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  • Ohio Printer Index, 1795-1850
    PrinterIndex PrinterCity Total Of BookID
    Acland Press. Gambier 5
    Adams, D. P. Medina 1
    Advertiser Office. Cincinnati 5
    Advertiser Office. Hamilton 1
    Aikin, Charles. Cleveland 1
    Aikin, Charles. Hudson 6
    Alderman, E. R. Marietta 1
    Allen and Rollo. Conneaut 1
    Allen, C. C. Chillicothe 3
    Allen, William H. No City 2
    Alley, Samuel A. Cincinnati 9
    Allison and Mariner. Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Allison, A. Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Allison, W. R. Steubenville 2
    Allison's Printing. Akron 1
    American Friend. Marietta 1
    Ammen, David, and Co. Georgetown 2
    Ammen, David. Georgetown 1
    Ammen, David. Levana 1
    Ammen, David. Ripley 2
    Anderson, D. Cincinnati 1
    Andrews and Hull. Cleveland 1
    Andrews, John. Chillicothe 13
    Anti-Slavery Bugle. Salem 1
    Anti-Slavery Office. Medina 1
    Appleton, W. Cincinnati 2
    Appleton's Job Press. Cincinnati 1
    Appleton's Queen City Press. Cincinnati 2
    Armstrong and Bates. Chillicothe 1
    Armstrong, Alexander. St. Clairsville 3
    Ashtabula Sentinel. Ashtabula 2
    Atlas Office. Elyria 2
    Aurora Office. New Lisbon 1
    Aurora Printing. Zanesville 1
    Bailhache and Scott. Chillicothe 4
    Bailhache and Scott. Columbus 1
    Bailhache, John, 1787-1857. Chillicothe 11
    Bailhache, John, 1787-1857. Columbus 4
    Bailhache, John, and Co. Chillicothe 3
    Baker and Gazlay. Cincinnati 1
    Baker, N. A. East Plainfield 1
    Banes and Lewis. Urbana 1
    Banes, Evan, Jr. Urbana 1
    Bangs, W. F., and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Banner Printing. Mount Vernon 1
    Barber, Edgar A. Canton 1
    Barnard, Henry, and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Barnes, James. Chillicothe 11
    Barr, J. Wooster 1
    Barr, Martin. Wooster 1
    Barrington, William R. Piqua 1
    Bates and Howard. Mount Pleasant 2
    Bates, Elisha. Mount Pleasant 30
    Bates, William J. Mount Pleasant 2
    Beam, J. and Co. Maumee City 1
    Beatty, Cyrus P. Cambridge 3
    Beaumont and Wallace. Putnam 1
    Bedford, J. D. Cincinnati 1
    Bee Office. Ripley 2
    Belden, Seymour Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Belmont Chronicle Office. St. Clairsville 1
    Bemis, E. S. J. Cleveland 1
    Bemiss, M., Great Western Office. Cincinnati 1
    Benedict, S. W., and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Bennett, U. P. Zanesville 6
    Benton, F. Stanley. Cincinnati 25
    Berry, John. St. Clairsville 3
    Bishop, Robert H., Jr. Oxford 11
    Bishop, W. W. Oxford 11
    Bissell, Fitch. Warren 2
    Blackburn, W., and W. M'Lean. Lebanon 1
    Blackman, H. C., and Co. Newark 1
    Blair and Rives. Cincinnati 1
    Blaker, Thomas H. Xenia 1
    Bly, Seneca W. Chillicothe 1
    Boal, Robert. Cincinnati 1
    Boffinger, Benjamin. Cincinnati 2
    Bolles and Kelley. Cleveland 1
    Bolles, Henry. Cleveland 1
    Bowen and Mason. Middlebury 1
    Bowen, H. Akron 1
    Bowles, S. Springfield 1
    Boyer, John. Steubenville 1
    Bradbury, Geo. W. and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Bradford, C. D. and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Bradford, Thomas G. and Co. and J. S. Collins and Co., Printers to the State. Chillicothe 1
    Bradford, Thomas G., Printer to the State. Chillicothe 1
    Breslin, John G. Tffin 3
    Briggs, Benjamin. Newark 1
    Brooks and Ocheltree. Cincinnati 4
    Brooks, R. P. Cincinnati 39
    Brooks, R. P. and Co. Cincinnati 5
    Brooks, Reuben P. Cincinnati 2
    Brooks, Samuel S. Cincinnati 1
    Brough and Robinson. Cincinnati 2
    Brough, C. H. Lancaster 2
    Brough, J. and C. Cincinnati 1
    Brough, J. and C. H. Cincinnati 3
    Brough, J. and C. H. Lancaster 6
    Brown, Archibald G. Athens 2
    Brown, James. Hillsborough 1
    Brown, William. St. Clairsville 3
    Browne and Looker. Cincinnati 7
    Browne, John W. Cincinnati 8
    Browne, John W. and Co. Cincinnati 18
    Browne, Samuel J., 1786-1872. Cincinnati 19
    Bruce, David T. Chardon 1
    Buckingham, George T. and Co. Norwalk 1
    Buckingham, Henry. Norwalk 1
    Bulletin Office. Cincinnati 1
    Burgess and Crane. Cincinnati 1
    Burgh, Harvey. Hamilton 1
    Burnet and Lodge. Dayton 2
    Burrell and Matson. Elyria 1
    Burrell, A. Elyria 3
    Butler, J. B. Ravenna 2
    Buttles and Aumock. Columbus 1
    Buxton, E. S. and A. S. Cincinnati 1
    Cable, Joseph. Carrollton 1
    Cable, Joseph. New Lisbon 1
    Cable, Joseph. Steubenville 1
    Caleb Clark and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Cameron, James B. Hamilton 1
    Campbell and Palmer. Ripley 1
    Campbell, D. and J. K. Sandusky 2
    Campbell, D. and Sons. Sandusky 2
    Camron and Sellers. Lebanon 1
    Camron, J. B. and T. Webster. Hamilton 1
    Camron, James B. Hamilton 6
    Camron, William A. Lebanon 2
    Canfield and Spencer. Cleveland 2
    Canfield, Horace, 1803-1853. Akron 8
    Carney and Morgan. Cincinnati 2
    Carney and Sheridan. Wooster 1
    Carney, David L. Cincinnati 4
    Carney, E. L. Wooster 1
    Carothers, Moses. Hillsborough 8
    Carpenter and Findlay. Cincinnati 10
    Carpenter, J. and Co. Cincinnati 8
    Carpenter, Joseph. Cincinnati 5
    Carrier, C. Perrysburg 1
