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  • Western Methodist Book Concern Agents' Imprints, 1820-1900
    Publisher Name Publication Year(s)
    Martin Ruter 1820-1828
    Charles Holiday 1828-1832
    Holiday & Wright 1832-1836
    Wright & Swormstedt 1836-1844
    Swormsted & Mitchell 1844-1848
    Swormstedt & Power 1848-1852
    Swormsted & Poe 1852-1860
    Poe & Hitchcock 1860-1868
    Hitchcock & Walden 1868-1880
    Walden & Stowe 1880-1884
    Stowe & Cranston 1884-1892
    Cranston & Curts 1892-1896
    Curts & Jennings 1896-1900
    Jennings & Pye 1900-

    I have posted this table for my many friends in the cataloguing departments of our libraries without whom we would never find anything. Although this is beyond my period, many Western Methodist Book Concern reprinted titles in the post-1850 period carried no title page date and were catalogued by copyright date, which was, in many cases, pre-1850. Without benefit of easy access to and knowledge of Walter Sutton's directory on the Western Methodist Book Concern, the result has been to understate the publishing history in the post-1850 period and to overstate it for the pre-1850 period. Having incorrectly catalogued many of these titles myself and even having purchased several for my library, I finally decided to post this chart. I hope this proves a useful aid, and we can recatalogue the many titles with more accurate publication dates. I welcome any comments and/or suggestions.

    Rich Morgan, September 4, 2005.

    Source: Walter Sutton, The Western Book Trade: Cincinnati as a Nineteenth-Century Publishing and Book-Trade Center Containing A Directory of Cincinnati Publishers, Booksellers, and Members of Allied Trades, 1796-1880 and a Bibliography, Columbus, 1861, pages 341-342. Morgan Library of Ohio Imprints, 1796-1850.

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