathaway, Samuel B.
Hathaway, Stephen
Hathaway, Thomas
Hatheway, Franklin
Hatheway, G. C.
Hattersley, H.
Hattersley, Henry
Haubaugh, Philip
Hauck, Philip
Haughton, Henrietta
Haughton, John
Haughton, Richard
Haughton, William
Hauk, Jacob
Hause, Emma C.
Hause, Mark
Hausmann, R.
Haveller, John
Haven, Samuel, Hon.
Havener, A.
Havens, Dr.
Havens, Peter B.
Havens, Peter B., M.D.
Haver, John
Haver, John
Haver, M., Miss
Haver, Mary, Miss
Haw, Julia, Miss
Hawenstein, Henry
Hawes, Abagail
Hawes, Cornelia
Hawes, Franklin B.
Hawes, Harriet A.
Hawk, Neva
Hawk, Reuben
Hawker, Robert, Dr.
Hawkes, Dr.
Hawkes, Susan F., Miss
Hawkes, Thomas B.
Hawkins and Herig
Hawkins, Archibald
Hawkins, De Witt C.
Hawkins, E. C.
Hawkins, Elizabeth A.
Hawkins, Elizabeth F.
Hawkins, Elizabeth F., Miss
Hawkins, G. B., Rev.
Hawkins, H.
Hawkins, Harris
Hawkins, Henry C.
Hawkins, Isaac
Hawkins, J. F.
Hawkins, J. M.
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, John C.
Hawkins, John F.
Hawkins, John H.
Hawkins, John W.
Hawkins, Jonathan
Hawkins, Joseph S., Esq.
Hawkins, Maria A.
Hawkins, Micah
Hawkins, Mr.
Hawkins, R.
Hawkins, Russell T.
Hawkins, Truman
Hawkins, Truman, M.D.
Hawkins, William
Hawkins, William
Hawkins, Winfield S.
Hawks, Dr.
Hawks, Laura B.
Hawkshurst, George
Hawkshurst, Mary
Hawksley, Joseph
Hawley and Childs
Hawley, Abel
Hawley, Abel, Jr.
Hawley, Adaliza
Hawley, Adaliza H.
Hawley, Albert D.
Hawley, Amos P.
Hawley, Amos P.
Hawley, Amos Payne
Hawley, Amos Payne, Rev.
Hawley, Augusta M.
Hawley, Chauncey G.
Hawley, E. Y.
Hawley, Eliphalet P.
Hawley, Elizabeth
Hawley, Elizabeth (Mrs. Josiah H. Jenney)
Hawley, Fletcher J.
Hawley, Giles C.
Hawley, Hannah E.
Hawley, Henry I.
Hawley, Henry J.
Hawley, Henry S.
Hawley, John S.
Hawley, Lydia R.
Hawley, Mary ("Maria") M.
Hawley, Mary E.
Hawley, Mary M. (Maria) (Mrs. Quincy M. Bosworth)
Hawley, Newton J.
Hawley, Orestes K.
Hawley, Orestes K., M.D.
Hawley, Richard
Hawley, Samuel
Hawley, Sarah (Mrs. Henry H. Bosworth)
Hawley, Theodore
Hawley, Uriah R.
Hawley, Ursula M.
Hawn, John
Haworth, Richard
Hawthorn, Eliza J.
Hawthorn, P. B.
Haxton, John M.
Hay, Alexander S.
Hayar, Nicholas
Haycock, William
Haycocks, William
Hayden, Anson
Hayden, Daniel
Hayden, Daniel, Rev
Hayden, Daniel, Rev.
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer ("V.")
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer ("V.")
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer ("V."), A.B.,1850; A.M.,1853; A.M.(Rochester),1864; LL.D.(Rochester),1876; LL.D.(Pennsylvania),1887
Hayden, Mary J.
Hayden, Sutton
Haydn, Anson
Haydon, William
Hayes, A. T.
Hayes, C.
Hayes, C. A.
Hayes, Caroline
Hayes, Harriet W.
Hayes, John