    Carter, O. C. B. and Co. Columbus 2
    Cary, H. G. O. Zanesville 1
    Case, Bagley and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Case, Jason, and Co. Circleville 7
    Case, Jason. Circleville 4
    Catholic Telegraph. Cincinnati 1
    Chambers, David. Zanesville 3
    Chaney, Charles. Elyria 1
    Chaney, W. F. Elyria 1
    Chapman and Halliday. Pomeroy 1
    Chillicothe Advertiser. Chillicothe 1
    Christian Register Office Zanesville 1
    Christy, David. Cadiz 1
    Christy, David. Oxford 4
    Christy, J. M. Oxford 2
    Christy, J. M. Rossville 23
    Christy, James M. Rossville 4
    Christy, John M. Rossville 1
    Christy, John. Oxford 1
    Chronicle and Atlas Book and Job Office Printing. Cincinnati 1
    Chronicle and Atlas Book and Job Room. Cincinnati 2
    Chronicle and Job Rooms. Cincinnati 1
    Chronicle Book and Job Rooms. Cincinnati 1
    Chronicle Office Printing. Cincinnati 4
    Chronicle Office. Cincinnati 26
    Chronicle Office. St. Clairsville 1
    Chronicle Office. Warren 2
    Church, Edwin C. Zanesville 22
    Church, K.C. Zanesville 1
    Cincinnati Chronicle. Cincinnati 3
    Cincinnati Daily Gazette. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Daily Times. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Enquirer Office. Cincinnati 2
    Cincinnati Express Office. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Gazette Office. Cincinnati 3
    Cincinnati Gazette Press. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Gazette Printing. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Journal Office. Cincinnati 11
    Cincinnati Observer Office. Cincinnati 2
    Cincinnati Republican. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Type Foundry. Cincinnati 1
    Cincinnati Whig Office. Cincinnati 1
    Citizen and Gazette. Urbana 1
    City Book Store Printing Office. Dayton 1
    Clark and Collins. Chillicothe 1
    Clark and Collins. Cincinnati 2
    Clark and Drake. Portsmouth 1
    Clark, Caleb, and Co., Ben Franklin Printing House. Cincinnati 1
    Clark, Caleb. Cincinnati 15
    Clarks, Robert, and Company. Cincinnati 1
    Clayer, J. Cleveland 1
    Cleaveland Herald Office. Cleveland 1
    Cochran and Clark. Mount Vernon 1
    Cochran and Cunningham. Mount Vernon 1
    Cochran, W. H. Mount Vernon 4
    Cochran, William R. Mount Vernon 1
    Cole, George. Columbus 4
    Coleman, William, Jr. Ravenna 1
    Colerick. Mount Vernon 1
    Collier, T. W. Carrollton 1
    Collins and Co. Chillicothe 1
    Collins and Van Wagner. Cincinnati 7
    Collins, Joseph S. and Co. Chillicothe 14
    Columbus Gazette. Columbus 1
    Comly, R. N. and W. F. Dayton 6
    Comly, Richard N. and William F. Dayton 5
    Comlys Printers. Dayton 1
    Comlys. Dayton 4
    Conahan and Brother. Cincinnati 4
    Conclin, William. Cincinnati 2
    Conference Office, United Brethren in Christ. Circleville 2
    Conference Office. Circleville 1
    Conference Printing Establishment of the United Brethren in Christ Circleville 2
    Conneaut Gazette. Conneaut 1
    Cooke, Powers and Penney. Cincinnati 1
    Coombs, J. J. Gallipolis 1
    Corey and Fairbank. Cincinnati 2
    Cosmopolite Office. Millersburg 1
    Courier Book and Job Printing Establishment. Zanesville 1
    Courier Job Office. Zanesville 1
    Courier Office. Zanesville 3
    Cowdery and Platt, Evangelist Office. Oberlin 1
    Cowdery, F. Oberlin 1
    Cowdery, O. and Co. Kirtland 2
    Cowen and Reid St. Clairsville 1
    Cox and Hickcox. Wooster 1
    Cox, Ezekiel T. Zanesville 6
    Cox, Horatio J. Zanesville 2
    Crane and M'Clean. Lebanon 1
    Crapsey, J. T. West Union 2
    Crihfield's Book and Job Shop. Washington 1
    Cropper, Cyrus. Cincinnati 2
    Crosby, William. Mount Vernon 1
    Curry and McBratney. Xenia 1
    Cutler and Pillsbury. Delaware 1
    Cutler and Pilsbury. Columbus 17
    Cutler and Wright. Athens 1
    Cutler and Wright. Columbus 3
    Cutler and Wright. Oxford 1
    Cutler, T. B. and Co. Columbus 3
    Daily and Dollar Messenger Book and Job Office. Steubenville 1
    Daily Atlas Office. Cincinnati 12
    Daily Atlas Office. Oxford 1
    Daily Chronicle Job Rooms. Cincinnati 1
    Daily Cincinnati Atlas Office. Cincinnati 2
    Daily Dayton Journal Office. Dayton 1
    Daily Express Office. Cincinnati 2
    Daily Gazette Office. Cincinnati 3
    Daily Herald Book and Job Office. Steubenville 1
    Daily Journal Office. Dayton 8
    Daily Republican Office. Cincinnati 4
    Daily Scioto Gazette Office. Chillicothe 1
    Daily Times Office. Cincinnati 13
    Daily Times Printing House. Cincinnati 1
    Daily Whig Office. Cincinnati 2
    Daily Whig Printing. Cincinnati 1
    Davis and Griffth. Salem 1
    Davis and Hart. Salem 1
    Davis and Pound. Salem 1
    Davis, William. Norwalk 1
    Davis, William. Zanesville 2
    Dawson and Fisher. Cincinnati 2
    Dawson, Moses. Cincinnati 2
    Day and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Day Star Printing. Union Village 1
    Dayton Watchman. Dayton 1
    Daytonian Office. Dayton 1
    Defrees, John W. Piqua 5
    Delaware Auger and Bore Office Printing. Delaware 1
    Delaware Gazette Office. Delaware 3
    Deming and Wood. Cincinnati 2
    Deming, Anson N. Cincinnati 5
    Deming, Erastus. Cincinnati 7
    Democratic Banner Office. Mount Vernon 4
    Denio, J. and Son. Medina 1
    Denny, W. H. P. Wilmington 1
    Derrough, A. Cincinnati 1
    Desilver and Burr. Cincinnati 1
    Dewey and Elkins. Akron 2
    Dewey and Wadsworth. Ravenna 1
    Dieterich, Jacob D. Lancaster 1
    Directory Office. Cincinnati 1
    Disney, R. Xenia 1
    Dispatch Office. Cincinnati 1
    Dixon, J. R. Lancaster 1
    Doggett, W. W. Hillsborough 1
    Dolbee, S. R. Columbus 2
    Donogh, H. Cincinnati 1
    Donogh, J. B. and R. P. Cincinnati 6
    Donogh, J. S. and R. P. Cincinnati 1
    Donogh, Ormsby H. Cincinnati 2
    Donogh, R. P. Cincinnati 14
    Donogh, R. P. and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Dooley, Jeremiah A. Piqua 1
    Doolittle, M. R. Chagrin Falls 1
    Doolittle, M. R. Painesville 3
    Drake, S. P. West Union 2
    Drake, V. M. Goshen 1
    Dumars, James. Warren 1
    Dumars, James. Warren. 1
    Dunbar and Gotshall. Canton 1
    Dunham, John. St. Clairsville 1
    Dunlavy, Camron and Co. Lebanon 1
    Dunlevy and Joline. Marietta 1
    Durban, E. S. Marietta 1
    E. Goodman Cincinnati 1
    E. Morgan, E., and Co. Cincinnati 4
    Easton and Gressinger. St. Clairsville 1
    Edmonds, R. M., Theological Seminary Press. Gambier 3
    Edmonson, E. Eaton 2
    Edwards, C. Ripley 1
    Edwards, L. B. Jefferson 2
    Elliott and Mathews. New Philadelphia 2
    Elliott, Jesse W. Waynesville 1
    Ellis, E. J. Mount Vernon 2
    Ely and Allen. Chillicothe 10
    Ely and Strong. Cincinnati 5
    Ely, J. W. Cincinnati 2
    Ely, S. W. Chillicothe 5
    Ely, S. W. and Company. Chillicothe 2
    Emerson, C. and Co. Marietta 1
    Emerson, George D., and Co. Springfield 1
    Emrie, J. R. Columbus 1
    Emrie, J. R. Hillsborough 1
    Emrie, J.R. Columbus 1
    Enquirer Office. Cincinnati 2
    Enquirer Office. Columbus 1
    Ernst and Hefley. Cincinnati 5
    Ernst and Thorp. Cincinnati 1
    Ernst, Jacob. Cincinnati 13
    Erodelphian Society Press. Oxford 1
    Evangelical Preacher Office Zanesville 1
    Evangelist Office. Carthage 1
    Evangelist Office. Cincinnati 2
    Evangelist Office. Oberlin 1
    Express Office. Zanesville 2
    Fairbanks, A. W. Toledo 3
    Fairchild, William B. Xenia 2
    Fairlamb, Samuel. Marietta 9
    Farmer and Mechanic Office. Cincinnati 2
    Farmer Office. Lebanon 1
    Farnsworth and Spafford. Chillicothe 1
    Farnsworth, O. and P. M. Cincinnati 7
    Farnsworth, O. and W. M. Cincinnati 3
    Farnsworth, O., and W. M. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, O., Jr. and W. M. Cincinnati 6
    Farnsworth, Oliver and Son. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, Oliver and Son. Yellow Springs 1
    Farnsworth, Oliver and Wm. M. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, Oliver, and Son. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, Oliver, and Wm. M. Cincinnati 2
    Farnsworth, Oliver, Jr. and W. M. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, Oliver. Cincinnati 2
    Farnsworth, W. M. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth, W. M. and O. Cincinnati 2
    Farnsworth, W. M. and O., Jr. Cincinnati 4
    Farnsworth, William M. Cincinnati 2
    Farnsworth, Wm. M. and O., Jr. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth,, W. M. and O., Jr. Cincinnati 1
    Farnsworth. Cincinnati 1
    Farr, J.M. Norwalk 1
    Faulkner, Jeremiah. Cincinnati 1
    Fee, Robert. Salem 1
    Ferris, W. J. and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Ferris, William J. Cincinnati 6
    Ferris, William J. and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Ferry, Lewis. Hudson 1
    Finley, James, and Co. Ripley 1
    Finley, James. West Union 4
    Fisher, B. and A. Burnett. Union Village 1
    Fitch, Aramel. Ashtabula 1
    Fitch, James Mason, 1815-1867. Oberlin 43
    Flash, A. Cincinnati 1
    Forman, A. Cincinnati 1
    Foster, William. Warren 1
    Franklin Job Office Warren 1
    Franklin Press. Cincinnati 2
    Franklin, Ben Printing Office. Cincinnati 1
    Franklin, Ben, Book and Job Rooms. Cincinnati 2
    Franklin, Ben, Job Printing House. Cincinnati 32
    Fredonian Press. Chillicothe 4
    Free Press, Office of. Xenia 1
    Freeman, Edmund. Cincinnati 2
    Freeman, Samuel and Son. Cincinnati 2
    French, William C., Ackland Press. Gambier 1
    French, William C., Acland Press. Gambier 1
    Frost, John. New Lisbon 1
    Frost, John. New Salem 1
    Gaddis and Abrams. Wilmington 4
    Gaddis, Rice. Wilmington 3
    Gale and Cleveland. Columbus 1
    Gallagher and Co. Middletown 2
    Gallagher and Crain. Springfield 3
    Gallagher and Halsey. Springfield 6
    Gallagher and Williamson. Springfield 1
    Gallagher, John M. Springfield 4
    Gardiner, James B., State Printer, 1789-1837. Columbus 34
    Gardner and Gibbon. Hamilton 3
    Gates, Beman. Marietta 5
    Gazette and Enquirer Office. Lancaster 1
    Gazette Office. Cincinnati 7
    Gazette Office. Delaware 2
    Gazette Office. Granville 1
    Gazette Office. Lancaster 1
    Gazette Office. Mansfield 1
    Gazette Office. Massillon 1
    Gazette Office. Newark 2
    Gazette Office. Piqua 2
    Gazette Office. Wilmington 1
    Gazette Office. Zanesville 1
    Gazette Press. Cincinnati 2
    Gazette Steam Press. Cincinnati 1
    Gazlay, James William, 1784-1874. Cincinnati 1
    Geauga Freeman Office. Chardon 1
    Gerard, Day and Co. Cincinnati 2
    German Republican Printing Office. Cincinnati 2
    Gibbon, Leonard. Hamilton 2
    Gilbert, J. and R. C. Bryan. Columbus 1
    Gilbert, John and Co. Columbus 2
    Gilkinson, John C. Mansfield 1
    Gilkison, J. C. and Sons. Mansfield 2
    Gilkison, John C. Mansfield 1
    Gill and Blackman. Granville 1
    Gill, Heaton and Company. St. Clairsville 1
    Gillett, R. E. Oberlin 3
    Glessner, J. Y. and J. St. Clairsville 1
    Glessner, John Y. Mansfield 2
    Glezen and Shepard. Cincinnati 2
    Glover and Jenkins. Columbus 1
    Glover, E. and Co. Columbus 3
    Glover, Elijah. Columbus 31
    Glover, Maynard and Espy. Columbus 2
    Goodman, E. Cincinnati 1
    Gotshall and Martin. Canton 3
    Gotshall, Daniel. Canton 4
    Gottschall and Martin. Canton 3
    Gould, Kendall and Lincoln. Cincinnati 2
    Graham, E. Cincinnati 4
    Grant, J. and Son. Cincinnati 1
    Gray, Benjamin J. Chillicothe 1
    Gray, H. C. Painesville 1
    Great West Office. Cincinnati 3
    Great Western Printing. Cincinnati 1
    Gregory and Smith. Cincinnati 1
    Griswold and Howard. Delaware 3
    Griswold and Little. Delaware 2
    Griswold and Spencer. Worthington 4
    Griswold, Ezra, 1792-1863. Delaware 12
    Griswold, Ezra, 1792-1863. Worthington 1
    Griswold, Ezra, Jr. Columbus 7
    Griswold, Ezra, Jr. Worthington 2
    Griswold, Ezra, Jr. and Co. Worthington 2
    Griswold, Olmsted and Co. Columbus 1
    Guernsey Times Office. Cambridge 3
    Guilford, N. and G. Cincinnati 5
    Guilford, N. and G. and Co. Cincinnati 6
    Guilford, Nathan, 1786-1854. Cincinnati 1
    Halsey and Coulter. Springfield 1
    Halsey, Samuel W. Chillicothe 2
    Hanna and McFarland. Circleville 1
    Hapgood and Andrews. Warren 1
    Hapgood and Quinby. Warren 6
    Hapgood and Sprague. Warren 1
    Hapgood and Thompson. Warren 2
    Harman, Johann. Lancaster 1
    Harper, L. Cadiz 2
    Harris, E. Mount Pleasant 2
    Harris, E. Salem 1
    Harris, Enoch, Jr. Mount Pleasant 7
    Harris, Enoch. Mount Pleasant 11
    Harris, Ezekiel. Mount Pleasant 1
    Harris, Ezekiel. Salem 4
    Harris, Fairbanks and Co. Cleveland 9
    Harrison and Williamson. Springfield 1
    Harrison, Edmund. Cincinnati 2
    Harrison's Press. Cincinnati 3
    Hart, I. and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Hatch and Farr. Norwalk 2
    Hatch, Nichols and Buxton. Cincinnati 4
    Hayes, Michael. Medina 1
    Hays and Raymond. Urbana 1
    Hayward, W. H. Cleveland 2
    Hazewell, C. C. and G. R. Columbus 2
    Hazewell, G. R. Columbus 1
    Hazewell, O.C.C. and G.R. Columbus 1
    Hazwell, G. R. Columbus 1
    Hazwells', C. C. and G. R., Power Press. Columbus 1
    Heard, Josiah. Zanesville 1
    Heaton and Gressinger. St. Clairsville 19
    Hefley, Hubbell and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Hefley, Hubbell. Cincinnati 1
    Hefley, Isaac and Co. Cincinnati 6
    Hefley, Isaac. Cincinnati 5
    Henkle. M. M. Springfield 1
    Henry, Barnard and Co. Oxford 1
    Henry, Barnard and Co.'s Steam Press. Cincinnati 1
    Herald of Truth Printing. Cincinnati 2
    Herald Office. Cincinnati 3
    Herald Office. Cleveland 2
    Herman and Gruber. Lancaster 1
    Herman, Johann, Lancaster. Cincinnati 1
    Herman, Johann. Lancaster 11
    Herman, John. Lancaster 7
    Herron, A. G. and J. New Richmond 1
    Hickox and Bowen. Ashtabula 1
    Hilliard and Metcalf. Cambridge 1
    Hillsborough Gazette. Hillsborough 1
    Hinchman and Keen. Salem 1
    Hinchman and Ware. Salem 1
    Hinchman, Aaron. Goshen 1
    Hinchman, Aaron. Salem 4
    Hitchler, John. Cincinnati 7
    Hogan, J. Hamilton 1
    Holland and Hitchler. Cincinnati 2
    Holliday, Charles. Cincinnati 1
    Homestead Printing. Salem 1
    Hopkins, C. Portsmouth 1
    Hopkins, Charles. Portsmouth 1
    Hoskins, T. S. Columbus 4
    Hosmer, S. T. Perrysburg 1
    Hough, John. Chillicothe 3
    Houston and Hays. Dayton 1
    Houston, G. S. and A. T. Hays. Dayton 1
    Howard and Little. St. Clairsville 2
    Howard, H. and B. Bates. Mount Pleasant 1
    Howard, Horton J. Columbus 1
    Howard, Horton J. Mount Pleasant 2
    Howard, Horton J. New Garden 1
    Howard, Horton J. St. Clairsville 32
    Howard, Horton. Columbus 3
    Howe and Jaques. Columbus 1
    Howe and Jaques. Painesville 2
    Howe, Asahel. Painesville 1
    Howe, Eber D. Painesville 8
    Howells, William Cooper, 1807-1894. Hamilton 3
    Hubbard and Edmands. Cincinnati 7
    Hudson, John. Carrollton 2
    Hull and Wolff. Cambridge 1
    Hull and Wolff. New Concord 1
    Hull, James. Cleveland 1
    Hull, M. R. New Concord 1
    Hunt, D. Dayton 2
    Hygeia Printing House. Cincinnati 1
    Independent Office. Troy 1
    Inquisitor Office. Cincinnati 1
    Intelligencer Office, Kee Colby and Murray. Hamilton 1
    Intelligencer Office. Marietta 8
    Israel and Gardiner. Marietta 1
    Israel, Joseph. Marietta 2
    J.B. Johnson's, J. B., Press Sandusky City 1
    Jackman, Robert. West Union 3
    James and Gazlay. Cincinnati 17
    James' Steam Press, J. A. and U. P. Cincinnati 2
    James, J. A. Cincinnati 4
    James, J. A. and U. P. Cincinnati 16
    James, J. A. and U. P., Steam Press. Cincinnati 2
    James, Joseph A. Cincinnati 1
    Jenkins and Glover. Columbus 14
    Jenkins, Warren. Milan 1
    Jewett and Mason. Cincinnati 1
    Johns, S. W. Cincinnati 2
    Johnson, L. Cleveland 1
    Johnson, Noble S. Cincinnati 32
    Johnston and Stockton Pittsburgh 2
    Joline, John K. and A. V. D. Marietta 1
    Jones, William C. Chillicothe 3
    Journal and Advertiser. Dayton 1
    Journal Office. Dayton 2
    Juvenile Press. Cincinnati 3
    Kastner, V. Lancaster 1
    Kaufmann, Peter and Co. Canton 7
    Kaufmann, Peter, 1800-1869. Canton 9
    Keeley, J. W. Cincinnati 1
    Keen and Stweart. Hamilton 1
    Keen, Colby and Co. Hamilton 2
    Kelley, M. Cleveland 2
    Kendall and Barnard. Cincinnati 26
    Kendall and Henry. Cincinnati 31
    Kennedy, R. V. Ashland 1
    Kercheval, Robert. Chillicothe 5
    Klauser and Griffith. Martin's Ferry 1
    Knapp and Bean. Bucyrus 1
    Kreuzburg and Nurre. Cincinnati 1
    Kurtz, Heinrich. Canton 1
    Kurtz, Heinrich. Osnaburg 2
    Kurtz, Heinrich. Summer's Place 1
    Kurtz, Henry, 1796-1874. Osnaburg 5
    Kurtz, Henry, 1796-1874. Summer's Place 1
    Landon, R. C. Cincinnati 1
    Landon, Richard C. Xenia 1
    Lane and Coggshall. Akron 2
    Lane Seminary Students' Typographical Association. Cincinnati 3
    Langdon and Milford. Cincinnati 1
    Langdon, Richard C. Cincinnati 2
    Langdon, Richard C. Columbus 1
    Lapham, P. Marietta 1
    Laubach, A. Mount Vernon 1
    Lazell and Bryan. Columbus 1
    Legg and Murray. Columbus 4
    Lehmann, H. Cincinnati 1
    Leonard, J. and Co. Painesville 2
    Lepper, William D. New Lisbon 10
    Lewis and Glover. Columbus 4
    Lewis, M. L. Urbana 3
    Lewis, Martin L. Columbus 3
    L'Hommedieu and Co. Cincinnati 27
    Liberty Hall and Cincinnati Gazette. Cincinnati 5
    Liberty Hall Press. Cincinnati 1
    Liberty Herald Office. Warren 1
    Lincoln and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Lincoln, L. R. Cincinnati 3
    Lindsey, E. Dayton 1
    Lindsey, R. R. Wilmington 1
    Linn, J. S. Delaware 1
    Locke and Holt Troy 1
    Loco Foco Office. Delaware 1
    Lodge and L'Hommedieu. Cincinnati 7
    Lodge, James. Dayton 1
    Lodge, L'Hommedieu and Co. Cincinnati 7
    Lodge, L'Hommedieu and Hammond. Cincinnati 13
    Longley and Brother. Cincinnati 2
    Looker and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Looker and Graham. Cincinnati 1
    Looker and Ramsay. Cincinnati 1
    Looker and Reynolds. Cincinnati 52
    Looker and Reynolds. No City 1
    Looker and Wallace. Cincinnati 9
    Looker, Palmer and Reynolds. Cincinnati 15
    Looker, Ramsay and Co. Cincinnati 4
    Looker, Reynolds and Co. Cincinnati 15
    Lowry and Williams. Steubenville 1
    Lowry, Hugh. Ashtabula 1
    Lowry, James. Cuyahoga Falls 2
    Lowry, James. Hudson 4
    Luce and Worstell. Massillon 3
    Lutheran Standard Office. New Philadelphia 3
    Lutheran Standard Office. Zanesville 2
    M'Ardle and Buckingham. Norwalk 1
    M'Ardle, John P. Mount Vernon 2
    Marot, E. Lima 3
    Marshall and Langtry. Cincinnati 1
    Mason and Palmer. Cincinnati 5
    Mason, James M. Cincinnati 4
    Maxon, Isaac. Athens 3
    Maxon, Isaac. Marietta 3
    Maxwell, William. Cincinnati 4
    McAfee, S. H. Somerset 1
    M'Calla and Davis. Cincinnati 2
    M'Calla, John. Cincinnati 2
    McBride, J. H. Perrysburg 1
    McDiarmid, William. Cincinnati 1
    McDonald and Eick. Cincinnati 1
    M'Clean and Blackburn. Lebanon 2
    M'Clean and Hale. Lebanon 2
    M'Clean, John. Lebanon 2
    M'Clean, Nathaniel. Lebanon 1
    McMillan and Clopper. Cincinnati 1
    Medary and Bros. Columbus 1
    Medary, G. West Union 1
    Medary, Jacob, Jr., and Co. Columbus 1
    Medary, S. and Brothers. Columbus 2
    Medary, S. and M. H. Columbus 9
    Medary, Samuel, 1801-1864. Columbus 106
    Medary's Power Press. Columbus 2
    Medary's Steam Press. Columbus 2
    Medary's, S., Power Press Printing. Columbus 2
    Melcher, J. C. Chillicothe 1
    Mendenhall, William L. Cincinnati 10
    Meredith, J. and A. S. Maxwell. Mansfield 1
    Messenger Book and Job Office. Steubenville 1
    Messenger Office. Zanesville 1
    Methodist Book Concern. Cincinnati 3
    Meyer, Louis. Cincinnati 2
    M'Grew, H. C. Cincinnati 1
    M'Grew, H. C. and J. B. Cincinnati 1
    Miami of Lake Erie Office. Perrysburg 1
    Milland, M. and Clopper. Cincinnati 1
    Miller and Carpenter. Wooster 3
    Miller, R. H. St. Clairsville 1
    Mills and Ross. Sandusky City 1
    Mills, W. S. and Co. Sandusky City 1
    Mills, W. S.,and Co. Sandusky 1
    Mills, Zechariah. Columbus 1
    Mirror Office. Athens 1
    Mirror Press. Cincinnati 3
    Mitchell, Nathaniel. New Lisbon 1
    M'Kibbin, J. and T. Wilmington 2
    M'Kinney, O. W. Medina 1
    M'Lain, David B. Cleveland 1
    M'Lain, T. J. Cleveland 1
    M'Lean and Blackburn. Lebanon 1
    M'Millan and Clopper. Cincinnati 3
    M'Millan, James. Cincinnati 1
    Model Western Book and Job Printing Rooms. Cincinnati 2
    Moeller, Louis J. Lancaster 2
    Monfort and Conahans. Cincinnati 1
    Monitor Printing. Columbus 1
    Moore, Amos. Sandusky 1
    Moore, Amos. Sandusky City 2
    Moore, J. G. Chardon 1
    Moore, William H. and Co. Cincinnati 4
    Moorhead, J. Zanesville 1
    Morgan and L'Hommediu. Cincinnati 1
    Morgan and Lodge. Cincinnati 15
    Morgan and Lodge.

    Morgan and Lodge.
    Cincinnati 1
    Morgan and Overend. Cincinnati 27
    Morgan and Sanxay. Cincinnati 20
    Morgan, E. and Co. Cincinnati 24
    Morgan, Fisher and L'Hommedieu. Cincinnati 13
    Morgan, Lodge and Co.
    Morgan, Lodge and Co. Cincinnati 27
    Morgan, Lodge and Fisher. Cincinnati 18
    Morgan, Palmer and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Morgan, Robbins and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Morgan, Williams and Co. Cincinnati 6
    Morgan's, E., Power Press. Cincinnati 1
    Morning Heald Office Printing Cincinnati 1
    Morris and Frazer. Steubenville 1
    Morris and Swiggett. Cincinnati 1
    Morris, David. Batavia 2
    Morse, E. Cincinnati 1
    Murray, David, Jr. West Union 3
    Murray, John L. Hamilton 1
    Myers, George W. Gambier 43
    Myers, George W., Acland Press. Gambier 10
    Myers, George W., Western Church Press. Gambier 1
    Myers, George W., Western Protestant Episcopal Press. Gambier 3
    Myers, George W.. Gambier 1
    Nash, William. Gallipolis 3
    Nashee and Denny. Chillicothe 16
    Nashee, George and Co. Columbus 7
    Nashee, George. Chillicothe 3
    Nashee, George. Columbus 11
    News Office. Perrysburg 1
    News-Letter Office. Warren 1
    Nichols, H. M. Lima 1
    Noble, Andrew. Oxford 4
    Northern Ohio Freeman Office. Painesville 1
    Northway, R. and Co. Utica 1
    Observer Office. Gambier 1
    Observer Press. Hudson 1
    Ocheltree, John. Cincinnati 1
    Ohio Democrat Office. New Philadelphia 2
    Ohio Eagle. Lancaster 1
    Ohio Monitor Office. Columbus 1
    Ohio Observer Office. Hudson 20
    Ohio Observer Office.. Hudson 1
    Ohio Oracle. Wooster 2
    Ohio Organ. Printing. Cincinnati 1
    Ohio Patriot Office. New Lisbon 4
    Ohio Press Office. Columbus 3
    Ohio Register and Anti-Masonic Review. Columbus 1
    Ohio Review. Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Ohio Star Office. Ravenna 4
    Ohio State Journal. Columbus 1
    Ohio Statesman Office. Columbus 6
    Ohio Sun Office. Cincinnati 1
    Olentangy Gazette. Columbus 1
    Olmsted and Bailhache. Columbus 17
    Olmsted, Bailhache and Camron. Columbus 8
    Olmsted, Bailhache and Camron. Worthington 2
    Olmsted, Buttles and Griswold. Columbus 1
    Olmsted, P. H. and Co. Columbus 8
    Olmsted, Philo Hopkins, 1793-1870. Columbus 90
    Orr, Thomas J. and John White. Bucyrus 1
    Orton, Charles J. Lower Sandusky 1
    Orwig, W.A. Cleveland 1
    Osborn, Charles. Mount Pleasant 3
    Osborn, I. and P. Hussey. Mount Pleasant 1
    Osborn, James and I. Mount Pleasant 1
    Osborn, John C. Union Village 1
    Oxford Press. Oxford 1
    Pace, J. Cincinnati 1
    Pagh and Dodd. Cincinnati 1
    Painter, J. H. Salem 2
    Palm, J. Warren 1
    Palmer, T. Cincinnati 1
    Parcels and Barnes Chillicothe 1
    Parcels, Peter. Chillicothe 7
    Park and Burrell. Elyria 1
    Park and Terril. Ashtabula 1
    Park, A. S. and Co. Ashtabula 1
    Parke and Bennett. Zanesville 7
    Parke, U., and Sons, Gazette Office. Zanesville 1
    Parker, A. W. Warren 5
    Parkman and Fassett. Ashtabula 1
    Patrick Press. New Philadelphia 1
    Patriot Printing. Greenfield 1
    Patterson, L. A. and J. P. West Union 1
    Peat, John B., 1816-1876 Oxford 5
    Pelham, William. Zanesville 1
    Pendall and Henry Cincinnati 1
    Penniman and Aikin. Cleveland 1
    Penniman and Bemis. Cleveland 10
    Penniman, Francis B. Cleveland 6
    Pentagon Book and Job Office. Hudson 2
    People's Press. Delaware 1
    Percival, J. Lancaster 1
    Peters and Pelham. Zanesville 6
    Peters, Adam. Zanesville 4
    Peters, W. and M. Zanesville 1
    Pettit, John H. and Co. Cincinnati 3
    Pettit, M. S. Cincinnati 2
    Pew, R. and Co. Cleveland 1
    Philanthropist Office. Hamilton 1
    Phillips and Boswell. Trenton 1
    Phillips and Reynolds. Cincinnati 1
    Phillips and Speer. Cincinnati 1
    Phillips, Jonathan. Columbus 10
    Phoenix Office. Gallipolis 1
    Picket, A. and E. Cincinnati 2
    Pike, Samuel. Lancaster 3
    Plain and Fancy Job Press Printing. Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Plow Boy Office. Cincinnati 1
    Poff, Allen M. Urbana 3
    Pope, R. B. Springfield 1
    Post, R. E. Lancaster 1
    Powers and Hopkins. Cincinnati 1
    Powers, Benjamin F. Cincinnati 2
    Prentiss, Royal, 1786-1857. Marietta 14
    Presbyterian of the West Office. Springfield 1
    Preston and Buckingham. Norwalk 1
    Preston, S. and C. A. Norwalk 12
    Preston, S. and Co. Norwalk 3
    Printed for the author. Oberlin 1
    Printed for the Author. St. Clairsville 1
    Printed for the author. Steubenville 1
    Pudney and Russell, NY. New York 1
    Pugh and Dodd. Cincinnati 12
    Pugh and Pettit. Cincinnati 3
    Pugh, A. and Co. Cincinnati 7
    Pugh, Achilles, 1805-1874. Cincinnati 22
    Pugh, Achilles, 1805-1874. Oxford 1
    Pumroy's Book and Job Office. Chillicothe 1
    Purdy, J. and J. H. Mansfield 1
    Purdy, J. H. Xenia 7
    Putnam and Clark. Zanesville 5
    Putnam and Israel. Zanesville 2
    Putnam, E. and Co. Zanesville 1
    Queen City Office. Cincinnati 1
    Queen City Press. Cincinnati 3
    Randall and Batchelder. Columbus 1
    Randall, A. Cincinnati 1
    Randall, Charles A. and Co. Conneaut 1
    Rankin, A. L. and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Ray, George and Co. Ashtabula 1
    Raymond, Thomas R. Gambier 3
    Redfield, J. S., NY. Cincinnati 2
    Reed, E. B. Cincinnati 1
    Regans and Van Cleve. Dayton 2
    Regans, J. Xenia 1
    Regans, Japhtha Dayton 1
    Religious Telegraph Office. Circleville 2
    Religious Telescope Office. Circleville 2
    Republic Office Printing. Springfield 2
    Republican Office Printing. Wilmington 1
    Republican Office. Cincinnati 4
    Republican Office. Dayton 1
    Republican Press. Geneva 1
    Republican Printing. Cincinnati 2
    Republican Printing. Painesville 1
    Reynolds, Allen and Disney. Cincinnati 4
    Reznor. Perrysburg 1
    Rice and Penniman. Cleveland 2
    Rice, Lewis L. Cleveland 1
    Rice, Lewis L. Columbus 2
    Richardson, R. D. Chillicothe 3
    Richardson, R. D. Circleville 1
    Richardson, R. D. Worthington 1
    Riley, J. H. and Co. Columbus 3
    Robb, Hamilton. Washington 6
    Robbins and Deming. Cincinnati 1
    Robbins, James B. Hudson 1
    Robbins, R. Cincinnati 1
    Robbins, R. and E. Deming. Cincinnati 1
    Robertson, Alexander S. Cincinnati 1
    Robinson and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Robinson and Fairbank. Cincinnati 9
    Robinson and Jones. Cincinnati 3
    Robinson and Smith. Nauvoo 1
    Robinson, A. F. Cincinnati 10
    Robinson, J. A. and Co. Cincinnati 5
    Root, Barnes and Co. Ashtabula 1
    Roscoe, Caleb. Mount Pleasant 1
    Rothnagel, Heinrich Joseph. Canton 2
    Sala, Jacob and Solomon. Canton 1
    Sala, Johann. Canton 4
    Sanderson and Oswald. No City 1
    Sanderson, George, 1789-1871. Lancaster 8
    Sanford and Co. Cleveland 10
    Sanford and Hayward. Cleveland 5
    Sanford and Hayward. Warren 1
    Sanford and Lott. Cleveland 6
    Sawyer and Chambers. Zanesville 4
    Saxton, J. and J. Canton 2
    Saxton, John. Canton 13
    Saxton, Joshua. Urbana 3
    Schaeffer and Sala. Canton 1
    Schaeffer, Edward. Canton 4
    Schaeffer, H. and H. Gastor. Lancaster 1
    Schertz, Peter. Trenton 1
    Schmidt and Storch. Cincinnati 1
    Schuckers, J. W. Wooster 1
    Scioto Gazette Office. Chillicothe 3
    Scofield, J.F. Painesville 1
    Scofield's Job Office. Painesville 1
    Scoot and Wright. Columbus 1
    Scott and Bascom. Columbus 22
    Scott and Co.'s Power Press Printing. Columbus 4
    Scott and Fairbanks. Toledo 1
    Scott and Gallagher. Columbus 6
    Scott and Teesdale. Circleville 1
    Scott and Teesdale. Columbus 2
    Scott and Wright. Columbus 12
    Scott, C. and Co. Columbus 26
    Scott, C. and Isaac N. Whiting. Columbus 1
    Scott, C. Power Press. Columbus 1
    Scott, C. Steam Press. Columbus 1
    Scott, Charles and Co. Columbus 9
    Scott, Charles, Steam Press. Columbus 2
    Scott, Charles. Columbus 38
    Scott, John. Chillicothe 1
    Scott's, Charles, Steam Press. Columbus 16
    Sellers, P. W. Georgetown 2
    Sentinel Office. Ashtabula 9
    Sentinel Office. Cincinnati 1
    Sentinel Office. Columbus 1
    Severns, J. Cincinnati 1
    Shaeffer, E. Hamilton 1
    Shepard and Co. Cincinnati 9
    Shepard and Stearns. Cincinnati 5
    Shepard, Edwin. Cincinnati 26
    Shepard's, Edwin, Power Press. Cincinnati 1
    Shepard's, Edwin, Steam Press. Cincinnati 1
    Shield and Banner Printing. Mansfield 2
    Shirley, J. W. Somerset 1
    Shreve and Gallagher, Mirror Press. Cincinnati 1
    Siegfried, Simeon. Cadiz 1
    Skinner, R. J. Dayton 6
    Smallwood, W. M., Ackland Press. Gambier 2
    Smead and Cowles. Cincinnati 1
    Smead and Cowles. Cleveland 26
    Smead Press. Cleveland 1
    Smead, Timothy H. Cleveland 8
    Smead's Press. Cleveland 1
    Smith and Bevin. Canton 1
    Smith and Chipman. Cincinnati 2
    Smith and Day. Cincinnati 1
    Smith and Griswold. Columbus 2
    Smith and M'Ardle. Clinton 2
    Smith, David Campbell, 1785-1865. Columbus 3
    Smith, David J. Columbus 1
    Smith, David. Columbus 21
    Smith, Day and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Smith, George. Lebanon 1
    Smith, J. D. Oxford 1
    Smith, James. West Union 3
    Smith, W., and H. G. Chipman. Cincinnati 1
    Smith, Walter. Chillicothe 1
    Smithe's Press. Painesville 1
    Smythe and Hanna. Painesville 2
    Smythe, Charles B. Painesville 3
    Snyder, Seth S. Bellefontaine 1
    Societies' Press. Oxford 4
    Sparhawk and Lytle. Cincinnati 2
    Sparhawk, Arthur George. Cincinnati 4
    Speer and Bennett. Medina 1
    Speer, John. Medina 1
    Spenser's, Timothy P., Commercial Job Printing Office. Cleveland 1
    Sprague, Daniel N. Wooster 3
    St. Clairsville Gazette. St. Clairsville 1
    St. John, John R. Cleveland 2
    Stahl, Fr. Cincinnati 1
    Standard Office. Cadiz 1
    Standard Office. Tffin 1
    Standard Press. Cincinnati 1
    Star Office. Lebanon 1
    Star Office. Ravenna 1
    Starbuck, N. H. St. Mary's 2
    Statesman Office. Columbus 3
    Steele, Horace. Painesville 1
    Steele, James. Oberlin 4
    Steubenville Daily and Dollar Messenger Book Office. Steubenville 1
    Stevenson, Looker and Todd. Cincinnati 1
    Stewart and Cole. Columbus 2
    Stoddard, Ashbel. Hudson 1
    Stokes, Franklin. Rossville 1
    Stout, J. M. Columbus 1
    Straight-Out Harrison and Tyler Office. Columbus 2
    Strother, H. B. Bellefontaine 1
    Sullivan, N. Book and Job Printer. Dayton 1
    Surguy, T. Cincinnati 1
    Sutherland, E. P. G. Troy 1
    Swan and Tappan. Columbus 3
    Tagart and Gardner. Cincinnati 1
    Tagart, G. W. Cincinnati 4
    Taylor and Cummins. Fairview 1
    Taylor, James D. Cincinnati 1
    Taylor, Webster. Rossville 1
    Telegraph Office. Hamilton 3
    Telegraph Office. Painesville 3
    Telegraph Office. Rossville 1
    Temperance Advocate Office. Columbus 1
    Tenney, H. A. No City 1
    Terry, J. C. Lima 1
    Thayer, N. W. Ashtabula 1
    Theological Seminary Press. Gambier 2
    Thiell, Casper. Lancaster 1
    Thomas and Beatty. Zanesville 1
    Thompson, R. P. Cincinnati 71
    Thompson, Robert P. Cincinnati 2
    Thomson, A. Cincinnati 2
    Thomson, A. Delaware 4
    Thorpe, C. W. Cincinnati 1
    Thorpe, John D. Cincinnati 19
    Thorpe. Cincinnati 1
    Thrall and Bailey. Circleville 1
    Thrall and Dolbee. Circleville 1
    Thrall and Glover. Columbus 2
    Thrall and Reed. Alexandria 1
    Thrall and Reed. Columbus 11
    Thrall, William B., 1798-1876. Circleville 3
    Thrall, William B., 1798-1876. Columbus 18
    Times Office. Cincinnati 2
    Times Office. Maumee City 1
    Tizzard S. and W. B. Eaton 1
    Tizzard, Samuel. Eaton 2
    Trader and Denny. Xenia 1
    Tribune and Clipper Office Printing. Portsmouth 1
    Tribune Office. Columbus 4
    Tribune Office. Portsmouth 2
    Tullis, John T. Troy 2
    Tyler, G. W. and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Tyler, G. W. and Co. Marietta 4
    Udall, J. W. Elyria 2
    Underhill, S. and Son. Cleveland 1
    United Brethren Conference Office. Circleville 2
    United Brethren in Christ. Circleville 1
    Urbana Gazette Urbana 1
    Van Cleve and Comly. Dayton 3
    Van Trump, P. Lancaster 1
    Van Vleet and Camron. Lebanon 5
    Van Vleet and Co. Lebanon 2
    Van Vleet, A. and Co. Lebanon 2
    Van Vleet, Abraham. Lebanon 2
    Van Vorhes, A. Athens 2
    Van Vorhes, N. H. Athens 1
    Van Vorhes, N. H. and A. J. Athens 1
    Varney, Thomas. Cincinnati 1
    Vaterlansfreund Office. Canton 1
    Volksblatt. Cincinnati 1
    Voorheese, R. M. West Union 2
    Vorhes, Ayan. Athens 1
    Wadham and Denny. Xenia 1
    Wadsworth, W. Ravenna 1
    Waggoner, Clark. Milan 5
    Walker, J. W. Cincinnati 1
    Walker, James Barr, 1805-1887. Cincinnati 1
    Walter and Espich. Germantown 1
    Walters, I. M. Hamilton 9
    Ward, S. and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Watkins, H. Cincinnati 1
    Watt, John. New Lisbon 3
    Webster, Taylor. Rossville 2
    West, J. B. Cuyahoga Falls 1
    Westboten Print Shop. Columbus 1
    Westboten. Columbus 1
    Western Christian Journal's Printing. Columbus 1
    Western Church Press, Gambier. Columbus 1
    Western Church Press. Cincinnati 4
    Western Church Press. Oxford 1
    Western Courier Office. Ravenna 1
    Western Fountain Office. Columbus 1
    Western Herald and Steubenville Gazette. Steubenville 1
    Western Intelligencer, Office of the. Worthington 1
    Western Intelligencer. Columbus 1
    Western Journal Office. Bucyrus 1
    Western Lancet Office. Cincinnati 2
    Western Protestant Episcopal Press. Gambier 1
    Western Quarterly Review. Cincinnati 1
    Western Recorder Office. Putnam 2
    Western Reserve Cabinet Office. Ravenna 1
    Western Reserve Chronicle. Warren 1
    Western Spactator. Marietta 1
    Western Spy. Cincinnati 2
    Western Star Office. Lebanon 7
    Western Star. Lebanon 1
    Western Telegraph Office. Hamilton 1
    Western Tiller Office. Cincinnati 2
    Western Times Office. Portsmouth 3
    Westliche Volksfreund, Office of. Lancaster 1
    Whetstone and Buxton. Cincinnati 8
    Whetstone and Johnson. Cincinnati 3
    Whetstone, John, Jr. Cincinnati 1
    Whetstone, John, Jr. and Co. Cincinnati 3
    White and Collins. Lancaster 1
    White and Higgins. Mount Vernon 1
    White and Smith. Cincinnati 1
    White, J. W. Cincinnati 1
    White, J. W. Putnam 1
    White, J. W. Zanesville 3
    White, James, and Co. Warren 6
    White, John W. Medina 1
    White, John W. Zanesville 1
    White, John. Cincinnati 4
    White, Joseph W. Cadiz 2
    White, Joseph W. Chardon 5
    White, Joseph W. St. Clairsville 2
    White, Joseph Wilkinson, 1788-1869 St. Clairsville 1
    White, Sawyer and Chambers. Zanesville 2
    White, Thomas J., 1818-1863. Chardon 1
    White, Thomas J., 1818-1863. Medina 3
    White, William, Boston. Columbus 2
    White's Press. Chardon 1
    Wiestling, Johann S. Canton 1
    Wiestling, Johann S. Columbus 1
    Wiestling, John Solomon, 1787-1842. Columbus 1
    Wilkins and Christy. M'Connelsville 1
    Wilkinson, Joseph. New Lisbon 1
    Willes, Z. Cleveland 6
    Williams and Mason. Cincinnati 14
    Williams, F. G. and Co. Kirtland 3
    Williams, J. S. Cincinnati 1
    Williams, Mason and Co. Cincinnati 2
    Williamson and Strong. Cincinnati 4
    Williamson and Wood. Cincinnati 6
    Williamson, George T. Cincinnati 12
    Williamson, William T. Cincinnati 1
    Willis, N. and T. G. Bradford. Chillicothe 2
    Willis, Nathaniel, 1755-1831. Chillicothe 19
    Wilson Mount Vernon 1
    Wilson and Decker. Dayton 2
    Wilson and Worstell. Steubenville 2
    Wilson, J. Dayton 1
    Wilson, J. B. Cincinnati 1
    Wilson, James A. Steubenville 1
    Wilson, James and R. C. Steubenville 3
    Wilson, James, 1787-1850. Steubenville 37
    Wilson, John, and Co. Dayton 2
    Wilson, John. Dayton 8
    Wilson, R. C. Massillon 1
    Wilson, R. C. Steubenville 5
    Wilson, Thomas A. Cincinnati 2
    Winchester, P. Painesville 2
    Winship and Willis. Chillicothe 3
    Wolff, John B. Washington 1
    Wood and Campbell. Hamilton 1
    Wood and Stratton. Cincinnati 6
    Wood, John H. Cincinnati 8
    Woods and Campbell. Hamilton 1
    Woodward, William Hill. Cincinnati 7
    Worstell, John P. Massillon 1
    Wright and Legg. Columbus 14
    Wright and Moeller. Lancaster 2
    Wright, B. and B. Bates. Mount Pleasant 2
    Wright, Ferris and Co. Cincinnati 20
    Wright, Fisher and Co. Cincinnati 11
    Wright, J. E. Lancaster 1
    Wright, J. F. Greenfield 2
    Wright, J. H. Lancaster 1
    Xenia Free Press. Xenia 1
    Yeoman and Lydy. Washington 1
    Young, Geo. M., and Co. Cincinnati 1
    Younglove Steam Press. Cleveland 2
    Younglove, M. C. and Co. Cleveland 4
    Younglove, M. C. and Co., Steam Press. Cleveland 8
    Younglove, M. C., and Co. Steam Press. Cleveland 1
    Younglove, Moses C. Berea 1
    Younglove, Moses C. Cleveland 5
    Younglove, Moses C., Steam Press. Cleveland 1
    Younglove's Power Press. Cleveland 3
    Younglove's Steam Power Press. Cleveland 6
    Younglove's Steam Press. Cleveland 14
    Younglove's Steam Presses. Cleveland 5
    Zanesville Aurora Office. Zanesville 1
    Zanesville Courier Job Printing. Zanesville 1
    Zanesville Gazette Office. Zanesville 1

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